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City: Rome

Duration: 3.5 hours

Start Time: 9:15 am


  • Explore the hidden sites only locals know and discover the secret histories and traditions you’d never hear otherwise. We’ll take you on a whirlwind adventure through Rome and further afield for a half-day tour you won’t forget
  • Discover an unexpected side of Rome at the Jewish Ghetto and so-called ‘Jewish Colosseum’; walk a section of the Ancient Roman Appian Way; see the aqueducts; witness the best panoramic views in Rome, and visit a historical bakery where you’ll get to try delicious Roman biscotti
  • We have a lot of land to cover on this tour, from the famous Appian Way to Tiber Island (and much more!). That’s why we’ve arranged for the most comfortable, air-con transport in Rome. We’ve kept groups small (15 or fewer) so your experience is intimate and you’ll be led by a local expert

Tour Description

Explore Rome off the beaten path and discover its hidden gems

The Rome driving tour starts in a fascinating little corner of Rome usually ignored by visitors – the Jewish Ghetto. We'll walk through the Ghetto on foot and learn about its fascinating history. You'll also see the Teatro di Marcello (a.k.a. “The Jewish Colosseum”), an authentic hidden gem of Ancient Roman architecture. Next it’s on to Tiber Island and the medieval neighbourhood of Trastevere. Here, we’ll stop off at a traditional Italian bakery for a taste of delicious Roman biscotti. (You’ll want to make sure to stock up on some for the road too!)

The beautiful Santa Cecilia awaits next, where we’ll visit the intricate 5th century basilica of the benedictine nuns. Admire its stunning 17th century facade and spellbinding interior as your guide reveals the moving story of the church’s patron saint, who was sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her faith.

Travel to areas not usually accessible to independent travelers

This tour covers a lot of ground, so for your next stop you'll hop in a private, air-conditioned minibus and head out to Ancient Rome’s greatest thoroughfare – the Appian Way (a.k.a. Via Appia Antica).

This ancient road is where Spartacus and 6,000 of his followers were crucified, where war veterans lined up to pay homage to Emperor Augustus, and where St. Peter had a vision of Christ as he left Rome in 64 A.D.

Our next stop is the Park of the Aqueducts where some of the original stone structures that brought water into the city have been beautifully preserved. After strolling along the picturesque aqueducts, snapping those perfect pictures, you’ll head to the overlook of an ancient site that put water to good use; the Baths of Caracalla. These 3rd century baths included an Olympic-sized swimming pool and could hold more than 1,600 people at a time.

Explore the secret sites locals know

Home to some of the capital’s best eateries, there’s no better place to end the tour than in Testaccio. On our final stop, we’ll walk the streets of this charming, authentic Roman neighborhood exploring its secret corners, then stop by the market where you’ll get to try a traditional Roman pasta. Furnished with recommendations from your local guide, you’ll be spoilt for choice deciding where to eat, drink and shop next along these storied streets.

Get an off-the-beaten-path experience, visiting difficult to access sights

Perhaps the most satisfying part of this Rome driving tour is the peace and quiet you’ll find at so many of the sights and the knowledge that you’re traveling further and seeing more than the average visitor. These sights aren’t known to most travelers and are difficult to access by public transport – which is where we can help. On this exclusive exploration, you’ll enjoy a private vehicle with a group size of just 15 people or fewer, a driver and a separate tour guide who will bring the sights to life as you travel, with plenty of stories and local legends.

So if you want to see the “real Rome,” and its hidden gems, in comfort and with a local insider, take a walk (or a drive) with us! We’d love to share our city with you, introducing you to Rome as a local.

  • Sites Visited
  • The Jewish Ghetto
  • Teatro Marcello - a.k.a. “The Jewish Colosseum”
  • The Appian Way
  • Park of the Aqueducts
  • Overlook of the Baths of Caracalla
  • Aurelian Walls
  • Pyramid of Caius Cestius
  • Innocenti Bakery
  • Santa Cecilia Church
  • Testaccio Market
  • Tiber Island
  • Travestere
  • Included
  • Jewish Ghetto walking tour
  • Private transport between sites
  • Expert tour guide
  • Small groups of 15 people or fewer
  • Tasting at Innocenti Bakery
  • Pasta and Soft Drink at Testaccio market
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Nov 06, 2022

This is a super interesting tour that will give you a more in-depth experience of ionici areas such as the Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere and will give you the wonderful opportunity to admire other treasures of Rome like the remarkable Roman aqueducts in the area of the Appian Way and the Testaccio Marketplace. And here is the cherry on the cake!!!! A delightful plate of Roman pasta, a choice of Carbonara, Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe or Gricia, abundant and tasty. Traditional Roman recipes in the most traditional atmosphere of the most traditional Roman market.

Important Information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements.