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Vatican Museums Night

Key Details

  • City: Vatican
  • Duration: 2hrs 30mins
  • Start Time: 7:30 PM

Tour Highlights

  • Experience the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel after hours, when the palaces are at their most peaceful.

  • Visiting the Vatican by night, you’ll see the best of the museums – from the Sistine Chapel to the Raphael Rooms, sculpture galleries and beautiful courtyards.

  • Our Vatican Night Tour runs during seasonal extended hours. With privileged entrance you’ll get straight inside (with no lines!) with small groups of 15 or fewer.

Visit the Sistine Chapel at night Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam', Sistine Chapel Sistine Chapel ceiling, the Vatican Museums Expert guide describes Michelangelo's frescoes Small group in the Rapael Rooms The Raphael Rooms, Vatican Museums The School of Athens by Raphael Spot Rocky in the Raphael Rooms Fire in the Borgo, by Raphael Fire in the Borgo, by Raphael See frescos in the Papal Apartments Visit in the evening for a more peaceful atmosphere The Vatican Museums - housed in the Papal Palace The Sobieski Rooms - Poland's gift to the Vatican Marvel at ancient (incorrect) maps The Gallery of Tapestries, Vatican Museums The ceiling of the Hall of Maps Tapestries on our Vatican Night Tour


Visit the Vatican at Night


Take advantage of special opening hours on this Vatican Night Tour. Although it happens every year, few visitors are aware of the Vatican Museums’ extended opening hours throughout the summer months, meaning you’ll share its galleries and apartments with only those in the know. In echoing, elaborate halls and galleries, your expert Vatican guide will bring the Church’s fascinating history to life — from St. Peter’s martyrdom to the modern Vatican City.

Polish artwork in the Vatican Museums


During your tour, your guide will take you to see some of the finest ancient sculptures and Renaissance art in the world, including Raphael’s ‘School of Athens’, the Hellenistic ‘Laocoön’, and the beautiful ‘Belvedere Torso’, a stunning sculpture that shaped a young Michelangelo’s own work. Enjoy the ability to go right up to these world-famous pieces, a major perk of visiting the Vatican at night and with minimal crowds!

The pièce-de-resistance of your experience, of course, is the Sistine Chapel, the private chapel of the Pope. In the evening light and with fewer tourist hordes, you’ll find it easier to pick out the details in Michelangelo’s famous frescoes. You’ll be well prepared to appreciate these works, having spent time with your expert Walks guide, listening to the stories and secrets hidden within the art.

Small groups on our Vatican Night Tour


Since your group is a maximum of just 15 people, you’ll have plenty of time to get all of your questions answered. A good thing too, since we’ve spent years building the perfect team of Vatican guides, choosing the best art historians, architecture buffs and storytellers.

Experience the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel outside of the stifling heat of the Roman summer on our limited edition Vatican Night Tour, offering you a rare view of the papal palaces after bedtime.

Sites visited

  • Sistine Chapel
  • Raphael Rooms
  • Belvedere Courtyard with Apollo Belvedere & Laocoön & His Sons
  • Pinecone Courtyard
  • Gallery of the Candelabra
  • Gallery of the Maps
  • Gallery of the Tapestries


  • Skip the Line Access tickets to the Vatican Museums (with special late entry)
  • Expert Walks of Italy tour guide
  • Small groups, never more than 15 people
  • Headsets


5-stars from over 200 Customer Reviews

Honestly was one of the highlights of our trip - we didn’t know what to expect and our guide was extremely knowledgeable and passionate. It was busy but she made it engaging, kept us together and pointed out key things.
Honestly was one of the highlights of our trip - we didn’t know what to expect and our guide was extremely knowledgeable and passionate. It was busy but she made it engaging, kept us together and pointed out key things.
We loved it - we learned so much. Sev was knowledgeable and interesting and obviously passionate about this history. Thanks.

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

Please note that, since the chapel is at the end of the Vatican visit, it is sufficient to bring extra coverings with you and put them on before our entrancePlease note that St. Peter’s Basilica is closed at the time of this tour and therefore cannot be visited on this tour, nor can access be provided from the Sistine Chapel, as it can on other tours.

Also, please remember that the Sistine Chapel is a holy place, and attire must be appropriate for the visit. Both men and women are asked to wear clothing that covers at least the shoulders and knees. Walks of Italy cannot be held responsible for denied entry due to improper dress. Please note that, since the chapel is at the end of the Vatican visit, it is sufficient to bring extra coverings with you and put them on before our entrance to the holy areas.

IMPORTANT: While the Vatican Museums are equipped with elevators for wheelchair access, they are not conveniently located on the group tour route and only give access to specific sections of the Museums. Please contact us at info@walksofitaly.com if you have walking disabilities or if you are in a wheelchair. We can then work out a suitable alternative.

Please ensure that all members of your party have a valid ID on them on the day of the visit. This is particularly important for guests who have qualified for a senior, student, or child reduction.

For details of what you may and may not bring inside the Vatican Musuems (you may not, for example, carry backpacks), click here. Guests who do bring these items will be required to leave them in the Vatican cloakroom and will be responsible for collecting them at the end of the tour.

