Walks of Italy

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 2hrs 30mins
  • Start Time: 5 PM

Tour Highlights

  • An intimate Rome walking tour helping you to get your bearings at the start of your trip to the Eternal City. You’ll visit the top sights and enjoy a gelato tasting.

  • You’ll visit the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona and even see some Ancient Roman ruins along the way.

  • Traveling in intimate groups of 20 people or fewer with an expert local tour guide you can ask questions, get recommendations and really get a feel for the city.
Trevi Fountain on our Rome walking tour Fountain of Four Rivers in Piazza Navona Walks of Italy group tours - only 12 people or fewer Piazza Navona's Fountain of Four Rivers Rome Pantheon The tomb of King Victor Emmanuele II at the Pantheon The Trevi Fountain, Rome Learn to use Rome's fountains Largo di Torre Argentina Largo di Torre Argentina


Enjoy a gelato on our Rome walking tour


Your Rome Walking tour starts at the stunning Piazza Navona where you'll enjoy Bernini’s ‘Fountain of Four Rivers’, one of the most beautiful sculptures in the city. Your guide will give you the story behind the mysterious symbolism and show you some of the more interesting aspects of the plaza. Then it’s on to our favorite site in Rome – the Pantheon. A chill-inducing sight, this building is 1,900 years old and still a marvel of engineering. Visiting in the evening, we’ll find its more peaceful than usual, so your guide will have space to unlock its incredible secrets – including how Raphael really came to be interred here.

Visit the Pantheon


Next we'll take a break from the art and architecture to treat you to an all-inclusive, traditional Roman gelato - Italy's answer to ice cream whose vibrant flavors are sure to wow you.

After your gelato, your Rome walking tour takes you on to The Trevi Fountain. This colossal work is the pride of the city and it's full of old traditions. We'll teach you a few - just be ready to toss some coins.

Finally, it's time to grab a couple of postcard-perfect pictures at the Spanish Steps. Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck fans will recognize this as the spot where they bumped into each other in ‘A Roman Holiday’ – the perfect way to finish your introduction to the Eternal City.

An expert guide leads our Rome walking tour


Traveling in small groups of only 15 people or fewer, your historic Rome walking tour will be relaxed and intimate, your guide easy to hear and talk to. A good thing too, since our guides are some of the best in the business, hand-picked for their knowledge and enthusiasm. During your tour they’ll forget about dates and figures, focusing instead on the stories and anecdotes behind the sites you visit – because we know that its these funny (and often shocking) tales that make Rome so special, bringing monuments and fountains to life.

Our twilight stroll isn’t just about the sights though – it’s about giving you everything you need to enjoy a perfect vacation here. Throughout your tour, you’ll get all of your questions answered, from where to find great pizza to whether you should tip your cab driver. It’s your chance to mine an insider for knowledge so be sure to take full advantage!

Sites visited

  • Spanish Steps
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Pantheon (except on Sundays due to early closure)
  • Piazza Navona
  • Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers


  • Expert guide, insider tips and tricks, and a homemade Italian gelato.


5-stars from over 1171 Customer Reviews

Luigi was brilliant. He made the tour!
Ferdinano was fantastic the tour was brilliant thank you
Our guide was fantastic and genuine. It was pouring rain and she made the best of what could have been a very crappy time. She even made a few extra stops so we got our moneys worth due to the lack of people showing up for the tour because of the rain. Overall an excellent tour.

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

In order to enter the Pantheon, you must have your shoulders and the tops of your legs covered. If it's a hot day, you can simply bring a scarf, sweatshirt, or cardigan to tie around your waist.

Please note that on Sundays the Pantheon is closed due to mass so see it only from the outside.

Those with walking disabilities are encouraged to book a private tour rather than a group tour to allow the guide to adapt the route to their particular requirements. Please contact us at info@walksofitaly.com for suitable alternatives.

