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Private Ostia Antica

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 4hrs
  • Start Time: Flexible (9:00AM - 12:30PM)

Tour Highlights

  • Travel back in time to Rome as it was 1,800 years ago on our private, half-day Ostia Antica tours.

  • Known as "the better Pompeii", Ostia Antica offers a fascinating insight into life in the Roman empire.

  • Our Ostia Antica tours from Rome include round-trip transport, entrance tickets & a private guide.
Amphitheater, Ostia Antica Roman Forum, Pompeii Public toilets, Ostia Antica See the famous death casts on your Pompeii visit The Baths, Ostia Antica Death Cast in Pompeii Original mosaic, Ostia Antica Graffiti in Pompeii Ruins at Ostia Antica Pompeii amphitheatre Ruins at Ostia Antica Death Cast in Pompeii Naples Archaeological Museum



On our private Ostia Antica tours, you’ll travel back to the year 200 A.D. and walk the streets of a busy Ancient Roman port town, visiting its most important and interesting sights.

Once on the spot where the Tiber River and sea intersected, Ostia Antica served as Rome’s main port. Toga-clad Romans would have been bustling through the streets you see today, working to protect the main city or to receive the olive oil, wine, grain, and other treasures from the far-flung points of the Empire. Many others, though, were simply here holidaying. In fact, the same characteristics that tempted ancient Romans to vacation in Ostia still apply, from the cool sea breezes to the tranquility, making Ostia Antica the perfect escape from Rome even today!


Traveling with an expert guide, you’ll visit all the best sites and learn to identify them for what they once were, making sense of mosaics, strange pots and structures. We’ve spent years building our team of experts – passionate and knowledgeable guides with fluent English – to ensure that you’re getting the best from every minute of your Ostia Antica tour from Rome.

Take in the fresh air, and feel the city come alive, as you discover everything from Ostia’s ancient amphitheater to bathhouse. And, lest you think we’ve changed all that much in 2,000 years, you’ll even see the tavern, complete with marble bar; the restaurant, with frescoes showing you what kind of food you could order; a hotel where you can climb up to the second story; and public toilets you can actually sit on. Just don’t blame us if, by the end of the tour, you suddenly start speaking in Latin and wishing you hadn’t forgotten your toga!


Our Ostia Antica tour includes the round-trip train tickets from Rome. You’ll simply follow your guide onboard a train for a short 45-minute journey. Ostia Antica entrance tickets are also included in the price of your tour and your guide will accompany you back to Rome on the train too (unless you’d rather hang out for longer or travel to the nearby beach), so you don’t need to worry about any of the details.

If you’re interested in Ancient Rome and archaeology but don’t have time to travel all the way to Pompeii; or if you’d simply like to escape the city for a few hours and see something (wildly) different, our Ostia Antica tours from Rome are the perfect respite.

Sites visited

  • Baths of Neptune
  • Roman amphitheatre
  • Ancient forum
  • Roman tavern and restaurant
  • Ancient Ostia’s “business center”
  • Famous mosaics
  • Private villas and apartments
  • Roman laundry house
  • Temples and mithraeum
  • Roman Public Toilet


  • Round-trip transport from Rome by train
  • Dedicated expert tour guide (from Rome)
  • Entrance tickets to Ostia Antica


