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Cinque Terre Trip

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 14hrs
  • Start Time: 5.50AM

Tour Highlights

  • Our Cinque Terre tour from Rome explore three of the five coastal towns – plus a fourth from the water.

  • With a pesto tasting, wine tasting, and restaurant recommendations from your guide, you'll taste the best that the area has to offer.

  • Traveling from Rome to Cinque Terre by high speed train, you’ll have a full 6 hours on the ground.



This exclusive day trip to the Cinque Terre from Romeis the first of its type, offering visitors to Rome a chance to explore Cinque Terre without staying overnight.

Traveling by high-speed train from Rome, you'll start at the town of Manarola for an introductory walk, then head to Vernazza for some free time, or an optional guided walk to a spectacular photo point. Finally, explore the beautiful streets of Monterosso, where you can, souvenir shop, enjoy a leisurely lunch, or take a dip in the sea.


Our Cinque Terre tours from Rome meet at Termini train station where our local guide will meet your small group of 15 people or fewer. Traveling together for the day, you’ll have plenty of time to interact with your guide, ask questions and learn about Cinque Terre; from its long seafaring history to the floods that recently wreaked havoc on these seaside towns.

Relax and enjoy your train ride, with a light breakfast onboard. In under 3.5 hours you'll be in La Spezia where you'll hop in a car for a quick, but very scenic ride to Manarola. Along the way you'll enjoy stunning views of the Cinque Terre from above, including vineyards and jaw-dropping sea views.

Manarola is the town you always see on Cinque Terre postcards. When you arrive we'll treat you to a welcome drink and a pesto tasting. Then, with your friendly guide leading the way, you’ll see exactly the spot where that famous photo is taken; from Via dell'Amore (‘The Road of Love’).


After an introductory stroll in Manarola, you’ll board a ferry for the short ride to Vernazza (sea-conditions permitting). Along the way, you’ll catch a glimpse of Corniglia, a stunning town perched precariously on the edge of a cliff. To visit this tiny town you would have to climb 365 stairs, but from the water, you’ll get the best views without breaking a sweat.


Vernazza is the most fun of all the Cinque Terre’s towns to wander. As the most authentic fishing town of the five, Vernazza has a wonderful, relaxed vibe. You can choose to either explore the town on your own for an hour or walk with your guide to a jaw-dropping viewpoint which is perfect for those vacation photos. Either way, you can't go wrong here.


A short train ride away is the final stop of the day; Monterosso. You’ll stop here for almost three hours, where you will be free to enjoy a leisurely lunch, shop, and wander the streets of the historic center. You can also go for a swim. Monterosso is the most developed of the towns we visit, making it the perfect spot for souvenir shopping.

Regroup afterwards to catch the high-speed train back to Rome. Arriving in the city at 8PM, you'll have plenty of time for dinner, so don’t forget to ask your guide for recommendations!

And there you have it, Rome to the Cinque Terre and back again in just one day.

Sites visited

  • Manarola
  • Strada del Amore
  • Vernazza
  • Corniglia (from the water)
  • Monterosso


  • Round-trip transport by high-speed train from Rome to the Cinque Terre
  • Transfers between towns
  • Welcome drink and pesto tasting
  • Fluent English-speaking guide throughout (from Rome)
  • Small groups of 15 people or fewer


5-stars from over 102 Customer Reviews

Mattia was punctual, attentive, and well informed. He answer all of questions and made sure things were running smooth. We would recommend Mattia to other turist.
Lots of riding in trains but a great tour. Guide was wonderful! Would recommend doing this tour if you can't get to the Cinque Terre to hike.
We loved our time in Cinque Terre, we didn’t want it to end! Our guide Robi was fantastic, she was so fun to be around and extremely helpful with anything that we needed. I 110% recommend this tour :)

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

The seas around the Cinque Terre are prone adverse boating conditions. Even if the weather is good, small amounts of swell can make the port at Vernazza unaccessible to ferries. If sea conditions are unfavorable day of your trip, the ferry will not run and we will travel by private car instead.

In good weather, it is possible (and enjoyable) to swim on Monterosso beach. We recommend bringing a bathing suit and towel if this interests you.

Infants (over 36 months) need to book the child ticket price.

