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The foodies at Devour Tours are now operating all Walks food tours. For years their obsession has been in finding the best version of every dish and the biggest characters at the market. We think that singularity makes them the best at what they do.


  • Explore the authentic Testaccio neighborhood, including its traditional market, and learn why this is the place to go for real Roman food.
  • Get tips on how to eat like a Roman from your expert foodie guide so you can make the most of every meal during the rest of your stay.
  • Taste some of the freshest products in Rome straight from the market stalls: delicious pizzas, cheeses, cured meats, and the legendary sandwich that redefined Roman street food.
  • Dig into classic Roman pasta at a legendary family-run trattoria and wash it down with fantastic Italian wine.
  • Chat with the owner of our favorite neighborhood gelateria and get her recommendations for the perfect flavor pairings.

Tour description

Please note that this description is an example and stops or tastes may vary depending on the season, day of the week, and group size. Regardless of where your tour goes, you always have a delicious experience.

Start your morning the Roman way: with coffee and pastries!

The quiet, non-touristy Testaccio neighborhood has long been considered the cradle of Roman cuisine among locals. Today, we’re showing you exactly why that is as we eat and drink our way through some of the area’s best family-run eateries on a Testaccio food tour.

Our morning begins at a bustling café in the heart of Testaccio. You’ll learn how to do breakfast like a local here in Rome (hint: it involves whipped cream-stuffed pastries and freshly brewed coffee). Before you leave, your guide will also introduce you to more of the delicious treats in the pastry case, so you know exactly what to order during the rest of your time in Rome.

Get a taste of everyday Roman life at the Testaccio Market.

From there, it’s off to the historic Testaccio Market, where we’ll sample some of the city’s freshest products surrounded by neighborhood residents doing their daily grocery shopping. Freshly baked pizza, local charcuterie and cheese, and Rome’s most famous sandwich are all on the menu! As we make our way from stall to stall, you'll learn more about the top-quality regional products and the importance of seasonal eating in Italy.

Wrap up your Testaccio food tour with pasta, wine, and gelato.

After tasting our way through the market, we'll make a brief stop at a local monument that serves as a reminder of Testaccio's working-class roots—and how they influenced Roman cuisine as a whole. Then it's the moment you've been waiting for: it's time for pasta! We’ll sit down for a laid-back lunch of quintessentially Roman pasta and wine at a family-run restaurant that rightfully forms a piece of Testaccio’s history.

On the way to the final stop, you'll be humbled by the history of Testaccio as you pass by an Ancient Roman archaeological site filled with broken clay urns used to store olive oil and other goods.

Last but not least, we hope you saved room for gelato! Get to know the owner of our favorite gelateria in Testaccio and discover her tips for spotting the good stuff as you enjoy a cup or cone of your favorite flavors.

By the time we’re through with our Testaccio food tour, you’ll feel ready to eat and shop with the Romans like you’ve lived here your whole life—and know how to find the best food in the city.

Sites visited

  • Testaccio Market
  • Mattatoio (exterior)
  • Monte Testaccio
  • Piazza Testaccio
  • Local Bakery
  • Local Pasticceria
  • Market Stalls
  • Cheese Seller
  • Famous Sandwich Seller
  • Family-run Roman Restaurant
  • Gelateria


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Mar 01, 2024

Manu was fantastic! A true Roman who knew her way around and gave us just the right amount of history. Food was excellent and we were very full afterwards


Feb 24, 2024

Fernanda was amazing and if we could have her for every tour we would love it. She clearly knows what she is speaking about and sharing. 100/10


Nov 08, 2023

Manu was a fantastic guide, the tour was adapted to be vegetarian friendly and we got some great recommendations for other restaurants. The market stall holders were great to meet.


Oct 28, 2023

Truly authentic local tour, out of the busy centre to a local neighbourhood. Amazing insightful tour guide, history, food and wine.


Oct 15, 2023

This tour was just what my family needed on our last day in Rome. It was fun, informative, and the food was delicious! Our tour guide, Manuela, was amazing and we are already planning a trip back as soon as we can!

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