Walks of Italy

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 2hrs 30mins
  • Start Time: 5 PM

Tour Highlights

  • An intimate Rome walking tour helping you to get your bearings at the start of your trip to the Eternal City. You’ll visit the top sights and enjoy a gelato tasting.

  • You’ll visit the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona and even see some Ancient Roman ruins along the way.

  • Traveling in intimate groups of 15 people or fewer with an expert local tour guide you can ask questions, get recommendations and really get a feel for the city.
Trevi Fountain on our Rome walking tour Fountain of Four Rivers in Piazza Navona Walks of Italy group tours - only 12 people or fewer Piazza Navona's Fountain of Four Rivers Rome Pantheon The tomb of King Victor Emmanuele II at the Pantheon The Trevi Fountain, Rome Learn to use Rome's fountains Largo di Torre Argentina Largo di Torre Argentina


Enjoy a gelato on our Rome walking tour


We’ll start at the stunning Piazza Navona, a testament to Rome’s status as an outdoor museum. Here you’ll find Bernini’s ‘Fountain of Four Rivers’, one of the most beautiful sculptures in all of Rome. Chat with your guide about why the Nile is pulling a hood over his head, where that obelisk came from, and why the piazza has such a strange shape. The fountain was Bernini’s way of making amends with a pope he angered – a fantastic story that your guide will fill you in on.

Then it’s on to perhaps our favorite site in all of Rome – the Pantheon. A chill-inducing sight, this building is 1,900 years old and still a marvel of engineering. Visiting in the evening, we’ll find it so much more peaceful than usual, so your guide will have space to unlock its incredible secrets – including how Raphael really came to be interred here.

Visit the Pantheon


Next we'll take a brief pause from all the art and architecture to treat you to an all-inclusive, traditional Roman gelato - Italy's answer to ice cream whose vibrant flavors are sure to wow you.

After enjoying this sweet treat it's on to The Trevi Fountain. This colossal work is the pride of Rome, which explains why its citizens were so adamant that the architect must be a Roman. We’ll pause here to toss in a coin - or three - and learn the significance of the gesture. Hint: it depends on your intentions – do you want to return to Rome or find your soulmate?

Finally, it's time to grab a couple of postcard-perfect pictures at the Spanish Steps. Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck fans will recognize this as the spot where they bumped into each other in ‘A Roman Holiday’ – the perfect way to finish your introduction to the Eternal City.

An expert guide leads our Rome walking tour


Traveling in small groups of only 15 people or fewer, your historic Rome walking tour will be relaxed and intimate, your guide easy to hear and talk to. A good thing too, since our guides are some of the best in the business, hand-picked for their knowledge and enthusiasm. During your tour they’ll forget about dates and figures, focusing instead on the stories and anecdotes behind the sites you visit – because we know that its these funny (and often shocking) tales that make Rome so special, bringing monuments and fountains to life.

Our twilight stroll isn’t just about the sights though – it’s about giving you everything you need to enjoy a perfect vacation here. Throughout your tour, you’ll get all of your questions answered, from where to find great pizza to whether you should tip your cab driver. It’s your chance to mine an insider for knowledge so be sure to take full advantage!

Sites visited

  • Spanish Steps
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Pantheon (except on Sundays due to early closure)
  • Piazza Navona
  • Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers


  • Expert guide, insider tips and tricks, and a homemade Italian gelato.


5-stars from over 805 Customer Reviews

We had a wonderful time! Our guide Marta was very informative and friendly.
Marta was an excellent guide!! Very informative reagrding history and helping us recognize the styles of various artists around Rome. Gelato was yummy! !
Great way to get an introduction to the city.
We did this tour our first night and loved it. Rome was intimidating when we first arrived but the tour helped give us a quick orientation to the city and the culture with a very confident and knowledgable guide. Was the best decision we made.
The guide had a difficult name which I don't remember. What a great guy and how knowledgeable!
Gigi was a wonderful and lively guide who really made our introduction to Rome a great one 👍 Also loved all the little extra stories he added as we walked along the streets. We give him an A plus!!
He was lovely, friendly, funny and welcoming to us all. Very informative and I would definitely recommend him!
This tour was packed (geography wise) but a great one. The customer service at the gelato shop was pretty bad and for that being one of the highlights of the tour, I would have thought they would have been nicer.
Awesome tour! Gelato was delicious also!
Loved the tour!
Nice short tour to see several sites and get our bearings.
This was the perfect way to start my time in Rome! Marianna was energetic, friendly, and knowledgeable. She did a masterful job introducing us to some of Rome's most famous sights. In particular, I found her information about the Pantheon brought this ancient and complex history to life.
Morgan was fabulous- it was a wonderful relaxing tour that was simply fun. I have a wonderful time.
Our tour guide was excellent! I'm so glad we decided to do this. We definitely felt like we knew a little more about the city and got to see a lot of the things we were wanting to in a short time.
Excellent guide. Really knew the history of the area and sights. She was delightful to have as a guide.
Cecilia was an amazing guide. I've been to Rome in the past and didn't see half of the things that she showed us! She was knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to be with!!!
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour, and our guide was very personable and thorough. She took us on a memorable and fun walk.
I stayed for only half the tour because I saw that there was an opera presentation in the Church starting at 6pm and so I told the tour guide I was leaving early but not because of him......just I wanted to do the opera also. He was extremely knowledgeable and gave good information.
Very happy - lovely guide and interesting tour, nice small group size
We had a great time !! Our guide was great !!
The guide was knowledgeable, interesting and funny. We had a great tour.
Excellent tour. Richly informative and very enjoyable. Made a difference to the rest of my stay.
Lovely tour. Quite a fast walk. Would like more time to look and to take photos. Very informative.
Great tour and tour guide... Thanks for a lovely evening and a fantastic introduction to Rome.
We enjoyed the tour very much. We had a couple first time visitors to Rome with us and only one day in Rome. This was the perfect tour to orient them. Thanks
An absolute fabulous tour made so interesting by Fernando who's knowledge & passion of the city was extremely impressive.
Fernando was a most amazing, knowledgable guide. The tour was on time and well planned. He was a great representative for your organization.
I would recommend getting new radios. On two of these tours I had radio issues, which were resolved.
Marianna was great, warm, friendly and very knowledgable....very professional
We had a wonderful experience. Our guide was excellent and so was the geletto. I sent several emails before we arrived about the meeting place and they were answered promptly. Susan
Great tour to start our stay in Rome.
Felix es un excelente guía, profesional y hace muy ameno el tour
Our guide was excellent! We loved this tour and she provided great additional little details throughout our stroll. Thank you!
We all really enjoyed the work and our guide was excellent. It was the first day of our trip to Rome so it was a very good way to get a feel for layout and some of the main sites. It was good to be in a small group and the stop off for the ice creams was a lovely feature of the event.
Nice Tour with a lot of background informations and at the Main spots enough time to discover think by my own. For me the funniest and relaxed guide of all the tours.
What an incredible way to be introduced to this magical city. Our tour guide was amazing. This tour should be the first thing anyone does upon arrival in Rome.
Our guide was like a friend we were visiting giving us an inspired and enthusiastic welcome to the beautiful city of Rome.
We loved it! We will recommend your tours to all our friends
Delightful guide, very enthusiastic and interesting!
We learned a lot and had a great time!!!
Great tour and fantastic way to stay awake on our first night in Rome.
Great way to see the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and the Piazza Navona. Our guide did a wonderful job navigating the crowds and Maristella was delightful.
Very nice start to our trip to Rome. Our guide was very knowledgable and went at just the right pace for our diverse group.
A very relaxing and informative tour. It was fun having a guide talk tell us about all the details in each spot .
She was very nice, we enjoyed the tour.
Tiberius was knowledgeable, professional and engaging! We had a great time and learned so much. We Highly recommend taking a tour with Walks of Italy
Guide was superb & one of the best guide we had during our entire trip. It was perfect. Just loved this tour!
I got full enjoy participating in Walks of Italy. Like having a good sex:) You have a superior guide. She talked (in pure English) about a lot of interesting things I did not know about and nobody can tell. It was organized very well. Thank you. I have go what I paid for.
A great way to start my first visit to Rome.
Outstanding!!!!! Tour guide had a million interesting stories.
This tour was amazing and so worth the money. Our guide was really knowledgeable and very passionate. This was evident throughout the tour. I would recommend this tour especially for those that want a different experience throughout Rome.
This tour was so much fun! Our guide was fantastic! She was so fun and energetic. Teaching us how to cross the streets in Rome was the greatest advice I could have received. A great way to get yourself introduced to the city of Rome.
Took this tour our firs full day in Italy, great way to get acquainted with Rome.
A fabulous intro to the city ! Took it the night we arrived and it was exactly what we need. Guide was very knowledgeable and welcoming
Our guide was lovely, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative experience.
Perfect for our first night in Rome!
Very friendly and informative. So lucky to have such a well educated and knowledgeable member of staff. Thank you
Excellent guide