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Luigi was so wonderful!!
Luigi was brilliant. He made the tour!
Ferdinano was fantastic the tour was brilliant thank you
Our guide was fantastic and genuine. It was pouring rain and she made the best of what could have been a very crappy time. She even made a few extra stops so we got our moneys worth due to the lack of people showing up for the tour because of the rain. Overall an excellent tour.
This was the best tour I took when I was in Rome. Marco was amazing!
Great tour - short and sweet that hit all the highlights. A perfect introduction to Rome on the day of our arrival! Our guide was terrific. Thank you!
Fantastic Tour! Michela is very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you for a great experience.
(No comment)
Igor’s passion as a Roman and knowledges was amazing..this tour gave a real insight of how Romans feel Rome and how a tourists should appreciate this great city
Great and very nice and helpful.. Please give her a Big Raise, she works so hard to provide the best experience ever
Cecilia was a great guide. She was very warm and friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The tour was great and a lovely introduction to Rome.
(No comment)
Our guide was very prideful of her city and was very enjoyable
Lovely walk at just the right pace. Emma was knowledgeable and funny - she really made the history come alive. We loved the tour.
Both tours were excellent! The tour guides were so knowledgeable and personable. We had a great time and would definitely reccomend the tours to our friends.
(No comment)
Wonderful guide, kept it interesting and fun, and made sure group was with her at all times. Made every single person on the tour feel like they were getting special attention. Best guide we had from your company.
We thoroughly enjoyed our Twilight City Stroll & Gelato-Tasting with Antonietta who was very professional, informative/knowledgeable, engaging and fun. She gave us some useful tips and it was great to walk as a friendly group whilst taking in everything around us and the gelato was delicious. My friend and I took 4 tours with Walks of Italy and enjoyed every one of them. All of our guides were of a very high standard and each guide brought their own unique presentation of the tour they are taking - we liked that. Very often you find tours to be very structured and informative but its much nicer to have someone who is very animated and yet professional with it. Well done Antonietta and well done Walks of Italy.
Maria Grazia was a terrific guide for the tour and kept a great pace for our grandkids aged 11 and 13. thanks Maria Grazia!
Excellent tour & tour guide - very well done
This was a wonderful first evening in Rome tour. Our guide, Jowital, was excellent. She was friendly, personable and shared so much good information about the sites and recommendations. I highly recommend this evening tour and the gelato was delicious!
(No comment)
This was our first visit to Rome, and this tour was a fantastic introduction. Highlights included Piazza Navona, The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Martina was an excellent guide and provided lots of great information along the way. Everything from historical facts about what we were seeing, to best places to eat etc... We'd certainly recommend this tour for Rome rookies!
This was a great way to get an introduction Rome.
What a great tour Jowita taught us a lot about Rome and even about traditions, customs how Italians eat. How to get great deals, what to watch out for and never mind the places we visited. She was wonderful and always had a smile!
Perfect tour for the first day in Rome. The walking tour kept us awake so we could get on the right schedule with a 6 hour time change. Our guide was knowledgeable engaging. The tour provided a great overview of the City and its history. We were so glad we started our vacation with this tour.
Thank you, Mara.
(No comment)
Our guide was amazing! I’ve forgotten her name, but she was polish and wore a curaçao hat! She gave us priceless information that provided us with insightful information as we started our four days in Rome. Her pace and education/commentary on the sights we visited was great. I would love to complete additional tours with your company in the future! Best wishes!
(No comment)
(No comment)
All went well. I had a toddler with me and so it went as well as could be expected and I learned a lot that I didn't know (and I've been to Rome several times!) Gianluigi was great.
(No comment)
(No comment)
Wonderful tour guide. So much information and very sweet. would recommend to anyone.
(No comment)
(No comment)
(No comment)
Massimo was an amazing guide. Our first night in Rome was a wonderful experience. He was very knowledgeable and a lot of fun. . He made a long day of travel feel like it never happened because he kept us smiling the entire tour. The Gelato was to die for. We ended up going back to the same place a few times during our stay. Probably the best gelato I've ever had!! Walks tours are the best we've encountered during our 11 day visit and we will be sure to recommend it to all of our friends!!
(No comment)
We loved this tour. We had landed 2 hours before and this tour was perfect for giving us the overall lay of the land. It was fun and informative.
(No comment)
Wonderful guide!
Wonderful tour and guide!
(No comment)
Very good tour.
Had a great time! 😎 enjoyed the wonderful city and our guide was amazing. Very interesting, gave a wonderful explanation of the areas we visited. And LOVED the gelato 🍨 we took her advice and visited the basement museum of the newly renovated , and very expensive, shopping complex...sorry I can’t remember the name. Thanks for the lovely evening
Our guide (I think her name was Sara) was great.