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Mattia was punctual, attentive, and well informed. He answer all of questions and made sure things were running smooth. We would recommend Mattia to other turist.
Valerio was really great. The tour offered the perfect combination of assistance when needed, and freedom to roam
Lots of riding in trains but a great tour. Guide was wonderful! Would recommend doing this tour if you can't get to the Cinque Terre to hike.
We loved our time in Cinque Terre, we didn’t want it to end! Our guide Robi was fantastic, she was so fun to be around and extremely helpful with anything that we needed. I 110% recommend this tour :)
This was a lovely tour that I would recommend to others. Chuki was fantastic!
Rafaela was fabulous! Great tour
(No comment)
(No comment)
Pavel was great. Energetic and high spirited. Had some difficulty with trains on the way back but he got us through it. We are happy we booked this tour.
Valerie was friendly, patient, and professional towards the tour group. He took care of us regarding all the transfers of the train and was watchful. The tour company has a five star employee in Valerio, he’ the best!!
Valerio and Roberta were fantastic!
We were very sorry to learn that a member of our group had been injured. Both Roberta and Valerio handled the situation with professionalism. We enjoyed speaking with Roberta on the train ride to the Cinque Terre and while we missed continuing our conversations with Roberta, Valerio managed the larger group very well. It appears that it was good that there were two groups scheduled today! We had a wonderful day today. Roberta and Valerio are both excellent guides. We appreciate that they gave this situation the appropriate level of care and concern.
Cinque Terre; what a beautiful experience! Antonella was very knowledgeable. Her enthusiasm for her job was infectious! She also had some very good recommendations to restaurant that turned out to be worth the visit and where we had some wonderful seafood. She was full of information and made the whole experience so wonderful and romantic that one started to wish it was possible to stay there awhile. I have two suggestions for future tours. The first is to see if there’s a way to take a high speed train back to Rome instead of the current train that seemed to take forever and had a lot of stops. It just makes a really long day even longer and less enjoyable at that point. Also, I don’t know if it’s possible to upgrade the class of the train to be able to get better seats with more leg room. The seating on our trip was very hard on the knees and on those with long legs! That and the length of the train ride back are the only reason the event rating is a 4 and not a 5 star. Other than that, a pleasant experience overall.
The tour was great in all aspects. The only suggestion: Give us a quiet time to relax on the train when we were coming back from La Spezia to Rome. We were very tired and the tour guide was talking about his private life.
Our guide Rafealle was fabulous- just the right mix of guide time and free time. Loved this trip!
This was an excellent tour! We were only eight people and that made it even better. Marta was exceptional, what a great tour guide! We have talked about going to the Cinque Terre for years but weren't sure how to get there, etc. I am so happy we took this tour and met Marta. With her help and by taking the tour we now know exactly how to get there and we got a little taste of each town. We can now plan a future trip. We have taken tours with Walks before and never been disappointed. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone that wants to visit the Cinque Terre for the day. Thanks for a great experience!
Gloria was amazing. We laughed all day long and had such a great time. We would definitely recommend this tour to others!
Great tour, great guide
Had a great time on the tour. Giorgia was an awesome guide - very knowledgeable and helpful.
This tour was fantastic! Our guide Adrienne was so helpful and accommodating. What a wonderful experience, I would highly recommend this to anybody.
Loved it so enjoyable and excellent tour guide
My tour with Antonella was absolutely AMAZING! Cinque Terre is one the most beautiful areas I’ve ever seen, and having her local knowledge made the visit a dream. I recommend bringing a camera and a wearing a good outfit because this is a memory you would love to cherish. My group was small, and it made navigating so much easier. I can’t thank Antonella enough for her cheerful energy and willingness to teach about the towns, history, and some language. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who’s been thinking about going, and would 100% do it again the next time I visit Rome. P.S. Ask your tour guide for the best picture/ viewpoints. You may have to go on a small hike to get there, but it’s COMPLETELY worth it!
Was very expensive tour. Would have liked to have seen all 5 islands
adrienne was excellent. she took very good care of us. very pleasant and informative. pleasure to spend the day with.
(No comment)
Pavel was a terrific guide!! Trip was great!! Would recommend.
(No comment)
Marta as usual did a great job despite the harsh weather conditions.
Loved our guide! Beautiful and well executed!!!
I have nothing but high praise for your tours and the people that work for you. My trip was amazing and it was made by your staff.
Giorgia is the most amazing guide ever! Made you feel at ease all the time. It was amazing that a trip like these can be done from Rome. Though meet up was early, it was all worth it!
Enjoyed this trip with Joseph immensely! Joseph's pleasant personality, insider knowledge of getting around most successfully, and helpfulness made the trip interesting and enjoyable. We would use Walks of Italy again for sure!
(No comment)
Fantastic. Our guide went above and beyond to make our day enjoyable
Joseph did an excellent job leading the group during our adventure to Cinque Terre. You can tell he loves what he does.
(No comment)
(No comment)
(No comment)
Valerio was fantastic! Loved the tour! It was a gorgeous place to visit!
Amazing trip and Georgia was an amazing guide! The whole day was perfect!
One of the trains broke down in one of the cities of Cinque Terre, so we had to skip the last city on the tour which was a bummer. Not our guide’s fault, Adrienne was excellent and did what she could do to accommodate our group! Still had a great time.
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(No comment)
This was the most perfect our and well worth getting up early. Francesca was out guide and was the best tour guide!! She was informative and made sure that we on track and on time for trains. Can not recommend this tour enough. It should be noted that people who have a hard to running or exercise should avoid this tour
You are contemplating adding a cooking class to the itinery, I think that might be too much given the time needed to make this day trip from Rome possible..... sounds nice but we barely had time for lunch, making the pasta or pizza takes longer.... there was no time to enjoy the pedestrian allies (therefore shopping wasn't possible, only a magnet to take home)... sounds nice but if you take what is an enjoyable day "over the top" it will be toooo much. If you want to do a cooking class please consider it by limiting the class to 1 or 2 days per week only and eliminate one village stop on those days that you offer it.... just a suggestion 😊
Roberta was amazing and so friendly. She was so professional and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you Roberta for making our day so enjoyable.
Valerio was a fantastic guide, the tour was superb, a stress free day without us having to navigate the local trains. We did the tour from Rome as we hadn't managed to do it from Florence and didn't know when we might have another chance to do it. The train trip didn't feel so long, just take a good book or have a snooze! We felt so great to have been there, so worthwhile. Highly recommend!! Thanks Valerio! Deb and Taylah
Great guide and location - train ride sooooo long - I'd choose a different tour next time just based on this.