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Crypts, Bones & Catacombs

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 3hrs
  • Start Time: 2PM & 9AM

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the quietest and most impressive of Rome's Catacombs in a small group - so you can hear your guide!

  • See it for yourself: The eerie 'Bone Chapel', covered in the bones of 4,000 friars.

  • Discover just how deep the history of Rome goes at a multi-layered (multi-purpose!) Ancient Roman temple/prison/Basilica.
Rome catacombs Rome Catacombs Tour Dig a little deeper - explore Rome underground Includes luxury transport - and an expert guide See a real coat of arms at the Capuchin Crypt The skeletons of Franciscan monks, Capuchin Crypt



There are miles of ancient Christian Catacombs under Rome but most companies visit the same one. We go the extra distance to visit the best and quietest of the Rome catacombs, the Catacomb of Santa Priscilla. One of Rome's first underground Christian cemeteries (dating back to 150 years before Christianity was legalized), this site has extraordinary ancient frescoes, eerie tunnels and the world's single oldest depiction of the Virgin Mary.

For such a unique and touching experience, we’re not going to hand you off to a guide you don’t know. Instead, our guides are chosen from the elite few who have permission to take you into the depths themselves, so you’ll keep your handpicked Walks of Italy tour guide and your small group of only 15 people or fewer, rather than merging with a group of 20 or 30. Anything bigger, and in the narrow tunnels, you can’t even hear your guide. Forget headsets, they don’t work underground.


The Roman catacombs are pretty cool but we visit another site that could be even better – the Capuchin bone crypt, a cemetery literally built from bones! The chambers are decorated with the remains of some 4,000 friars. For kids, it’s a fascinating lesson in anatomy and for adults, a moving reminder of what we’ll all become. The message at the end of crypt says it all: “What you are now, we once were. What we are now, you will be.” Strangely enough, the monks didn’t intend the site to be a morbid one – but you’ll learn all about that from your expert guide when you visit one of Rome’s most memorable sights.


This tour previously visited Basilica San Clemente but, as the crowds grew, the experience diminished. Today we've found a better 'lasagne church' (so-called for their many layers) with few, if any, tourists. Like Basilica San Clemente, our new spot, the Basilica of San Nicola in Carcere, is a voyage both below ground and back in time, but this basilica is so much more historically important. It was built in the 10th century on the site of three temples dating back to the first century BC, which themselves were at the heart of an Ancient Roman fruit and vegetable market dating to the 4th century BC. Much of the original temples, including their marble columns, were built into the structure of the existing basilica but left exposed, so when you visit today you can literally descend through the levels of time.

Basilica San Clemente may boast the opportunity to see a street from the 1st century AD, but in San Nicola in Carcere, your end point is the very center of 4th century BC Rome. To get there, you'll descend through a crypt used in the 12th century for exorcisms, passing stacks of ancient human bone fragments. As you walk your guide will tell you stories from the basilica's own fascinating history, including its stint as a Medieval prison. And best of all, Walks of Italy groups will likely have the place to themselves.

With comfortable, air-conditioned transport throughout, you won’t have to worry about coordinating metros, buses and private transport from one site to the next. On rare occasions, two groups may share a bus but at all the sites, small group sizes of only 15 people or fewer mean you can ask all the questions you can think of (great when traveling with curious kids). Our guides are handpicked not just for their knowledge, but also their enthusiasm and engagement, so they’ll be happy to answer any questions you can throw at them.

Take a walk with us as we peel back the many layers of Rome, uncovering secret stories of Christian persecution, strange religious practices and the multi-layered history of Rome.

Sites visited

  • One of the least-visited Roman Catacombs
  • The Capuchin Crypt, aka ‘The Bone Chapel’
  • Basilica San Nicola in Carcere


  • Transport between sites in an air-conditioned minibus
  • Admission to all sites
  • Expert Walks of Italy tour guide
  • Small groups of 15 people or fewer


