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Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle & La Conciergerie Tour

Key Details

  • City: Paris
  • Duration: 6hrs (incl. 1hr break)
  • Start Time: 9AM

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the top three sites on Île de la Cité with skip the line access, saving you hours of waiting in line (Notre Dame tower tickets are particular time-savers!)

  • Enjoy a complete Notre Dame tour, exploring inside the church, climbing her famous tower, getting a close look at her beloved gargoyles and exploring the hunchback’s bell tower.

  • At Sainte Chapelle you’ll see the most beautiful chapel in Paris (maybe even the world), then go next door to discover the prison cell where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned and sentenced to a date with the guillotine!
A gargoyle-eye-view from the Notre Dame belltower Notre Dame Cathedral from outside View of the Seine from the top of Notre Dame Tower See the Eiffel Tower from Notre Dame Tower It the heart of Paris, Notre Dame offers the best views One of the famous bells of Notre Dame The enormous groin vaults of Notre Dame's nave Notre Dame has not one, but three glorious rose windows The beautiful gothic arches of Notre Dame The interior of Sainte Chappelle The Altar of Sainte Chapelle - the King's Chapel The chapel was originally created to house relics Downstairs in Sainte Chapelle La Conciergerie: The imposing prison that once held Marie Antoinette Stunning archicture inside (under-rated) La Conciergerie A list of guillotine victims, all sentanced inside La Conciergerie A 'luxury' prison cell at La Conciergerie Portrait of Marie Antoinette in her old prison cell Lines for Notre Dame stretch for hours


Explore the birthplace of Paris

Paris has a lot of interesting neighborhoods but the Île de la Cité tops them all - this tiny island is where the city of Paris was born after all, and where all distances in France are measured from.

This is an unforgettable trip through the history, legends, lore, and outsized personalities that make this little island in the Seine so important to the city. From the lofty heights of the Notre Dame gargoyles, to the depths of the prison cells that held dissidents during the Revolutionary Reign of Terror; the Île de la Cité has witnessed the best and worst of Parisian history. This tour shows you all of that and more in one unforgettable excursion.

Explore Paris’ Most Historic Neighborhood

Your day starts in front of the most famous cathedral in Paris, where you’ll meet your expert guide and small group of 15 people or fewer. From there you will embark on a full Notre Dame Tour that focuses on the building’s exquisite gothic architecture, as well as the many stories and legends surrounding it. Your guide will help you appreciate just how important and unique this building is by pointing out many details that you may miss otherwise.

Learn The Dirty Truth Of Medieval Paris

Next, you’ll take to the narrow, winding streets of the of Île de la Cité to hear stories of what life was like here during the Middle Ages. The streets may be similar, but thankfully they are no longer full of raw sewage.

What makes this tour unique is your next stop. La Conciergerie is a stunning building, whose beautiful facade belies a dark history. This was ground zero for the state sponsored terror of the French Revolution. During that period (and, to be honest, before and after that period) hundreds people were imprisoned in squalid conditions, awaiting their date with the guillotine.

A highlight of the tour comes as you see not just one, but two cells where Marie Antoinette was held. One has since been converted into a tiny chapel, with a poignant portrait of her last moments and inverted tears adorning the wall. The other, recently renovated, is just as it was during her incarceration -- a chilling reminder of that dark time in Parisian history.

Don’t worry - it isn’t all dark delights. Your next stop is one of the most beautiful structures in Paris, if not the world. Skip long (long, long) lines for an-all inclusive Sainte Chappelle tour. If you thought the Rose Window in Notre Dame was beautiful, the King’s personal chapel will knock your socks off.

Climb Notre Dame Tower For Amazing Views Of The City

After a lunch break (with plenty of restaurant recommendations from your guide) you will reconvene for skip the line access to the tower of Notre Dame. With a timed entrance and pre-reserved Notre Dame tower tickets, you won’t have to wait to climb up and see the famous gargoyles, or hear how Victor Hugo and his hunchback (equal parts myth and reality) helped save this amazing structure from demolition. Your guide will get you inside and give you a quick introduction, before leaving you to climb the tower at your own pace.

Sites visited

  • Notre Dame
  • Sainte Chapelle
  • La Conciergerie
  • Notre Dame Towers
  • Palais de Justice (outside)
  • Pont Neuf
  • Place Dauphine
  • Square Jean XXIII


  • Skip the line tickets to Sainte Chapelle
  • Skip the line tickets to La Conciergerie
  • Skip the line tickets to climb the towers of Notre Dame
  • Expert local tour guide
  • Small groups of max 15 people
  • Headsets


5-stars from over 2 Customer Reviews

This tour is new and has not yet received guest feedback

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

Please ensure that all members of your party have a valid ID. This is particularly important for guests who qualify for a student or child discount.

As with all museums, some galleries of the Ile de la Cité monuments may be closed without prior notice, or select pieces may be removed for restoration or loan. In this case, your guide will make an appropriate substitution.

The Notre Dame Cathedral restricts access to some parts of the church during mass.

Notre Dame Cathedral and Sainte Chapelle are places of worship and require appropriate attire to visit; both men and women are required to wear clothing that covers the shoulders and knees. Walks is not responsible for entry prohibited due to improper dress.

To ensure the safety of visitors, French authorities enforce security measures upon entry to the attractions of Ile de la Cité. Suitcases, luggage, and larger bags are not allowed inside. Only bags smaller than 21.5 in x 13.5 in x 7.5 in (55 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm) are permitted. Please accept our apologies for any delay or inconvenience caused by extra security checks.

Unfortunately, Notre Dame Towers and the upper floor at Sainte Chapelle are not wheelchair accessible. For a wheelchair-friendly alternative tour, please contact customer service.

Please be advised that there are 426 steps to the top of the south tower of Notre Dame. Unfortunately, there is no elevator access. Those with heart problems, claustrophobia, or other medical conditions should take this into consideration before booking this tour.

Although strollers are technically allowed in all sites on this tour the aforementioned 426 steps to the top of the Notre Dame towers make bringing a stroller up inadvisable. Sainte Chapelle is also famously tight, and often quite crowded making stroller access difficult at best.

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