What a perfect way to start off our visit to Rome. The guide, Cecilia, was bright and friendly. She welcomed questions and made the walk/tour so much fun. Would gladly recommend this tour and this guide!
Very nice tour and tour guide! Informative and entertaining!
What a wonderful tour and what a fabulous way to see some of the more extraordinary sights of Rome, especially at twilight. Our guide, Francesca was thoughtful, helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. Great Tour!!!!!!!
This was a fun tour as well. Our tour guide Andrea was also very knowledgeable. We enjoyed learning about the history of Rome's oldest works of art and structures. The gelato store was very good as well.
Toni was great, very knowledgeable and helpful with tips to navigate Rome. She even helped us pick a store to buy good walking shoes! The amount of knowledge she had was amazing!
Cecilia was a "10" out of 10. We loved her enthusiasm for the city and the artwork.
This is an excellent tour for seeing important highlights of central Rome. We covered a lot of ground, heard very good history and received a nice intro to Rome's important fountains and sculpture. The rest stop for gelatto was a delightful addition. I had a very good time.
Very Informative. Guide was extremely knowledgeable about history of Rome
I thought this was a great way to meet some other weary travelers, while at the same time seeing the sights and getting some familiarity.
I went on my first night in the city, and it truly was a terrific welcome to Rome. Jowita was energetic and informative, and her pace was excellent. A fun way to become acclimated with the Eternal City!
This was a great introduction to the city with a very knowledgeable guide as well! While anyone can visit the sites on their own, having a guide explain the meaning and history completely added to the experience.
Great tour to see the highlights of downtown Rome. Tour guide was AWESOME.
Fabulous! We loved Cecilia😜👍💕
Fantastic guide, a great introduction to the city and plenty of art and historic information.
Basic tour of the highlights of Rome. We were looking for this for different information and views. Guide was excellent and we enjoyed this.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable introduction with a most knowledgeable guide. The pace and information was perfect, as was the delightful gelato.
We loved this tour and guide!
So glad we did the tour. It was a great way to see the city our first night in Rome.
Marta was fabulous! We enjoyed our evening stroll and hearing from her about the areas of Rome we visited, the history of artists/sculptors. It was very informative and personal. Would highly recommend!
Mariana was knowledgable, easy to understand (her English is great) and patient with us.We were going through areas with heavy foot traffic and she didn't lose any of us. Her gelato recommendations were spot-on.
Our guide was very fun and knowlegeable about the places we walked to. Despite the rain, we had a great time with her. The Pantheon is amazing!
Guide had excellent knowledge of all points.. Thanks
Good overview (in the rain) but was fun.
Poured unexpectedly with rain but guide soldiered on bless him and he was very good..animated and really knew his stuff.So full marks to the program.
I don't remember our guides name ... but I do recall her cheerful and positive personality. We had just arrived Wednesday morning into Rome and were jet lagged, but she made our walk through the city so enjoyable and fun.
Dario was excellent, friendly, and fun!
Maria was a great guide possessing a lot of knowledge about the areas we were seeing. She kept us interested and we got to see a church in Piazza Navona and then moved on to the Pantheon and saw both the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain in the evening.
Maria was a charming and knowledgeable guide who was also very enthusiastic about Rome and her history.
Excellent company, knowledgeable and friendly guides. Overall great experience.
Excellent tour guide. Very knowledgeable and friendly.
It was a great tour! A fantastic way to see the city!
Wonderful intro to Rome with very knowledgeable and personable guide. Loved it!
Very knowledgeable and entertaining!!
Our 1st day in the city of Rome. A perfect introduction with a wonderful guide who gave us essential information with added humor. I will definitely recommend!
This is a good way to start getting oriented with the city of Rome. Our guide was fun and vet knowledgeable . I highly recommend this tour
Bruno was very informative and friendly. Good way to start our tour of Rome
It was a lovely tour with the tasty gelato. The guide was funny and informative.
Francesca was the best! Her knowledge of the area was great. We thoroughly enjoyed this tour and highly recommend it! D Thomasson
Great overview of Rome
A great tour leader. We loved her!
Fun capable kind guide
Awesome guide relaying interesting facts and stories
Perfect Tour with the most lovely guide. Great experience.
Maria was great. The time flew by and she gave us an exciting taste or Rome. Well done Maria and a big "Thank You".
It was great. Such a big city , so a great introduction.... our guide was lovely , though I don't remember her name as we were a few minutes late into the introduction. Wiu5ld recommend
Our guide was raised in Rome near the Pantheon and her knowledge of the area as well as her education of history and art were invaluable. The walk was at a good pace and covered a lot of ground. We thoroughly enjoyed the Walk and highly recommend this tour.
It was our first night in Rome and the tour with Mauro was informative and enjoyable. He was able to provide an overview of the city as well as shared interesting stories of buildings and people from the past as we strolled.
Francesca was wonderful! Very educated and fun to speak with and listen to. Thank you Francesca!
Tony was very good and we were able to see more than expected.
We had a really interesting tour with Felix who was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful. We enjoyed it so much we booked onto a Vatican tour.
The tour guide was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable and made sure that everyone stayed with the group and didn't get lost. We were able to see the major sites as a great introduction to Rome on our first day there.
Our guide was fun and very knowledgable of the history, architecture, and artists of Rome. We loved it and have already recommended your tour company.
Sirianna was an excellent guide and this was my favorite tour of our entire trip!
Francesca was fabulous! She was so personable, and had so much knowledge about Rome and the sights we were seeing. In addition, she gave us great advice and helpful info for our whole stay in the city. The tour was awesome as was the tour guide - perfect first night in Rome!
Marianna was EXCELLENT, would request her again if I come back to Rome. Her English was perfect and with the ear pieces we could hear her as we looked at the wonderful sites of Rome. Thank you and we especially enjoyed the nice treat...gelato!!!
Outstanding tour guides. Very personable, engaging and informative. Made you feel like you were transported in time. Would highly recommend.
