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Ancient Rome Reconstructed

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 2.5hrs
  • Start Time: 8PM

Tour Highlights

  • Watch as Ancient Rome is reconstructed. This completely unique experience uses light and audio to rebuild the ancient Forum as it once was.

  • Gain special access to Caesar’s Forum (next door to the Roman Forum) after dark!

  • Be among the first to enjoy this incredible experience, known to few people outside of Rome.
Get inside the ancient forum at night The Roman Forum illuminated See Ancient Rome reconstructed Step back in time and into the Ancient Roman Senate The Ancient Roman Senate Ancient temple reconstructed Watch scenes from Ancient Rome Watch scenes from Ancient Rome The Roman Forum rebuilt You won't believe how extravagent Ancient Rome was See details reconstructed Learn how The Senate functioned in Ancient Rome Special access inside the Ancient Forum Real footage projected in the Ancient Forum With a personal headset, your audio will be uninterrupted Ruins at the Ancient Forum illuminated Learn to understand inscriptions across Ancient Rome Watch a moneylender weigh his gold Watch a moneylender weigh his gold How Ancient Rome once looked Largo di Torre Argentina The Campidoglio Incredible views from a balcony overlooking the Roman Forum



It’s not often that the words “new” and “Ancient Rome” appear together, but that’s what we have here: A completely unique, new and exciting experience in an ancient Roman forum.

Your evening starts at a point rumored to be the assassination place of Julius Caesar. There you’ll meet your small group and one of our expert guides. They’ll lead you on a brief walk-through of Ancient Roman history, taking you to a hidden balcony to look out over the Roman Forum. Their job is to fill your head with stories of emperors and scandals in the senate and to give you the context you need to understand the next portion of your tour.

Descending to street level and then beyond, you’ll step inside Rome’s ancient forum through gates usually closed at this hour. Take a headset and follow the path. Your guide will stay with you to answer any questions but this is a truly immersive experience, so you may not need them.

As you walk around the ancient forum you’ll see Rome reconstructed from the ground up. Using advanced light projections, columns are rebuilt to their full height and entire buildings are restored. On one wall you’ll watch as the lightshow opens up the building layer-by-layer to reveal its fully-intact interior, complete with decorations, furniture and residents going about their business. Not sure what life was like here 2,000 years ago? You’ll watch moneylenders count out their gold, and see famous emperors and senators make an appearance. All the while, your audio headset plays music and commentary at crucial points.

Perfect for those with an interest in Ancient Rome or for anyone who wants something a little different from their vacation, this is one history class you won’t soon forget.

Sites visited

  • Caesar’s Forum after closing
  • Trajan’s Market & Column after closing
  • Largo di Torre Argentina
  • Capitoline Hill


  • Multimedia show (1hr)
  • Access to Trajans Forum & Caesar's Forum after hours
  • Guided intro tour
  • Expert guide to accompany you throughout


5-stars from over 1 Customer Reviews

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