5-stars from over 1035 Customer Reviews

Odd event, many dead people. Spoiled the atmosphere around us as they didn't seem to be catered for.
Excellent, knowledgeable guide! The size of the group made it very enjoyable, really interesting locations.
This was a brilliant tour and Georgia was an EXCELLENT guide. We had a total of 4 in our group - my wife and I and our 16 yo daughter and 14 yo son. The tour was really relevant to all of us and Georgia related to all ages.
Ditto to everything I said above.
Great fun day, shame there weren't many dead bodies tho. Dam barbarians !!!
Rebekah was an excellent tour guide, she was eager to share her knowledge and passion for history with us. We really enjoyed having her. she even engaged our kids in her talks.
Our tour was fantastic and informative!
A terrific tour. Our guide was excellent. It would have been better if the group size was smaller.
Guide excellent! Will recommend to all my friends. Eric
Loved every minute!!!!!!!
This tour was fantastic and our guide was wonderful
The tour was amazing and I plan to recommend Georgia to a friend who will be visiting Rome soon. She had a great sense of humor , extremely informative and thoroughly enjoyable. LOVED THE TOUR!! Deidra M.
Amy was most knowledgeable and friendly. She was fantastic!!! She was able to answer all questions and was so greatly passionate about what she did. We all had a fantastic time with Amy and would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a tour. She was amazing!
Really interesting tour and great enthusiasm from Georgia despite having to contend with naughty, disinterested children
Gio was our guide. Very good. Knowledgeable gave us a good impression of what the times were like (and not like ) for early Christians.
Excellent guide. One of the best tours that I was on. Guide explained everything so thoroughly and was most interesting.
Georgia did such a wonderful narrating the sights of the tour. She was enthusiastic, engaging, and very knowledgable - everything you want a tour guide to be and more! Thanks to Georgia, this tour was the highlight of our trip.
Gio was great she worked very hard, we enjoyed our tour very much. Please pass on our compliments to Gio. We would use W of I again & recommend. Thank you regards Kristina
Our guide was the epitome of knowledge and humor. Our entire family raved!
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Very good guide with lots of knowledge of the area
Gia made the tour even more awesome than it was to start with. We loved it.
The guide was great the your guide was even better! Knowledgeable, personable and funny she made the tour better all on her own. Overall great experience but tell the Vatican to ease up on the no picture rules in the catacombs
Andrea was a very knowledgeable and personable tour guide and the tour itself is very unique. Highly recommend this tour and tour guide.
Our guide's passion for her topic, together with her sense of humor, made the tour a joy from the first minute to the last. She enriched the experience well beyond whatever a guide book might have done.
Melanie was by far the best tour guide we had during our entire visit to Italy!
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Great tour bus driver as well!
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I thought Marta was excellent! My type and humour and she was incredibly informative, I was very impressed! Please pass my thoughts onto her
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Our guide was amazing, it didn't feel scripted, very natural and she had a vast knowledge. Went away feeling very happy that the money we had spent was well worth it. She even helped us with other information after the tour, would recommend to anyone
I spent 10 days in Europe and that was the #1 highlight of my trip.
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Thank You. We appriciated personal aproach od our Guide.
excellent and very enjoyable tour
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A fascinating tour with a great guide, Gio was very knowledgeable. She also had a great sense of humour which made for a fun filled informative afternoon!
WE actually also did your Vatican early entry tour, your Pantheon tour and the coliseum, roman forum tour. All were excellent with excellent guides. We will recommend you to others.
Our tour was fantastic and so was our guide. She was bubbly, upbeat, and very knowledgeable about what we saw. She was prompt to the meeting point as well. No complaints!!
Andrea was our guide and provided great service. We were on time even with the drivers mishap of losing the keys to the touring van. Andrea kept calm and maintained a positive attitude. His knowledge about the Roman history was superb. We would ask for him again next time.
Excellent tour. Andrea, our guide was very knowledgeable and interesting. Will highly recommend to friends. Bus was a little cramped but fine for length of tour.
Rebecca was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Meeting point was convenient and small group worked well.
Everything was great. She brought the bones to life and she spoke about the amazing art.
Andrea was great, good humor, good information. Thank you again for refunding my double order, most appreciated.
Really ccol tour. Very different. Loved the guides insight.
Lovely friendly informed guide.
Excellent tour. Guide extremely intelligent and knowledgeable on their topics. Very friendly and helpful.
This was our favourite tour in rome and really felt like we learnt the most from getting underneath rome. I still get goosebumps thinking about being that up close and personal with history. Our guide was amazing and her passion really shone through. I highly reccommend this tour!
This tour was very enjoyable. Going through all the crypts and catacombs was pretty amazing. Our tour guide Julia had an extensive knowledge which she enthusiastically enjoyed sharing with us and helped us imagine how things had once been in the ancient crypts. Definitely recommended.
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Julie as fantastic and very knowledgable. Made for a great tour. Thank you!
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The Tour Guide was EXCELLENT. She was the best tour guide of our whole 2-week trip. And the catacombs tour was a total success, everything we wanted and more!!
Amy was amazing!
We spent at least $600 on your tours when we were in Florence and Rome. Worth every penny! All the tour guides were excellent!