Enjoyed walking with Vanessa. She was very knowledgable. This walk was a great way to get acquainted with Rome.
I enjoyed the tour, the guide was very knowledgeable and the Gelato in the middle was a nice touch to break things up. I would recommend this tour.
Grazie Maria who made our tour fabulous. Without a doubt there is no way we would have learnt or seen what we did without her. Recommend 100%
The tour was great and so was Ferdinando. One tiny criticism, the gelato wasn't great. We stayed very close to a Fata Morgana in Trastevere. Much better.
A nice tour for when you arrive.
Marianna was amazing. Very knowledgeable, funny and upbeat. You can tell how much she loves her job, Rome and people.
Excellent. Really informative
Elisa was a wonderful tour guide. This tour was a perfect way to start our trip in Rome. And being able to have a gelato during the tour was perfect.
A wonderful intro/welcome to the city on the day of our arrival and Mariana was great - friendly, funny, informative.
Just brilliant. Highly recommended. Thankyou
Maria was really excellent and we enjoyed the walk because of her input
This was our first day in Rome, and our first tour. We did not know what to expect, but were very pleased with the information provided by Marianna, and her knowledge of the sites we visited.
Marianna was a fantastic guide! Very informative tour, and Marianna gave us some great recommendations for coffee, gelato and restaurants which we tried the next day!
Marianna was a super guide! Very knowledgable and friendly!
This was the perfect tour for our first night in Rome. Guide was excellent and we enjoyed it greatly!
An excellent introductory tour for our first night in Rome.
Perfect introduction to Rome!!!
Maria Grazia was a wonderfully enthusiast guide. She showed us everything promised, plus more. I recommend Maria for all tours, she was very knowledgable.
Max was knowledgeable and charming. The tour was a wonderful introduction to the highlights of Rome.
Franchesca Was amazing. Very insightful and very friendly. She was by far the best tour guide that I have ever had in all my travels. Give her a promotion, cheers!
Very enjoyable tour with very knowledgable guide. She was professional, highly prepared and
She was very kind, energetic and knowledgeable.
Francesca was such a great guide. She throughly explained everything with such knowledge and enthusiasm which made the tour even more enjoyable!
Very knowledgable and small group was great.
LOVED OUR GUIDE!!! Tanguy was wonderful. Very knowledgable and really seemed to love his job.
Guido was a great guide and introduced us to the highlights of central Rome.
Great tour! Excellent guide!
Mariana was funny and very knowledgeable about the sights! Totally enjoyed the tour with her. A great introduction to the beautiful piazzas and fountains of the city.
We did this tour on our first afternoon in Rome and it was a fantastic way to start off the trip! Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and made the tour as engaging as it was fun! Highly recommend!
Francesca was beyond brilliant as a guide. As a PhD in Art History, we got our money's worth and more. She's a credit to your company.
Great tour, Guide was knowledgeable friendly. Will probably recommend the tour to friends.
This was a great way for us to start our tour through Italy.
Excellent tour. The guide was great.
Tiberio was a wonderful guide and we loved the tour!!! His passion for and knowlegde of history were so apparent throughout our walk.
Our guide Francesca was amazing! We loved this tour our first evening in Rome. It was a great introduction to the city. We learned so much!
We enjoyed this tour very much and our guide was great. We liked her use of an iPad to show pictures of how things used to look.
Marta was great!
Nice tour to start our first day in Rome!
Wonderful guide. Very Knowledgeable Thank u so much!
Tour guide was great!
Our guide was awesome! He was very well educated especially concerning the art in the churches we visited! Loved the tour and the gelato!
Great tour. Our guide was very passionate about Rome and we feel that we got even more out of our tour than we were expecting. The gelato place we went to was also the best gelato we had on our entire trip.
Just sent a email We did the tour Saturday night with Luca He was excellent and professional !!
Execellent tour and guide. Thank you.
Cecelia was a warm, knowledgeable and hospitable tour guide. She was fantastic! Thank you.
Angela was very enthusiastic and knowledgable about the city. It was our first day in Rome and Angela really gave us a great introduction and feel for the culture of the city.
The tour was perfectly paced and still provided lots of useful information. Cecilia's passion for Rome made the tour lots of fun.
We loved our guide. This was a terrific introduction to Rome!
Friendly and enthusiastic guide.
Elisa was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her role as a guide. We thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Jeff and Cindy Crane London Canada
Wonderful introduction to Rome. Guide was perfect.
Wonderful, fun, and delicious tour! Our guide provided great details about the art on the tour - which was everywhere! His depth of knowledge and sense of humor were delightful!
Wonderful tour. We enjoyed it very much and the guide was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining!
Loved this tour. Enzo was an excellent guide. I went on my first night in Rome and it helped me feel comfortable being in Rome. Enjoyed stop for ice cream too.
This was my favorite tour. The guide's love of art was very obvious and his enthusiasm was contagious.
guide was welcoming and knowledgable. Excellent
guide was welcoming and knowledgable. Excellent
Great tour. The best part was guide - Ms. Valentina - She is wonderful and she was born and bought up there in Rome so she explained a lot with clarity. God bless you Ms Valentina.
This was cool. I had walked the same route and missed everything the tour Guide pointed out :-). Loved her accent too.
Excellent! Felix was great!
Lovely introduction to Rome - with a wonderful guide who was both passionate and knowledgeable about his home city.
My wife and I loved our walking tour of Rome!
A very friendly and informative tour guide made this a nice introduction to Rome.
Our tour guide was wonderful! No better way to tour Rome in the evening!!
Cicilia was wonderful - informative, funny and kept a normal walking pace while covering all the sites. All of the three tours we went on were clear to understand, and the guide was entertaining. We really enjoyed ourselves.
Very enjoyable with a knowledgeable guide
A great way to get an understanding of the area if you will be in Rome for a few days. The guide did a great job, even in the rain!
Answered questions, knew her material well, enjoyable to listen to
We thoroughly enjoyed the Welcome to Rome tour! We planned it for our first full day in Rome so that we could get reacquainted with the important sites and tips on getting around the city. We did find Victor to be a bit 'dry' as a guide but he provided great information!
