How to Take A Day Trip From Venice to Verona

February 16, 2023

Did you know that Venice, one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, is just a short train ride away from Verona, one of Italy’s most charming towns? Despite its proximity to Venice, Verona is far too-often overlooked by travelers on the well-worn path who either don’t know how to get there or just aren’t aware of all the incredible sights and attractions that the city harbors.

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Why to Take a Day Trip from Venice to Verona

You could spend a year seeing all the sites in Venice without getting bored. But it can definitely get claustrophobic after a few days, especially during high season. If you’re staying in Venice a day trip is the perfect way to escape, change the scenery, and re-charge the batteries. There are a lot of great options for day trips from Venice but our favorite is Verona. With a vibrant history, unique cultural legacy (through the plays of William Shakespeare) and beautiful architecture, the city is a must-see for romantics, history buffs and culture lovers alike. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day strolling the UNESCO World Heritage streets where Romeo and Juliet was set, checking out one of Europe’s most vibrant cafe cultures, or ogling the 2,000 year-old Arena which still hosts operas each summer? Verona actually makes a good base from which to explore Northern Italy, but if the singular history and eastern influence in Venice are more your style, your best option is to take a quick and easy day trip from Venice to Verona. Here’s how to do it:

verona arena

How to Take a Day Trip from Venice to Verona

Though you can certainly drive, the fastest and least stressful option is to take a direct train from Venice to Verona. Trains from Venice to Verona run frequently and are extremely cheap. This reflects the fact that many Italians travel between the two cities. Check out TrenItalia, Italy’s public train services, to see the time tables and exact prices of the trains. The trip will run you anywhere from €8.00 to €23.00, depending on the speed, time of day, and time of year. When you book your train tickets to Verona you basically have three options. The first is the Regionale. It’s the slowest and least expensive train, clocking in at 2 hours and costing you around €9.00. The second is the Regionale Veloce, or fast regional train. It costs the same amount, but the trip is faster, getting you from Venice to Verona in about 90 minutes. The third and fastest train is the Frecciabianca. It’s the only high speed train making the trip from Venice to Verona. It takes just a little over one hour and costs about €23.00.

When booking, be sure to choose a train without any station changes or “cambi“; this way you’re sure not to miss your connections and lose time!

by Gina Mussio

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