5 Reasons We Love the Amalfi Coast, in Photos

April 28, 2020

Amalfi coast

The Amalfi coast is one of the most spectacular areas of coastline in Italy! Don’t believe us? Here are just five reasons we love this region south of Naples… with the photos to prove it! (And if these weren’t enough, here are five more reasons to love the Amalfi coast, in pictures!).

The spectacular—and scary!—Amalfi coast road

The famous Amalfi coast road

Driving the Amalfi coast, or taking the SITA bus, isn’t for everyone. (We write why not, and some other options to consider, in this post on how to get the most out of the Amalfi coast). But it is stunning. And those hairpin curves? Well, they’re exhilarating…. to say the least.

The open-air music of the Ravello Festival

Ravello Amalfi coast

Concert in Ravello’s Villa Rufolo

As well as drop-dead gorgeous, the Amalfi coast town of Ravello is a music-lover’s paradise. One of its biggest events: the Ravello Festival, which runs major concerts, Q&As with artists, dances, performances, and literary readings throughout the summer. Many take place in the stunning gardens of the Villa Rufolo in the open air. The 2012 Ravello Festival officially kicks off on June 23, although concerts are already taking place and will be through the spring.

The absolute tranquillity of the towns at night

Nighttime Amalfi coast

At night, it couldn’t be more peaceful

Many people experience the Amalfi coast by day, taking the bus from Sorrento and returning to stay in hotels in either Sorrento or Naples. That means that, at night, the towns—even popular Amalfi and Positano—are tranquil. Especially out on a lone dock, like this one in Amalfi.

Limoncello, of course!

One of our favorite things about the Amalfi coast: limoncello!

Lemons are grown huge, with thick rinds, on the Amalfi coast. And that makes them perfect for limoncello, Italy’s famous lemon liqueur. Once you’ve had a sip here in the Amalfi coast, you’ll never want to have it anywhere else!

The Amalfi coast’s hiking trails

Sentiero degli Dei on the Costiera Amalfitana

Sentiero degli Dei, or “God’s Trail,” on the Amalfi coast

You don’t have to go to the Cinque Terre to hike—you can walk to your heart’s content on paths on the Amalfi coast, too! This one, the “Sentiero degli Dei” (or “God’s Trail”), is the most famous. It links the towns of Agerola, Praiano and Positano, all at an average height of about 1,650 feet above sea level. Result: stunning views, like this one, featuring incredible landmarks like Mt. Vesuvius and Capri!

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