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We loved the visits to the crypts - thank you
Tiberius was/is an amazing guide. His passion for history and Rome are truly a sight to behold.
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Amy was an awesome guide!
Excellent tour and guide
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Interesting tour, Melanie was full of energy and regaled us with her wide depth and breadth of knowledge- another real tour!
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Gio was wonderful! Our family of 4 enjoyed this tour very much. Gio gave us a lot of information about the catacombs, the Capuchin Crypt and the church we toured. A great way to finish our week in Rome!
Our guide, Melaney(?), was fabulous and the tour was very interesting. She shared a lot of facts and details that we otherwise would never have known. The 3 stops: the Capuchin Monk Crypt, the Catacombs of the early Christians, and the Basilica of San Nicola were each fascinating sites.
This is my second second tour with her. She was great 2 years ago, and if possible, better yet.
He was so informative and entertainingly
Very cool and a little spooky. It was cool to see the underground of Rome and get a glimpse of all the history that is underneath your feet. Guide was amazing!
Great tour and well worth the money. Our guide Joe was a wealth of knowledge and had a great scene of humor.
My feedback should not be considered for the entire tour since I didn't go in the catacombs
Dario was impressive!! Fantastic. my family loved the tour!!!!! Thank you.
Tour guide was fantastic, very funny and informative.
Very good guide and tour!
Absolutely fabulous, we enjoyed everything about our tour. Such a knowledgeable young man, he made the tour fun with lots of great information Thanks to all of you This tour was the highlight of my trip to Rome 😊
We had an excellent time on our tour of the catacombs and other underground locations with our thoroughly enthusiastic and knowledgable guide, Amy. Her passion for history and the life of Ancient Rome made our experience memorable and indeed was the highlight of our guided tour experience in Rome.
The Guide was great, very knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining!
Andrea was a most knowledge, insightful, friendly, and fun tour guide. I could not have asked for a better experience. Grazie mille!
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The tour was great. Our guide was amazing. It was our first time in Rome and won't be our last.
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This was the most exciting tour. My whole family was so amazed by the Capuchin monks and catacombs. Our tour guide was Andrea. He also was very knowledgeable and taught us new and interesting information.
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We loved our guide , she was very personable and knowledgeable.
I particularly enjoyed this tour. Excellent tour guide Gio.. Thank you
Our guide Antonella was really incredible on this tour. She was not only knowledgeable but had a way of relating the information that made you understand and take in the wonder of the venues we visited. She was informative, engaging and delightful to have as a guide.
Give that guide a raise.
Our guide was very professional and the overall tour was wonderful! :)
The Guide was great, and went beyond the basic call of duty with informative extra insights.
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Excellent tour. Learned a lot. Great choice of locations. Tour guide was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Would definitively recommend.
Great informative tour, complete with 3 diverse places of interest. Tour guide was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Would recommend.
Amy was a delight! She was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and personable, which is exactly what one wants in a tour guide.
Everyone in our group enjoyed the tour and felt the guide was excellent.
Our guide Amy was a sweetheart. Very interesting and knowledgeable. Very interesting tour. Felt like I got a good understanding of the Roman Underground.
Amy was a wonderful guide and we enjoyed the tour greatly. She also included our eleven year old son in all of the discussions and really made it fun and interesting for all of the kids.
This tour was amazing! I really E njoyed visiting the different underground areas and learned a ton about the history of Rome.
This tour was amazing! At first I thought the price was too high, but going to three amazing places, having the transport and having Andrea as the guide, it was totally worth it. Learnt so much and you felt like you were seeing a secret part of Rome.
Andrea was very knowledgeable And provided a detailed explanation about everything . The tour is very intriguing , full of sparks and starting points, but very demanding. Flowing and timing are needed here.
Our tour was conducted by a very knowledgeable young man - I do not recall his name - we really enjoyed this tour and would recommend to all - the details he offered at every stop were so very interesting - we learned a lot. thank you.
guide was really good and had time to answer questions, my friend Kirsten was very slow Walker but Andrea managed to include her in everything and wait for her at the busses etc. thank you so much for that,
Melanie was most excellent as a guide, clearly she loves what she does & it shows when she speaks. It was a content heavy afternoon, we were enthralled. Thank you Melanie x
Andrea went above and beyond- we even went past the scheduled time. Loved it- thank you
Loved the tour. enjoyed the crypts
Gio was an amazing guide! She really made history come alive for us all - ages 9 - 43. Thank you!
Andrea was a fabulous tour guide, very professional and courteous to all. He answered any and all questions. His knowledge amazed me. I would highly recommend Walks of Italy and Andrea anytime.
Best tour and MOST wonderful guide!
What a wonderful tour! Our guide (Kylee, not sure of spelling) was amazing and so knowledgeable! I would highly recommend Walks of Italy tours to others.
Great guide and great tour❣
Kylie was passionate, well informed and an amazing communicator. She was a total delight! Please send her my thanks :)
Three for three. She was awesome and communicated her passion for the sights.
Very good tour - tour guide highly knowledgable. Best tour I did in Rome.
Our guide was very good. She spoke clearly and seemed very knowledgeable. The radios worked very well also.
Shannon knows her information and explains it very well. She is so nice and delightful to be around. You are lucky to have her on your team. Thank you.
Andrea was our tour guide. We loved him. He did an excellent job of explaining everything. We would definitely want him as a guide should we return. Walks of Italy were the BEST tour company we had, hands down. I would highly recommend them to anyone going to Rome.
Very good guide, full of information
Another great tour, interesting content and history . Wonderful guide!
Sometimes the guide put things a bit too simplified. As a European with a Latin education we are used to go more in detail. But in general a very good tour with a well informed guide. We would certainly recommend this tour.
A very knowledgable, lively & fun guide who brought the tour alive & made it so much more enjoyable.
Amy was very enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable. You could tell that she was genuinely interested in the content of the tour.
Very knowledgeable guide. Tour much better than I could have expected. Small number of people was an absolute must for this tour.
Georgia was great, would consider more Walks of Italy tour if we knew she'd be leading them.
Melanie was knowledgable and her passion for the history was very evident. She kept us engaged the entire tour. Really enjoyed Melanie.
Guide was personable and knowledgeable
I wish I could remember our guide's name. She was very knowledgeable and a lot of fun. Fun seeing the underground of Rome.
This was our favourite tour. Andy's knowledge of art and his information also enhanced the experience greatly.
Georgia was fantastic! She was very knowledgeable and made the tour both exciting and fun. Two thumbs up and I will be recommending the tour to friends and family coming to Rome in the future
The guide was very informative and made it fun and interesting .. the sites were amazing. We throughly enjoyed the tour from start to finish. Many thanks
Our tour guide Andrea was amazing, he was really enthusiastic and made the experience for us. Really interesting tour and would recommend to anyone.
Excellent tour and tour guide
Our guide Becky I think? was knowledgable and had excellent presentation skill. No hanging about. The 3 hour tour ran very smoothly. We would highly recommend and we would use this tour company again.
An excellent tour, with a very good guide.
Georgia was a fantastic guide , the group size was not too big which nade her accessible Doing an evening tour was really good as we missed the crouds and were the only grouo in the catacombs!
Becca was a fantastic guide. She made the places come alive with her stories. Her expertise in the field was an added bonus.
It was excellent
We had so much fun. Andrea was so knowledgeable and could answer any questions. He made the whole excursion fun.
Great experience !
Andrea was very informative, spoke excellent English. Great tour.
What an interesting way to see another side of Rome! Our tour was interesting, informative, and a pleasure to participate in.
Our guide was punctual, very informative, and helpful. It was a fascinating tour and Gaia was passionate about the subject. It was s great tour and one I'm glad I took.
Andrea was a most knowledgeable and pleasant guide. He did a wonderful job of explaining and it was clear he was passionate about history. It was a great investment for our family and the experience was superb!
Absolutely fabulous tour and so informative. Our guide Andrea could not have been more interesting and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this tour. I will be booking again for my next trip to Italy.
Great tour and tour guide! He spoke well, clearly, and was very knowledgeable and energetic. The places we entered were wonderful.
Excellent and fascinating and our tour guide Amy was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our guide was excellent. We learned a lot from her. She was pleasant well organised and captivated my imagination. The tour its self was highly intetesting and the small group was essential meaning we had a little more freedom to explore ancient rome
The tour was first class. The tour guide was very knowledgeable. It was interesting, and the subject matter was not what we expected.
Great information and opportunity to ancient history. Very real experience.
Guide was great and tour material very interesting!
Very good Guide, great content, very nice tour
Our tour guide, Andrea, was great - very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the subject matter.
Amy's enthusiasm, great story telling and appropriate sense of humor were the perfect balance combined with her deep knowledge of the history. The tour flew by and we learned so much while having fun. She's top notch after 5 wks of tours this trip in Europe...don't miss her!
We greatly enjoyed the tour. We saw things I don't think we would have found on our own. The van made the moment about easy. Our guide was enthusiastic with native English. A fantastic tour.
Andreas was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, funny, entertaining. Going on this tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Rome. We learned a lot, and the details of the churches and other sites we visited on the tour changed how we viewed other places we visited. A truly outstanding experience!
Kylie was engaging and knew a lot about the 3 areas we visited, Capuchin monastery, catacombs and the Basilica of San Clemente. We learned a lot and saw a lot that we were not expecting.
Lots of background and history given by guide. Excellent
Such a fantastic tour! So unique and really, incredibly interesting. Georgia was so knowledgable and she added such incredibly little nuggets that my husband and I just loved. We were so happy we took this tour!
Really enjoyed the tour. Fascinating history and very personable and knowledgable tour guide! Would recommend to my friends
One suggestion: in your promotional material you should recommend that clients bring their own form of lighting e.g. IPhone, hand-held flashlight or head-mounted light. Other than that, thanks for a memorable experience
Andrea was an amazing tour guide, & I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and learnt so much thanks to him. He clearly showed his passion for and knowledge of Roman history and I'm grateful to Andrea for sharing that with us.