Tanguy is the type of guide with an immense knowledge and a second to none sense of humor. I had a lot of fun following him :)
We enjoyed the tour very much and Valentina, our guide, was very knowledgeble and gave loads of helpful tips.
Felix was a great guide, with lots of history told us.
Maria is a fantastic tour guide providing a great deal of knowledge in an entertaining and professional manner. She hit all of the high points with great insight and history. The gelato was fantastic. Highly recommended!
Elisa was intelligent, informative and amusing.
Very knowledgable guide
Very knowledgeable. Excellent tour.
Marianna was very entertaining, walked at the right pace and was very knowledgeable. Thoroughly enjoyed our first evening in Rome.
I would definitely recommend WOI to everyone.
He was a vary good guide and helped us make the most of it, in spite of the rain.
Fantastic way to see the city! Guides are incredibly knowledgeable!!
Elena was very informative - insightful & passionate about Rome. It was a great introduction to Rome x
She was great!!! Thank you
Enza was fantastic. Thank you for a wonderful tour!
Tanguy was awesome. Very friendly and so much knowledge of Rome. We had him on a tour on the day before. Whatever he is getting paid is not enough!
Great tour. Enjoyed every minute.
The guide has amazing knowledge and was just what we needed to get introduced to Rome. The experience was amazing. Thank you and your team so, so much. The guide was really friendly and helpful with questions outside the tour boundaries.
It was above our expectations, the guide was knowledgeable, nice and funny. Our family had a great time and it permitted us to situate ourselves in Roma.
Tyson was informative & engaging. We greatly enjoyed ourselves.
Excellent intro to Rome very pleasant and casual ! . We enjoyed Peter company and knowledge . We will do the same visit upon our next visit to Rome !
Good introductory tour that covered several of the highlights. Marta was very knowledgeable and engaging (she worked hard to keep our three daughters engaged). Thanks!
Very knowledgable and enjoyable. Would recommend to friends and fami,y.
Francesca was a great guide. The walk is a nice way to get acclimated to the city when you first arrive. The gelato at Della Parma was my wife's favorite by far!
Really great. Depth of understanding of your guides is incredible. (I feel sorry for them as frustrated archeologists, but it is our gain that we get access to their insights.)
Perfect overview of the area,knowledgeable & friendly guide, very worthwhile! Thanks, Walks of Italy!
Cecelia was a fabulous tour guide and we really enjoyed the tour. She added a number of quick stops along the tour route for us to see extra things and was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I can't emphasize enough how much we enjoyed this tour and are very happy we booked with your company.
Our tour guide was excellent and enthusiastic about sharing history of Rome. Loved it.
Simona was great! Her knowledge & love of Roma was evident. Best gelato, too!
Our guide was very knowledgeable and informative.
Elisa was great fun and gave us a good tour, covering everything. She was very upbeat.
Great tour! Wonderful guide. She gave us a terrific introduction the Rome.
It was wonderful. She was Great. Very nice and knew a lot about history. She was very entertainer. Made it fun. Very friendly. Love it. I will recommend her
Our tour guide was wonderful. Maristela did an amazing job explaining all of the sites and was very personable and likeable. I would highly recommend your walks because of her great job.
Guido was absolutely an excellent guide. He gave a lot of interesting information, and made the tour fun. This was a great introduction to Rome.
This tour is ideal for starting your holiday in Rome.All the sights were covered very well by your guide Marie Stella !
Cecilia was a great guide and made this tour a lot of fun. She was full of knowledge and fun facts/stories. The city was very crowded for the Easter Holiday and Cecilia maneuvered her way through very well. Thoroughly enjoyed her tour.
Angela was AMAZING! We had a wonderful time and learned so much about a then history of Rome with her. She gave just the right amount of information. I have already recommended this tour to several friends!
Peter was excellent, knowledgeable and fun. we've recommended him and Walks to friends. ciao!
We enjoyed our tour most importantly because of the fun and hospitality of our guide Cecilia (A10). She made our first night in Roma most enjoyable !
It was a great tour to take when you get off an overseas flight that morning. Relaxing but enjoyable first tour of major sights.
Tour was great. Sadly the pantheon wasn't open due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our guides control. But - she gave a great description regardless! And - love, love, loved the Gelato!Will definitely use you again!
Unfortunately I missed the guides name when we first met and she also could have done with some kind of identifier (flag for example). Other than that it was really great.
Very nice. Guido loved archaeology and shared extra places with us. He also took us for hot drinks instead of gelato since it was cold! Very nice.
Amazing tour! Very informative and kind! Yummy gelato!
Wonderful tour. Very knowledgeable, friendly guide. Thankyou :)
Lisa was our Guide, She was very knowledgeable but also entertained us with stories along the way. Very good! Thank you
Peter was great! We were lucky to be the only ones on that walk. He had yoid analogies gir us Americans, and recommended a great restaurant at the end. He was extremely knowledgeable.
Our first night in Roma began with this tour. Covered the highlights at night with the most delightful guide! Very enjoyable!!!
Uta was a very fun tour guide. It was our first day in Rome and nice to be able to walk around and get a feel for the city with someone experienced. She also gave us some great advise about walking around town.
Andre our guide was great, full of knowledge, fun, and personable. My family to include two teenagers and a 10 year old enjoyed the tour!
I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the Walks guide.
Joseph was the ultimate host, warm and welcoming, knowledgable and very professional. A real credit to himself and his company.
Tour was great and so was the tour guide. We did 5 tours with you and enjoyed all of them. We had an 11 yr old with us and your guides engaged him and kept him interested. Thank you for that!! We especially enjoyed Juliette for the pristine sistene tour. She was wonderful with Matt.
Very knowledgeable and very funny!
Joseph was a great guide and I am likely to take another walking tour before I leave because it was so much fun. Plus Joseph arranged for the Pope too drive by and wave at us, just kidding on the "arrange" but we did see the Pope. Great fun and good gelato!
Really great tour. Wonderful tour guide! Thanks
Great way to start our trip! Gave us some orientation and Amy gave us great tips that have helped us a lot. She was fun, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.
