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Paris Catacombs Tour

Key Details

  • City: Paris
  • Duration: 1hr 30mins
  • Start Time: 2.30PM

Tour Highlights

  • Paris Catacombs are one of the city’s most popular attractions and limited entrance means lines often stretch for hours. With skip the line access, our Catacombs tour gets you straight inside.

  • Our special access tour unlocks gates to get you access to areas usually closed to the public; like a secret chapel & strange carvings.

  • Visiting with a local guide, you’ll get so much more from your experience, hear how some 6 million Parisians came to be buried in these vast, underground tunnels.
Long entrance lines at the Paris Catacombs Miles of hallways lined with bones Stop! This is the empire of the dead. A narrow tunnel leading into the Catacombs Skulls are one of the main decorations in the walls An expert Walks guide gives a tour in the Catacombs A bone arrangement by Louis-Etienne Hericart de Thury The remains of some 6 million people are in the Catacombs The majority of bones on display are skulls and femurs A strange stone carving by the quarryman Decure Our tour takes you to areas off limits to other groups The number of bones on display is almost overwhelming The famous Bone Barrel in the Crypt of the Passion of Christ A plaque commenmorating the interment of the remains Countless femurs stacked into graceful lines


Explore The City Of The Dead

Learn the secret history of Paris’ dead when you descend beneath the city streets and into one of Europe’s most extensive burial grounds. In the company of a local expert guide, you’ll hear the incredible story of how overflowing cemeteries created such a public health problem in 18th century France that city leaders were forced to undertake one of the Enlightenment’s greatest civil engineering projects: Turning miles of forgotten mines into a city of the dead. It’s creepy, moving, occasionally beautiful, and always nearly unbelievable - and there is no other tour quite like it.

Save hours with skip the line access

Your Paris Catacombs tour starts by skipping the always long lines leading into this extremely popular attraction. With pre-reserved tickets, you’ll walk past long ticket lines with your expert guide and small group of no more than 19 people.

Once inside you’ll find yourself in one of Europe’s greatest subterranean labyrinths. Here in the final resting place of some 6 million Parisians, you’ll wander tunnels lined with ornate decorations made from human bones, as you hear the extraordinary story of how and why this macabre maze was built.

From corpses rotting in the streets, to the discovery of abandoned mines beneath the city, and an audacious plan to transport enormous amounts of human remains; this is one story you won’t believe until you actually walk through the Catacombs and see the results for yourself.

The Paris Catacombs have more modern tales to tell too. Hear about a society of so-called ‘cataphiles’, a group of locals who break into these underground tunnels regularly.

Visit Spots That Most Visitors Never See

As you travel through the Catacombs and tunnels branch out in all directions, you’ll see certain sections hidden behind guarded gates. Visitors aren’t usually allowed to access these areas, but you are. On this special access tour your group alone will enter these closed tunnels to see areas most people don’t even know about.

You’ll explore a small chapel where religious ceremonies were held until relatively recently. Then, in another tunnel, see the strangest carvings created by one of the men who built the catacombs. Taking a break from stacking the walls with femurs and skulls, he carved intricate palaces into the rock face, creating the Paris Catacombs’ first tourist attraction. Initially, authorities were aghast to discover what he had done but once the crowds started arriving, they changed their tune pretty quickly.

Traveling with our fun local guides, you’ll hear all of the fascinating tales that make the Catacombs so special, and leave with secret knowledge about what lies beneath the streets of Paris.

Sites visited

  • Paris Catacombs (including special access areas)


  • Skip the line access to Paris Catacombs
  • Access to special areas of Paris Catacombs


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Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

To ensure the safety of visitors, French authorities enforce security measures upon entry to the Catacombs. Only bags smaller than 55 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm will be accepted. Walks will is not responsible for entry denied due to large luggage. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience and delay which may be caused by extra security checks. Please note that there are neither toilets nor cloakroom facilities at the Catacombs.

Walks provides tickets with skip the line access. However, the Catacombs enforces a maximum capacity limit. On rare occasions, we will ask your patience as the crowd dissipates so that the group may enter safely.

Unfortunately, the Catacombs are not wheelchair accessible. For a wheelchair-friendly alternative tour, Please contact us at info@walksofitaly.com and we will work with you to find a suitable alternative.

Please be advised that there are 130 steps to the Catacombs. Unfortunately, there is no elevator access. Those with heart problems, claustrophobia, or other medical conditions should take this into consideration before booking this tour.

The tunnels of the Paris Catacombs are often wet and cool (14°C/57°F all year long). We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothes.

Although our tickets are pre-booked with skip the line access the Catacombs enforce a maximum capacity limit. On rare occasions, this may mean a slight delay on entering if capacity has already been reached and another group needs to leave.

Please ensure that all members of your party have a valid ID on them on the day of the visit. This is particularly important for guests who have qualified for a senior, student, or child reduction.

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