Reviews: Rome Food Tour with Pizza-Making, Trattoria Tastings & Gelato


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Justina - Jan 09, 2019

Having been on a few tours with this company, this is a standout in my mind by far. i believe this is due in part to the guide's upbeat and fun attitude. This tour was absolutely delicious and such a blast!

Kathy - Jan 07, 2019

This was a great tour. It is a great way to taste many flavors of the area with a knowledgeable guide.

Nicole - Jan 06, 2019

Andrea was a TERRIFIC tour guide. Couldn't have asked for a friendlier person to walk around Rome with. His presentation and knowledge at each location with regards to the food was outstanding. His charming and engaging personality made it a tour to remember.

Gary - Jan 04, 2019

Marta was an amazing tour guide! It felt like we were wandering through the city with a friend instead of like a "tour" and it was so awesome! Marta's friendliness allowed the whole group to get to know each other better and have a great time! This tour was one of the best parts of our trip to Italy!

Chelsea - Jan 03, 2019

Federico - Dec 25, 2018