The tour was great and so was our tour guide, Georgia. Her expertise and humor was perfect. Although our group was not large, people in the back are cut off from audio when going single file through the catacombs. So I stayed close to the guide.
She was awesome
The brilliant guide made the tour fascinating. We really enjoyed the visit. Would recommend & have already. *****
Georgia was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, with plenty of humour thrown in for good measure! Myself and my friend both loved this tour. Well done, Georgia.
The guide was first class
The tour was great and Andrea was a superb guide. This was the first of three tours we've taken on this trip, and he was by far the best.
This was the best tour we took our entire trip! The sites were fascinating and Georgia was full of all kinds of information and more than happy to share her knowledge! Thank you, Georgia!!
The tour guide was a man whose name started with a T? I can't remember. He was great, very knowledgable and passionate about the sights we visited. I liked the sites as well and the van taking us to each site which made it easier. Very nice overall.
Georgia was wonderful. She was very knowledgeable and provided an engaging and informative tour. The two locations were fascinating, and they were made even better by being able to visit them after hours!
Our guide and tour was terrific, wish I could recall her name.
Great guide and great tour - guide was well informed and friendly; got my kids involved and interested
It was awesome and our guide was incredibly knowledgeable!
guide was excellent and having the ear pieces made it so much more enjoyable
Awesome tour with an awesome tour guide!! Georgia really made the tour! The guide rating doesn't go high enough for this lady!
Shannon C. was awesome. Everything about our tour was fun, informative and completely enjoyable. Thank you!
Fntasic experience. Our guide was wonderful and so knowledgable . Loved it
Fntasic experience. Our guide was wonderful and so knowledgable . Loved it
Excellent from start to finish, guides were excellent.
One of the highlights of our trip was this tour. We can't say enough great things about our guide Gio!! Even in the small spaces, which she warned us about ahead of time, she made us feel comfortable and she presented the information in an interesting way.
Fantastic tour and the guide was wonderful.
Passionate and knowledgeable guide. Totally recommend the tour!
Absolutely fascinating tour. The guide was extremely professional and knowledgeable.
I had a great tour. Andre was very knowledgable about the full history and made sure everyone knew how to get home safely once back at meeting point. One of my highlights of Roma. Thanks for the great night
Very interesting tour! We enjoyed our guide very much.
I think that due to the nature of the catacombs the tour numbers should be limited as it was difficult to see what the guide was looking at due to the restrictive nature of the catacombs. Other than that it was excellent.
Shannon was an excellent guide. Highly recommend her and the tour.
Please see my extensive review under TripAdvisor under Hosta_La_Vista
Shannon was awesome! We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Very professional and I'll be recommending you to friends who will be traveling to Italy. Btw you were recommended to us by a friend who had used you. :) many thanks and keep up the good work!
Very good tour an knowledgeable guide!
Again, Andrea was very knowledgeable and obviously passionate about history and archaeology. We loved the tour and would definitely recommend walks of Italy.
We had a very informative and enjoyable tour. Our guide was excellent and clearly very passionate about his subject. Warmest Regards Mike and Margaret Spratt
Guide was excellent.
It was a fantastic tour led by an informed and educated guide. We loved her enthrusiasm and energy! We are telling everyone to go to this tour!
Our tour guide was phenomenal. (I want to say Gia but apoligize for not being sure) She was remarkably informative, funny and great at dealing with crowds at the sites. I did 10 guided tours in my time in Europe this summer and she was far and away the best guide.
Highlight of our trip, thank you!
Quite obvious our guide has a genuine passion for history, very engaging in delivery of information, highly recommended.
Very knowledgable and organized. The entire family enjoyed the tour!
Andrea was a wonderful and informative guide.
Was a really great tour of the crypts & catacombs. The guide was excellent, would definitely recommend this tour to anyone.
Georgia was an awesome guide! We loved the tour and would definitely recommend it to others!
A brilliant tour with an amazing guide. This was one of our favourite tours that we took. Georgia was so enthusiastic about the topic, you couldn't help but have that enthusiasm rub off on you! I would highly recommend this trip.
Wonderfull guide and very knowledgeable Highly recommend
The Tour was great. The guide was a very good storyteller and made the history come to live. We will for look for your tours next time we are in Rome
Very lively and professional guide who was able to answer practically any question even if they were not directly linked to the theme of the tour
Wonderful tour and a knowledgable guide. We took three other tours with Walks of Italy and can highly recommend the company.
It was excellent. The guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. I will review on Trip Advisor soon.
The tour was well organised and Dario was a great guide
Entertaining and humorous. Excellent tour guide!
A fantastic tour that totally delievered! Very professionally organised with an excellent guide. Would not hesitate to recommend this tour to others. Thanks!
I thought it was a fantastic tour and well worth the money
This was one of the best tours ever! The information and the places we visited were outstanding and unique. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and we were very impressed. Thank you!
Was a great tour..highly recommend it.
Wonderful tour with extremely knowledgable guide. Definitely recommend.
I was very impressed with our tour guides knowledge. And what an amazing tour. All three sites were fantastic. Thanks!
My grandchildren and I enjoyed the tour with Shannon. For my 13 year old granddaughter, it was the highlight of our visit to Rome.
Excellent tour, highly recommend it. The guide very friendly and also gave excellent explanations of everything. We really enjoy every minute of this tour.
