The Best Foods of Venice and the Veneto

Famous Venetian seafood, a culinary specialty
You can't go wrong with seafood in Venice

If you’re heading to Italy’s Veneto region anytime soon (say, for the Venice Biennale or the opera at Verona), there’s something very important you need to know: what to eat.

In and around Venice, here are the foods you just can’t miss! (Heading to Venice? To taste the best Venetian foods, alongside a local Venice insider, don’t miss our Venice food experience!).

One Venetian food specialty

Sarde in saor

Sarde in saor. One of our favorite Venetian dishes, this delicious antipasto features sweet-and-sour sardines with onions, pine nuts and raisins. Sounds odd, tastes amazing.

Risi e bisi. A Venetian dish of rice and peas, somewhere between a risotto and a soup. So traditional, it used to be offered to the Doge every St. Mark’s Feast Day.

Pasta e fasioi. In Italian, this would be “pasta e fagioli,” or pasta and beans. But this is the Venetian version… so you just have to order it in Venetian dialect!

Scampi alla veneziana. Venetian shrimp that have been boiled and are served with a simple dressing of olive oil and lemon juice.

One of the best food dishes in Venice

Vermicelli with squid ink, a Venetian specialty

Caparossoi a scota deo. Large, plump clams, cooked with lemon and pepper. They’re so good, people can’t resist reaching for them as soon as they’re on the table, even when they’re hot… hence “a scota deo” — hot fingers!

Risotto or vermicelli al nero di seppia. Risotto or vermicelli (long, thin noodles) with black squid ink, popular in Venice.

Bigoi in salsa. Spaghetti in a sauce of sardines or anchovies.

One food to eat in Venezia

Scampetti con polenta

Scampetti con polenta. Little shrimps with polenta, a dish made out of boiled cornmeal.

Carpaccio. Raw meat, sliced thin, with a sauce made out of mayo, mustard, cream, and tomato. Invented by the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice.

Raw beef or carpaccio, a Venetian food

Carpaccio, one of our favorite Venetian treats

Fegato alla veneziana. Liver cooked with onion.

Bacala mantecato. Cod, crushed with parsley and olive oil.

Fritole venessiane. Fritters, made of everything from cornflour to pumpkin. Popular around Carnevale.

Pincia. A pastry with eggs, sugar and raisins.

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Venice has some incredible dishes that you need to try when you go. Here is a brief list of our favorite dishes.


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