We really enjoyed Amy's insight and bright personality. She provided a great introduction to the neighborhood and her pointers about the the culture of Rome were used our entire trip.
A great tour for first night. Very informative. The city is beautiful at night.
I believe our guide's name was Lisa. She was very knowledgeable, energetic and full of funny stories. A pure delight.
Amy is just great. She knows her history well. Not only did she answer all my questions patiently, she gave great tips on sightseeing in Rome as well.
Andrea was wonderful - great tour, really enjoyed by everyone. Will definitely recommend and do a Walks tour again when I visit Italy.
We were very happy with our guide and this tour.
Andrea was awesome! His jokes and personality made the tour and Rome come to life!
We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Joseph. He was a lot of fun and very informative.
Amazing tour. Very informative. Awesome customer service.
The guide was great, and Walks of Italy was extremely accommodating. We got lost and missed the time so they made room for us the next night. Thanks so much!
Great introduction and fun time with Amy. We'd do it again.
Guide was most friendly and gave an excellent tour
One of the best guides ever!!! This was a great tour . I really enjoyed it!
Our guide, Andrea was well informed and very nice. He really knows his art and history. It was a lovely way to spend an early evening. Learned a lot.
Jos was AMAZING! Thoroughly enjoyed his knowledge and flexibility
This was our first night in Rome and a great introduction to the city. Informative and fun !
I have done this tour in the past and I booked it again for my family because I liked it so much. Well done. We were not disappointed
It was a fantastic way to see all of the sites of Central Rome, the gelato was so good we went back every day. Elisa was a great tour guide, really friendly helpful and informative and was more than happy to answer any questions we had. Would 100% recommend to anyone coming to Rome.
Our guide Andrea was great! He provided us with interesting information that you don't read about in guide books. Loved the Gelato at Gelateria della Palma, we went back three times during our stay! Also appreciated the restaurant suggestions and recommendations
Elisa was a great guide. The tour was a wonderful way to get acquainted with the city on our first day. The gelato was delicious! I highly recommend this tour.
A wonderful introduction to Roma. Elisa was very knowledgeable but far from boring; she was nice to be with and made the tour about the sites and not about her self
Great tour guide! She was like walking through the city with a friend who had grown up there! Great information without feeling like you were just having information spewed at you. She was fantastic!
Elena was excellent and very knowledgeable. Despite the rainy conditions she maintained her sense of humor. My only comment was that we saw other groups who had supplied umbrellas. Very satisfied overall.
Fun with knowledgable guide. Would highly recommend.
Mr. T was captivating and knowledgable. He too, kept the group together and moving with ease among the crowds. We are so grateful for the knowledge imparted and for his genuine spirit.
Andrea was a great guy, and a typical proud Roman. Wc really enjoyed this walk and his knowledge
Excellent pace and very interesting.
We enjoyed the tour very much. Our guide was knowledgeable and very pleasant.
A lovely way to introduce oneself to a beautiful city. Our guide was informative and amusing, and made for a lovely evening to start our days in Rome.
A lovely way to introduce oneself to a beautiful city. Our guide was informative and amusing, and made for a lovely evening to start our days in Rome.
I don't remember her name, but she stayed positive despite horrible rain. She was aware of everyone's needs. Great info & personality 😀
Andrea was very informative. Nice guy.
Outstanding tour! The best we experienced during our stays in Venice and Rome. Jos was the perfect guide. Both informative and entertaining. Thanks, Mark Melia
This tour was exactly the welcome we needed to kick off our Rome vacation. Our guide was very knowledgeable and witty. Great job Andrea!
This was such an amazing tour! Our tour guide was phenomenal and I learned so much in our wonderful tour. I have already recommended this tour to others.
It was a very interesting tour. I liked lot that the guide was from Rome and he was talking about his city.
Absolutely fabulous! Got a wonderful feel for the beauty of the city. Witty, educated, very well spoken - Gio was fabulous! Great introduction to the city
Amy was a terrific guide and we really enjoyed our tour.
This is a great opportunity to get to know an area before doing any tours. It's great just to have an understanding of where you are and a general idea of what is in store for the next few days whether you are talking more tours with "Walks of Italy" or going on your own.
Andrea was enthusiastic about all things Rome--a perfect person to introduce the city.
It was wonderful to have someone who knew so much about the history and area. Great tour.
Elena was prompt, knowledgeable, and very kind. This was a perfect way for us to begin our trip!
What an excellent tour, we both really enjoyed it. Our guide Peter was the best, he was really passionate about Rome and made the tour special so thank you Peter. Colin & Jacqui UK.
Our guide was great and the tour did just what was advertised. It gave us a real overview of Rome. Helped us get our bearings.
It was hard to hear at times
Absolutely fantastic...tour guide was very informative and hospitable. Would highly recommend your tours.
Eliza was a great guide. We had only been in Rome for a couple of hours when we took the tour. Eliza was so very knowledgable.
Guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, she made the tour interesting and come alive. A great introduction to Rome!
Amy is charming enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. She made our tour very enjoyable. The small group size was excellent and we had plenty of opportunity to ask her questions. We would definitely recommend your company provided you continue with this quality of guide and group size.
Guide Maria was very good, pointed out a lot of different sights and told stories about how they came to be. She took us to a great gelato place that had a ton of different flavors. I really enjoyed my tour in Rome and it gave me a good idea of the landscape of Rome on our first night.
A fabulous tour with a very informative guide. Pity it was pouring with rain! But we enjoyed our tour anyway.
Our guide was excellent.
Andrea was fantastic. He combined history, culture, architecture, arts and helpful tidbits. The information he gave us on our tour really helped make our visit to Roma go smoothly.
Andrea was very informative & good fun too!
Very knowledgeable of the area and friendly! Was a fine introduction to the start of my trip
Our guide was well informed, pleasant to talk with and was on time with the tour. I would certainly recommend this and several other tours we took thru Walks of Italy.
