11 Best Beaches in Italy: Fornillo Beach, Due Sorelle, Tropea & More

July 6, 2023

Want to head to the beach in Italy? Great idea! With more than 5,000 miles of coastline, Italy boasts hundreds of beautiful beaches. But from top to bottom, where are the best beaches in Italy? Here are 11 of our favorite beaches in all of Italy.

Beach in Calabria, Italy

There are dozens of beautiful beaches in Italy, such as this one in Calabria.

Best beach in Abruzzo

Punta della Penna

You won’t find any rented lounge chairs at Punta della Penna, a wild, remote beach north of Vasto. But what you see here is even better: a free, silken sand beach inside the Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci, in the central region of Abruzzo. If you’re seeking a real escape, and looking for a pristine beach, it’s one of a few hidden gems on this coast. Stick around until sunset for a seriously stunning sight.

Best beach in Amalfi


While most visitors to the Amalfi Coast’s Positano head to the swanky Spiaggia Grande, in-the-know visitors—especially those in search of peace and quiet—beeline to Fornillo Beach, just a 10-minute walk away. Bring your camera, since the walk alone affords breathtaking views.

And who says spectacular beaches have to be sandy? Fornillo’s pebbled stones give the beach its charm. And the view of the Amalfi coast’s iconic cliffs, not to mention a Norman tower, make it even more picturesque. Better yet, Fornillo is generally quiet and peaceful… although it can get crowded in summer months. After all, this is Positano!

Best beach in the Amalfi coast

Go off the beaten path in Positano… and head to Fornillo, one of our favorite beaches in Italy

Best beach in Calabria


Billed as the “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian,” Tropea Beach, in the region of Calabria, is nothing short of spectacular. Famous for its white sandy beaches, warm crystal water, and the old town on Tropea perched on the dramatic white cliffs, its setting is postcard-perfect. While unknown to most visitors, the natural beauty of  Tropea Beach makes it a top beach destination for most Italians.

Great beach in Calabria Italy

Tropea, home to one of the finest beaches in Italy. Photo by Belsito (Wikicommons)

Best beach in Cinque Terre


The Cinque Terre is better known for its hiking paths than beaches. But Fegina Beach makes our list, thanks to its gentle cobalt water and golden sand. In the new town of Monterosso al Mare, La Fegina is the largest stretch of sandy beach in the Cinque Terre, and offers a stunning, unimpeded view of the coastline. Plus, it’s the perfect place to catch the sunset.

The establishments here offer sun loungers and facilities, but the free beach is clean and well-cared for, too. It’s also super-convenient, located just a stone’s throw away from the train station. Expect a lively atmosphere, as its promenade is lined with numerous seaside hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Beach in Liguria

Fegina Beach, Monterosso al Mare

Best beach in Le Marche

Due Sorelle

Looking for a secluded spot? Few beaches compare with Due Sorelle (Two Sisters), situated on the Adriatic coast in Le Marche’s Conero Natural Reserve. Distinguished by two twin rocks just off the shore (i.e., the “two sisters”), the beach’s wild, untouched setting makes it the perfect place to get away from it all.

Which means that getting here takes some effort. You have to come by boat. Or you can put on your walking shoes: You also can get here via a challenging path descending from a mountain known as “Wolf’s Pass.”

Just remember, Due Sorelle is a free beach, so there are no facilities here. But we’ll trade that for some transparent water lapping the white-pebbled beach any day.

One of the best beaches in Italy

Due Sorelle beach. Photo by Claudio Stanco (Wikicommons)

Best beaches in Liguria

Baia dei Saraceni

This crescent-shape beach in Variggoti, on the Italian Riviera, features sparkling sand and calm, crystal water—perfect for sunbathing or swimming. Surrounded by vegetation and overlooked by the medieval church of San Lorenzo, Baia dei Saraceni is one of the most picturesque beaches in Liguria. Even better: Unlike most beaches along the coast, the beach at Baia dei Saraceni is completely free.

Great beach in Liguria

The beach at Baia dei Saraceni, Liguria. Photo by Alessandro Mariani (Flickr)

Best beach in Sardinia

Su Tiriarzu

When it comes to great beaches, you’re spoiled for choice in Sardinia, the large island off Italy’s western coast. But with its sparkling water, powder-white sand and lush Mediterranean vegetation, the beach at Su Turiarzu has to be one of Sardinia’s best. And don’t just take our word for it: The beach recently received the “Five Sails Award” from Italy’s environmental association Legambiente and the Touring Club’s “Guida Blu.” It’s also rated as the best beach in Italy for its water quality and environmentally-friendly initiatives.

Situated in the medieval town of Posada on the east coast of Sardinia, it is easily accessible and thanks to its shallow waters, an ideal spot for families with children. While here, don’t forget to soak in the rich history and culture of one of the oldest towns on the island.

Best beaches in Puglia

Baia dei Turchi

Puglia, the region in the heel of the “boot” of Italy, boasts hundreds of stunning beaches. One of our favorites is Baia dei Turchi, just north of Otranto. A short walk through a pine forest, all part of a protected nature reserve, rewards you with a sandy stretch of  beach that also happens to be one of the cleanest in the country (hence its Blue Flag status).

And there’s history here, too: The name the “Bay of the Turks” goes back to the 15th century, when the Turks landed here to siege the city of Otranto.

Puglia beach

We love Puglia’s beaches—especially Baia dei Turchi, just north of Otranto. Photo by Paride81 (Wikicommons)

Marina di Pescoluse

On the very tip of the Salento Peninsula, Marina di Pescoluse, though relatively unknown to foreigners, is a favorite haunt for Italians. Boasting a 5-mile stretch of fine golden sand and shallow, crystal-clear waters, it’s so much like the Maldives, locals even call it “Le Maldive.” Its calm waters make it ideal for children and families.

Make sure you catch the beach at sunset; like magic, the sand banks suddenly look like islands.

Best beaches in Sicily

Rabbit Beach

One of the best beaches in Italy

Rabbit Beach in Lampedusa, Sicily. Photo by Figiu (Wikicommons)

You’d be forgiven if you thought this was in the Caribbean! This Mediterranean gem, with its crystal-clear sea and splendid stretch of white sand, recently won the “Best Beach in the World” award from Tripadvisor users.

Located on the island of Lampedusa, off the southern coast of Sicily, Rabbit Beach requires a short walk through rocky and uneven paths. It’s an effort, of course, that’s worth the reward! Just remember, with all the raves the beach has been getting, it’ll be very crowded in the summer.

San Vito Lo Capo

One of the best beaches in Italy

One of the best beaches in Italy, at Sicily’s San Vito Lo Capo

In Sicily’s northwest, near the Nature Reserve of the Zingaro, the beach at San Vito Lo Capo has consistently been rated as one of the best beaches in Italy. Its picturesque setting—including a view of Mt. Cofano, crystal-clear water, and fine sand—make it a favorite spot for many Italians. And the water often is so calm, taking a dip feels like swimming in a pool!

And that’s not to forget the charming town itself. Quaint and resort-like, San Vita Lo Capo buzzes with visitors during the summer months.

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