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Pristine Sistine Tour

Key Details

  • City: Vatican
  • Duration: 3 hrs 45 mins
  • Start Time: 7:30 AM

Tour Highlights

  • Stand on the altar of the Sistine Chapel and admire the little details of Michelangelo’s masterpiece – without being pushed or shoved! We enter the museums before the general public.

  • See the best of the Vatican City in under four hours. With a guided tour of the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums (including the Raphael Rooms) and St. Peter’s Basilica, you’ll cover all the bases.

  • Engage with the art and architecture of the Vatican. Our guides are passionate art historians, while our groups never number more than 12, so you’ll get the most from your once-in-a-lifetime visit.

Enter the Vatican before the crowds Rush to the Sistine Chapel before the public Busy Vatican Museum corridors See the Sistine Chapel when it's almost empty Guide uses aids to explain Sistine frescoes The Sistine Chapel Roof Visit the Raphael Rooms The School of Athens by Raphael Raphael Rooms: Can you spot Raphael? Raphael Rooms: Do you see Rocky? This sculpture inspired Michelangelo The Belvedere Torso Ancient Greek sculptures, Vatican Museums Nero's bath (its literally priceless!) The Laocoon Group, Vatican Museums Apollo Belvedere, Vatican Museums The Gallery of the Maps, Vatican Museums St. Peter's Basilica, included on our Pristine Sistine Tour Inside St. Peter's Basilica Bernini's 'Baldachin' altar, St. Peter's Basilica Michelangelo's 'Pieta', St. Peter's Basilica The ceiling of St. Peter's Basilica Bernini's stained glass window, St. Peter's Basilica Rubbing St. Peter's foot for luck Pristine Sistine Chapel tour ends at St. Peter's Square



There are moments that stay with you forever. Visiting the Sistine Chapel and seeing the masterpieces of Michelangelo should be one of those. For too many visitors, this special experience is ruined by overcrowding, but what if there was a way to guarantee your perfect moment?

Our Pristine Sistine™ Chapel Tour enters the Vatican Museums one hour before they open to the general public. Over the last five years we've practiced this tour on over 50,000 guests, crafting the best possible experience of the Vatican Museums (even during the crowded summer months!) Along with your guide, you'll power through empty galleries to be the first inside the Sistine Chapel – so you can enjoy these masterpieces in peace – then embark on a full tour of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Our guides have been carefully chosen as the perfect travel companions, enriching your visit with witty anecdotes and entertaining details to bring world-famous works to life. Entering before the public you’ll have time to get up close to the art, admiring it from every angle, without having to use your elbows. But that’s only the start of our journey.


We say engage because that’s what you’ll do. Your guide will lead you on a carefully- crafted route through the best of the collection, teaching you not just about the art and history of the collection (which spans from Ancient Greece to a very modern “Squashed Tomato”) but the history of the Papal Palaces too and the many characters that have lived, worked, ruled and painted here.

Traveling in small groups of only 12 people or fewer (with personal headsets in case it’s a little loud) you’ll always be able to hear your guide and engage with their stories, asking all the questions you can think of. We won’t finish at the Vatican Museums though. Our next stop is the world’s largest ancient basilica.


As an official Vatican tour operator, we’ll go directly from the Vatican Museums to St. Peter’s Basilica, bypassing long general access lines and saving a 30-minute walk. Everything about this incredible building is awe-inspiring. From Bernini’s monumental carved Baldachin altarpiece to Michelangelo’s emotional ‘Pietà’ and the huge dome whose completion (literally) threatened to tear the basilica in half.

As you explore every nook and cranny of this huge building, you’ll get an insight into the heart of the Catholic Church and Renaissance Italy with our passionate guides at the helm. Our Pristine Sistine™ Chapel Tour guarantees that perfect Sistine moment – plus an engaging and entertaining three hours to follow.

You’ll probably only visit the Vatican City once. Make it perfect with our original, pristine tour.

Sites visited

  • Sistine Chapel (twice)
  • Raphael Rooms
  • Belvedere Courtyard with Apollo Belvedere & Laocoön & His Sons
  • Pinecone Courtyard
  • Gallery of the Candelabra
  • Gallery of the Maps
  • Gallery of the Tapestries
  • St. Peter’s Basilica
  • St. Peter’s Square


  • Skip the Line Access tickets to the Vatican Museums (with early entrance an hour before the general public!)
  • Skip the Line Access to St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Expert Walks of Italy tour guide
  • Small groups, never more than 12 people
  • Headsets


