10 Christmas Gifts for Travel Lovers: Experiences They’ll Treasure

February 26, 2024

Having trouble finding gifts for travel lovers in your life? Tired of giving items that end up in a drawer, collecting dust? We’ve got a solution for you—giving the gift of experiences.

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or an anniversary, choosing (and receiving) a gift can be tricky, and with many of us becoming increasingly more conscious of the amount of material goods—both wanted and unwanted—which we accumulate year on year, it’s perhaps no surprise that giving the gift of an experience is becoming ever more popular.

People laughing and smiling while walking down the street on a fall day

The ultimate gift? Quality time with loved ones, sharing unforgettable experiences together.

Choosing the perfect gift experience

Don’t have much experience gifting…experiences? Let’s explain: put simply, instead of choosing a physical item in honor of a particular occasion, you give the gift of an experience.

Not only are you helping to create incredible memories for a loved one, you have the opportunity to enjoy the experience with them. And if that’s not a win-win, we don’t know what is. From Europe to the US, let’s take a look at the travel experiences guaranteed to capture the imaginations of even the pickiest person in your circle.

people laughing and eating

Making delicious food, and even better memories.

Great gifts for travel loverswho are also foodies

There exist two types of foodies; those who relish the idea of a food-focussed event, but don’t harbor any desire to get hands-on, and those who want their experience to be as tangible—as palpable—as possible. If a friend or loved one falls into the latter category, it’s likely they love nothing more than getting acquainted with ingredients, learning the tricks of the trade from experts in the field and familiarizing themselves with the history of certain cuisine.

Whether it’s learning how to make pasta, paella and pizza from scratch or mastering the art of the perfect gelato, we have an experience that will delight all dedicated foodies.

Whether it’s Italy or Spain, numerous experiences await, promising to earn you some well-deserved brownie points as a thoughtful gift giver.

people making pizza

Give the gift of an amazing experience, like mastering the art of crafting authentic pizza in Rome!

Cooking classes in Italy

  • Pasta making in Rome: This pasta making class in Rome is the ideal treat for an Italian food aficionado. Taking place at our gorgeous cooking space in the heart of Trastevere, the hands-on experience sees guests challenge themselves by making two different types of pasta (including ravioli!) before celebrating a job well done with a delicious home cooked meal and a glass (or two) of wine. Perfect for couples, families, friends, beginners and fully-fledged foodies alike, it’s a gift that’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

Rome Pasta-Making Class: Cook, Dine & Drink Wine with a Local Chef

  • Pizza making in Rome: In our state-of-the-art cooking space in Trastevere (the same space for the pasta-making class), you’ll learn to create the perfect pizza…and enjoy some Italian wine in the process. From kneading and stretching the dough to adding your favorite toppings and beyond, this hands-on experience will have you learning all things dough, toppings, and gelato, and having a blast at the same time. Just like the pasta-making class, you’ll sit down to enjoy your masterpiece with the rest of the class once you’re done cooking.

Rome Pizza Making Class & Dinner in Trastevere

  • Pasta & gelato making in Florence: This pasta-making class is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with Florentine cuisine. In the home of a local chef, guests work with fresh ingredients and learn how to make pasta and gelato from scratch—the latter of which actually originated in Florence! After being taught how to recreate these dishes at home, participants take a break before pairing the dish with the perfect wine and relaxing over their meal. What could be better than a cooking class in Italy?

Italian Pasta & Gelato Making in Central Florence

People cooking

Delving into the art of cooking local cuisine is a real treat.

Cooking classes in Spain

  • Paella making in Barcelona: If you’re headed to Barcelona, what better way to spend a day than learning an evening learning the art of paella-making? With the help of a chef who has worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant, guests learn how to make paella from scratch. After starting with a drinks reception, it’s onto the main event where guests get hands-on with ingredients before lingering over dishes created for a picture-perfect Spanish evening.

