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Ancient Rome Reconstructed

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 2.5hrs
  • Start Time: 8PM

Tour Highlights

  • Watch as Ancient Rome is reconstructed. This unique Roman forum tour uses light and audio to rebuild the ancient Forum as it once was.

  • Gain special access to Caesar’s Forum (next door to the Roman Forum) after dark!

  • Be among the first to enjoy this incredible experience, known to few people outside of Rome.
Get inside the ancient forum at night The Roman Forum illuminated See Ancient Rome reconstructed Step back in time and into the Ancient Roman Senate The Ancient Roman Senate Ancient temple reconstructed Watch scenes from Ancient Rome Watch scenes from Ancient Rome The Roman Forum rebuilt You won't believe how extravagent Ancient Rome was See details reconstructed Learn how The Senate functioned in Ancient Rome Special access inside the Ancient Forum Real footage projected in the Ancient Forum With a personal headset, your audio will be uninterrupted Ruins at the Ancient Forum illuminated Learn to understand inscriptions across Ancient Rome Watch a moneylender weigh his gold Watch a moneylender weigh his gold How Ancient Rome once looked Largo di Torre Argentina The Campidoglio Incredible views from a balcony overlooking the Roman Forum



Introducing a totally new way to take an ancient Roman forum tour.

Your evening starts at the rumored assassination place of Julius Caesar where you’ll meet your small group and one of our expert guides. After a brief intro to Roman history, they'll take you to a hidden balcony overlooking Roman Forum and fill your head with stories of emperors and scandals in the Senate in order to give you the context you need to understand the next portion of your tour.

Descending to street level you’ll step inside another ancient Forum through gates usually closed at this hour. Take a headset and follow the path. Your guide will stay with you to answer any questions but this is a truly immersive experience, so you may not need them.

On this Roman forum tour you’ll see ruins reconstructed from the ground up. Using state-of-the-art light projections, columns are rebuilt to their full height and entire buildings are restored. On one wall, you’ll watch as the light show opens up the building layer-by-layer to reveal its fully-intact interior, complete with decorations, furniture and residents going about their business. Not sure what life was like here 2,000 years ago? You’ll watch moneylenders count out their gold, and see famous emperors and senators make an appearance. All the while, your audio headset plays music and commentary at crucial points.

This is the perfect experience for those with an interest in Ancient Rome or for anyone who wants something a little different from their vacation

Sites visited

  • Caesar’s Forum after closing
  • Trajan’s Market & Column after closing
  • Largo di Torre Argentina
  • Capitoline Hill


  • Multimedia show (1hr)
  • Access to Trajans Forum & Caesar's Forum after hours
  • Guided intro tour
  • Expert guide to accompany you throughout


5-stars from over 67 Customer Reviews

Unique, informative, interesting, fun, and a fabulous guide. My 12 year old looked at me afterwards and said “Thank you! Thank you! “ and gave me a huge hug. What more could you ask for!
Our Guide Marta (?) was great and very interesting!! I didn't enjoy the multimedia experience all that much - I was expecting more.
This was our second tour with Andrea. He was a terrific guide. He was so knowledgeable and friendly and made us feel like family. Thank you, Andrea!

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

Due to the technology used during this particular tour in an open air site, in case of heavy rain the Light show might be cancelled.

