Walks of Italy

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 2hrs 30mins
  • Start Time: 5 PM

Tour Highlights

  • An intimate Rome walking tour helping you to get your bearings at the start of your trip to the Eternal City. You’ll visit the top sights and enjoy a gelato tasting.

  • You’ll visit the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona and even see some Ancient Roman ruins along the way.

  • Traveling in intimate groups of 20 people or fewer with an expert local tour guide you can ask questions, get recommendations and really get a feel for the city.
Trevi Fountain on our Rome walking tour Fountain of Four Rivers in Piazza Navona Walks of Italy group tours - only 12 people or fewer Piazza Navona's Fountain of Four Rivers Rome Pantheon The tomb of King Victor Emmanuele II at the Pantheon The Trevi Fountain, Rome Learn to use Rome's fountains Largo di Torre Argentina Largo di Torre Argentina


Enjoy a gelato on our Rome walking tour


We’ll start at the stunning Piazza Navona, a testament to Rome’s status as an outdoor museum. Here you’ll find Bernini’s ‘Fountain of Four Rivers’, one of the most beautiful sculptures in all of Rome. Chat with your guide about why the Nile is pulling a hood over his head, where that obelisk came from, and why the piazza has such a strange shape. The fountain was Bernini’s way of making amends with a pope he angered – a fantastic story that your guide will fill you in on.

Then it’s on to perhaps our favorite site in all of Rome – the Pantheon. A chill-inducing sight, this building is 1,900 years old and still a marvel of engineering. Visiting in the evening, we’ll find it so much more peaceful than usual, so your guide will have space to unlock its incredible secrets – including how Raphael really came to be interred here.

Visit the Pantheon


Next we'll take a brief pause from all the art and architecture to treat you to an all-inclusive, traditional Roman gelato - Italy's answer to ice cream whose vibrant flavors are sure to wow you.

After enjoying this sweet treat it's on to The Trevi Fountain. This colossal work is the pride of Rome, which explains why its citizens were so adamant that the architect must be a Roman. We’ll pause here to toss in a coin - or three - and learn the significance of the gesture. Hint: it depends on your intentions – do you want to return to Rome or find your soulmate?

Finally, it's time to grab a couple of postcard-perfect pictures at the Spanish Steps. Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck fans will recognize this as the spot where they bumped into each other in ‘A Roman Holiday’ – the perfect way to finish your introduction to the Eternal City.

An expert guide leads our Rome walking tour


Traveling in small groups of only 15 people or fewer, your historic Rome walking tour will be relaxed and intimate, your guide easy to hear and talk to. A good thing too, since our guides are some of the best in the business, hand-picked for their knowledge and enthusiasm. During your tour they’ll forget about dates and figures, focusing instead on the stories and anecdotes behind the sites you visit – because we know that its these funny (and often shocking) tales that make Rome so special, bringing monuments and fountains to life.

Our twilight stroll isn’t just about the sights though – it’s about giving you everything you need to enjoy a perfect vacation here. Throughout your tour, you’ll get all of your questions answered, from where to find great pizza to whether you should tip your cab driver. It’s your chance to mine an insider for knowledge so be sure to take full advantage!

Sites visited

  • Spanish Steps
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Pantheon (except on Sundays due to early closure)
  • Piazza Navona
  • Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers


  • Expert guide, insider tips and tricks, and a homemade Italian gelato.


5-stars from over 1098 Customer Reviews

Loved our tour! Gigi was knowledgeable, funny, and made the tour interesting and fun. Would go again in a heartbeat!
Our guide was fun and very knowledgeable. Loved the extra “gossip” as he called - made it more believable
Awesome tour and guide. Definitely would recommend to others!!

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

In order to enter the Pantheon, you must have your shoulders and the tops of your legs covered. If it's a hot day, you can simply bring a scarf, sweatshirt, or cardigan to tie around your waist.

Please note that on Sundays the Pantheon is closed due to mass so see it only from the outside.

Those with walking disabilities are encouraged to book a private tour rather than a group tour to allow the guide to adapt the route to their particular requirements. Please contact us at info@walksofitaly.com for suitable alternatives.

