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The foodies at Devour Tours are now operating all Walks food tours. For years their obsession has been in finding the best version of every dish and the biggest characters at the market. We think that singularity makes them the best at what they do.


  • Embark on a gastronomic adventure spanning two sides of the Grand Canal. You’ll learn how to find great food in the Floating City as you taste your way around several locally owned eateries, including a stop at the famous Rialto Market.
  • The best way to understand the history of Venice is through its food. With your guide, you’ll learn about Venice's unique maritime-influenced culture and its effects on life (and food!) in the city throughout the centuries.
  • Taste eight delicious local specialties and four drinks—enough food for a full breakfast and lunch—while supporting the small businesses that make Venice what it is.

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Tour description

Learn about the cuisine and culture of Venice on a unique and delicious food tour.

Venice has a food culture quite unlike anywhere else in Italy—or the world, for that matter. There is no farmable land here, which means that staples like meat, dairy, and grains weren't readily available for many centuries. However, as a major trading city, Venice had access to spices from around the world—not to mention an endless supply of fish.

On this small group Venice food tour, you’ll get to the heart of the city through its stomach, dispelling those vicious rumors that there’s no good food in Venice. Of course there is—you just need to know where to look!

Visit the Rialto Market and the best cicchetti bars.

Meet your guide and small group near the Rialto Bridge and head straight to the first stop of your Venice food tour. This tiny bar is a favorite among locals for a quick breakfast or lunch. Take your pick from their famous tramezzini—delicious sandwiches made with top-quality Italian ingredients—which you’ll enjoy with a typical espresso.

After that, it’s time for a crash course in the cornerstone of Venetian cuisine: cicchetti, or simple yet delicious light bites. At our next stop, you’ll try two of our favorites and a classic local drink.

Next, you'll continue your culinary adventure at the place that's been at the heart of local food culture for centuries: the Rialto Fish Market. This is where the seafood restaurants in Venice buy their fish daily, deciding their menus based on the day’s fresh catch. It’s also where you’ll first come to grips with the strange quirks of island living.

You won't have to walk far to our next stop just across from the market. At this bright and warm storefront, the friendly staff serve up street food made with seafood fresh from the market itself. (Case in point: They only open when the fish market is open, in order to guarantee their access to fresh ingredients!) We'll enjoy one of their specialties with a glass of prosecco produced right here in the Veneto region.

From there, we’ll head back to the market to explore its other side, which is dedicated to fresh produce. You’ll learn how to navigate the stalls like a Venice local and even stop at one for a tasting of fresh seasonal fruit.

Our next stop is a bacaro (Venetian wine bar) that serves as a popular gathering spot for locals thanks to its unbeatable food. You’ll try a panino of your choice and wash it down with one of their famous spritzes.

Cross the Grand Canal to explore historic Cannaregio.

You won’t just eat as the locals do—you’ll travel like them, too! Hop aboard a local gondola for a short trip across the Grand Canal with your guide, disembarking by Ca' d’Oro (the “Gold Palace”) in the historic neighborhood of Cannaregio. While tourists clog the streets between Rialto and St. Mark’s Basilica, Cannaregio is where Venetians congregate. Historically termed the Jewish Ghetto, it’s the most storied part of the city, as you’ll learn from your guide.

After a stroll from the canal into the back streets, you'll have worked up an appetite for our last few tastes of the morning. We'll step into a cozy contemporary wine bar for another glass of wine and the city’s best risotto, served to you by the chef himself.

Finally, we hope you’ve saved room for gelato! You’ll try the best in the city at an innovative gelateria tucked down a hidden alleyway.

Great food doesn't end with your Venice food tour.

Before you part ways with your expert guide, they’ll give you recommendations for restaurants and bars to suit your palate so you can continue eating well in Venice during the rest of your stay. They’ll give you tips on how to avoid the more touristy restaurants and where to seek out the best food at the best prices—and what to try when you get there.

Traveling in a small group of only 12 fellow foodies, you’ll find it easy to engage with your local guide and ask any questions that come to mind. With their help, you’ll learn about Venice through its incredible food—and manage to avoid pricey, mediocre meals!

Sites visited

  • Grand Canal (by gondola)
  • 7 food stops
  • San Polo neighborhood
  • Rialto neighborhood
  • Rialto Bridge
  • Rialto Market


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Nov 13, 2023

Wonderful food tour of Venice. The guide was from a family that had lived in Venice for many generations so her knowledge was wonderful. It is a great way to start your time in Venice as it gives you a good food introduction in to the city and what to try while you are there. Love that Devour tours highlights true authentic local establishments.


Oct 24, 2023

A fantastic tour! Tried a range of foods and drinks during the short walking tour. Loved the walk through the fish, fruit and veg markets right on the canal. Excellent value for money with a fantastic guide.


Oct 22, 2023

The portions could have been larger. More history of Venice, the culture, city and architecture would have been ideal, there was not really any information unless we asked questions


Oct 16, 2023

Highly recommend this tour. I book food tours because, in addition to eating, you usually get a fairly good tour of city highlights. This tour hit all the marks. Our guide was personable/knowledgable. We went to 6 establishments all with excellent products. Generous portions. The only constructive criticism: As most folks, I booked this many months in advance. 2 days prior to the tour, I sent an email confirming the meeting place had not changed. Did not get a reply, but did a confirmation of the tour the next day. However, this was the 2nd Devour tour of my trip and the confirmation was for the previous one, necessitating a phone call which was quickly handled, seeing place confirmed and a map was included.


Oct 06, 2023

The tour was fantastic, I have a severe shellfish allergy and our guide, Francesca, was able to accommodate me and the rest of the group. Not an easy feat in Venice, where there is a lot of shellfish. She took us to some really great places and the history she provided was very interesting as well as informative. Amazing time and a part of our group, who was staying longer in the area, was even looking into booking another tour after we left. We will definitely be recommending this to family and friends.

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