How to Get from Your Cruise Port in Italy to Your Destination

May 23, 2023

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Want to get from your cruise port in Italy to your destination? Here’s how! Photo credit: Fallon Travels

Taking a cruise into the port of Civitavecchia, Livorno, or Naples… and wondering how to get to Rome, Florence, or Pompeii? We’ve done the research and figured out the best transfer options from Italy’s cruise ports, so you don’t have to!

Getting from the Civitavecchia cruise port to Rome

While it’s the closest cruise port to Rome, Civitavecchia is still 50 miles from the city center. It’s a good idea to know ahead of time how to get from Point A to Point B. Your options are:

Civitavecchia to Rome by train

Trip duration: About 65 minutes

How to: Regional trains from Civitavecchia to Rome, and vice versa, run every half hour; you can check specific times at It’s about a 10-minute walk from the port to the train station; with the port behind you, turn right onto Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, the main road running parallel to the water. Continue, keeping the water on your right, until the road changes names to Via della Repubblica. You’ll see the station in front of you.

Your other option is to grab one of the free shuttle buses that run from the cruise terminal to the train station.

The train takes you to Termini, which is Rome’s main station. From there, you can easily hop onto buses heading in every direction, or on either of Rome’s metro lines.

The Roman Forum in Rome from above.

Don’t miss out on any of Rome’s historic, must-see sights.

Civitavecchia to Rome by taxi

Trip duration: About 1.5 hours, depending on traffic

How to: This option requires the least forethought, but is the priciest. As soon as you leave the port, you’ll see taxis at a stand outside the arrivals terminal. You can also book a taxi by calling Radio Taxi Civitavecchia at +39 076626121, or, once in Rome, by calling Radio Taxi Roma at +39 066645, but the meter will start running from the moment the taxi is sent out.

white and blue cruise ship on sea under blue sky during daytime

Cruise boat in the Italian port city of Civitavecchia. Photo credit: Alessandro Zanini

Getting from the Livorno cruise port to Florence

The cruise port at Livorno (known, bizarrely, as “Leghorn” in English) is some 75 miles from Florence. Here’s how to make the distance go by quickly.

Livorno to Florence by train

Trip duration: About 1 hour 20 minutes

How to: Regional trains from Livorno to Florence, and vice versa, run every hour; you can check specific times at From the port, walk about 10 minutes to Piazza Giuseppe Micheli, located at the end of Via Grande. Take bus number 1 or number 1R from the “V.  Grande/Porto Mediceo” stop at the piazza to the Livorno train station. Both the station in Livorno, and the one in Florence (Santa Maria Novella), are centrally located.

Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence

Want to see Florence? You have to get here from your cruise port first!

Livorno to Florence by taxi

Trip duration: Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes, depending on traffic, each way

How to: Either grab a cab at the Livorno port, or call the Consorzio Taxi Livorno at +39 0586578050. In Florence, you can rab a cab or call Taxi Firenze at +39 0554390. If you call a cab, be aware that the meter starts running from the moment the taxi is sent out.

Piazza della Signorina in Florence, Italy

One way to get from the cruise port to your destination? A taxi, of course!

Getting from the Naples cruise port to Pompeii

Luckily, the Naples cruise port isn’t too far from Pompeii… but you will have to know how to get through those 15 miles!

Naples port to Pompeii by train

Trip duration: About 35 minutes

How to: Take the Circumvesuviana from Naples’ Garibaldi station, the main station of Naples, to the “Pompeii Scavi-Villa Misteri” stop. The train runs every half hour to and from Naples. Both stations are centrally located.

From the port of Naples, walk about 10 minutes to Piazza Municipio, then take tram number 1 or bus R2 to the Naples train station at Piazza Garibaldi. You could also grab a taxi from the port to the station, which should be about a 10-minute ride.


You can get from the Naples port to Pompeii by taxi or train.

Naples port to Pompeii by taxi

Trip duration: About 40 minutes, depending on traffic

How to: Either get a cab at the cruise port or call Consorzio Taxi Napoli at +39 0818888 (be aware that the meter starts as soon as the cab is sent out). As part of an agreement with the Naples city council, the taxi will wait for you at Pompeii to take you back to the port (or to the train station).

Ready to uncover the secrets of Pompeii? Join us for one of our Complete Pompeii Experience: Skip the Line Tour, led by knowledge guides who have worked on archeaological digs and bring the ancient city to life. 

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