Now, Visit the Colosseum Underground at Night

the Colosseum at Night

The only thing better than the Colosseum underground… is the Colosseum underground at night! That’s when the Colosseum and its hypogeum—the tunnels beneath the arena where gladiators and animals waited for their turn to fight—are at their quietest and most atmospheric. (Not to mention spooky).

So that’s why we’re thrilled that, this week, we’ve started offering Colosseum underground tours at night.

What makes seeing the Colosseum and its underground at night so special? Well, for one, it’s closed to the general public. So while 5 million people visit the Colosseum every year, going at night means you’ll avoid the crowds in a big way!

(Don’t miss our video on what it’s like to see the Colosseum at night, below!).

Furthermore, the summer is a fantastic time to see the Colosseum at night. As most visitors know, Rome gets hot in the summer. The evening is one of the coolest (literally) times to sightsee, and makes for a much more pleasant experience.

Not to mention: When you’re being told tales of bloody battles and fights to the death, there’s nothing like standing under the moonlight to add those extra shivers up your spine.



  • Lisa says:

    We are visiting Rome at the end of September and plan to book a Coliseum tour with you, likely on the 28th, but I’m not sure how to decide between the morning and night tours. What are the pros and cons or rather, what differences would make someone choose one over the other? I noticed the night tour is shorter, but do you see as much because there are fewer people? Thanks. Can’t wait to visit!

    • Hi Lisa,
      We’re so glad to hear you’re considering our Colosseum tours! The big difference between them is that the Colosseum at night tour is of the Colosseum (plus Piazza Venezia and the Victor Emanuel Monument, from the outside), while the day tour includes the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine. You can see this on the “sights included” part of each description, and in the description itself. So if you want to get the whole ancient archaeological site, we’d recommend the day tour, but if you’re most interested in seeing the Colosseum in a unique way, go for the night tour. Let us know if we can help with anything else!

  • jojo says:

    Will this be offered again in 2014?

    • Hi Jojo,
      It should be! But if anything changes (which it sometimes can at the last minute, especially if there are heavy rains and flooding of the underground) and the tour becomes unavailable, an update will be posted immediately here.
      Let us know if we can answer anything else!

  • How wonderful. I did my own night tour of the Colosseum back in 1986. I was a bit disoriented one night whilst trying to find my way back to my backpackers hostel, and I turned a corner and saw the most amazing sight of the this incredible building lit up – it was breathtaking.

    Luckily there were no gates or restrictions back then so my fellow backpacker and I just walked right in and had the place almost all to ourselves. I have been back twice since then but have only seen it in the day with hoards of tourists and fake Roman gladiators and soldiers, so I look forward to seeing it again, in the glory of evening.

  • Michele says:

    Hello! We are very excited to be visiting Italy this October and must see the Colosseum – ALL OF IT.. all available floors. I am concerned because I only see the premium tour available and it does not seem to include the underground. Please tell me that the underground tour is still being offered!! I would love to book both the evening and day tours! I look forward to hearing from you!!

    • Walks of Italy says:

      Hi Michele,

      Glad to hear you’re interested in our tours. We have a Rome Colosseum Underground tour available here and a VIP Rome Colosseum at night tour with underground and arena floor here that we’re sure you’ll love!

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