Colosseum Underground Reopens This Weekend

The Colosseum's underground has been reopened
View from the Colosseum's third level, now open through July
The Colosseum's underground has been reopened

The Colosseum's underground, open for Easter!

After being closed for nearly six months, the Colosseum underground is reopening on Saturday, April 7th!

That means that, if you’ve already booked the VIP Colosseum tour with us (which we made clear that would not include the underground, but rather the top tier and the arena floor, while the hypogeum remained closed), you’re in for a treat: You will get to visit the underground! And if you haven’t booked? All the more reason to do so.

As before, our tours use our own guides in the Colosseum, rather than handing you over to a Colosseum guide and a group of 25 people. It includes the top tier, arena floor, and the hypogeum of the Colosseum. And, like always, we cap our groups at 12 people. The tour also visits the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Check out our earlier post for more information on the underground of the Colosseum.


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