Reviews: Exclusive Alone in St. Mark’s & Doge’s Palace Tour


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We both had a great time. We were a little worried with the weather. I thought we might be washed out to sea!!! We had flown in that morning so the timing was great to optimize our Venetian visit. The guide Pamela was excellent providing informative commentary but also giving you an opportunity to "self explore".

Ashley - Dec 19, 2018

Even 1 month after my trip, this was the most memorable tour experience. I am returning to Venice with my daughter next year and plan to book it again so that she can experience it with me. Excellent guide was very knowledgeable and thorough. The experience of sitting in the dark in St Marks while the lights were slowly turned on and the murals were discussed was amazing.

Kristin - Dec 05, 2018

Adam - Nov 03, 2018

She was amazing and very knowledgeable of all the question that was asked we were so lucky to have a very very nice lady to assist users in every way possible.

Brian - Nov 03, 2018

Our guide, Andrea, was wonderful!

Pamela - Nov 02, 2018

Linda - Nov 01, 2018