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Venice Food Tour with Markets & Gondola

Key Details

  • City: Venice
  • Duration: 2hrs 45min
  • Start Time: 10.30 AM

Tour Highlights

  • Join us on a gastronomic adventure spanning two sides of the Grand Canal. You’ll visit four of the best eateries in Venice, learning how to find great food in the Floating City.

  • The best way to understand the history of Venice is through its food. With your guide you’ll visit the famous Rialto Fish Market & more, learning about the culture of the city.

  • All-inclusive pricing means we’ve covered the price of your cicchetti, wine, fritti, pasta and even the gondola we use to cross the Grand Canal. So you can leave your wallet at home.
Enjoy wine & food on our Venice Food Tour Wine and paninis Sample authentic Venice foods The best sandwiches in town Sample foods you may not try on your own Venetian snacks Enjoy local wines as well as snacks Learn how to order on your own Rialto Fish Market Learn how to choose the freshest seafood Rialto Fish Market, at the heart of Venice Rialto Fish Market Rialto Fish Market Visit a local fruit & vegetable market Rialto fruit & veg market Fresh artichokes at Rialto market



Venice has a food culture quite unlike anywhere else in Italy – or the world, for that matter. There is no farmable land here; so no meat, dairy or grains. Originally constructed of wood, the whole city was a fire hazard; so no wood-burning ovens for pizza. As a trading city though, Venice did have access to spices from around the world, not to mention endless access to fish.

On this small group Venice Food Tour, you’ll get to the heart of the city through its stomach, dispelling those vicious rumors that there’s no good food in Venice. Of course there is, you just need to know where to look!


Who better to lead your Venice food tour than a local Venetian foodie? You’ll meet near the Rialto Bridge and start your culinary adventure as Venetians have for centuries – at the Rialto Fish Market. This is where the seafood restaurants in Venice buy their fish daily, deciding their menus based on the day’s catch. It’s also where you’ll first come to grips with the strange quirks of island living.

Your first food stop is one of our favorites. This bacaro is a popular gathering spot for locals thanks to its unbeatable cicchetti and a mean spritz. You’ll try two items of your choice here along the local wine, prosecco, and spritz. We would highly recommend the baccalà, a salted cod dish served here whipped, slathered on bread and so fresh it will knock your socks off.

Next up is another great cicchetti bar. Like the Spanish tapas, cicchetti is a food form synonymous with Venice. Although menus change daily, they are usually dominated by crostini; slices of bread with various creative toppings; panini, which we know as sandwiches; and fritti, or fried food – mostly fish and vegetables. Cicchetti are a big part of Venetian food culture, as the perfect snack for fisherman, who arrive home from sea around 9am and settle down in their favorite dark bars for a bite to eat and a glass of wine.


You won’t just eat as the locals do, you’ll travel like them too! Hop aboard a gondola to cross the Grand Canal with your guide, disembarking by Ca d’Oro (or the ‘Gold Palace’) in the historic neighborhood of Cannaregio. While tourists clog the streets between Rialto & St. Mark’s Basilica, Cannaregio is where locals congregate. Historically the Jewish Ghetto, it’s the most historic and storied part of the city, as you’ll learn from your guide.

Settle down in this lovely neighborhood for yet another glass of wine and a plate of the city’s best fresh fish pasta.


Before you part ways with your local expert, they’ll give you recommendations for restaurants and bars to suit your palate, so that you can continue eating and enjoying Venice like a local. They’ll give you tips on how to avoid the more touristy restaurants and where to seek out the best food at the best prices – and what to try when you get there.

Traveling in small groups of only 12 people throughout your tour, you’ll find it easy to engage with your local guide, and to ask all the questions you can think of. With their help you’ll learn about Venice through its incredible food, and manage to avoid those pricey, mediocre meals your friends warned you about.

Sites visited

  • Rialto Market
  • Authentic cicchetti bars
  • Great Venetian restaurant in Cannaregio


  • All food & wine tastings
  • Short local Gondola Ride to cross the Grand Canal
  • Expert local tour guide
  • Small groups of 12 people or fewer


5-stars from over 397 Customer Reviews

I was in the group with Christina She was excellent
Excellent food tour of Venice Stefania was very knowledgeable and personable Very good choices for sampling Venetian cuisine and we went back to some of those places during our visit Thank you very much!
Perfect walk, with some food and drink, lots of history, and great tour of back roads!

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

Because so much of the food on this tour is chosen by you, it is perfectly suitable for most preferences (such as vegetarians). Please be aware though that there is a lot of bread, batter and fish used in Venetian food so coeliacs in particular may not find much to eat. As in all Venetian cuisine, there is also a considerable emphasis on fish.

For those with food allergies or other special requirements, please notify us prior to reserving your visit and then again, as soon as you meet your tour guide. We will do our very best to accommodate you and find suitable alternatives.

