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Welcome to Florence

Key Details

  • City: Florence
  • Duration: 2.5hrs
  • Start Time: 5PM

Tour Highlights

  • Wandering the streets of Florence, you’ll see top attractions like the Duomo & Ponte Vecchio.

  • Explore hidden parts of the city rarely seen by visitors like Dante’s old ‘hood and the Oltrarno area on the other side of the river.

  • Tips and recommendations on where to eat & visit will help you get the most from your vacation.
Ponte Vecchio Bridge Sunset over Florence Get a first view of Florence Duomo Santa Croce Church Santa Croce Church Piazza della Signoria Piazza della Signoria Piazza della Signoria Ponte Vecchio Bridge See sites not usually visited by tourists Palazzo Pitti Palazzo Pitti



Your first evening in a new city can be as intimidating as it is exciting. Make sure you get off on the right foot with Florence on our intimate city stroll. Meeting in the late afternoon, you’ll spend 2.5 hours with a local guide seeing the top attractions of the city, walking its most important streets and exploring those quieter neighborhoods that hold the best restaurants and bars.

Armed with a plethora of local tips you'll know how to navigate the city and track down the most authentic food from day one.


Your tour starts at an easy-to-find spot: Piazza del Duomo, the Square of the Dome. Your guide will give you a brief introduction before leading you into the quieter streets of the Santa Croce neighborhood. This is where Dante used to hang out and where Michelangelo both lived and was buried. Few visitors venture into this part of town but, as you’ll see, that’s their loss.

Along the way, your guide will point out Sant’Ambrogio Market which will be a definite must-visit for foodies but is also a good focal point for authentic and reasonably-priced restaurants on this side of the river.

Together you’ll see Piazza della Signoria, Florence’s most impressive outdoor sculpture gallery and the old home of Michelangelo’s David. Eventually, he proved too beautiful to sit outside but you’ll see a replica in its original position in front of Palazzo Vecchio.

Make your way towards the river and across the famed Ponte Vecchio bridge to the quiet neighborhood of Oltrarno. Again, few visitors ever see this part of the city and again, they're really missing out. You’ll see the foreboding Pitti Palace and get recommendations for some of the most authentic restaurants and bars in the city (with the most affordable prices).

Piazza Santo Spirito is a great area for eating, so this is where your guide will leave you at around 7.30PM. That’s dinner time in Florence, so what better time to test out their recommendations?

During your ramblings you’ll enjoy a gelato break to sample the city’s famous dessert and get some tips on how to tell a good gelateria from a bad one (hint, it’s all about the pistachios). In just 2.5 hours you’ll get to know Florence through a local's eyes, guaranteeing a better vacation all around.

Sites visited

  • Florence Duomo (outside)
  • Dante’s neighborhood
  • Michelangelo’s house (outside)
  • Piazza Santa Croce
  • Piazza della Signoria
  • Palazzo Vecchio (outside)
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • Palazzo Pitti (outside)
  • Piazza Santo Spirito
  • Note: All sites are visited from outside