So knowledge and friendly. She even gave us after tour recommendations. I learned so much, this was our FAVORITE tour in Rome!
Awesome tour! Andrea was so knowledgeable and made this tour so interesting for us. Our famil (2 adults & 3 young teens) thought this was our most interesting tour in Rome. We would totally do this again.
Jos, was a fantastic guide. The tour was both informative and fun.
the whole tour was fantastic! the guide was very informative and passionate!
I participated in several walks of italy tours while in Rome. This tour guide was one of the best I had. She was both knowledgeable, professional and times humorous.
Absolutely excellent tour guide with so much knowledge and big personality. Loved him!
Great tour and *Big Mama G* is a great guide. Very enjoyable.
Anthony was a fantastic guide. He had a great balance of history knowledge and humour!
Exploring the Catacombs with such an energetic, enthusiastic, informative guide made this tour enjoyable. Enjoyable may not be the correct word to describe seeing so many skulls and bones. Tango our guide was fantastic!
Good experience and excellent tour guide, it made the walk and places very enjoyable with her knowledge and explanations. Interesting and I would say fair for the price.
We had a really good time! It wasn't too crowded, and our guide was really knowledgeable, which was cool.
Our guide 'Tango' was one of the best we had during our stay in Rome. He made it an incredible tour.
Totally fascinating experience...if you only do one trip in Rome..do this..very well organised..and our guide Georgia was amazing ..so enthusiastic and a font of knowledge..totally made the tour extra special..Thanks again Debbie &Neil x
Great tour, Andrea is knowledgeable and obviously an experienced guide. Definitely recommend this tour if you're interested in learning about what lies underneath the city.
Georgia had a great personality and a wonderful sense of humor.
This tour was great. Guido is an excellent guide. The tour was very interesting. He was very enthusiastic and informative. Definitely would recommend to others.
Amy was extremely knowledgeable and ensured everyone enjoyed themselves. She was the best guide I had in Italy.
Georgia was very knowledgeable and kept us engaged. Excellent representative for the company.
The tour was very interesting and the guide made it this tour a very unique experience. We would highly recommend this tour !
Georgina was the guide and was fantastic Love to do another tour with her when again in Rome Ben
Our guide was thoughtful and considerate to the group whilst maintaining a level of professionalism. The tour felt almost tailor-made to us. If was fascinating, informative - everything we expected and more. Amy deserves the highest praise.
Our tour guide was the best I've ever had. The amount of knowledge that he has is absolutely amazing!
Very knowledgeable
The tour exceeded our expectations, the guide was both informative and interesting
Great guide!! Awesome attitude and energy. The best tour we did while in Rome. Thank you!!
Excellent tour! Guide was very very good, one of the best I've had in Italy. Very knowledgeable, fascinating sites, not crowded, great pace
Andrea did a terrific job. He was very knowledgeable and professional, yet he was friendly and we had a great time. We learned so much. Grazie!
Andrea was brilliant. Absolutely fantastic.
Great guide, excellent experience overall.
Gio was amazing.
Shannon was great. We were fascinated by the bones.
Good tour. As with the Colosseum tour, the guide was very informative and professional. Thanks so much!
Felix was a great guide. Very informative and knowledgable about his subject. He answered any questions without hesitation. We enjoyed the tour very much and would definitely recommend it to others
The place was awe inspiring. It was amazing to see. We all really enjoyed the trip. The private bus was a nice way to get around. The guide was very funny as well as informative. Couldn't have asked for a better tour.
Everything was perfect! Thank you for a great tour!
Fantastic tour. Very knowledgeable tour guide and transportation was very well coordinated. Thank you.
Amy was great! We learned so much from her. She kept everyone engaged and made it fun.
Jos gave a detailed commentary with some humorous asides throughout the tour, of which the visit to one of the lesser known of Rome's catacombs was for us the clear highlight: an experience helped by Jos's descriptions.
Awesome tour and our guide was funny too!
My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, our guide Gio (apologies if I spelt her name wrong) was highly informative and entertaining. She is a credit to your company and I would recommend her to anyone planning on taking this trip.
Joseph, the guide was great. He was very knowledgeable & entertaining keeping us informed & involved. Loved the tour. Will do WII again.
We really enjoyed the tour. It was well organized and not too busy. Jos was a great tour guide.
Cecilia is outstanfing
On time, very knowledgable, fun to listen to.
The catacombs tour was very well organized and executed. Andrea was a terrific guide and brought both knowledge and enthusiasm to his presentation of the tour.
Amy was awesome
The guide was very knowledgable and I learned a lot!
The tour guide sorry forgotten his name , was excellent at his job and had a charming manner.
What a fun and unique tour! Gino was fabulous-very knowledgeable
Tour and Gio our guide were sensational!! We loved it. We'll be back. Thank you
Extremely knowledgeable guide
The guide was very knowledgable and very entertaining. He knew so much about Rome and Roman history that even when we got caught briefly in traffic he was able to explain the history behind different neighbourhoods as we passed them. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone.
Great tour through the Capuchin monastery, Priscilla catacombs and San Clemente. We had a guide who provided great information and the headsets, thankfully, were comfortable and worked great. Much better than the crappy earpieces some other tours give out! Really interesting stuff and well done.
It was awesome! The sites were amazing and the guide was so knowledgeable!! Would definitely recommend!!!
Wonderful experience. Our guide Passionate about Roma history and brought it to life for me and my husband. Fantastic job. Would definitely recommend this tour to others.
