The Best Restaurants in Florence

Il Fiesolano has the best bistecca fiorentina and portabello mushrooms!

Looking for the best restaurants in Florence, Italy? Even though the city center has a fair number of touristy spots, finding an authentic, top-notch restaurant in Florence doesn’t have to be hard!

Here is a list of our five favorite quintessential, Florentine restaurants—all bustling with local patrons, and serving up that taste of Tuscany we all search for. (Which one would you like to try? Let us know in the comments!)

Il Fiesolano: Our favorite restaurant in Florence for… bistecca fiorentina

Il Fiesolano, a great Firenze restaurant

Il Fiesolano has Florence’s best bistecca fiorentina and portabello mushrooms! Photo by Tiana Kai

Florence has its fair share of top-notch steak restaurants. But at Il Fiesolano, we don’t just love the juicy, tender bistecca fiorentina (Florence’s classic T-bone steak). We also love how it’s presented: With dramatic flair, the waiter quickly slices the steaming bistecca fiorentina in front of you on a wooden cutting board, then plates it on colorful Tuscan dishes.

Not a steak fan? No problem. The rest of Il Fiesolano’s menu is also excellent, Florentine cuisine. But no matter what you go for, don’t forget to order a bottle of the house wine, Il Re delle Carni, a Chianti Classico that captures that Florentine moment you travelled for! (And don’t miss our fun, helpful guide to wine in Italy!).

You can enjoy lunch or dinner on either of their two terraces, or inside, under hanging, oversized garlic cloves and peppers. Just remember to arrive hungry: The bistecca fiorentina here weighs in at a serious 1.2kg, or 2.6 lbs, for two people!

Il Fiesolano is located in the hills just outside of Florence, in the town of Fiesole, at Piazza Mino 9r. Phone: (+39) 055 59143.

La Pentola dell’Oro: Our favorite restaurant in Florence for… medieval dishes

Pappardelle sul papero at a top-notch Firenze restaurant

Pentola dell’Oro’s pappardelle sul papero is made with duck ragù. Photo courtesy of La Pentola dell’Oro

Get ready to be transported back in time… with your palate! At La Pentola dell’Oro, meaning “The Golden Cooking Pot,” each dish references a different era. Don’t miss the beef slow-cooked in chocolate—an unconventional, and unforgettable, pairing.

The restaurant is ample enough for large groups, but cozy in the downstair grotto (one of the few in Florence!). The wine list goes very well with the dishes, and the knowledgeable staff helps with any pairing. Don’t miss out on their tantalizing pasta dishes, and definitely leave room for dessert.

La Pentola dell’Oro is located near Santa Croce, at Via di Mezzo 24. Phone: (+39) 055 241808.

Il Magazzino: Our favorite restaurant in Florence for… traditional Florentine cuisine

Great Florence, Italy restaurant

Il Magazzino’s signature dish, ravioli di lampredotto. Photo by Tiana Kai

Il Magazzino might be located in the most charming piazza in Florence (complete with a handful of outdoor tables)—but the menu is as rustic as they come! Thanks to the super-fresh ingredients, you’ll feel like you’re eating just-picked produce straight from the farm.

This is the place to delve into classic Florentine dishes, like ravioli di lampredotto, tripe, and other pasta dishes. (Before you go, know what to order by checking out our list of local foods to eat in Florence and Tuscany!). If you have a vegetarian in your group, don’t worry; there are non-meat dishes, too.

Il Magazzino is located in Piazza della Passera 2/3. Phone: (+39) 055 215969.

Il Santino: Our favorite restaurant in Florence for… wine and snacks

Good restaurant in Florence, Italy

Il Santino’s unforgettable cod and mashed potatoes. Photo by Tiana Kai

Ready for a wine bar? Me, too! Il Santino is one of the coolest little gems in Florence, with a nice mix of local patrons and a knowledgable staff of two. With its great wines, meats, cheeses, and other small plates, it’s the perfect place to settle in for a lovely, long evening in Florence.

If you sit at the bar, prepare to salivate: You’ll be facing the assortment of hanging meats and sausages, including prosciutto. (Keep your eye out for the shiny red meat slicer!). Or grab a petite table, set against the red-brick walls, to enjoy your top-notch wine and cheese.

We especially love their bacalao, which is cod whipped with potatoes. No one ever orders just one!

Il Santino is located just over the Arno at Via di Santo Spirito 60r. Phone: (+39) 055 2302820.

Caffè Dogali: Our favorite restaurant in Florence for… panini

Dogali panino

Dogali panino, fully loaded. Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

There are endless panini joints throughout downtown Florence, but one of the most local—and best—spots is Caffè Dogali. A popular sandwich shop in the Campo di Marte neighborhood, it’s right across from the soccer and concert stadium.

The focaccia used as bread for the panini is bigger, and better, than any we’ve seen before. Choose from a variety of meats to pile on, but don’t stop there: Other accompaniments include cream of mushroom, cream of artichoke, porcini mushrooms, cream of ‘nduja… Are you hungry yet?

Dogali has a bar, too, so you can order cocktails and a hot cappuccino. Luckily, thanks to its popularity, the locale has extended its hours into the evening.

Dogali is at Via Malta 5r. Phone: (+39) 055 679 556.

Before you go… don’t forget to #TakeWalks with us in Florence. Explore this beautiful city with us in the video below!

Which one of these restaurants would you eat at first? Tell us in the comments!


  • Jo Sonter says:

    None, I would go to All’Antico Vinaio. Wine bar on one side of the lane way, and devine little restaurant on the other.

    • Tiana Kai says:

      Oh yes, All’Antico Vinaio is a treasure for a 5€ amazing panino! It was not included in this list because we included Dogali which is also an institution and in a different zone where people may not venture to. Also, as a wine bar we included Il Santino for its low key mood where you can stay all night and munch on things and have amazing wine.

  • Donna S says:

    Be there is @ 3 weeks. Maybe we can dine at a couple of these!! Thank you so much!!

  • When I’m wandering around a new city I always look for where the locals are eating to help guide me to a good restaurant! Great post. And oh, that ravioli…! I’m starving now.

  • I love how the Dogali sandwich is pictured with a cappuccino! Must have been a tourist 🙂 I want to go to Il Fiesolano right now! Great suggestions! I love Pentola dell’oro, too and I can vouch for the bacalao at Il Santino, thanks to you!

  • CJ says:

    Price is reasonable $-$$

    Best Calzone & Stromboli in Florence: Il Pizzaiuolo still haven’t found pizza that tastes this good! This was a treat for me when studying abroad in Florence in 2008. Was taken there by my friends for my 24th birthday and was there for a friends engagement party; a definite treat.

    Planning a girls trip to Italy and won’t get to hit Florence on our trip this time.. Sure do miss being there. Being a food and hotel major, having amazing food at my fingertips like that was purely amazing. Wish I could have stayed and became an “expat,” but that was not part of the plan.. lol. But glad to be coming back to the country period!

    You should definitely add this place to your list of amazing finds in Florence and make it a must visit the next time you are there. Also be sure to get a reservation if there are more than 2 in your party as this place fills up fast in the evening and you could be waiting for more than an hour for a table. BUT TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT!!

    Thanks for a great website full of viable information. It is also one of my resources for planning trips. Love It!

  • Diane says:

    Where is this Il Pizzaiulo located? Headed to Florence, and sounds like we shouldn’t miss it! Thanks!

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