Reviews: Exclusive Alone in St. Mark’s Basilica After Hours


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A special privilege! Brought both the architecture & Venice to life

Elaine - Jan 08, 2019

Very enthousiastic guide, very interesting tour, the price is very high though.

Eric - Jan 07, 2019

This was the best tour we have been in Our guide was excellent . We would recommend it . We are back In Venice 13, 14,15 is there a tour of the Doges palace we can do ??????

Daniel - Jan 07, 2019

Vadim - Jan 07, 2019

It would have been worth every penny just to have the time in Basilica San Marco after hours, free to spend so much time admiring the mosaics without being surrounded by crowds. Having Alessandro as our guide was an added bonus. His passion for Venice was clear and his knowledge about its history and art were impressive.

Lesley - Jan 06, 2019


John - Jan 05, 2019