Wonderful experience. Our guide Passionate about Roma history and brought it to life for me and my husband. Fantastic job. Would definitely recommend this tour to others.
This was a fascinating tour of unusual places in Rome. Enjoyed it thoroughly. It kept a nice pace through the afternoon, and the guide was very knowledgeable and interesting.
Andrea was both knowledgeable and entertaining.
Gio was a fantastic guide. She made the history enjoyable and entertaining. I would love to take another tour with her the next time we are in Rome.
Absolutely wonderful guide who brought to life the history of the crypts and catacombs and the different levels of the city of Rome
Such a great tour! Small group made the whole experience very intimate and personal. On our way to the last site there were some road blockages but our driver and tour guide kept us informed and handled the issue efficiently and professionally.
Great tour, but Jos made it even better. He is a great guy with an easy to understand English and he is very good to tell about what we are seeing. Give him a salary raise - he deserves it.
Gio was a fantastic guide. She was incredibly smart, funny, energetic, and kept us interested throughout the entire tour. I would love to take other tours led by her.
Excellent tour and guide!
Our guide was Joseph and he was a wealth of information during our tour and explained things thoroughly. He answered all questions posed to him to the best of his ability showing a great sense of humour and rapport with his group making the whole tour thoroughly enjoyable.
Andreas was one of the best tour guides we have ever had. He was funny, informative, professional, timely and passionate, we had a great time and would recommend your company, and Andreas in particular, to anyone. Thank you!!!
Wouldn't have been the same without the tour guide
Brilliant tour. Guide was very very informative and was very interesting.
Was a great tour - all 3 of us really enjoyed the knowledge of Andrea (sorry if i have misspelt his name). Would recommend to others. Very glad we found this tour. Kind regards Veronica Stewart Brisbane, Australia
A wonderful tour, very interesting. One of the best tourist I have had in Rome.
Georgia was very good. intelligent, knowledgeable and humorous as well. All the tours we had with Walks of Italy in Rome were good but she was the best guide we had.
Jos was a spectacular guide!!!! My Wife, Son and I learned so much. Thank you!
Georgia is awesome! She brought so much enthusiasm into the tour. Very knowledgeable too (with a Master's Degree in ancient religion). My family and I did 4 tours with Walks of Italy and this was by far the best one we took and we have Georgia to thank for!
Great tour!!!very interesting and informative, our guide(can't remember her name , sorry)was awesome!!!
Joseph was very knowledgable and everyone raved about the tour
Fantastic tour
Guide (Joseph) was very knowledgeable and friendly. Also gave us some advice about the city after the tour, which we really appreciated.
Tour guide was great ! He made the tour.
Sites were excellent and Joseph explained each site very well. It was a great tour.
Thank you for the interesting and informative tour. The guide was excellent and entertaining. She made history feel alive and intriguing. She knew her history. This tour was wurth every cent.
guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable!
Great tour. We both had a great time.
Good trip. Informative and very comfortable!
Elena was informative and entertaining. I especially enjoyed the first stop and the artwork of the Capuchin monks. I high recommend this excursion!
An exceptional experience too. The visit to St. Clements and being drawn into the history of how the lower levels were discovered was fascinating. Again this guide was knowledgeable too. The only draw back was having to walk back to where we began since our hotel was located there.
Superb......Guide was fantastic, so knowledgable, so friendly and so efficient. We have already rated this as 5 star on trip advisor as it was without doubt 'the highlight of the holiday' THANK YOU!!!
Our tour guide was amazing and I absolutely loved the tour. I am completely satisfied and will recommend the Walks company to anyone I know who is traveling to Italy, New York, or Turkey.
Gio was a lovely and entertaining tour guide who answered all my questions patiently. Thank you for a great afternoon!
Gio was fantastic Thank you for an information-packed fun day!
Your guide was the best
Extremely interesting, and the guide was very informative, in a very enjoyable way. The San Clemente tour and the Priscilla Catacomb tour were particularly fascinating, like visiting other worlds. I would happily do the tour again if ever I am in Rome again.
Peter was great - very well prepared and engaging. Would recommend him and this tour to others,
This tour was extremely fun, interesting, and educational. I highly recommend it to my friends, and I am glad that I went on it.
Very interesting and at some points breathtaking tour! Gio was excellent guide and very nice character too! I definitely recommend this tour.
Loved our tour guide! Tour was very interesting.
We were simply overwhelmed with how educated, personable, and professional Andrea was on our tour. I can not thank Andrea enough for how much he added to our Italy vacation! Our Walks of Italy tours exceeded all expectations!
Our guide was great and we really enjoyed the tour.
The tour was amazing! Enthusiastic tour guide and great sites.
Great tours and guides
Wonderful and informative tour guide.
Sound informative with no concerns at all Guide was excellent and was also able to speak on a range of general topics
Earbuds were very helpful to be able to hear the guide. The guide was knowledgeable and answered all of our questions.
Excellent!!! Guide was extremely knowledgeable and made the walk very enjoyable!
We had a really great walk, very interesting and informative; would recommend it to others.
A big thank you to Peter for making our experience most enjoyable and interesting.
Joseph was excellent
Guide was great. Informative and fun to listen to
Andrea was awesome! He was very knowledgeable and we thoroughly enjoyed this tour! Thank you!
Very knowledgeable. Interesting stories. Provided depth and context. He was the best tour guide we have had in Italy. He was very personable too.
Amy was a great guide. She was funny, informative, and she kept the pace lively and made what could be boring most interesting. She is very personable and I would love to do another tour with her some day.
