Reviews: Welcome to Rome: Twilight City Stroll & Gelato-Tasting


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Siriana was an exceptional guide. It was my first time in Rome and wow what an introduction to the city. Thank you.

Amanda - Mar 18, 2019

Donna - Mar 17, 2019

This tour with this guide was perfect! It's a beautiful time of day to see the most beautiful fountains. Mariella was a very engaging and knowledgeable guide. I really enjoyed hearing her take on Berniin's life and art, and her stories about her arechological experiences. She aslo has great taste in gelato - Don Nino's gelateria was fabulous.I'm so glad I took this tour the first night I as in Rome. Mariella showed us a beautiful part of the city, and gave us some really good recommendations for other places to visit and restaurnts to try..I cannot say enough about the quality of this experience. I highly recommend it!

Karen - Mar 16, 2019

Mariella was a fabulous tour guide. She was very informative, easy to understand and answered all of our questions. The gelato shop she took us to was delicious! And she recommended restaurants as well! A wonderful tour!

Steven - Mar 14, 2019

Jan - Mar 14, 2019

loved this tour; we had a lot of fun, received a tremendous amount of information. Tiberius was so knowledgeable. we were remarking how he keeps all this information in his head. it was astounding. this was a great tour.

Claire - Mar 13, 2019