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Unique, informative, interesting, fun, and a fabulous guide. My 12 year old looked at me afterwards and said “Thank you! Thank you! “ and gave me a huge hug. What more could you ask for!
Our Guide Marta (?) was great and very interesting!! I didn't enjoy the multimedia experience all that much - I was expecting more.
This may be my favorite tour of the trip. What a treat - first we meet at a ruin that turns out to also be a cat sanctuary (it seems that Romans are very fond of their animals) then we walked to Caesar's Forum for the multi-media event. Barbara was very knowledgeable and entertaining and took good care of those of use who couldn't walk as fast. I would say this is a must see if you are in Rome.
This was our second tour with Andrea. He was a terrific guide. He was so knowledgeable and friendly and made us feel like family. Thank you, Andrea!
Thanks the guide for his excellent arrangement. He is very knowledgeable and funny. The show inside the forum is amazing. It helps me understand more about how the forum used to be in the ancient time. Thanks again for the tour guide for his hard work. I will definitely recommend this tour to my friends.
Julia was a great guide. We really enjoyed her leadership and knowledge on the city. She was able to give us a glimpse of old Roman life and build a relationship with her patrons. Overall, she was awesome!!!!
Extremely knowledgeable guide, loads of information, professional and with great sense of humor. Strongly recommended.
this tour is an adventure. a real time-warp
The guide was so knowledgeable and as we walked to the forum shared so much education along the way.
It was a very small group (just 5) so was very personalised. Sev is a master of the subject of Roman history and it really shows. The lightshow was good too.
This was a tour I want quite sure what to expect, but ended up being a great tour. Julia is a wonderful storyteller and did a great job telling us the story of Julius Caesar before we got to the forum. The multimedia tour was interesting. I would have liked to see more about the people on the multimedia portion in the forum, but it was still a great tour. I'm glad we decided to take this tour.
The visual arts part of the tour was amazing, but we've enjoyed it even more because of the Guide Andrea's introduction. Thank you for this awesome experience! Lorella and Francesco
Excellent Tour with really knowledgeable guide.
Excellent tour!
Ferdinando was an excelkent guide. Knowledgeable, friendly, charming and organized. He devided to take the group to beautiful places and was absolutely pleased to answer any question. I would definitely recommend this tour in gemeral and Lorenzo in particular.
Multimedia show is great, although there were technical difficulties during the performance. However this did not spoil the overall experience
Our guide was an excellent storyteller who made the tour of the forum come alive for us with very interesting dialog and anecdotes. I would highly recommend. You could tell she definitely knew her topic well and enjoyed what she was doing.
Ferdinando is a great guide! His knowledge, passion, and great stories brings the ancient Rome alive.
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A great tour, the multimedia part was icing on the cake. Enjoyed GiGi's depth of knowledge and would like to take other tours with him if we're in Rome again.
Fantastic tour. We did many tours in Italy. This was my son and his fiance's favorite tour. Our guide was excellent --many stories, love what she was doing. Great!!
I can highly recommend this tour to anyone and Rosa was fantastic - both amazing and we are so happy that we did this tour! Thank you very much!
This was a wonderful way to appreciate the forum, without the crowds. Our guide Rosa was amazing, her knowledge and passion for her history were outstanding. I recommend this tour .
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Very enjoyable and interesting tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and easy to unferstand.
Rosa was.a great tour guide, promot friendly and funny, very knowledgable. She explained what the tour was all about and I was so exciting to see the Forum at night, was a learning experience. She told us where to catch a taxi, and made sure we were all ok. Loved this Company, and will definitely plan my next tours with your Company. Am raving about how great you are. I loved that I received an e mail, explaining to me, on how to get to the meeting places. The professionism of your staff. Loved that I received an e mail one week prior to my tours, as a reminder. Thank you all so much for the great tours.
Andrea was an excellent tour guide, and he exuded so much passion for the city and its history. He went above and beyond to show us little off-the-beaten-path details, and even gave us directions and tips for finding great restaurants in Rome!
Melanie was excellent. She constantly displayed enthusiasm for the subject matter and had a great touch of humor to keep everyone involved. Another great Walks of Italy tour for us.
Melanie was a very knowledgeable and engaging guide. This was our first tour with W.O.I and we found it very professional.
The guide was excellent and very knowledgeable, friendly and funny. A great introduction to Rome. The light show in the forum was spectacular.
She was fun, extremely knowable and gave us excellent service. We use a lot of Privat guides- she is one of the best and handled the group perfectly.
Great tour! Meeting point was a little confusing for us - but the tour excellent! Loved our guide - she was perfect in every way.
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We really enjoyed this tour as well. It was great to see the reconstructed forum. I did think the description is a little misleading since we don't get a tour of the Forum, but just Caesar's Forum.
excellent experience. guide friendly and knowledgable. grandkids aged 17 16 14 and 7 loved the tour. information well presented for all ages.
Georgia was very enthusiastic and she guided us very friendly through the light reconstruction and through the history behind the person and death of Julius Caesar. A lovely tour, very modern for Italy.
One of the best tours we ever had.
The short walking tour before we got to the forum was highly informative and interesting, made more so by our entertaining and knowledgeable guide Gigi. The multimedia tour at the forum was everything it promised to be, though I was hoping for a smaller group. Some views were partially obscured because the group was too large.
Gio was delightful and a wonderful guide! We had a great time and would recommend this tour and her to anyone!
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Our guide didn't strike us as deeply informed about some of the history (she was a bit glib at moments). But she was personable and seemed to genuinely enjoy her job and interacting with tourists. We thought the forum tour experience was terrific! Highly recommended
Georgia is the greatest
Georgia was an excellent guide and the forum at night illuminated walkthrough was magnificent.
Our guide was great!