Very interesting tour!
AMY was a great tour guide. Really brilliant subject knowledge and at the end of the tour gave some really helpful hints regarding local customs etc. Was a well executed and information and humour made it well balanced and entertaining. Would definitely recommend this tour.
It was a great informative, fun tour.
The guide was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain key facts in great detail (even in the rain!). Passionate and dedicated. Well run tour.
Andrea had excellent knowledge and was most accommodating when the traffic jam put us overtime. Many thanks for helping us to find the best metro stop. A great afternoon!
We really enjoyed the tour with Andrea!! :)
Really good tour, the guide was really funny, engaging and knowledgeable
I loved the information the guide had to offer. Even though our trip to the actual catacombs got cut short because of the Vice President's visit he was able to quickly show us the highlights.
Amy was such a gem! We had such a great time on this informative and super awesome tour. Amy was fun, enthusiastic and incredibly intelligent. Highly recommend this tour and ask for Amy!!! You won't be sorry!
Andrea was outstanding! He made this tour one of the best ever for our family.
Our guide was excellent - very informed and very friendly. The sights themselves were fascinating, particularly St Clemente.
Fantastic tour with a great guide!
I was very impressed with the guides in all of our Walks of Italy tours. Their robust knowledge was matched by a love of Rome & it's history, which they were eager to share. I will recommend Walks of Rome in the future.
Unfortunately, I have forgotten the name of our guide. She did an excellent job.
Thought Andrea was very knowledgeable & personable which made the tour very educational & entertaining. Well done!!
This was an incredible tour, our guide incorporated religion, history, and art - he kept everyone's attention and managed a large crowd, and also helped us navigate around other tour groups.
Andrea was on time at the meeting point. Tour was a little creepy, but definitely worth the while. Andrea had great charm and made the experience.
Was a wonderful trip and the guide was awesome
This was the highlight of our trip! Very interesting and excellent tour guide.
Andreea was brilliant Really excellent knowledgeable guide
excellent!!! Amy was phenominal and gave such an insight into Rome and its history
Amy is great, loads of fun and highly informative!
Absolutely fabulous! An excellently constructed and managed tour, great value for money. The guide was enthusiastic and exceptionally knowledgeable, as well as having a good sense of humour! We will be using Walks of Italy tours on our next visit! Thank you so much.
excellent, thorough, passionate guide.
We loved the tour, and wish we could do it again. The guide, whose name we forget (I'm sorry) was amazing. So impressive. She was originally Australian if that helps. Such passion, knowledge.
Peter was an excellent guide! Very knowledgeable and engaging. We thoroughly loved this tour and would recommend to all of our friends and family.
Once more you impressed us! Cecylia was wonderful and again you provided a guide who was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. This tour gave us a very unique look at a completely different view of Rome.
Just great--guide very knowledgeable and gave a great tour
Peter was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. My teen-age grandsons loved this tour...
Gil had lots of information to share and was wonderful. Great tour.
Great tour! Creepy bones, bones on the ceiling, bones on the floor, bones in the wall and bones on the door. You should not miss this tour to see a variety of catacombs. The guide was fun and informational.
Me and my fiance really liked the tour.. Unfortunately, we started a bit late that day... Reason why we werent able to finish on time around 5:30pm.. But it was really good! One should not miss when you are in Rome.
Our tour guide Cecelia was absolutely excellent!!!
The tour was excellent as was Amy, I am telling everyone how great it was - was a highlight of our holiday
Another excellent tour. Fantastic guide , extremely knowledgeable and also remembered everyones name which made everyone feel included. Definitely recommend this tour.
Amy is very professional.
Amy is very professional.
Amy was an excellent guide and she explained everything very clearly. The 3 sites that we visited were most interesting. We especially loved the Capuchin Bone Crypt.
Jo was excellent and informative.
Our guide was awesome. The last part of the tour was a little long. But we really enjoyed it and would recommend this tour and Walks of Italy in the future.
Outstanding tour. Amy was terrific, extremely informative and very hospitable. There wasn't a question that she couldn't answer. We covered a large amount of territory but never felt rushed. Will definitely use Walks of Italy the next time we go to Italy. Thank you!
Our tour guide, Joseph was knowledgeable, entertaining and provided us with a superior tour. We would definitely recommend Walks of Italy over the other two agencies we used for other tours.
Gia was the best tour guide we had throughout all our tours. She was fun, energetic, and knew a lot about the places we visited. I enjoyed how she engaged the group, made us laugh, and overall created a very memorable experience.
Great guide
Excellent tour! Very friendly guide, funny and entertaining. And we saw some amazing sites including the crypt within the city of Rome and the catacombs on the outskirts of the city.
Another winner
It was interesting and the guide was engaging.
Our guide was Andrea. He was very knowledgable and friendly. Oh yes, a good sense of humour too ! He was also happy to answer our many questions too.
Excellent, enthusiastic guide, very well informed. We enjoyed the tour very much. Thank you Jos..
A weird but fascinating tour of the After Life. Three very different sites brought to life (!) by Andrea. He was an excellent guide, with a good sense of humour - full of interesting asides and anecdotes.
We really enjoyed our tour of the catacombs and crypts. Joseph was an excellent tour guide that was passionate about his job and very knowledgable. We loved every aspect of this tour and would definitely recommend it as something different and unique to see in Rome.