5-stars from over 3423 Customer Reviews

Our guide was terrific!
Dario was a wonderful host and explained everything we visited with great knowledge and excitement. My friend is an 82 year old Catholic priest and even Robert was impressed.
Our guide, Gianluigi, did an exceptional job. His vast knowledge of the Chapel, Vatican, Basilica, and everything else in between was remarkable. We were so delighted after the tour. We highly recommend this tour.
Excellent tour! Loved our guide GG and could have followed him around for 3 more hours!
Uta was delightful! I recommend this tour for a visit. The meeting place is easy to find, the guides are well-organized and knowledgeable.
Best guide we had. Don't remember his name but was truly our favorite of all trips.
The tour was very well executed. The guide was very helpful and provided great insight. This was a great option for avoiding the huge lines. We will definitely look into other tours when we travel next.
Just great, could not have been more satisfied !
My guide was Tony and she did a great job in keeping the tour moving, and keeping it interesting. Very satisfied with my experience and would recommend to others.
Jowita was informative, personable and funny. She kept the group together and moving since we had a lot to cover. I have bad knees but she also was accommodating my slower pace.
Francesca was wonderful! We went on several tours in Rome and Florence and she was, by far, the best! Things we liked: She kept talking even while we were walking or moving from place to place. She was very knowledgeable, humorous, and engaging. Great tour!
This was OUTSTANDING and Francesca was GREAT. I only wish we could go back through the museum and take our time without having to wait in line again.
We had an amazing time and our guide was top notch . She did a superb job and made our experience so wonderful:)
Loved the tour. Eleanora was very passionate about the place and the history. Learned so much and appreciated it.
The tour was awesome and the guide was super friendly
Terrific tour. This was our second time taking it and would recommend it to anyone.
Sabrina was absolutely perfect!!
Eleanora was a fabulous guide. Very knowledgeable and truly communicated her live of Rome. The best way to see the Sistine before the crowds got crazy.
Toni was a fabulous guide and we really enjoyed our experience . Would highly recommend the tour.
Great tour with an obviously well versed guide. Guido was fantastic.
Loved being able to get into the Chapel early!
Excellent tour and guideex
We thorough enjoyed the tour and we were impressed by Jowita's knowledge and responses to our questions. A very professional guide. Won't hesitate to recommend tours to others. Thank you
Our guide Francisca was outstanding. She obviously had a passion for the Vatican. We would highly recommend her to other travelers.
Bruno- wonderful tour guide. So knowledgeable enthusiastic and open to questions. Very in depth on his history! I want to go with him again if he has a different tour.
Wonderful experience, truly a great guide for our group. His English was fluent, his depth of knowledge of the Sistine, the Vatican Museums and Chapel amazing. Excellent value, highly recommended!
Emma rocked. Having an art history graduate as the tour guide enhanced the experience. The Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums, and St. Peter's Basilica were breathtaking.
Learned so many great things!!!
Completely satisfied and happy with the tours! Definately enjoyed the enthusiasm and knowledge of all the tour guides. I will refer Tours of Italy to anyone traveling to Rome. Thank you guys for caring in giving people the best experience possible and making our vacation a memorable one.
Doriana was excellent guide very knowledgeable & patient . We really enjoyed tour of Sistine chapel & Vatican City / thank you so much doriana.
Doriana was excellent guide very knowledgeable & patient . We really enjoyed tour of Sistine chapel & Vatican City / thank you so much doriana.
Both are great tours, well organised with very knowledgable and enthusiastic guides!
mother duck marta was excellent
Giovanna great also! Very much enjoyed this tour.
We never expected to have such a knowledgeable guide as Ferdinando. We throughly enjoyed our tour.
Our guide was fabulous. We were impressed with her educational background and her presentation of content. I wish we could have spent the entire day with her!! I will recommend this tour to friends and family!
Our guide, Gigi, was wonderful, full of information of course, but also a great sense of humour and a lovely warm personality. There is so much to see and learn and he made it really interesting and fun. Also he remembered all our names which was very impressive.
Sabrina was a great tour guide. She gave us plenty of information in a pleasant and helpful manner. Would definitely book with her again.
Our guide was very well informed, friendly, professional and it was a great time. I'd recommend the tour for sure!
excellent guide
Francesca was fantastic, very caring of our group, funny and warm. We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone
Great tour! Was so good to get into the Chapel before the crowds got there and Mama G was very knowledgable and enthusiastic.
Very good tour, guide was knowledgeable and informative. However we still felt the price was excessive.
The tour was so worthwhile although it was expensive. The guide was outstanding and his english excellent.
I loved this tour and thought Vincenzo was an excellent guide with very good English and a huge amount of knowledge and information that he was able to give us. I think it's great you do the early start tour which gives an opportunity to get in and enjoy it before the crowds.
Everything was dealt with professionally starting from registration and ending with picking back the audio guides! Most of all loved the warmth and knowledgeable Francesca who took her time to deliver all her knowledge to us. Would definitely recommend her to others as well as take her tour again!
Helena was wonderful. She was very engaging and had a lot of info to share through the entire tour. This was our favorite tour in Rome and now crossed off our bucket list. We will recommend to friends/family if traveling to Rome in the future.
Julietta was absolutely wonderful! She was so informative and attentive - and did a fabulous job of talking to the important historical parts and telling the story that surrounds the Chapel. She really made it come alive for us. Thank you!!
The tour was fantastic and Lorenzo was brilliant and entertaining.
Maristella was absolutely fantastic! Please thank her again for us!!!
Fernando was super - very knowledgeable and also charming. And the lady that organised us at the start of the your was also excellent. See the Sistine Chapel without the crowds was the highlight of our trip to Rome.
Gigi was awesome...great explanations with a great sense of humor. We learnt and lot and laughed a lot!
You run a great company. Good value for the dollar
Our tour guide was great! I had great time in Vatican city because of her vivid explanation. I would highly recommend this tour to my friends:)
Our guide was very informative. I don't remember his name at the moment , sorry. If I was back in Rome and he was the guide on another tour I would not be disappointed. It was worth getting up early on vacation to be at the Sistine chapel without the crowd. Spectacular!
Great tour, knowledgeable interesting guide.
I was surprised that I never received an email / confirmation a few days before the tour. It's just nice to get the confirmation to know that everything is a go & reminder of the details, time & place.