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Ferdinand was an excellent guide on our first evening in Rome. He was our first look at Rome and Walks, and we were quickly hooked! We were impressed by his education and knowledge - as well as calmness with the crowds and tourists. He also gave a great restaurant recommendation for later that evening. We went on from this top notch tour to two others with Walks. Walks is now a 'must do' recommendation from us and for us in future. THANKS!
(No comment)
Loved our tour! Gigi was knowledgeable, funny, and made the tour interesting and fun. Would go again in a heartbeat!
Our guide was fun and very knowledgeable. Loved the extra “gossip” as he called - made it more believable
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Awesome tour and guide. Definitely would recommend to others!!
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Martina was a lovely guide! Very informative. This tour gave us a great overview of the city as first time visitors.
A wonderful tour!!! Cristina was the perfect guide!
Our guide was Guido and he was wonderful. This was my introduction to Rome and I was a little disappointed, although that had nothing to do with Walks or Guido. The city is absolutely filthy and the crowds are worse than any I have experienced in other European cities.
Our guide was THE best guide we’ve ever experienced! Very engaging, funny & informative! We travel a lot and we can not recommend her highly enough!!
I enjoyed our guide but disappointed that we could not get into the Pantheon but he did give us the background. I would think he should know when Mass is held so we would not wait in line unnecessarily. Other than that I liked the overview and the chance to see the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps since they were on my list and did not have to try to get back to see them. I thought the gelato stop may be a waste of time but it was the best gelato we had in Rome and we enjoyed the break. I liked that he kept the tour on time even if it meant maybe leaving some people who did not arrive timely.
The guide was very knowledgeable and was able to inform but not overwhelm the group. Great job!
Great tour. Really liked our guide. Just a little disappointed it wasn’t communicated better that we may not get into the Pantheon otherwise would have been a perfect experience.
(No comment)
We loved our walk with Enza! She was friendly & knowledgeable about everything we saw on our tour. She shared with us lots of history but also info about visiting Italy. She shared with us the traditional foods of Rome and we spend the next few days trying out each one she suggested. FYI- they were all delicious! I booked 3 different tours with Walks of Italy and I was thrilled with each one. All of their guides are passionate about what they are sharing with you. They are friendly and happily answer all your questions. Highly recommend any tour offered by Walks of Italy!!
Our guide was very knowledgeable and she made sure that all our questions were answered.
Mario B was excellent. Very fun and full of interesting information. The tour is a perfect way to introduce yourself to Rome.
Twilight Tour June 6th---Guide was very knowledgeable. He seemed to really love his job. After this tour we were super excited to see if the other tour guides were as good. The pace of the tour was nice and we thoroughly enjoyed the Piazza Navona. The Architecture of the entire area was well explained. The Pantheon explanation was excellent too. HOWEVER this was NOT a twilight tour. The sun was high in the sky at this time, and it was a bit misleading about the ambience.
Amy was the best guide we had while in Italy! She was engaging, very knowledgeable, funny, and shared many recommendations and suggestion about the city that were on point! We were so tired after our day of travel and almost cancelled the tour, i am so glad we did not because it was a wonderful night and my daughters loved the introduction to Rome. We all referenced little fun facts Amy shared with us that evening during our next 3 days in Rome.
Mario was great!!!
Very knowledgeable and enjoyed what he was doing. When he got excited, it was a little hard to understand him, but part of the authentic nature of the tour:)
The best tour we have done. Mario was a knowledgeable and entertaining guide. The tour was so much more than what I expected and I would highly recommend to others. I cannot say enough good things about Mario and this tour!
The guide was great. I have two small kids and he engaged with them right away. They lasted the whole tour. I did another walking tour a day earlier of the colosseum and our guide (who also was great) talked way too much and we didn’t walk and see as much sights as I think we could have. That tour my kids were bored one hour into the tour. My only suggestion is that you make all the tours more kid and “photo friendly” in th time allotted. More photos means more memories. Give us time to take family photos and go off to take other photos in places we know we may never be back to. Then I can (and will) promote your company to all who ask. I though sometimes we were just filling time. Overall we loved the tours, the guides and the sights. Thank you.
Guide ( Ferdinando) was excellent!
Perfect first event in Rome. It really helped us get perspective.
Valerio was fantastic - this was a fun, educational, unusual, and very entertaining tour. Thank you!!!
(No comment)
She is knowledgeable, very kind and sweet too!!
(No comment)
(No comment)
(No comment)
Wonderful. Marti was a great guide!
Great experience. We did three tours in total with y’all - Rome stroll, Vatican and Coliseum. They were all amazing!! Would highly recommend!
The guide was very good. It was a very good tour and allowed us to get familiar with the city and where ever thing is.
This tour was the perfect way to start our stay in Rome. It gave us a good overview of the city and major attractions and our guide (Enza) was fun and knowledgeable.
Enza was excellent! Keep her working with you The gelato stop was one of our best during the entire trip Maybe you can work in going through Campo di Fiori too? Would be fun to hear about the history in that piazza too
(No comment)
Excellent tour guide. Huge crowds and waits due to bike race...but he handled this very well with exceptional customer service. Helicopters made it harder to hear at times. Overall - excellent! We learned so much!!
Martina was excellent. Very knowledgeable and entertaining. We had a great time.
This was a good tour. Our guide knew plenty of facts and information and was interesting to listen too. We had some issues due to the bike race in Rome on the evening of our tour that held us up for quite a while. The guide made the best of the situation but I’m not sure that our tour should have just been cancelled on this day.
Guido was very friendly and very knowledgable! He was funny and provided us with lots of information and amazing spots to visit.
The tour was fantastic. We got stuck on one side of the city for a period of time, but Tanguy did his best to keep us entertained and across the street as soon as possible. Even though we were behind schedule, we saw everything listed on the tour. Tanguy provided great information on the history of the city and was able to answer all questions. I would highly recommend Tanguy and the tour.
(No comment)
Francesco was delightful, knowledgeable & passionate about Roman history which in turn pulled us in & really had you come to appreciate what our eyes were feasting on! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Francesco! Thank You Francis!!
Martina was a great guide — lively, knowledgeable, funny, friendly and attentive. I felt it was a great intro tour to Rome especially for the first time visitor like me.
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