5-stars from over 36 Customer Reviews

Outstanding guide!
Marta was an excellent guide and we learned much about Ostia Antica!
Andrea was so enthusiastic and an expert in the area. He was also extremely engaging and personable.
Outstanding guide!
Marta was superb! She was so very knowledgeable, personable and helpful. A few examples include: 1. She figured out how to accommodate my husband, who is disabled, so that he could see part of the Ostia Antigua ruins without slipping on a very rainy day; 2. She was able to connect with my sons (21 and 23) and parents much older(!); and 3. She contacted our other Walks Of Italy tours to confirm we were coming, as well as giving us wonderful advice on restaurants. I have travelled extensively over the past 40 years and would give her an “A.” She was fabulous!
Marta was an excellent guide and we learned much about Ostia Antica!
Andrea was so enthusiastic and an expert in the area. He was also extremely engaging and personable.
Excellent response from the company on questions. Our guide was the best we have had in three tours of Italy. She was knowledgeable about the site and many, many more unrelated things. We will recommend you without reservation! Fritz and Mary Lou gahagan
Andrea went above and beyond on this tour. He knew so much about Ostia and the Romans, but even better he had a wonderful, easy going way of sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm. We had alot of fun, and were soaking up the learning as we went. He spent extra time with us, and even walked us to the metro platform. I would highly recommend Andrea and this tour to anyone. I had been to Ostia before, but its worth a return trip with a good guide.
(No comment)
ANDY was wonderful !
We did a private tour with Andrea. He was fantastic! He took great care of us from the moment we met him and until we parted ways. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and very personable. He was a wonderful story teller. This tour exceeded all our expectations. I highly recommend this tour and I highly recommend Andrea as a 5-star tour guide! Please make sure this feedback gets back to him, as he needs to know how much we all appreciated him!
Andrea was wonderful. He is very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. He is a value add to your organization. He made this tour very memorable.
We were very impressed with both Ostia and Luigi, our guide. We enjoyed our day so much - thank you.
My tour to Ostia Antica was fantastic. Andrea was absolutely wonderful and so knowledgeable! His knowledge of Ostia Antica and Roman history was superb- also he was a wonderful host and has a great personality. A great 1/2 day and so worth the money. The best tour I have ever had thanks to Andrea!!
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Amy Doherty was the perfect guide. She was incredibly knowledgeable and simply a delight to be with. The tour of Ostia Antica was such a positive experience because of her! We could not have gotten luckier!!!
(No comment)
Excellent tour - Amy was extremely knowledgable and engaging. Might be one of the best tours I've had in Italy (and I've done quite a few!)
Uta was very informative. You could tell she loved sharing her knowledge with others. We would recommend Uta as a guide to anyone that was visiting Ostia Antica.
Tonguy was great and explained everything to us. Very insightful and great pace
Loved the experience.
What a great tour. Gio was very knowledgeable and knew how to guide and structure the tour to make it the most interesting.
Guide was friendly , knowledgable and spoke english well. So, the perfect guide
Amy was great. She went beyond telling us about the general history of the area. We had wonderful conversations about the history of Rome and the evolution of society. I highly recommend her.
Joseph was fantastic. He was at the meeting place early and the tour itself was thoroughly enjoyable and informative. He was very attentive to my interests and was patient and I never felt rushed. He gave some great advice about other activities as well. To my surprise I had actually had Joseph on a previous tour a few years ago and he never dissapoints.
Outstanding guide and tour! We are so glad that we decided not to go to Pompeii and instead explored Ostia Antica with a guide. We learned so much and had a wonderful day. Our guide was engaging, knowledgeable, and really brought the sight to life. (And we really tested his knowledge, asking all sorts of questions on a wide range of topics! He never failed to have a thoughtful answer.) We've traveled all around the world the past decade, and our experiences with Walks of Italy have been some of the best tours we have had anywhere. We will definitely be recommending them to fellow nerds like ourselves. Thank you.
Andrea is a fountain of knowledge - not only about the history and times of Ostia, but of Italian history in general. We learned so much from him and enjoyed a wonderful tour. Many thanks, Andrea!
As this was a private tour It would have been nice to have had a driver or taxi provided from the station to the entrance. Ostia Antica was a highlight of our holiday in Rome.
what a very nice young man to spend 1/2 a day with, our daughters age so she was interested in the tour as well. She thought it might be a person mom and dads age to spend her am with but surprise! We learned so much and it was good tour to take our first day in Rome.
Jos was excellent - easy to engage in a conversation, knowledgeable and constantly making sure the pace was right. He easily picked up on ques for areas of interest and focused more time on these. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend both Jos and the tour.
Great tour. Jos was very knowledgable, professional, and engaging. We were very happy with the tour and would recommend this company to others. Booking the tour was very easy compared to other companies
Andrea was a great time and had an obvious enthusiasm for the subject. We appreciated that he worked with us despite our late meet up after the Metro broke down.
This was our second tour with Andrea and it met (really exceeded) our expectations. We have visited Herculaneum and Pompeii and this was equally impressive. Andrea, again, was packed full of interesting information and gave us the full tour. He was equally helpful in getting us into a crowded train and returned to our Hotel. We will most definitely use Walks of Italy for tours whenever available.
This was our second tour with Andrea and it met (really exceeded) our expectations. We have visited Herculaneum and Pompeii and this was equally impressive. Andrea, again, was packed full of interesting information and gave us the full tour. He was equally helpful in getting us into a crowded train and returned to our Hotel. We will most definitely use Walks of Italy for tours whenever available.
We loved our tour of Ostia Antica led by Gio Lopez. Gio was fabulous, very knowledgeable and gifted at sharing her knowledge. The tour was a highlight of our trip and money very well spent.
The tour was simply excellent. Andrea was outstanding in his demeanor, had a strong command of English and an in-depth knowledge (and love) of Roman history and culture. To his credit, it appeared to us that on the train to Ostia Antica he was analyzing the breadth and depth of our interest as well as our expectations... his analysis was spot-on. He is a gem of a guide. With regard to the mechanics and logistics of the tour, they too were excellent. Pre-tour email communications were clear and simple. An excellent execution by both the guide and those who plan the logistics. Mr. and Mrs. Greco
We had a wonderful tour of Ostia Antica with Joseph who personable, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about OA and and Rome in general
It was a very good tour. With several days of reading and several hours of walking we could have come reasonably close to going back for a few days to learn and see what we did in one afternoon. Thank you for a great and enjoyable learning experience.