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Uffizi Tour & Tickets

Key Details

  • City: Florence
  • Duration: Approx 2hrs 45mins
  • Start Time: Times vary.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore the incredible Uffizi Gallery – one of the world’s oldest museums and one of the most important art collections anywhere. With works by Raphael, da Vinci, Botticelli and Caravaggio.

  • Uniquely, this tour also visits the Palazzo Vecchio; one-time home to the Medici family. Here you’ll visit the Council of 500, made famous by Dan Brown and Michelangelo.

  • Securing Uffizi tickets can be difficult, and lines into the gallery are notorious. With pre-reserved tickets, we minimize the wait.
Skip the line on our Uffizi tour Self portrait by Raphael, Uffizi Gallery Uffizi Gallery courtyard The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, Uffizi Gallery Even the ceiling is beautiful! Uffizi Gallery



(Nota bene: From November 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, we are running a special edition of this tour that begins in the Palazzo Vecchio and uses a special, VIP corridor which is usually off-limits to visitors to enter into the Uffizi Gallery. Aside from this small change, the tour remains the same.)

First opened to visitors in 1591, the Uffizi Gallery is one of the world’s oldest museums. Covering an area of some 86,000 square feet, it also happens to be one of the biggest. And just in case that weren’t compelling enough reason to visit – it’s the best collection of Renaissance paintings in all of Italy!

All of that can make the Uffizi Gallery pretty overwhelming. Luckily, the paintings are arranged in chronological order which means you feel like you’re traveling through time, tracing the world’s most important artistic movements as they happened.


Your expert guide will walk you through this incredible museum, teaching you to distinguish different styles in different ages, so you can see how techniques developed over the centuries – and how the Renaissance changed everything.

Discover masterpieces by greats like Cimabue, Duccio and Giotto. Gaze at the real Renaissance classics, including, perhaps most famous of all, Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’ and ‘Birth of Venus’. Learn about the legacy the painters of this particular era left by exploring later pieces by Titian and Caravaggio. It all adds up to more than just an Uffizi tour – it’s a voyage through time!


Uffizi tickets are (quite understandably) in high demand and during busy seasons in particular, general access lines can stretch for hours. You don’t need to worry about any of that though, because we’ve pre-reserved your tickets so your entrance line is separate from general access. Using the first entry time we also get you in before most visitors, to explore the galleries before the become crowded.

With small groups of only 14 people or fewer throughout, you’ll find it easy to hear your guide and to ask all the questions you can think of – creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere throughout. You can also count on the quality of our tour guides, hand picked for their knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and fun factor.

End your tour with a step back in time at Palazzo Vecchio

The history of Palazzo Vecchio is the history of Florence. For centuries this was the home of power, government and art in Florence. Built by the same man who created the Duomo, both Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were commissioned to paint murals here, in the phenomenal Council of 500. Neither completed the task (and Leonardo learned an important lesson about painting with wax) but the frescoes and ceiling panels here are still an incredible sight.

As well as beautiful art, you'll encounter the most fascinating of Florentine history at Palazzo Vecchio, including the story of the Medici, who abandoned this palace for the Pitti Palace in a bold statement, and commissioned the building of the Vasari Corridor all the way from here to their new home.

Sites visited

  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Salone dei 500
  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Masterpieces by: Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Giotto, Titian, Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio & more.
  • Piazza della Signoria


  • Pre-reserved Palazzo Vecchio tickets
  • Pre-reserved Uffizi tickets
  • Expert local guide
  • Headsets
  • Small groups of 14 or fewer


5-stars from over 723 Customer Reviews

Knowledgeable guide, fantastic experience! We must also say that we previously took Walks of Italy tours for both the Vatican & Pompeii earlier on our Italy trip, so when we came to Florence there was no hesitation in booking with your company again. All tours were top notch.
Fantastic guide to condense the large Ufizzi collection!
Excellent experience again... I’ve this before and would highly recommend your company

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

Please ensure that all members of your party have a valid ID on them on the day of the visit. This is particularly important for guests who have qualified for a child reduction.

Backpacks are not allowed into the Palazzo Vecchio, please make sure to only bring small handbags on this tour.