Andrea was the most fantastic guide. It was an exceptionally informative and enjoyable tour. Thank you so much
Wonderful experience. Fabulous guide!
Fabulous tour, very impressed with the knowledge and passion for the topic and Elisa's desire to share it. Highly recommend
This tour was fantastic! We loved Andrea, he was knowledgeable, friendly, and funny. We learned so much about Rome from this tour and wouldn't have wanted to start our vacation any other way.
Lovely welcome to Rome, just fresh off the plane! Informative friendly guide, excellent pace and delicious gelati :)
Our guide was great!
Amy met us with the happiest of greetings. She gave us so much useful information and really got us off to the best start in Rome. We were very happy with all the facts, stories and helpful Rome Tourist tips, we couldn't have wished for anyone better. Amy is highly rated. Many Thanks
our guide was perfect, very knowledgeable and attentive.
Very good and knowledgeable guide. Loved the tour.
Elisa was very knowledgeable and gave a very interesting tour.
An excellent time spent with Amy, she was informal, patient and knew how to deliver very well in deed. I would have no hesitation in recommending this tour
Andrea did an amazing job in the storytelling and guiding us through the city. He was very friendly, the Interaction was good and he could answer anything we asked him during the tour. One of the best guides I've ever had
peter was great full of so much knowledge and history.
Excellent tour and great introduction to Rome
Excellent tour with Amy who was really friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about the sites and the historical background. She gave lots of helpful info about staying in Rome and looked after us all in the heat. Delicious gelato too. I would really recommend starting a trip to Rome with this tour.
Peter was the greatest! Thank you Peter for all your great knowledge and candid insights. LOVED THE TOUR!!!!
Guide (Andrea) was wonderful- very nice and knowledgable. Enjoyed the gelato!
We loved this tour and our tour guide!Amy was engaging, intelligent, and highly entertaining!
Andrea was animated, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. His love for Rome was expressed in his passion for Roman history, and modern day. Andrea is the best. Seriously, super cool dude. Fantastic tour
Excellent tour with an entertaining guide. Loved that he wove the story of Bernini and Borromini throughout the walk. Would absolutely book with Walks again!
Excellent guide. Very knowledgable and friendly. Nothing too much trouble, very genuine. The tour was the perfect intro to Rome, especially as we only had a a short stay there. Would definitely recommend the tour and the company. Thanks
Excellent! A very knowledgeable and pleasant guide. Made for a great introduction to the city.
Our stroll through Roma with Andrea was fantastic. Andrea is an expert on the history of Italy and he shared his knowledge with us during the tour. Great tour!
It was great! The Gelato was wonderful.
There were only 4 of us on this tour. We took this tour about 5 hours after having arrived in Rome from Washington, DC. Though tired we thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The guide was very pleasant and informative.
Guide was great appeared to be highly educated historian
This was great!
Loved the tour, will do it again
We booked this the evening we arrived in Rome from Seattle. We arrived that afternoon, took a power nap, and then did this walking tour. It was the perfect way to get on local time and get oriented.
I would suggest this tour on day of arrival or next day. It familiarized you with the city. Guide was informative about city sights as well as offering tips about being in Rome.
Andrea was funny and informative. I appreciated his level of knowledge of the city. We both used his information for the rest of trip. The tour was great but the guide made it a great experience!
I loved Amy's sense of humor. Great knowledge as well.
Andrea was wonderful! He was friendly and very knowledgeable! I would recommend him as a tour guide to any and everyone. We were extremely pleased with our Walks of Italy tour.
Andrea was very helpful and knowledgeable as a guide. It was a great first tour to get our bearings around Rome.
Amy was very enthusiastic and clearly loves sharing Rome with visitors. The tour was a very enjoyable introduction to our stay here.
By far the best guide I have had on my trips to Europe!
Guide was wonderful.
Good tour to get your bearings and get you started on your first day in rome.
Andrea was an excellent guide. He was funny, personable and extremely knowledgeable. We enjoyed our tour with you and look forward to two others that we have booked.
Our guide spoke just a bit too fast sometimes. He was interesting, entertaining, and informative. He made the tour special with his anecdotes and special stops.
Frank was absolutely the best guide we have ever had. He was informative and gave us deep insight to the wonderful history of Rome. I would recommend him highly and am putting this review on trip advisor. Thank you frank.
Andrea was so good! Very fun and quirky, and a great guide.
Our guide was knowledgeable and walked at a good pace. Great way to acclimate yourself when first arriving in Rome.
Great tour! Would definitely recommend Walks of Italy to my friends!
Amy is a treasure! She was a wonderfully enthusiastic and knowledgable guide who was happy to answer questions about Rome and its people. We loved the small group size and the comfortable pace of the tour. It was a fantastic way to start our holiday in Rome.
Andy was awesome! Very informative and good humor.
This is a great tour to get your bearings in Rome and we really enjoyed Andrea. He was informative and gave us a lot of interesting facts about the areas we were seeing.
Enjoyed our tour and guide!!
Interesting and informative. My family really enjoyed this tour and the guide.
Amy was our tour guide. She was very knowledgable, friendly & had a great sense of humor. She made our 1st night in Rome very relaxing & helped us feel at home! Thank you Amy!
Fantastic tour. Great sights and a wonderful guide full of charisma, passion and useful information.
We really enjoyed this tour and it started our visit to Rome off perfectly. Andy was a great, knowledgeable guide and we learned a lot from him. We were so glad that we took the tour and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Rome.
I took this tour my first night in Rom, Peter was a wonderful tour guide. Very knowledgeable! It was a lot of fun.
Amy was great. Fun, energetic, a dknowledgable. I would recommend this tour to anyone.
Helpful guides with tons of interesting information. It was evident that the guides were really passionate about the history of Rome.
The guide was a bit soft spoken for me but the information was fun and he kept the atmosphere light.
This tour was an excellent welcome to Rome tour! It was our first few hours in Rome so we loved getting some background with a guided tour. Our tour guide was excellent and was educated in his subject so that was perfect too!
A great starting tour for Rome. Our guide was excellent and very knowledgeable.
