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The foodies at Devour Tours are now operating all Walks food tours. For years their obsession has been in finding the best version of every dish and the biggest characters at the market. We think that singularity makes them the best at what they do.


  • Taste 9 delicious bites and 2 drinks from 7 small businesses in Rome’s Jewish Quarter and historic center. Enough food for a full dinner.
  • See how Rome’s Jewish community has influenced the city's gastronomy as you try delicacies with Roman-Jewish roots, like the famous fried artichokes.
  • Taste the best supplì in the city at a modern, family-run street food shop.
  • Learn about all things Roman pizza—from the different kinds to how to order it—and try two different flavors of pizza by the slice.

Tour description

Taste your way through Rome’s Jewish Quarter and Centro Storico on this expert-led food tour.

Your food tour starts in one of Rome's top foodie neighborhoods: the historic Jewish Quarter. Before you set off, your guide will give you some context for what you're about to taste by sharing the roots of Roman street food. Learn how it developed from the unique mix of people and cultures in the city, and the ingredients that were available in each season.

Starting with the ultimate symbol of Roman-Jewish cuisine, we'll stand (it's the Roman way!) and enjoy crispy and delicious fried artichokes from a no-frills local takeaway spot. There's no better way to start your journey into the city's long love affair with on-the-go food.

Next, you'll visit a beloved kosher bakery that's been creating tasty treats for over 200 years. Taste a rustic sweet bite that we've reserved in advance—this place is so popular that they're usually sold out by late morning!

From there, we'll continue our food tour in Rome's historic center. Pick up a batch of freshly fried codfish from a local spot that does it best, washed down with a glass of wine.

Step into the small businesses that real Romans love.

You can't have a food tour in Rome without pizza. We'll bypass the mediocre touristy options that abound in the Centro Storico and head straight to a hidden gem on Campo de' Fiori that most visitors overlook. This family-run bakery has managed to hold on in the face of rapid gentrification in the area, and it's here where you'll try two types of pizza by the slice.

After all that eating, it's time to do some walking. Along the way, we'll stop at one of Rome's first craft beer bars for a drink.

Getting back to the food, it's time to taste the best supplì in the city! This take on Rome's famous fried balls of rice comes from a family-owned business specializing in Roman and Neapolitan street food.

After a stroll through Piazza Navona, we'll make our last savory stop for a hearty pork sandwich beloved by locals.

You'll finish off the evening in true Italian style with a cup or cone of gelato. Learn what differentiates this Italian treat from ice cream or sorbet, along with how to tell the good stuff from the tourist traps.

Learn what and where to eat in Rome with a local foodie as your guide.

With a small group of only 12 people or fewer, your Rome food tour will feel more like a casual outing with friends in the Jewish Quarter and historic center than a guided tour. You’ll be able to engage with your guide as they teach you what you should eat while in Rome and where to eat it. They’ll even show you how to tell an authentic restaurant from a touristy one (it's not always that obvious!), and give you the scoop on which dishes on “Italian” menus back home won’t show up in Italy. There's no better way to experience one of Italy’s most pleasurable passions: food!

Sites visited

  • Jewish Quarter
  • Centro Storico/Historic Center
  • 7 food establishments


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Jan 01, 2024

The tour was nice. Tour guide was good, knowledgeable, not Italian. We thought we may hear from the shop owners more, but apart from over drink venue we waited outside while guide purchased food. Food was nice, but getting half a donut felt cheap.


Dec 11, 2023

Fun and fantastic guide, great food. Lots of variety, well organized.( A little more walking than I expected, but very do-able.)


Nov 08, 2023

This tour was fabulous! From Mattia (sorry if I spelled his name wrong) to the history given along the way to the amazing food! You'll get a good walk, knowledge for your brain & your taste buds will thank you. Mattia is a self-proclaimed foodie whose passion is infectious. Starting this tour later in the day allows you to be led through Rome at night, just magical. Thank you, Mattia.


Nov 07, 2023

Our guide Matia was excellent, energetic, well-informed, and passionate about Rome and the family food venues that we visited. We highly recommend him! An excellent tour if you want to learn about the "real" Rome and some of the culinary history of Italy.


Nov 05, 2023

Chiara was familiar with parts and places in Rome that we would not have tried or seen if we didn’t do the Devour Tour. She was knowledgeable about customs and culture and shared the Italian culture and tastes with us. Everything we tasted was delicious. We were completely satisfied with the quality of the tour and Chiara, our guide, made it a lot of fun!

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