The Best Places to Enjoy Milan in Spring

Milan is a fast-paced city with a decidedly more urban feel than its southern counterparts of Rome or Florence, so you might be surprised to find just how many parks and gardens the city has to offer! If you’re visiting Milan in Spring, be sure to take time to stop and smell the roses (literally!) [...]

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The Best Travel Apps to Use in Italy

Best travel apps, Italy

Traveling to Italy and enjoying its gems has never been easier… thanks to your smartphone! With our list of best travel apps, you’ll avoid getting lost, find restaurants where the locals eat and learn key words and phrases right at your fingertips. Many of the apps are available on all platforms (Apple iOS, Google Play, [...]

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Traditional Tuscan Food – Top Dishes to Try

Pecorino cheese, traditional Tuscan Food

Everybody loves Italian food – but what if I told you there’s no such thing? The truth is, in Italy there is only regional Italian food. Each region offers delicious and unique dishes based on its long history and location. And Tuscany’s world-renowned food is no exception! Famous for its local produce and meat, for [...]

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The 4 Best Streets for Shopping in Florence

There is no denying that Florence has made its mark on the world, especially the fashion world! Within la bella Firenze, situated on and around the Arno River, there are endless amounts of goods, from leather bags from local markets to high-end designer label suits and gowns. Shopping in Florence is a pleasure regardless of [...]

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Amarcord ballet based on the Fellini film at Rome’s Teatro Olimpico

It’s theatre time! We’re excited to announce the arrival of a wonderful ballet (based on a wonderful film by a wonderful director) to Rome. The Amarcord ballet, modelled on one of Italy’s most important films by the five-time Academy Award winner Federico Fellini, will be returning to Rome’s Teatro Olimpico from April 17th to 20th. Much lauded [...]

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