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Express Accademia Gallery & Uffizi Tour

Key Details

  • City: Florence
  • Duration: 4hrs
  • Start Time: 8.45am

Tour Highlights

  • Don't waste time; We're taking you inside Florence's two most in-demand attractions in a single morning, with pre-reserved tickets and an expert guide.

  • Special-access Accademia gallery tickets let you see Michelangelo's David without the worst of the crowds.

  • Some people take days to visit the Uffizi Gallery but our special itinerary, which features Botticelli, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Duccio, and more, gets you in an out while letting you see the best that the museum has to offer.
David is lit by natural light in a very dramatic fashion. You'll marvel at the way David's face changes from different perspectives. The size of David is spellbinding. Your city stroll will show you lots of the locals' favorite spots in Florence. The Palazzo Vecchio Your guide is the perfect person to show you around. Lorenzo Ghiberti's famous bronze door to the Florence Baptistery. Michelangelo's Tondo Doni in the Uffizi. Don't be surprised if your jaw drops a few times in the Uffizi Galleries. Botticelli's Birth of Venus is one of the highlights of the Uffizi.



This Accademia Gallery tour in Florence tour begins with one of the first entries of the day into the Gallery, so you can see Michelangelo's David before much of the crowds show up. As you stand at the feet of the statue, your expert guide will tell you the story of how this went from being just another statue commissioned for the church to one of the crowning achievements of Western art. You'll also see some of Michelangelo's unfinished works to get a unique look inside the mind of a tortured genius.


Next, you'll enjoy a leisurely city stroll past the Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, and the Florence Duomo and Baptistery. Your guide will pause at these sights in order to give you some of the fascinating history of Florence, which went from regional power to the world-changing center of the Renaissance in the 15th century.


Now for more art: skipping the line at the world-famous Uffizi Gallery, you'll dive into the greatest collection of Renaissance paintings in the world. It has the tendency to overwhelm even the most seasoned museum-goers, but don't worry: Our guides have developed a very special chronological itinerary that shows you the highlights of the collection while helping you better understand how Western Art evolved from the flat, boring Medieval period, to the vibrant, emotive works of the Renaissance and beyond. You won't be an expert when you finish the tour, but you'll at least be able to impress your friends.

Your Uffizi and Accademia gallery tour ends around midday so you'll have plenty of time left to explore the city. Our guides are happy to give you recommendations, whether you want to see more museums, sit down for a long lunch, or just do some shopping, they will ensure that you have the hints, tips, and recommendations to make the most of the rest of your stay.

Sites visited

  • Florence Accademia Gallery
  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore (outside)
  • Florence Baptistery
  • Piazza della Signoria
  • Palazzo Vecchio (outside)


  • Pre-reserved tickets to the Accademia
  • Pre-reserved tickets to the Uffizi
  • Expert Guide