Both this tour and the Coliseum tour we took the next day were excellent, the small tour group size is a great plus.
The guide did a great job of keeping us moving, discribing the many master pieces and answering questions among the huge crowd.
Amazing tour and guide.
Big Mamma Gee was excellent!!!
I was totally pleased with this tour. Loved getting into the Sistine Chapel first thing in the morning - awesome experience! Guide was terrific as well. Will recommend this to anyone traveling to Rome!
Loved this tour! Our guide had a PHD in archaeology which made the tour even more interesting.
Claudia was an amazing guide! Seeing the Sistine Chapel while it was not packed wall to wall was an amazing, serene experience.
Wonderful tourguide!!!!!! Amazing tour!!!
Loved our tour, we'll planned, fascinating, beautiful experience from start to finish. Outstanding guide. Thank you!
The tour was wonderful. Our guide was so knowledgeable and personable we would highly recommend it to others.
Awesome tour. Marianna was very knowledgeable and kept it interesting. The pace she set was quick but we hit all of the highlights and I never felt rushed. I feel like I saw everything that I needed to see. I'm very happy with the tour.
Mauricio was a fantastic guide and the tour was beyond belief!
Loved our guide. Tour was great!
Valentina was an outstanding guide and totally made our tour worthwhile!
Incredible! This tour was amazing! To be able to see the Sistine Chapel before the crowds was an unforgettable experience. Our guide was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and passionate about the history and artefacts of the Vatican. The tour was long, but the hours just flew bye.
Wonderful tour with Maristella! So animated and engaging.... even our 14yr old was thrilled to be on this tour. We learned so much - time and money very well spent! Thanks Walks of Italy
Vincenzo was excellent! We truly enjoyed our tour and will book another the next time we are in Italy!
Doriana was AMAZING! The Vatican is a terrific experience by itself, but Doriana made this the most memorable experience of our trip. Cannot say enough about her! She was incredibly knowledgeable, approached the tour that minimized the crowds, and had a great wit/sense of humor about her.
Our guide was very good. We were very happy that we booked the tour, don't think it would have been the same without it.
Our guide was very knowledgeable and personable with a great sense of humor and energy!! Loved her!!
Our tour guide was knowledgeable and very passionate about the works of art and their preservation. We enjoyed his teaching as well as his stories. He truly went above and beyond with this tour! We were very pleased.
Jeb was an excellent guide. This tour gave us so much more information than if we did it ourselves.
Invaluable to see the sistine chapel with fewer crowds and be navigated to the top areas.
Francesca was our guide and she was perfect! Knowledgeable, efficient use of time - we got in and out before the crowds were overwhelming. Would use this service again if given the opportunity!
With the timeframe we had, the tour was very good. The guide was wonderful, both in expertise and in enthusiasm for the information & history he shared.
Maria Grazia was extraordinary! She was knowledgeable and her love of the art and architecture of the Vatican was infectious.
Maria was an excllent guide!
Wonderful tour, totally worth waking up early to get into the Sistine chapel before the crowds! Guide was exceptional
The tour was very interesting and the guide very knowledgeable.
Amazing knowledge, extremely informative and very freidndly. It was a pleasure listening to Doriana, and I would definitely sign up to another tour with her. Thank you
Our guide Uta was very knowledgeable and the whole tour was very interesting and she spoke very good English. Walks for Italy were very well organised and we would recommend them.
Everithing was perfect
More opportunity to ask questions before moving to the next item/room. Lungi was very passionate and knowledgable about everything g we saw. Loved the tour. I have already promoted it on Facebook in case any of my friends in California ever come here.
Great tour! Couldn't imagine not having a tour at the Vatican, we learned so much.
Well worth the money, and the early start!
Elisa gave a great tour. She was very knowledgeable and gave great insight on the tour. I was very satisfied with the tour.
Excellent guide. Great tour.
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable, with a delightful sense of humor. Her ability to describe the works of art we were seeing, as well as her knowledge about the artists made this our favorite tour.
We enjoyed the Pristine Sistene tour very much. The guide was very knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating to the groups needs.
Uta our guide was fantastic. She was very pleasant and informative. I wouldn't hesitated
Thank you Luigi lots of information provided. His English was also very good.
Excellent tour. Our guide was fantastic.
We totally enjoyed our tour with Jeb. Having a half hour in the Sistine Chapel with just a "small crowd" of people was great.
Juliette is a guide extraordinaire. We were delighted to find her on the 2nd tour, after being awed by her on the first You should clone her.
Fantastic tour. Very pleased.
Our guide, Vicenzo, was excellent. I already have recommended Walks of Italy to a friend.
I really enjoyed the walk. The guide was excellent! She did tell us she was an art historian, and you could feel her passion for all the art that we were viewing. I would not change anything.
Our guide was fantastic ,interesting ,knowledgable and amusing ,first class
Jeb was an excellent guide - so knowledgeable and adept at bringing the facts and figures to life. The pace was good and we saw a huge amount in a short time.
Uta was an amazing guide and truly tailored her discussion to suit us perfectly. Lovely tour that was extremely educational, interesting and fun.
The tour under Jeb's guidance was so valuable. Having time for peaceful contemplation at the Sistine before the crowds arrived was appreciated as was the depth of knowledge of our guide. Highly recommended.
The tour was phenomenal - informative, exclusive, and organized. The only feedback I would give is that I would've liked to have returned to the Vatican museum upon completion of the tour. It was not clear that we would not be able to return.
The tour guide was engaging, informative and funny. We had many chuckles while on this tour. It was wonderful to be let in to the Rafael rooms and the Sisteen Chapel before officially openning for other tour groups. Superbly done!
Fantastic tour and a fantastic guide
Great guide. Walk was the highlight of our visit to Rome. Thx!!
Very happy with the tour, very entertaining and interesting.
Guide was funny, articulate and very helpful helping me, an 84 year old with a walker, finding lifts so I could bypass some of the steps.
Camilla was very knowledgeable- enjoyed the tour. Thank you for a wonderful experience
Excellent tour, excellent guide. He was friendly, informative and very efficient with our time. I will highly recommend this tour to friends. Malto Bene!!!
Very satisfied. Guide was extremely knowledgeable!
Wonderful guide (Jeb). Fantastic site
The tour guide was exceptional in their knowledge in the art and history of the Vatican. Her expertise was quite valuable when visiting the Vatican.
Early entry to Sistine Chapel is the only way to do this tour - will be recommending this to our friends
Excellent tour with an incredibly knowledgeable tour guide. Well worth it.