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Knowledgeable guide, fantastic experience! We must also say that we previously took Walks of Italy tours for both the Vatican & Pompeii earlier on our Italy trip, so when we came to Florence there was no hesitation in booking with your company again. All tours were top notch.
Fantastic guide to condense the large Ufizzi collection!
Excellent experience again... I’ve this before and would highly recommend your company
(No comment)
The tours were excellent. Our guides were knowledgeable and engaging. We bought the package which included the Uffizi museum and then also went on wine tasting in Tuscany. It was worth every penny.
It was a great tour and Angelo was funny and well informed.
We had a wonderful tour!
I took 8 Walks of Italy tours. Each tour and guide was terrific.
(No comment)
During our visit to Florence we took three tours with your company. We were extremely happy with each tour, your guides were all friendly, VERY knowledgeable, easy to understand and a pleasure to spend time with. The meeting times and location were easy to find, organized and punctual. Having traveled extensively in the past several years and engaged with numerous guided tours,we rate your tours and guides at the top of the list!! Thank you for sharing your view of Florence with us. Bob and Kathleen
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The start of our Uffizi tour was delayed by a sudden strike by gallery staff. What a bonus this turned out to be for us. Our really excellent guide Valentina gave us a 1.5 tour of Florence while we waited for the gallery to open, then hustled to get us in first and then provided expert /interesting/ amusing tour of the gallery and Palace. Great customer service and knowledgeable, passionate guide. A memorable morning. Thank you Valentina
Valentina was excellent--especially since she had to improvise with a walking tour since the access to the Uffizi was delayed an hour and a half due to a strike. Walks of Italy are the best!
Valentina was faced with a difficult situation in that a workers strike delayed the opening of the Uffizi by more than 90 minutes. However, she kept a great energy and attitude and improvised with other sites and information that kept the group interested and involved until we could switch back to the planned itinerary. This ability to make the best of difficult circumstances is a great gift.
(No comment)
Teresa was wonderful - knowledgeable and interesting. Brought everything to life. I would highly recommend Teresa for a tour.
(No comment)
We absolutely loved our tour with Matt whose knowledge, passion for his job and the subject matter shone through his gifted story telling. An inspiring and unforgettable experience. Thank you.
The Uffizi is a wonderful art museum with so many priceless works of art by great Italian masters that it can be very crowded and overwhelming. This tour got you into the Uffizi before the crowds so that you could get closer to the artworks with unobstructed views and just a few other groups in the room. The audio through the headsets was outstanding—very clear—allowing the guide to speak quietly and without disturbing other patrons. And the real star of the show was our tour guide, Matt, whose knowledge of art, passion for art and talent for bringing the artists and their works of art to life made the tour a very enjoyable learning experience. We came away much more knowledgeable than when we began the tour. His explanations of the symbolism in the paintings as well as the development of techniques such as perspective led to a greater appreciation of the masterpieces. My brother who is an Art History major and an artist, learned a lot and thought Matt was terrific. Matt’s enthusiasm was contagious. Our experience in the Palazzo Vecchio was similar and he displayed a keen understanding of Florentine politics.
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Have forgotten the name of our tour guide. (Blame jet lag) He was excellent. Knowledge, personality, everything. Will definitely recommend to our friends and write rave reviews on TripAdvisor etc after our vacation. Thank you
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The guide was knowledgeable, kind and patient. But we had to wait a lil in the beginning for the tickets while we had the Skip the line early entry. Nonetheless, good job!
Well managed, and knowledgeable guide. Maximized my time in the museum .
Charles was very good and knowledgeable.
(No comment)
Alessia was excellent.
I really enjoyed the tour and we visited the Palazzo the next day when it re opened
Very informative. Learned a lot. Guide was very easy to understand and knowledgeable.
(No comment)
Matt was a great guide, so knowledgeable and interesting. We covered so much yet never felt rushed.
So much insight and detail - our guide was so pleasant and knowledgeable on Florentine history!
Angelo was first class from every aspect. Simply perfect. Wish he could be our guide for every tour in Italy and elsewhere.
(No comment)
Alessia gave a tour that was interesting and informative, with just the right touch of humour to make it a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience. Excellent!
Just wonderful!! Our guide was so very well versed and educated in the arts and you could tell. Her passion for the art came through. She was eager to answer any and all questions. Best way to see Uffizi is early. We did tour that also included palazzo Vecchio which we had never seen before. Amazing.
(No comment)
Excellent balance of information, conversation and moving us along.
Valentina was an excellent tour guide. She was very friendly and kept us engaged. She even dealt with a rude tourist and a unfriendly museum staff member very well. Def recommend her!
Greta was very knowledgeable and an excellent tour guide. I highly recommend this tour as an introduction to the Uffizzi.
This was our 4th tour in five days and we were beginning to reach information overload. Valentina did an excellent job of helping the 4 of us ( all renaissance art novices) understand what we were seeing, the significance of each style and period, and the profound effects these artists had on their generation as well as future generation of painters. The Uffizi was stunning, and defies description. The money spent for the VIP Skip the Line tours was certainly money well spent.
Great tour, guide very knowledgeable and personable. We like Walks of Italy size of groups not too large so easy to connect. Thanks for the many trips this far
This was the second of 2 tours that I booked with Walks in Florence. Stefanie was really amazing, she was so wonderful and it was great to have a guide who was a real art historian, she made it educational and entertaining and my wife and I both loved it. Walks is fortunate to have Stefanie as one of their guides. I would highly recommend the Ufizzi and Palazzo Vecchio tour with Walks. Thank you!
(No comment)
We loved this tour - the guide was terrific! She was knowledgeable and insightful and clearly loved sharing the stories and facts she knew with the group. She was happy to answer questions, happy to move at the pace of the group, and happy to be working for Walks of Italy. Thank you, too, for your wonderful customer service, generously offering a tour as compensation for one of two tours we took in Rome that we were very disappointed with. We will not hesitate to take other tours with Walks of Italy and we would recommend to others. Thank you!