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Kristina was amazing!! Having an insider's perspective to Venice and learning which spots to go for the best food/wine was such a wonderful experience. Well worth the money and highly recommend doing it at the beginning of your time in Venice so you can go back and enjoy more of the spots she mentions along the walk!
I was in the group with Christina She was excellent
Great tour, our guide was awesome, funny and engaging. Loved seeing Venice from someone who had grown up there!
Excellent food tour of Venice Stefania was very knowledgeable and personable Very good choices for sampling Venetian cuisine and we went back to some of those places during our visit Thank you very much!
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Perfect walk, with some food and drink, lots of history, and great tour of back roads!
Cristiano is an excellent guide - really enjoyed this Food tour. He provided a good mix of fun, interesting facts and a great in-sight into Venetian culture. Also food was delish. My only regret is that I didn't book another walking tour for the remaining days I was in Venice.
Our tour guide Chris was very professional and informative. Alot of foodie tip. We enjoyed our tour with him. Highly recommended
Francesca was the best!
Barbara was a fantastic guide who gave us many interesting facts on the area we toured. We especially loved all the unique food tastings.
Great tour! We enjoyed our guide and the small group, and the people we met.
Kristina was a delightful host. Knowledgeable, personable and willing to help or answer any question. We had a great time on the tour, and learnt so much about Venice in the process. Thanks Kristina.
This tour was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed the food and seeing the different areas in the vicinity-the fish and produce market and the wine bars. Kristina was knowledgeable and provided us with other information to help us enjoy our stay in Venice. Would highly recommend this tour.
(No comment)
Kristina was awesome! Very informative. We were exposed to quite new and interesting food and toured the market. Really enjoyed the experience.
We had an incredible time on our tour of the food markets of Venice. Ketty was a brilliant guide, engaging, informative, and very much proud of her incredible city. We cannot recommend this tour highly enough. We are so very glad we spent our first morning in Venice on this tour.
Franchesca was great
Roberta was a wonderful guide, and we enjoyed all of the extra information she gave us, in addition to the food info. The small group was great - just 10 of us - so it was easy to keep together. Overall, a great tour! Thank you.
We did Venice Food Tour on Thursday morning 13th September..our first morning ever in Venice. 10.30am start near the Rialto bridge. Roberta was our guide and she is fabulous. As a Venetian is was obvious from the start that Roberta is very proud of her heritage. A fabulous guide, fabulous personality and quite sad to say goodbye to her at the end. We also met other travellers from the States and Canada and we very quickly became acquainted. We were introduced to Spritzer..now we have at least one a day 👍🍷. My favourite tasting experience was the Squid 🦑 Ink Pasta..fabulous. We would definitely recommend Walks of Italy Venice Food Tour: Rialto Market, Cannaregio, Gondola, Food and Wine tour 5 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Thank you Christina! This tour was one of our favorites.
Our guide was brilliant! Really enthusiastic, entertaining & knowledgable. We really enjoyed it!
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(No comment)
Our Guide was wonderful, extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. Thank you very much for a great Tour.
We have used “Walks” for visits in Rome, Florence, Sienna, and Venice. Each and every one outstanding, informative, and fun.
(No comment)
Excellent tour with very friendly and knowledgeable guide, Francesca.
We loved our guide! She went above and beyond and knew so much about the city.
Francesca was a excellent tour guide. She was very knowledgeable and a lot of fun!
She was extremely informative and engaging!
Cristiano was a great tour guide. He was very knowledgeable and friendly!
Francesca had a wonderful pace for the morning as well as a fantastic knowledge of Venice and a fantastic ability to impart knowledge in a way that flowed very well.
Our lovely guide went above and beyond to help us get to where we needed to go afterwards. She accompanied us to specific sites we wanted to see and gave directions!
Guiliano was great. He was informative and entertaining. It was nice to get to know him a little on the tour. It helped us understand Venice and the surrounding area. There was too much food, but it's hard to complain about that. Thanks!
This was a great introduction to the Venice food scene and our guide Christiano was very friendly and informative. He did a great job leading us through the narrow the streets of Venice, brought us to the Rialto Market and the places we visited had amazing food and wine.
Really good informative tour. Many thanks to Francesca a true Venetian. Great food and drink too !
Doing a guided tour in a new town really adds to the enjoyment of the vacation. Doing a food tour is especially fun! Cristiano showed us a wonderful time, with lots of good food, conversation, sight-seeing, more good food, history, and even more good food! He is a warm, friendly and engaging host, who is knowledgeable and proud of his city and its special place in history. High recommended! Thank you "Walks of Italy" for making my vacation so special.
Cristiano was a great guide! We received so much more than just a "food tour" - he was very knowledgeable about the history of Venice and shared interesting stories along the way. The tour was well planned, easy to walk, and fun tastings along the way, including a nice lunch at the end.
(No comment)
(No comment)
(No comment)
Friendly, informed and patient. We loved our tour!
This is a good tour and Francesca was great as a guide. She was even able to convince all of us on the tour to try the black Pasta dish (made with the squid ink!) The only reason I give the event 4 stars is because I think the tour starts too early. I understand that it is because the market closes early but maybe the tour can be reworked so that the market is the first place visited? It’s too early in the day to drink wine ( and enjoy it) Also I think that the food tastings should provide an opportunity for everyone to sample the same things, which was not what happened at the first two places. The food at the restaurant where we had lunch was great though.
Cristiano brought up a lot of history and interesting anecdotal information that nicely illuminated the tour! He was not blessed with the most adventurous group of eaters. My wife and I were a bit surprised that others who had paid for an eating tour were not more adventurous, and willing to try the different tastes provided. But we enjoyed it very much.
This was a great start to our weekend in Venice. Francesca was the perfect guide, always attentive, friendly and informative. The places we visited were well chosen - good food and wine. Highly recommended
This tour was a great introduction to the Venice food scene and tour through the narrow the streets. We returned after the tour and purchased fresh fish, vegetables, cheese, and fresh herbs from the local markets and stores. Excellent way to immerse ourselves into the culture.
(No comment)