This was our first of four tours with Walks of Italy. It was awesome, our guide was great, and the Vatican was amazing. Couldn't be much more satisfied.
Camilla was wonderful.
An excellent tour that enabled us to make the very most of our time in Rome
Every one of our tours was well done. Liked each of the guides we had. Good information and fun stories.
Our children took this tour, they were amazed and impressed with the venue and the tour guide. They said that they could listen to her forever. The time schedule was perfect and got them in the museum before the crowds. You run a first class tour.
I loved the Vatican tour. It was amazing to be in the Sistine Chapel before the crowds came in.
We enjoyed the tour, it was helpfull to have it for the vatican. The guide was amazing, knowledgeable and helpful. Awaiting for my next tour with you.
Just having the 30 mins quiet time in the Sistine Chapel afforded us the ability to begin developing the sense of awe at the genius of Michelangelo. Claudia was a superb guide; passionate, knowledgeable, and witty.
Cecilia was fantastic!!! Her knowledge and manner was all class!
Beautiful tour-it's worth the extra money to have the Sistine Chapel to yourself.
Well worth the early hour and the extra money. Will recommend this to anyone I know who is visiting Rome
Silvia was also very good - so knowledgable, friendly, and energetic.
Excellent tour. Knowledgeable and competent guide. Clear and easy to understand.
Jon was a wonderful guide. Very knowledgeable, answered questions and great sense of humor. My husband, sister in law and I loved him!!' He is the best!!!
This was our second tour in Italy. It was wonderful to see the Sistine Chapel in the morning.. Sabrina was amazing. What a great way to see the Vatican and Sistine Chapel! We learned a ton. So grateful.
Just superb, will tell any others who ask us. Our guide Jeb was one of the very best ever.
She was great! Right pace and personal attention that made the entire experience magical.
The guide was very good.
I would recommend your group again. Our guide John was so knowledgeable --Loved it!!!
Amazing to see it not crowded Was really well looked after and left knowing what to do next
Juliette was charming, friendly, and meticulous in her knowledge. She balanced entertaining the children in the group with keeping the adults informed. She was absolutely perfect.
Again, nothing but praise for this tour. The fact that our little party of ten enjoyed 30 minutes or so of solitude in the iconic Sistine Chapel was priceless. Our guide expertly responded to all our questions and again, we rate this as a highlight of our stay in Rome.
We loved the tour and our guide!
The tour was excellent. The guide was excellent. I had a great time.
The tour director was absolutley terrific!!
Mr. Jeb did a wonderful job. My wife and I enjoyed the whole tour. It was fun and informative. Mr. Jeb was courteous and knowledgeable. The tour was very well timed. Will definitely recommend this tour
Camilla was very well informed and made the tour worthwhile.
Maristella was fantastic. Could not believe that we were in the Sistine Chapel with so few people.
Camila was brilliant and the reason I booked the next day too. She is an assett to your company.
Uta was awesome! She had an impressive amount of knowledge and kept it interesting with stories and anecdotes, in addition to textbook facts! This is the only way to visit a place this large.
Really enjoyed it and the tour guide was lovely, very informative and insightful. Thank you!
Cecilia was an excellent guide, and she went out of her way to ensure we were comfortable and having a great experience. I would happily recommend the tour and your company to anyone visiting Rome or the Vatican for the first time.
She was extremely knowledgable, friendly, non-judgmental about the material.
We loved the tour of the Sistine chapel/Vatican and We couldn't have had a better host than Camilla. She never stopped talking and provided us with so much information, with some humor mixed in.
Felix was a fantastic guide, very informative. Loved the "skip the line" entrance and visiting the Sistine Chapel without the crowds. This tour was the highlight of our trip in Rome.
Our daughter & her husband were in Rome earlier this year, they used your company & highly recommended your Company. Our Guide Juliette was excellent.
Fernando was superb. What an honor to have an archeologist for a guide. His enthusiasm and passion carried over into his tour. I learned so many interesting facts I had not known before.
This tour was amazing! Maristella was a mine of knowledge and information. Excellent experience made all the better by Maristella great approach. We would highly recommend both tours and have only good things to say about our tour guides.
Julietta was charming, well informed and a pleasure to listen to. She is a valuable asset to your business.
Tour went very quickly in the aspect of being moved from sight to sight with little time spent on more important sights. Great tour either way and tour guide was great.
Absolutely beautiful tour and time! I've told all my friends about this tour and highly recommended it.
Beata did an excellent job. She is enthusiastic, informative and extremely well prepared. I visited the Sistine Chapel many years ago. It was an impossible experience. This early entry tour enabled my husband and I to get the very best experience possible. Thank you.
was extremely pleased with the tour- our guide was fun, witty and informative at the same time. We give her a five star rate!!!!
Our guide provided us a personalized and passionate tour. She also offered her time to help my family with communication and our lost luggage. I highly recommend our guide and the Pristine Sistine Tour
Wonderful! Guide was perfect with her knowledge and presented details well.
Our guide was wonderful!!!! Really appreciated all of her knowledge and enthusiasm for the information she was sharing. Also, amazing to be there before the crowds. Truly could not imagine a better way to experience the Sistine Chapel. Thank you!
Eleonara was great and the tour was exactly as advertised - thank you!
Luigi was absolutely the best tour guide ever. ...so informed, so responsive and knowledgeable about every question we asked, so organized, so interesting and such a wonderful personality. Congratulations Walks of Italy ... you are the best!!!
Excellent and passionate guide.
I was very satisfied with the tour and our tour guide. Will recommend Walks of Italy to others
Phenomenal service by our guide! Highly recommend!
Tour guide was very well informed and shared her knowledge easily with the group. The only other thing I can say is that there were some older people in the group who struggled to keep up, especially on the stairs. Overall, an excellent tour!
Great and informative tour. Especially enjoyed being able to get in prior to the crowds!
Very informative and Ivanna was a pleasure to be with.
Fredinando was an excellent guide: very knowledgeable and had very good English-speaking skills.
Great guide very knowledgeable, and amazing sights and history.
Cecilia was a great guide. She was very attentive to her group's needs (water, alternatives to stairs, etc). We really enjoyed this tour!
Tour guide was fantastic, really brought the tour to life.
Great tour. Guido was wonderful. Being able to be in the Sistine Chapel early when it was virtually empty was oriceless
We were given well and good information about the Vatican and its treasures by Cecilia. She also took care of another visitor in our group who met a small accident in the escalator of the Vatican museum. I have high praises for all the walks of italy tours we took.
Excellent guide