5-stars from over 46 Customer Reviews

Mat was great! Loved the tour.
I had a wonderful experience during my tour. the guide was excellent and the small group is always a bonus! I’m Glad I chose Walks of Italy for all my tours
Knowledgeable entertaining guide
One of our best tours - Nebojsa was amazing! He reminds me of my college professors - extremely knowledgeable and asked questions to make sure that we were absorbing the information. I found Nebojsa to be more than an Art expert. He was a cultural expert providing great recommendations for food, gelato and other parts of Tuscany.
Mat was great! Loved the tour.
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I had a wonderful experience during my tour. the guide was excellent and the small group is always a bonus! I’m Glad I chose Walks of Italy for all my tours
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Knowledgeable entertaining guide
(No comment)
This was a wonderful tour! We had only a handful of people and the guide was very knowledgeable, so she was very good at answering questions and putting the art works into historical context. I would not miss this if you are going to Florence!
My only regret is that I wish it could have been longer.
Our guide was personable, knowledgeable, and expertly handled a challenging guest. It was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Very informative
We enjoyed the tour very much. Our guild Teresa, was terrific. I wish the meet up had been a little earlier so that we had not waited so long in line at the Accademia. I understand that Florence is particularly crowded in summer, but the wait in line was just too long for signing up for a tour.
Teresa was amazing! Her level of knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject was off the charts! We learned a great deal that made the tour even more enjoyable!
Tour was great except for the wait at the Uffizi museum due to a metal detector being out and the line was really backed up as a result. Vanessa did an amazing job dealing with the situation, keeping us informed and attempting to expedite things as possible. She also handled a health situation (a young girl on our tour passed out while we were waiting in line) extremely well, kept everyone calm and got the girl what she needed to feel better. You can tell that Vanessa really possesses great knowledge about the art we viewed and a real passion for it. We took numerous tours on our recent trip to Italy and Vanessa was the best tour guide we had the entire time. She deserves a raise and recognition for her professionalism, dedication and knowledge. Loved her!!!
We are so pleased that we took this tour. We considered hiring a private guide but thought we would have just as good an experience with a group tour, and we were right. We could not have had a better tour of Uffizi or Academia than we had with Angelo. He answered every question and provided great explanations. The "skip the line" is a bit of a misnomer, because we waited well over an hour in total, but I don't expect that is avoidable.
We are so pleased that we took this tour. We considered hiring a private guide but thought we would have just as good an experience with a group tour, and we were right. We could not have had a better tour of Uffizi or Academia than we had with Angelo. He answered every question and provided great explanations. The "skip the line" is a bit of a misnomer, because we waited well over an hour in total, but I don't expect that is avoidable.
Vanessa our tour guide was wonderful. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about the city and venues we visited. When our daughter fainted she handled this with concern and was extremely helpful. Brittani followed up to see if she was ok. This was very thoughtful and appreciated. Through no fault of anyone in your company the lines were very long and we spent half of our time waiting to get in. Vanessa entertained us with her knowledge about the places and city. Vanessa is priceless and your company is lucky to employ her. If I had to do it over again I would probably book the academia and the uffizi separately. this would have given us more actual time in each venue. But overall I very nice experience to see 2 fabulous museums. Thank you, Mike and family
Nebo was fantastic! His passion was infectious and his knowledge was just astounding... I felt like I was in the best ever art history lesson/lecture... saw so much but learnt even more. Loved it!!
Our guide was amazing!!!! Thank you so very much!
Thank you.
Mat was wonderful! He was extremely knowledgeable and his passion for art was refreshing. We decided last minute to book this tour. We were planning on touring Uffizi ourselves, but the last two tours were so wonderful with Walks that we decided to book another. Of course, we weren’t disappointed. Mat did such an amazing job on David and the selected pieces. We all loved the tour!
Mat was a knowledgeable and helpful guide. It was clear that he has a passion for viewing and explaining the art. He never seemed tired for seeing something that he must see all the time. He was patient and professional. He truly cared to help us have a wonderful experience. For us, this was THE way to see the Accademia and the Uffizi Gallery. We would recommend this tour to our family and friends.
(No comment)
Mat was an excellent tour guide in every way!!! I would recommend your company because of Mat he was extremely knowledge, professional, kind, good sense of humor. .... I could go on and on. He was one of the best guides from all my vacations. He dealt with our group of 14 beautifully !!! Thank you
(No comment)
Our guide Charles was FANTASTIC! We are still talking bout how knowledgeable he was, and how we were engaged for over 4 hours. He tied in the art to the politics of what was happening in Florence at the time, and how one affected the other and visa versa. So interesting and informative. Truly the BEST tour we have ever taken. Well worth the price.
From start to finish the tour was an absolute joy to experience. The pace was fantastic. Neither my wife nor I know much about art and the renaissance, if we'd have guided ourselves around these galleries we'd have wondered at the magnificence but not even started to understand the history and stories behind them. Our guide, James, was quite simply awesome (and I rarely use that word so over-used these days!!). He put the whole group at ease, he dealt with some tough moments, including a longer then normal delay to getting into the Uffizi, but used it to chat away to us and give us even more preparation for the amazing things we were seeing and about to see. he was incredibly knowledgeable, demonstrated real understanding and enjoyment in what he described and several hours in his company literally flew by.... He not only dealt with the delay to enter the Uffizi with great patience and professionalism but he also offered without any prompting to extend the tour for the group inside the galleries to ensure we had the full experience without rushing through anything, the whole group agreed this was really generous and much appreciated. James made our day very special and you should keep him and reward him for the great work he's doing imparting so much important enjoyment and appreciation of our history. My biggest justification for this rave review is not only my and my wife's enjoyment on the day but the fact I have confidently and knowledgeably talked about the things we saw on the tour to others much more versed in the arts following our return home and shared real meaning and understanding. Thank you James for making it a day to remember!!!!
I thought our guide was fantastic. Mat is enthusiastic and full of love for Firenze. Mat kindly told us the rules we needed to follow & gently reminded others not in our group when we noticed a violation happening (e.g. cameras with flashes)He did an excellent job of showing us highlights while weaving them together in a story format that enhanced our experience. I was not expecting such a long wait to gain entry; I was under the impression that hiring this tour meant we’d be “skipping the lines”. I’m sure happy we hired Mat; without him, we would have missed the best Firenze has to offer.
Awesome tour very informative and interesting ... We loved it !!
We recommended the tour to our daughter & husband who will be making it part of their honeymoon. Federico was an excellent guide. His knowledge & enthusiasm for the art & for his hometown was contagious!
the tour was just perfect and Mat was fun and extremely good for us.
Little bit too long.
Our guide was just brilliant. His knowledge of, and enthusiasm for the exhibitions was infectious. We came away with a whole new way of looking at art, and a great list of things to research. Thank you so much.
(No comment)
Our guide was professional, knowledgeable and welcoming. She far exceeded our expectations. We learned so much as she wove together art. culture and history in an easy to follow chronological manner. We truly got to know the artists as she brought them to life for us. Thank you!
Charles was most interesting, engaging and insightful. His knowledge seemed endless and his love for the subject was obvious. We were delighted he was our guide on Sunday morning. Sue & Michael Whiteley (Australia)
Charles was great! Very knowledgeable about all things Florence! Will definetly recommend to friends.
Great tour and guide. Antonio was very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this tour!
My wife and I were incredibly impressed. Our guide may have been the best we've ever seen. He was knowledgable, entertaining, patient, and took excellent care of the group - truly impressive
We had a great and informative experience with Paulo. We used Walks for 3 different structures of tours in Italy this month, and loved them all, but this one was by far the best. Paola was so obviously passionate and engaged with the subject matter, that his excitement about art and history were contagious.
Angelo was amazing, running, full of knowledge and timely. Above and beyond expectations!
(No comment)
Very well done. Theresa was very good. She is passionate and extremly knowledgeable!
Charles did an excellent job providing our tour. We had our 9 year old son along, and Charles asked him questions and kept him engaged and as excited as the adults on the tour. We had a small group and everybody was very accommodating. I would highly recommend the City Walks tours and guides!
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