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The Vatican Gardens

When we think of the Vatican City – the world’s smallest sovereign territory – the gargantuan Vatican Museums usually spring to mind. However, more…

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Mt. Vesuvius

Although Pompeii is one of the most famous attractions in Italy, visitors to the ruins of the old Roman city often drive right by Mt….

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Burano is often confused with Murano, but make no mistake, the two Venetian islands are worlds (and a 40-minute vaporetto ride) apart. This four-island archipelago…

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Ostia Antica

There’s a good reason they call Ostia Antica “Pompeii without the crowds”. It’s arguably the most beautifully preserved Roman ruin in existence and because…

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The Park of the Aqueducts

Ancient Rome was called the regina aquarum, or “queen of waters” for a good reason: By the year AD 52, there was enough fresh, potable…

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