Our guide was awesome and even made sure we had a little extra time for a couple great suprised that we didn't even expect on the tour !! He was great thank you for helping our Rome experience be even more great!
Your guide was fabulous! We will recommend your company to our friends. Went beyond our expectations.
Francessca did a wonderful job. She was very aware of our surroundings and always watching out for our group. We definitely got our money's worth.
Great tour all the way around. We recommended the tour to several people while we were still in Italy and will continue to do so.
Wonderful tour!
jeb was excellent. he really knew his art history and could tell us in great detail what we were looking at.
Amazing guides and the best way to cover the attractions when ur short on time
Our guide was delightful. She was knowledgeable and considerate of the group in pointing out many important art items. She also helped us access St. Peter's Basilica saving much time.
Fabrizio has incredible energy and passion. Loved the tour and really felt we saw everything with interesting stories.
Very experienced guide.
Very informative tour. The guide was very friendly and took care of the group.
Excellent Vatican tour very knowledgeable.
Another great tour. The only (and its small) issue would be the length of the tour. It seems like a tour covering so much could benefit by being a little longer. But the guide did a great job of explaining the highlights - and early entry to the Sistine Chapel is invaluable.
Jeb was amazing and so informative. We got to see so much on this tour. I would highly recommend it. We had an audio tour of St. Peter's later in the day, and having been on the earlier tour really helped with our understanding of the Basilica.
Guide was fab - so informative & interesting to listen to - so glad we chose the VIP tour to see the Vatican - its a must
Beata was a delight. Her knowledge of the Vatican and the artwork is impressive.
We have been to Sistine chapel four time since the 70's and we learn more from Lara than all others combined.....Lara loves what she is doing and it shows we give her 5 stars
Jeb was fabulous. Really did a great job of explaining the art and the context.
Very satisfied with our tour guide's knowledge, willingness to answer questions and friendliness. We will use walks of Italy again.
Our guide was excellent and we had a lovely tour.
Very enjoyable. Well organized tour, with waits kept to a minimum. Anna, our guide, had a good command of English, was knowledgeable and very pleasant ... and helpful when I felt ill. Highly recommended.
Truly majestic chapel and a very knowledgeable guide. Great value.
Francesca was a good guide, very knowledgeable but sometimes difficult to understand.
Our guide (unfortunately her name escapes me) was incredible. Her delivery was enchanting and the level and depth of her subject knowledge outstanding. She is a credit to your company and I have already recommended Walks of Italy to other friends.
Wonderful way to see Vatican! We loved our guide Francesca. Not only she is very knowledgeable but she has true love and passion for treasures she was sharing with us. Thank you Francesca!
Jutta was a fantastic guide, knowledgable, funny and she really build up a contact with the group. We really enjoyed the walk with her.
An absolutely amazing day. Thank you.
Awesome experience, the guide was fantastic and even showed us where she painted some restoration work at the vatican
Ivana was an excellent guide and knew how to use the time wisely to get us to the attractions with the best calculation of time. She was very friendly and knowledgable about all of the sites we saw. I would recommend this tour and the guide to everyone.
This tour is a must. The ability to have such a knowlegeable and passionate guide was fantastic. The Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums requre such respect and we certainly were thrilled to be part of the tour - small group, headset and our guide made this a wonderful experience.
It was worth getting up so early to be able to be in the Sistine Chapel with room to move around. I liked that we returned again at the end of the tour, and in fact, it was less crowded then. The guide was sweet but easily distracted and had us practically running through some of the exhibits.
Mauricio was fantastic. He made the whole Vatican experience unforgettable and I am so glad we were able to get in well before the crowds as I'm short and when the crowds came in I couldn't see a thing! Lovely tour - well worth it.
Really enjoyed the tour. Felt a bit rushed through parts of the museum and our guide always seemed to be in a hurry. Generally he was kind and knowledgeable.
We enjoyed the tour very much. Our guide was incredibly informative. It was wonderful to be in the Sistine Chapel without a ton of other people. I learned so much. Thank you.
Marta not only knew the sights and arts to see, she also knew the timing to avoid the congestion of other tour groups. This greatly enhanced our visit to the Vatican City.
So glad we did this - it was expensive, but worth it and we'd do it again.
Guide was wonderful!
Uta was a friendly, charming, intelligent and knowledgeable guide. We found the instructions on where to meet slightly confusing especially when you don't know the area and it is in the dark. That isn't a criticism just a thought on maybe they can be better written.
Our tour guide was first rate! Knowledgeable, passionate and efficient in showing us the beauty and the stories behind the works of the Vatican. I would recommend this tournament to everyone I meet.
Anna was wonderful! Just wonderful! She was knowledgeable, personable and it was obvious she cared deeply that everyone on the tour had a good experience. She is a real asset to our organization! Kathleen Hursh
Silvia was so great! Her knowledge of the Vatican history and Roman history was outstanding! She truly had such passion for Roman history and telling its story to us! She was more than we expected in a guide!
Silvia was so great! Her knowledge of the Vatican history and Roman history was outstanding! She truly had such passion for Roman history and telling its story to us! She was more than we expected in a guide!
Our guide was wonderful! Very professional and knowledgeable! We enjoyed the tour very much!
Luca was extremely knowledgeable and made the tour very worthwhile.
Our guide for the dat was Tiberius who was excellent. His knowledge was first class and he was very entertaining. In fact Tiberius really made our visit to the Vatican special.
Great guide! Very organized company. Felt it was money well spent. Cannot imagine seeing the Vatican without a knowledgeable guide. We were delighted with Walks of Italy!
Darrio was fantastic! By far the best guide we had out of the 6 tours we took on the trip. He is very knowledgeable, cares about the tour he gives and extremely funny on top of that. Give that man a raise!
Great tour! It was nice to be at the Sistine Chapel before the crowd got too heavy. Our tour guide was so extremely knowledge. Such a great experience and tour!
An amazing tour! Our guide was excellent! Dario was knowledgeable, focused and humorous. Highly recommended.
Guide was awesome -- It was great to be there so early and avoid some of the crowd. He did a great job showing us the highlights and answering our questions. He kept things moving and made things very interesting. I strongly recommend.
We loved our tour and our guide was excellent!
We had an excellent time with Claudia! She made history come alive! She was extremeley knowlegeable and enjoyable! My 90 year old mom was in a wheelchair and claudia was so kind and accomodating. Excellent Pridtine Sistine tour!
