A Guide to Visiting Pompeii

Once a bustling, blue collar port town, Pompeii’s fate was sealed with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 7.9 A.D. Today, Pompeii is a UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the most visited sites in Italy and one of the most visited archaeological sites in all the world. The best possible way to see what life in ancient Rome was like, plan [...]

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Top 6 Reasons to Visit Italy in 2015

Domus Aurea, Rome

With the start of the New Year, there’s just one resolution that should be of your list: Travel to Italy in 2015. It’s always a good time to visit Italy, but we think 2015 will be the best year yet! The 2015 Expo in Milan has motivated Italy to do some early spring-cleaning, restoring monuments and art to their [...]

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Italy in the Off-Season – 5 Reasons To Love Winter in Italy

Winter in Italy is wonderful! While some might shun the sunny peninsula during the winter, we believe that Italy is a great destination year round, even after temperatures drop.  There are a ton of benefits to traveling in Italy during the off season, here’s some of our favorite things about winter in Italy. Bargain prices and fewer [...]

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8 Party Venues Better Than The Sistine Chapel

Imagine having the Colosseum all to yourself or spending the night in the royal suite of an ancient castle. There are a myriad of incredible places to see in Italy – but what if you could have them all to yourself? What about hosting a concert in the Sistine Chapel? Recently, Pope Francis agreed to [...]

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Milan in December – What to Do and How to Do It

Italy in December is great! And while each Italian city has a lot to offer during the holidays, this year we choose Milan. The elegant northern city is the best place to spend the Christmas holidays. Go to finish your Christmas shopping in Italy’s premier shopping city, enjoy the cool temperatures from the Alps and really soak in Italian Christmas. [...]

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