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Honestly was one of the highlights of our trip - we didn’t know what to expect and our guide was extremely knowledgeable and passionate. It was busy but she made it engaging, kept us together and pointed out key things.
Honestly was one of the highlights of our trip - we didn’t know what to expect and our guide was extremely knowledgeable and passionate. It was busy but she made it engaging, kept us together and pointed out key things.
(No comment)
(No comment)
We loved it - we learned so much. Sev was knowledgeable and interesting and obviously passionate about this history. Thanks.
The night tour was a perfect choice.
Francesco was fantastic!
You have to book a tour The only way to hear about the history
Michela was an excellent guide – very intelligent, funny, and interesting. I brought my teenage son with me, and we both thoroughly enjoyed our tour and would recommend it to anyone.
Sev is the best guide we have experienced in all our years of travel. He made the night a marvelous experience. His knowledge and explanation of such are the best. A great tour and night St the Vatican
We had a very enjoyable tour!
Excellent tour, good equipment and most knowledgeable guide.
Gigi was the best toure guide one can wish for.
GiGi was a great tour guide through the Vatican Tour! He was very knowledgeable and made the tour fun and engaging. We will use Walks again on our next trip to Italy!
(No comment)
(No comment)
Our guide was so knowledgeable and humorous too. We especially enjoyed the night tour with the cooler weather and less crowds. Highly recommend!
Paolo was a wonderful guide! She has an immense amount of knowledge of all aspects of the Vatican. She gave us a great historical time line so we could easily understand the role of the popes, the Catholic church and the artists who made the Vatican what it is today. It was the perfect way to start our stay in Italy because every tour we took after Paola's tied into what we had learned from her. Thank you!!
The guide had such great knowledge of everything. She really made the Vatican and Sistine chapel come to life! I loved her passion for the topic. It was one of the highlights of my trip :)
Paola was an awesome guide!! She is so passionate about the history and so informative. My wife and I learned so much on our tours and it was such a privilege to spend time learning from her. Thank you for tours we will never forget!!
The tour was excellent and the guide was extremely knowledgeable. However, the headphones emitted bursts of static/feedback throughout the tour. The guide acknowledged the issue and tried to fix it but was unsuccessful. This issue made the tour very uncomfortable and hard to hear because I opted not to wear the headphones at several points in the tour because it was unbearable. This feedback does not reflect the customer service provided by the guide. However, it definitely knocked a 5-star tour down a few notches.
The only problem- and this was something that Mikayla couldn't control- was that there was some sort of short in her microphone, and it made it hard to understand her- AT TIMES. Not all the time. It just kind of came and went like shorts will do. She really tried several ways to make it better-and sometimes it would get better- and then worse again. Just one of those things. Tell those people who hand out the mikes to get it together! ;-} She was a great tour guide who contributed to giving us all the sense that we were a team- I really enjoyed the group, and talked to several of them afterward. It was a very warm feel and I think she is the kind of tour guide who makes everybody feel included. I really appreciated it. I feel that it was worth the extra money to go on Friday night and also to skip all the lines, etc. Good program- I will recommend you to anyone who asks.
Our guide was fantastic!!!
(No comment)
Guido was a WEALTH of knowledge. He really loves Italian history and art. Thank you for sharing with us!
(No comment)
Guide was entertaining and passionate. However the vatican was as crowded as in the day and the tour ended at the sisteen chapel. A pity only the famous pieces of Michael Angelo in the sisteen chapel were explained.
Our guide, Guido was very informative and attentive. He has a nice way with words and a lovely sense of humour. We managed to see something of nearly everything!
(No comment)
I was very suprised and somewhat disappointed in the high volume of tours going on at the same time. I think it can be shortened by about an hour as its a long time standing, walking and trying! to see the exhibits. However-if not for our excellent tour guide-personable, informative and interesting-he made it all very fun it would have been a less enjoyable time. He was worth the tour!
Very nice tour. It remains extremely busy in the Vatican though despite the small group we entered with but there's nothing to do about that.
The Guide was very knowledgeable but talked too much. The tour was too slow moving from us.
We actually booked 3 tours with Walks during our trip to Italy. This one BY FAR was the absolute best. Michele made this so and the tour wouldn't have been the same without him. He was born to do this. His knowledge, passion, balance of when to talk/not talk, personality was the BEST! I highly recommend this tour to anyone (as long as they get Michele). In fact I recommend other tour guides take a tour from Michele a model/perfect guide.
Absolutely superb in every way. Michele is a supremely talented guide. He deserves a raise! And everything else went extremely well. Thank you.
Ferdinando was fantastic and so knowledgable. It was a brilliant evening
(No comment)
Excellent tour with knowledgeable guide. It was great to skip lines and be shown some highlights of the museum.
The tour was excellent the guide made it special with her passion for art, this tour is well worth you time in Rome thank you for some special memorys
Guido was an excellent guide and we appreciate the tips for other sites around town.
(No comment)
A n outstanding guide, also a gifted history teacher. Five plus!
AmazING tour..Guide had wealth of info to share thank you
Francesca, our guide, was fabulous! Her knowledge of the Vatican and all of the priceless pieces was impressive. She constantly kept us together so I wouldn't get lost. That was a very important aspect for me since I am directionally challenged. I liked that she was very open to questions and pointed out special points on some of the museum pieces, like the wrinkles on the heels (on one of the tapestry pieces) and probable self portraits of Raphael and Michaelangelo. I couldn't have asked for a better way to visit the Vatican. Thank you Francesca and Walks for an incredible tour!
Francesca was a wonderful guide She was very knowledgeable and friendly
The tour was fantastic. It was incredibly busy and if you lagged behind Guido even a little (it was impossible to stay close all the time because of the press of people) the speaker cut up and we lost the commentary. It would have been even better with less people but that is maybe out of your hands.?
Laura was very good and knowledgeable.
Rosa was an excellent guide and incredibly informative. I wish I could have stayed longer with her. The night tour is particularly good because there are less people in the museums. Highly recommended.
Taking the Friday evening tour was definitely the way to tour the museum. Our group consisted of a total of only 6 people which was great as the overall crowd as whole was less than expected as well. We were able to get up close and personal to so many things. Rosa was a very knowledgeable guide and kept us on task. Would love to have a little more time in some of the areas of the museum as there was so much to absorb! Such history!!