Barcelona Cooking Class: Paella Making Dinner Party

  • Paella making in Madrid: If you’re headed to Madrid instead, you still have a chance to learn how to make an authentic paella, plus some tapas and dessert during our paella and tapas cooking class (with a market visit). Discover the art of crafting paella and other signature dishes from various regions in Spain under the expert guidance of a local chef.

Madrid Cooking Class: Paella & Tapas + Market Visit

Great gifts for travel loverswho are also wine enthusiasts

Learning all about wine while sampling the best a region has to offer sounds like an idyllic type of day, doesn’t it?

And whether a friend or loved one (or yourself) is interested in learning about wineries or already considers themselves somewhat of a connoisseur, there are very few people wouldn’t jump at the chance to soak up the unique atmosphere of a wine tour.

Gift the wine lover in your life an experience that promises no disappointment. Our curated selection of impressive wine experiences spans various countries and cities, ensuring a truly exceptional gift.

people cheers wine

Cheers if you love wine.

Wine tours in Paris

This sunset food and wine tour is as delightful as it sounds. A thoroughly immersive experience, this gift will be savoured at the time and (hopefully!) remembered for years to come. Dive into Paris’s Latin Quarter with a pre-dinner aperitif tour, discovering French food history while sampling cheese, wine, and local delicacies at four emblematic spots. From hidden Roman amphitheaters to family-run cheese shops and cozy bistros, this tour offers a unique blend of gastronomy and history, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Paris.

Paris at Sunset: Aperitif, Food & Wine Tour

Wine tours in Rome

Discover Italian wines and embrace the aperitivo culture in the heart of Rome, nestled in the enchanting Trastevere neighborhood. Immerse yourself in a food tour and wine experience that promises an unforgettable evening in the Eternal City.

Trastevere at Sunset: Rome Food & Wine Tour

Wine tours in Tuscany

Venture outside of Rome for a day to experience the highlights of Tuscany. Explore a picturesque winery in Montepulciano, visit charming hilltop towns, and marvel at an Italian Renaissance church. Enjoy delicious Italian wine and cuisine to complete your trip!

Quintessential Tuscany: Day Trip from Rome with Winery Lunch & Medieval Towns

pouring oil on food

When in Tuscany.

Wine tours in Florence

 Visit some of the best eateries in the Oltrarno area of Rome, tasting some of the best local food and wine with a local foodie to guide you.

Oltrarno at Sunset: Florence Food & Wine Tour

Wine tours in Madrid

Explore Madrid’s Literary Quarter with a small group and savvy guide. Venture off the beaten path to discover hidden gems—a quirky tavern with a Picasso, a stylish eatery in a former hardware store, and a century-old tavern blending classic and contemporary. Enjoy insider tips on making the most of Madrid’s food and wine during your stay.

Madrid Tapas & Wine Tour

For the big kids at heart

trying on props at a theatre

Get to grips with the costumes and props at the New Amsterdam Theatre

Exclusive Disney on Broadway Tour: Behind the Magic at the New Amsterdam Theatre

Even if you’re not a die-hard Disney devotee, it’s still fascinating discovering the world of Broadway, and what makes it so magical. The films, the soundtracks, the characters; there’s nothing about the stage and screen productions that fails to enchant them, and that’s why this Disney on Broadway Tour is on our list of great gifts for travel lovers.

Guests will learn about the history of Broadway, visit the New Amsterdam Theatre and—perhaps the best part of all—try on costumes and props from past and present productions. Whether they’re a fan of Broadway or a long-time Disney enthusiast, this is undoubtedly the gift experience they’ll remember for years to come.

For the history lovers

And for the history lovers? The possibilities are endless.

Check out our guided tours in Italy and other cities across Europe and North America which provide unique and immersive experiences for travelers. We specialize in small-group tours with skip-the-line access to a variety of popular attractions that are sure to pique the interest of the history lover in your life.

Join us on a tour today!

Changing of the guard in London

London is one of the many destinations where we offer tours.

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