Traveling in Italy’s Off Season: Rome

December 05, 2012

If you’re considering traveling to Rome in the winter, we have good news: We think it’s a great time of year to come! From fewer crowds to lower accommodation prices, there are a lot of perks to coming to Rome from November to March.

Here are some tips to know about traveling to Rome in winter!

When is the off season in Rome? Mid-November to Easter, excluding Christmas and New Year’s.

What to expect in the off season: Crowd-wise, expect it to be much more tranquil than usual! Of course, some areas of the city will always have tourist crowds. Even in the dead of winter, you can expect at least an hour-long line at the Colosseum, and unless you come at 3 a.m., you won’t be alone at the Trevi Fountain for a minute.

Still, these crowds are much smaller than they’d normally be. Instead of being shoulder-to-shoulder packed like you would be in the summer, for example, you might actually have some breathing room in the Sistine Chapel. At certain times of day, there might not even be a line into the Vatican museums or St. Peter’s Basilica. And at lesser-known attractions, you just might be the only one in the room!

Another perk of Rome in the winter is the lower prices. Hotels, B&Bs and apartments all tend to lower their rates in the off season, as do airlines… so you can save a bit of extra cash.

Rome at Christmas comes with perks, including the Piazza Navona Christmas market!

The closer it gets to Christmas and New Year’s, meanwhile, the more people are in the city (both tourists on holiday, and locals coming into Rome to do their holiday shopping)… but also the more festive it feels! The Christmas lights in Rome are absolutely spectacular, the shops and streets are bustling, and, of course, there are lots of holiday opportunities to see the Pope. There are also several Christmas markets, including the most famous, at Piazza Navona, which goes until January 6 (the Day of the Epiphany).

(Don’t miss our fun video, below, on Christmas traditions in Rome!).

What you potentially sacrifice for all of those perks, though, is the weather. Although Rome’s climate is generally milder than, say, the northeastern United States, it does get cold, so pack your winter layers and your hats. Snow is also rare here—it snowed once last winter, and was a big deal—so make sure you’re prepared for cold rain instead! That said, depending on your luck, there can be more beautiful, crisp days than there are rainy ones… so keep your fingers crossed.

Still, even rain in Rome isn’t all bad—it definitely makes for pretty photographs!

If you come to Rome in the low season: Pack your layers! As in Florence, if you want to “fit in” (or at least not look like a first-time tourist), remember the winter dress code: leather shoes for men and boots for women, wool button-up coats, leather gloves, and, of course, a stylish, warm scarf (for men too!).

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