We are so glad we went with a tour like this, as it would be crazy to go on our own... especially for a first time visit. We appreciated the expertise of our guide, and of learning about the Sistine chapel ahead of time in the line, so we could more appreciate what we were looking at. Thank you!
Utah was wonderful! It was time well spent
Despite the very wet start, Felix made this n outstanding and very informative tour. His detailed knowledge, willingness to answer questions and even pace made this a truly informative, insightful and outstanding experience.
Suzanna was a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her tours. She skillfully led the group through a very crowded area and was very easy to ask questions to. We enjoyed our tour very much and will recommend it to others. Mille grazie!
Excellent tour! Great to be able to get ahead of the large crowds in the Sistine Chapel. Our tour guide was outstanding and the whisper headsets worked well in the crowds...Dale
Please tell Dario that I was at the Vatican at 7:30am on a Tuesday to climb up the cupola and there was no line!
Excellent guide who timed our arrival in the Sistine Chapel perfectly to avoid most of the crowds. Very very qualified and interesting guide!
Juliette was very knowledgable, personable, approachable: exceeded expectations!
Her knowledge and passion was fantastic
Our guide was informative added some extra bits of history.
was the highlight of our week in Rome. Guide was outstanding
Wonderful tour. Marta was knowledgeable, entertaining and efficient.
Wonderful guide - informative and passionate about her subject. Just wonderful!
Our tour guide was amazing. She gave us so much information, well beyond a normal tour. Not only was she so knowledgeable, she also had a wonderful personality and her smile made us all smile. Linda Weigel
Our guide was excellent in every way! Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She even took special care of my husband who had difficulty with stairs, persuading guards to allow private access via elevators, etc. We loved that she is an artist too! We will always recommend Walks of Italy!
Excellent guide and very good overall experience despite being very crowded. Meeting point easy to find .Good check in.
This tour was amazing! Our guide (Juliet) was unbelievably knowledgable and really made our tour of the Vatican so special! She was smart, funny and kept our interest for the entire 4-hour tour! We will not hesitate to use Walks of Italy again in the future.
Doriana was brilliant. She gave us a huge amount of relevant information along with a great sense of humour. The early morning tour was definitely the right choice considering the later crowds. We' ll be recommending her and your team to travelling friends.
Our guide was great and very knowledgeable about the Vatican. I really enjoyed it and would go on another tour next time I'm in Rome.
Guido was an excellent guide. Explained logistics and timing of how the tour would work (Chapel first, then museum, then St Peters). Great sense of humor and very knowledgeable about everything we saw. Really enjoyed the tour.
Thank you so much. I had a very lovely time at Vatican and Basilica of St. Peter
We really were happy to have a tour Rosa was very knowledgeable and kept things moving she did a great Job!
Laura was terrific! She is quite knowledgeable, as well as personable. We had a wonderful time with her.
We were glad to get into the Sistine Chapel before all the crowds, because there were so many people gathered after the general admission. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and helpful.
I do remember our tour guide :) ... Ana. She was absolutely great, and we couldn't have had a better guide. Her explanations were so detailed and her passion for the art and the Vatican really came through. I'd do this tour again on my next visit to Rome.
Laura was very informative and knowledgeable. She took great efforts to ensure the tour was not affected by the huge crowd.
Camilla made use of her time well, filling up the waiting time for the entry into the museums with information on the Sistine Chapel. The chapel wasn't as empty as I had imagined, but it was definitely better than later that morning.
Camilla offered us great information and a lot of history to go with our tour. Highly recommend this tour to friends. Thank you.
Maria Teresa was knowledgeable, clear and so pleasant! We loved her tour & would highly recommend her and Walks of Italy to our friends.
Our tour was great. Our guide was so well educated and informative. She sped us to where we needed to be and it was great!! Never felt rushed at all!
Guide did a great job! Very pleased.
The tour guide Anna was amazing!
Stephanie was amazing, kind, and thorough. I am very pleased that I choose your company and feel that if I hadn't I would not have enjoyed the Vatican nearly as much. I will highly recommend it to friends, and write a TripAdvisor review when I finish my travels. Thank you!
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly.
Please change the ear phones in the Venice tours to the newer types that were used at the Rome tours. Thank you. Randy Wipke
Camilla was fun and knowledgeable. I will recommend your company to anyone I know traveling to Italy. Thanks again!
My wife who has health issues found the pace rapid, especially when it came to climbing stairs. Perhaps your tour description should reflect this fact.
Wonderful guide so informative.
The only difficulty with the tour was checking in. There was only one person checking everyone in, it was raining and it would have been better to have at least two people checking people in. It was a bit chaotic.
Our guide was great! Awesome tour! Have already recommended it to some friends and family if they every find themselves in Rome :-)
Our guide was excellent. Very knowledgeable and friendly. We enjoyed seeing the Sistine Chapel and important pieces of art before the crowds came in.
Julietta was a fantastic guide, we would definitely book again with your company
Our guide-Juliette was awesome! She made the tour extra special with more than just her knowledge of the Vatican- she is a historian and artist in her own right. It was a wonderful experience and well worth the cost.
This was an amazing experience for both of us. Maria Teresa did a great job navigating our small group through the huge crowds. Her introduction to the Sistine Chape and Michelangelo before we entered insured that the experience would be unforgettable.
Jeb was a very knowledgeable and personable guy. He was very passionate about his job and had tons of interesting and useful information. This made the afternoon so interesting and we hated for it to be over.
Suzanne was a fantastic guide. She was very informed and enthusiastic about the tour. It was insane how calm and not crowded the Vatican was for the first hour we were there compared to how packed it was when open to the public. Highly recommended!
Guide, I forgot her name, was excellent, polite, knowledgeable and answered all questions. Great experience!
Again, great tour.
our guide was very knowledgeable and personable
Throughly enjoyed this trip, it was definitely value for money.
We did the tour with Camilla not Jeb. Camilla was excellent
Jeb was such an amazing tour guide. He kept us interested and engaged the whole time and provided so much more than we could have ever got from a travel book. Definitely value for money here.
Seeing the Sistine Chapel in the morning before it got busy was amazing. Guido was very knowledgeable and friendly. Sometimes it was hard to follow him closely as the group moved quickly through the crowds.