  • Gelato
  • Expert local tour guide
  • Small group of 20 or fewer


5-stars from over 126 Customer Reviews

Ismael was a fantastic guide. We had a wonderful tour, would definitely do it again next time we are in Florence and would request Ismael as our guide. Thank you.
We had a wonderful tour of Florence with Ismael. He was very knowledgeable of the city and it’s history! Definitely will recommend!
Great tour & special introduction to a wonderful 4 days in Florence.
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Ismael was a fantastic guide. We had a wonderful tour, would definitely do it again next time we are in Florence and would request Ismael as our guide. Thank you.
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We had a wonderful tour of Florence with Ismael. He was very knowledgeable of the city and it’s history! Definitely will recommend!
This is the perfect tour at the start of your vacation in Florence as it gives you a great overview of the most important historical places. Alessia has a wonderful sense of humor, keeps the tour light and is quite engaging. She is quite knowledgeable about the history of Florence and provides extra insights and tips throughout the tour. My parents were pleased and I would highly recommend this tour for anyone, especially for those staying a brief time in Florence. The tour guides are experts and professionals in their own right and the groups are small thereby providing an intimate experience. Wear comfortable shoes as it requires a lot of walking.
Great tour & special introduction to a wonderful 4 days in Florence.
We had a very pleasant and enjoyable evening with Bernado. His knowledge and his personal delivery style made it like walking around with an old friend. He has a great sense of humour. After doing this tour it made finding our way around Florence over the next three days very easy. I would highly recommend this "Welcome to ......" tours.
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Our guide was informative, interesting, and friendly. We learned a lot and had fun doing it. Grazie!
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Guide was fantastic.
Very informative and friendly tour guide.
The tour was fantastic! Ismael was very knowledgeable and very engaging. The tour gave us a nice introduction to Florence, the history and local sites.
The tour was a great introduction to Florence and Vanessa was a brilliantly informative and entertaining guide.
Vanessa was graet!!!!!
The Guide was great, definitely not boring. Worth while doing for anyone visiting Florence.
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Perfect introduction to Florence; we benefited from a small four-person tour. Following the tour, Elena's (or Helena?) restaurant suggestion areas were spot on. Steak at Giovanni's was excellent. We tried the spritz because of her and most of the restaurants we did were in Oltrarno. (except for the street food place that serves Panini that has a shop on both sides of the street about 2 blocks from the Uffezi. We didn't care for those sandwiches).
We really enjoyed the tour and Bernardo our tour guide was great!
Very nice tour, we all enjoyed it, even our kids (8 and 11). Thé guide have a lot of great tips for our 2nd day, that we enjoyed as well thanks to her!!
Great tour. Angelo was a wonderful highly informative guide.
We loved our guide! The tour was fantastic and gave us a great overview of Florence. We were able to plan our whole trip out much better with the information we got from our guide and we saw so much more then we thought possible! Loved this tour!
She was great guide and very friendly:)
(No comment)
Our guide was excellent and had a great sense of humor. She was very informative and provided lots of interesting tidbits to make it even more interesting. We all loved going through the different streets and areas of Florence in the evening. It was fun to explore this without stopping inside the usual tourist stops. We learned as much, if not more, on this type of tour than the usual, standard ones. The stop for gelato was really fun as our guide explained the differences between the art of creating small batches versus large. We also learned about the different types of food, which encouraged us to expand our palates. The only thing I might suggest is a list and names of some of the many types of restaurants we discussed so it is easier to revisit them. We loved ending in Holy Spirit Piazza to choose one of the restaurants for dinner, even came back to choose another one the next day, which was also excellent.
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We were dead on our feet from jet-lag, but hung in there! The guide and itinerary I thought were both excellent, and the Gelato was exactly what we needed to keep going! I am a travel agent and had a group that I belong to travelling this past week and have reserved a lot of tours through another company. I was interested in finding another company that I could book through as not always pleased with the other company. Walks of Italy is now on my "recommended list"! Thank you! Suzanne Powell
Nebojsa was the perfect guide for our first day in Italy. Great restaurant and gellato recommendations.
She was great!
(No comment)
The guide was really good and easy to understand. She presented the information in a way that relatable to average person. She did say "okay" a lot which was a little odd. Overall it was a great tour, but only lasted 2.5 hours...
The Welcome to Florence walk was everything I expected. The tour was well-planned, the guide was friendly and informative, and the gelato was a nice touch! I always know I'm getting a quality product from Walks.
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Good tour of Florence and its history
We enjoyed this tour. The guide was easy to understand and she gave us information that we would never have learned unless we were on this tour.
The gelato stop was our fav gelato from our 4 weeks in Italy
(No comment)
Angelo was wonderful. Enjoyed our walking tour and he gave us great advice on things to do, restaurants and good gelato places. Loved it
Enjoyable tour and loved the gelato in the middle of the tour.
Very nice evening with tons of information! Thank you.
This was a great tour for us to get acquainted with Florence on the day we arrived. Everything is easily walkable and our guide provided us with a quick overview of the history of the buildings and landmarks.
On our first night in Florence, this tour really helped us get our bearings. It rained but our guide (Paolo) was great and was able to keep our minds off the rain and on the medieval history of Florence. I loved seeing all of the architecture and hearing the stories. I would highly recommend. I believe we visited all of the neighborhoods mentioned in the tour description. Although, there were only a few restaurant recommendations along the way. My husband and I did, however, end up at the pasta bar he recommended in Piazza Santo Spirito that evening for dinner and it was amazing. The only real issue I have (and the only reason for the 4 rating) is that the description specifically mentioned, "During your ramblings you’ll enjoy a gelato break to sample the city’s famous dessert and get some tips on how to tell a good gelateria from a bad one (hint, it’s all about the pistachios)." The tour ended at a gelateria where we could try some gelato - but it was treated as an afterthought to the actual tour. So, there was no real conversation on how to tell a good gelateria from a bad one. What does it have to do with pistachios? I really wanted to know!
(No comment)
Our guide was so passionate and very knowledgeable about Florence. It was a pleasure being on this walk and we learnt so much!! Thank you!
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Viola was amazing, knowledgeable, easy to understand, caring, attentive and all around perfect. The tour was everything we hoped for and more; and gave us the best understanding of Florence on our 1st nite in the city. Will recommend !!