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July 10, 2023

At Walks we’re a team of explorers, storytellers and visionaries, eager to share our passion with curious travelers around the world. We’re passionate about history, food, culture, art – and one thing’s for sure, we’ve never been fond of sitting still!

The travel industry may have slowed down, but we’re sure that the world’s thirst for adventure will only grow stronger. While we have no choice but to sit still right now, this shouldn’t stop us from imagining our next unforgettable experience.

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Stay close, travel far

During this time, when our old lives seem like a distant memory, we have the chance to slow down and dream about the adventures that await us once this storm has passed. This is a unique time where, as we long for normality, we can instead take time to plan all the things we wish we could do right now.

We realised that sitting still doesn’t have to be mundane! Instead, we want to keep doing what we love most – sharing our passion for the stories the world has to offer, in our own unique way.

Rather than spending this time mourning days gone by, why not come together to get inspired and gain insights you’ll want to share with others? Our guides are bursting with stories to tell, so we believe they’re worth telling, regardless of when we’ll be able to scratch our itchy feet

Join us and our amazing guides, as they ignite your wanderlust with a series of curated at home experiences in the cities you love the most, right from the comfort of your own sofa. Remember, every incredible travel story started with a hunger to make a dream a reality.

Where will your next adventure take you?

Keep the kids entertained with pasta making classes, soak up the history of Italy or hear fascinating stories from the streets of New York – we’ve got a selection of experiences for history buffs, art lovers or foodies alike.

Tours from Home

by Cristina C.

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