Great tour and the guide was very good!
The Vatican tour was wonderful!
We were very fortunate to have Ana as our tour guide. Her education as a graduate in Art history and her enthusiasm in narrating the tour was extremely helpful in understand the Vactican Museum. Grazie
Guido our guide was great and it was also great to be in the Sistine Chapel before the crowds..
Great tour with knowledgeable, personable guide who looked out for us in every way on this tour. From how to stay together in crowds to bathrooms to what to do after the tour to see more. And wonderful information and tidbits as well. Great tour!
Ferdinandor was an excellent guide. Very informative.
Our family of 6 really enjoyed this tour - it was worth the early start. Our guide Guida was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable of the Vatican museum and St Peters Basilica. A place like that can be overwhelming for first time visitors from far away, but he was a good guide.
Our guide was wonderful but he never gave us his name. He had his PHD in archeology and was amazing!!!!!
Camila was excellent
Juliette was amazing with our grandson. She took care to make sure he was comfortable. She even let him hold her puppet.
Great guide as well - have been very satisfied with all the tours.
We had a tremendous time on the tour. We will recommend Sabrina and Walks of Italy to all we know. Thank you!!
Maurizio was a wonderful, knowledgable guide. We learned so much from him and he took us to many parts of the Cistine Chapel and St Peters Basilica. I would highly recommend this tour with Maurizio.
we very much enjoyed the tour. Our guide Maria was very knowledgeable and kept everyone moving and on time.
Our guide was very good and well informed. Even in the waiting times she kept interacting with us to make sure that we were all involved. Everything flowed very well despite the crowds.
Mauricio was very knowledgeable and made sure our time at the Vatican was memorable. Would highly recommend the early tour to avoid the crowds.
Tremendous guide who made it came alive.
Excellent and informative tour!
Doria was a fantastic guide! Very knowledgeable and pleasant. We enjoyed every minute of the tour.
We loved the tour and the guide. We were happy to get in before the crowds. The guide was very knowledgeable.
Other than the crowds which I know you can't do anything about it was fantastic.
Great tour so glad i did this. Suzana was a great guide. What a fantastic place. Thank you so much.
Jeb was fantastic! Full of information and kept us laughing!
Great tour with even better guide, Julietta was so informative and pleasant! She knew all the best ways to navigate!
Our guide Dario was very patient in answering our questions and negotiating the large crowds in order to for us to get the best views possible. His knowledge of the art work and history was much very interesting and engaging.
He also, "knew his stuff". He was witty and entertaining. We liked him Very much. We were completely satisfied.
Jeb was awesome. He clearly knew his content and handled the tour perfectly. I loved his ability to weave through the Vatican in the time allotted and was capable of getting us to see all of the major parts. I would recommend this tour to my friends, especially if Jeb were leading it.
Susanna 'sp' is knowledgeable and is easygoing. We enjoyed the tour!
Laura was wonderful!!
Really great tour and liked the fact that our guide didn't have a selfie stick with a flag on it. Very professional.
First time we have been on an organized tour - definitely the way to go. We were so pleased we booked another tour that night for the next morning. Tour guide was very good.
We have done this tour before and this time took 2 very elderly ladies aged 80.As usual first class service The rep was fab
Sabrina was wonderful, she kept us moving, and was very knowledgeable
The tour was great! Our tour guide was well informed considering she was not Italian but Canadian and she kept us right on schedule to experience a memorable vatican tour.
Fantastic tour. Have already recommended to others. Getting in early makes all the difference. Great guide.
Tango kept us informed, interested, moving and laughing!
Maria was great. Her enthusiasm was contagious and her knowledge was impressive.
Tour was amazing,guide was incredibly knowledgeable. The time flew by but we still had plenty of time to see everything.The early entry was fantastic allowing us to see the incredible Sistine Chapel without crowds.Highly recommend this tour KEN Elliott
Juliette was a fantastic guide! Her passion and pride for all things Rome shined bright! Our Walks of Italy tour of the Vatican was the highlight of our trip to Rome. Thank you, Juliette!
She was great and very kind and patient. We loved that she was very informative and seemed to really be enthused even though probably doing the tour many many times.
Loved, loved, loved our guide. Wealth of information. Spot on! He was very accommodating to everyone in the group. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly!
Claudia our tour guide was excellent. A really worthwhile tour.
I have used other tour companies in the past ~ "Walks" is SO much better! The tour, the equipment, the number of guests and the guide. Our guide Ootah was fabulous!
Great tour, got to see the sorting chapel without hoards of people around. Breathtaking. A nice tour of some of the highlights in the museums aswell.
Luigi was one of the best guides we have ever had. He was friendly and knowledgeable and provided such an enjoyable tour!
Our guide was wonderful!! She was cheerful and so very knowledgeable! I would highly recommend this tour!
Good your and I'll recommend Pristine Sistine to friends...it was evident how much more crowded the Sistine would be if we had not been able to take your tour when we doubled back thru the SC to get to the Basilica....also appreciated our guide taking us thru the Jubilee door.
Guido is a guide"rock star!" We would ask for him again & again. Very knowledgable, and a very smooth leader in tight situations!! Bravo!
Tour was great. Crowds were awful
Francesca was fantastic, knowledgeable and engaging. From start to finish, the tour was terrific.
Great guide and tour!
Our guide Juliette was AMAZING. Loved every second of the tour!
Wonderful tour. Well timed given there is so much to see.
Same great experience. Couldn't have been happier.
I have been on several Walks of Italy and think they are definitely the best. The guides are knowledgeable and have alway been most kind and informative.
Very informative tour with a very enthusiastic and knowledgable guide. Very satisfied with the experience. Thanks!
Our guide was knowledgeable and entertaining. She did an excellent job.
Excellent tour! Full of knowledge and the perfect amount of time spent in each spot.
My guide was extremely knowledgable and a joy. I would highly suggest this tour.
Guide was very knowledgeable and did a great job in keeping the group moving in a very big crowd.
Our guide was very good, she explained loads about the sistine chapel while we were in the queue for the museum opening meant we passed lists of visitors as we made our way, we had loads of space to admire our surroundings. Would definitely recommend this tour to friends.
The guide was first class
Luigi was amazing and incredible. Lots of knowledge and a great attitude. The tour was worth every cent it cost!
The knowledge by our guide was wonderful. Knew so much about the history of the chapel and paintings. Do do this tour without a guide would be terrible. Loved our guide
Ferdinando was excellent with his comprehensive knowledge of the area and archeology in general. He was happy to answer questions and we enjoyed the early tour very much.
