Reviews: St. Peter’s Basilica from Top to Bottom with Dome Climb & Crypt


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Maria Suzanna was a very informative tour guide, she told great stories while we were airing in line to get into the St. Peter’s. I think this tour is worth the money a shot only do you get in without the long lines, but the narration is priceless. I myself did not climb all the way to top however I did wait at a nice level where there were restrooms and gift shops. My husband went to the top and loved every second of it.

BON - Oct 18, 2019

We liked the tour, got to see the crypt area and top of the dome. Guide was very lively and seemed knowledgeable; kept the group together, offered good insight and information. Customer service was very good. We were unable to go on our originally scheduled day, and when we called to change it was very easy and the person was very efficient. We've used Walks of Italy before and we always recommend to our friends.

Christine - Oct 08, 2019

Excellent guide and tour

Eugenie - Oct 06, 2019

Our Guide was fantastic! She was so friendly and had so many things to tell us - we could see she loved her job!

James - Sep 29, 2019

The tour was absolutely fantastic and exceeded all expectations!!! Would recommend to anyone.

Chelsea - Sep 29, 2019

Wonderful guide who provided great insights about the Basilica and popes!

Robert - Sep 26, 2019