Doriana was an AMAZING guide! This tour was a highlight of my time in Italy and I will definitely recommend to others.
Awesome tour - very knowledgable guide who was clearly passionate about the chapel. Really enjoyed this tour!
This was an awesome tour and we really enjoyed it! Our guide was very knowledgeable and very friendly. I would rate this as a 5 star tour. Thank You very much! Sincerely. Timothy and Donna Wolf
Again, the tour goes on just a little too long. Not sure if it's possible to cut, but fighting through the again in the Sistine chapel does not add to the tour. Again, we appreciate the high guided that you use.
Juliett was an amazing guide and really made the experience superb. We learnt so much and appreciated her knowledge and passion.
The meet up spot was rather chaotic and confusing. Vincente was knowledgable and made sure everyone was accounted for. Although a little pricey it was worth it. I wish we had time for the contemporary art. The collection looked fabulous.
Excellent! Julieta was fantastic!!!
Maria Teresa was an excellent guide with lots of knowledge and patience to ask several questions. I really enjoyed the tour and all the history details provided
Ferdinando was an excellent guide! Really knowledgeable and enthusiastic!
Best of the best. Informative, friendly and thorough. Great guide who went above and beyond. Many thanks!
Our guide, Mauricio, was very knowledgeable and his delivery was engaging. Getting in early before the crowds highly recommended!
Jen was fabulous...he really brought out the magic and gave us a real "behind the scenes" look. Thank you so much!
Fantastico! Our guide was amazing. The tour was excellent.
I would highly recommend Walks of Italy. Both tours we did were awesome!
Luciana was a fantastic and enthusiastic guide who explained everything very clearly.
Very knowledgeable and attentive to our needs.
We loved this tour and Claudia, our tour guide. She was VERY knowledgable and friendly. I only wished we'd used your company for tours in Florence (we didn't and the tour company we used was terrible). Thank you for a great visit to the Vatican!
Camilla was an excellent guide with great knowledge of the history but also making the experience enjoyable with her anecdotes and humour.
Toni, our guide, was wonderful and friendly. She addressed each of us by name. Her knowledge and ability to move us through the halls was exceptional!
Our guide was excellent! We highly recommend this tour!
Silvia was very good and did a good job.
great tour - lots of information and a fantastic guide
Jeb was terrific in his introduction to the Vatican Museum. We were disappointed not to get into the Basilica but that will happen next trip. You made it clear to us to be sure to engage with you for wherever we visit in Italy. We both were very impressed.
We believe Jovita was our guide and she was beyond expectation. She was talented, well-versed, and so personable. She was also the embellishment of the Vatican's spirituality and shared it with us. Wonderful!
We believe Jovita was our guide and she was beyond expectation. She was talented, well-versed, and so personable. She was also the embellishment of the Vatican's spirituality and shared it with us. Wonderful!
We believe Jovita was our guide and she was beyond expectation. She was talented, well-versed, and so personable. She was also the embellishment of the Vatican's spirituality and shared it with us. Wonderful!
Tour was also fabulous with tons of information.
All guides were excellent. You could tell they loved their jobs!!
Knowledgable and upbeat guide, really brought the tour to life.
Excellent tour. Great guide!
Julietta was an amazing, knowledgeable, pleasant and funny tourguide.We had a great time with her . I would recommend this wonderful tour to everyone. Ask for Julietta for a great experience.
Excellent tour. Well organized and conceived. The guide was very good. Just the right amount of detail and guidance. I would recommend the tour to others and already have.
Anna was absolutely wonderful! Very informative and friendly.
Could not have been better!
The tour was great, the guide was very professional and informative. Certainly glad we went early the place was crowded yet the guide said it wasn't bad😁. I would not have enjoyed it as much should the crowd have been bigger. Very good. THANKS
Anna, our guide was amazing. Very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. It was nice to be able to beat the crowds by doing the early morning tour. The Walks of Italy events that we have attended so far (we did a couple last year in Rome and Venice) are a cut above the rest! Grazie mille!
Juliette was very knowledgable indeed. So grateful to have found your site.
Well done and well worth the time and price.
Jeb was a fanatastic tour guide! He was funny and entertaining and very informative.
This was an amazing tour, certainly worth the early start. Our Guide was very knowledgeable of the history and showed us many fascinating pieces of art.
The only thing I could say to make the experience better is maybe a bit slower going through as there is a gift shop when you leave the Sistine that I would have loved to stop at, and was unaware I could get back there once we had completed the tour.
Wonderful tour and Anna made it very special and informative. Thanks!
Very good tour well worth the price for early entry in to the Sistine Chapel. Guide was excellent very detailed. Would recommend to anyone wanting to visit Vatican cit.
Angela was a great tour guide :) We really felt we were able to see all of the Vatican given the time frame we had. Thank you so much.
Our guide was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable, I highly recommend her and your tour.
This was a spectacular tour! The tour guide was so knowledgable and was very well spoken. She was very kind as she moved us through tight places. If we ever come back I hope to have her as our guide again.
Wonderful, Francesca was great.
Excellent excellent tour. Doriana was an incredible guide. We learned a lot in a short time but did not feel overwhelmed. Feel we got the best of the Vatican.
Great tours....both. Guides excellent too Happy to recommend your walks. Thanks
Very informative and so interesting . Our guide made our tour very enjoyable with his knowledge . Would recommend this your . Thank you
great tour. Marta was fantastic !
Our guide was very informative and very considerate. I would recommend this tour to everyone.
Love the early morning! And our guide. And the small group. Thank you!
Great tour. Every arrival is the perfect way to see the Sistine Chapel without large crowds. We had less than 100 other people inside the chapel allowing opportunity to truly enjoy the space with all the history and beauty.
liked her very much. She knows a lot and didn't stay too long on any one place which was nice since it's a long tour.
What an informative guide! Very friendly, very good guide.
We felt so fortunate to have early access to the Sistine Chapel. Being able to bypass the lines was a real plus, especially with all of the summer crowds. Susanna was a wonderful guide!
Camilla was FANTASTIC!!!!! The whole morning was PERFECT - Thank you
Mauro was funny and knowleadgable!
Absolutely worth waking up early to have some crowd-free time in the Sistine Chapel. Our guide was terrific - personable, knowledgable, and adept at steering us through the crowded, winding halls. Absolutely recommend.
Getting in early to beat the crowds is a must! This was a great tour. Mauro was a wonderful guide very witty and knowledgeable. We were very pleased with him.