The heat, noise, and crowds were factors over which the guide, Andreas, had no control, but which made it challenging to hear his narration, and put a damper on the eperience.
Really enjoyed the twilight stroll, I even recommended it to friend who took the tour later in the week. Andrea was a great guide. The meeting place and guide were easy to find.
Andrea was excellent . He was referred to us by friends that had taken the tour the week before . Glad we attended! Thank you
Andrea was great: animated, friendly, clearly very passionate about the city, and offered everyone extra advice to questions about local food and recommendations. He even helped me and my boyfriend find our restaurant after the tour.
great primer to get to know the city and where to go back for more views, details!
It was a very pleasant walk with all the rich information from my guide. It was great!
Andy was extremely informative and friendly, and afforded a perfect introducation to the city. It was clear he loves the city and the history, and his enthusiasm was endearing. Bravo to Andrea and WOI for a well-rounded tour.
His was terrific. Very entertaining and instructive tour
This was a great tour and highly recommended at the beginning of a Rome visit. Andrea was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
Great tour will definitely recommend To friends!
Joseph was great!
Nice city overview and some unique aspects you wouldn't find in a tour book. Andrea also gave us some nice dining tips at the end of our tour, which we enjoyed.
Andrea was on time, clear to understand, informative and we thought they provided a very pleasant experience. Well worth the money.
SO happy we took this tour on our first night in Rome! The tour was small enough that we could actually get real info from our guide, plus get our bearings in this amazing city. We even got great ideas for restaurants & one was the best meal we even had while in Rome. GREAT!
Guide was very helpful and informative
My sister and I really enjoyed the twilight city stroll with Andrea. He was extremely knowledgeable, upbeat, and spoke English very well. He made the history of the areas we explored come alive for us.
very informative and a great way to learn. I've been to Rome four times and came away with a better understanding and appreciation. highly recommended.
Really great intro to rome. Friendly and knowledgable guide.
Amy was wonderful. She was entertaining and highlighted some of the history and architecture of Rome.
Amy was great, wish we could have taken more tours with her!!
Our tour and guide was fabulous!!!
Our guide was extremely knowledgable of the city and the various stops on our tour. He was able to not only show us the city, explain its history but also suggest delicious dinner stops along the way.
Our only disapointment was the Pantheon was not open. It would make sense to make people aware of that up front, maybe they would pick another day.
Joseph was amazing...knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Couldn't have asked for a better tour or guide. COMPLETELY SATISFIED!!!
This was a lovely introduction to Rome. We arrived in Rome after an overnight flight. This was a great introduction to some of the outside major sites of the city. Andy was engaging and was terrific with our kids. We had a terrific time!
Thank you Joseph. Joseph's English was v good. Great sense of humour and very knowledgable and informative.
Peter was informative, good humored, and fun to “hang out”with. It happened to be our first evening in Rome, so the timing of the tour was perfect and Peter was a great guide.
guide was enthusiastic and entertaining.
Fantastic introduction to Rome. Fantastic guide. He gave great recommendations for restaurants as well. We were very pleased. Grazie
Jos was brilliant & funny. Bought the city to life!
Great tour!!!
Andy was a great tour guide and very informative.
Peter was so interesting, entertaining, charming, and knowledgable. We booked the tour at the last minute and were so glad we did! It was a wonderful introduction to an amazing city.
excellent tour-guide was terrific and relaxed!
This twilight stroll was a fabulous welcome to Rome tour. Andrea was very knowledgeable and friendly. The piazza's look beautiful when lit up at night. Della Palma gelateria was a hit with our family. We learned a ton, it was the perfect way to start our stay in Rome.
Excellent guide (Amy) who did a great job with the two little kids who were on the tour. She kept them engaged with games and projects (spot and count the bees, find examples of "Roman Red" etc) so that the adults were free to ask questions and enjoy the tour.
Linea was a wonderful guide. We enjoyed our evening walk with her.
Amy's love of Rome and thorough knowledge of history, culture and topography offered us an excellent introduction and served as a springboard to explore the city for the rest of our stay.
Andrea was an amazing tour guide! he was very knowledgeable and fun to talk to!
Andrea was fantastic! He told us so many facts and kept the tour interesting! I was very pleased with the length and content of the tour! I will definitely recommend.
The guide was well versed with history of Rome, was very pleasant and informative so we both enjoyed his company and would highly recommend him to anyone
Joseph was our guide and was very engaging, pointing out things we would have just passed by without a second glance. It was pouring with rain but once on the tour started the weather didn't matter. His recommendation of restaurants was excellent.
Our tour guide Joseph was great! I was a wonderful introduction to Rome. We truly enjoyed the tour and found it informative and fun!
We had a great time with Marta. She was helpful, friendly, and very knowledgeable.
Marta was fantastic in giving us a great orientation of Rome, inside knowledge of culture / where to eat + coffee & an understanding of some of the history behind Rome. Would definitely recommend this tour to anyone coming to Rome.
Late response, but Rome was the first week of 5 weeks of tours and cruises and then we returned home sick. All the walking tours were outstanding, we could not have picked any thing better
My wife and I did the tour the night we arrived in Rome from the USA. Joseph was excellent, the sights were wonderful at night, a nice difference from seeing them in daylight. We would highly recommend this tour.
Great tour with Cecilia--there was quite a commotion at the Spanish steps but she led us around the problem. She knew her city and actually took an extra hour to show us and explain so much. She interacted well with youngsters on the tour.
Great tours! Both David and Luigi were knowledgeable and passionate about their respective subjects! I would highly recommend using Walks of Italy!
Amy is an excellent person to introduce you to Rome. Take this tour as soon as you arrive in the city!
The Welcome to Rome: Twilight Stroll was perfect. Exactly what we needed on our first day there as an introduction to what Rome offers. The gelato was the perfect treat to the warm evening. Highly recommend the tour. Our tour guide, Amy was a true delight and very knowledgeable
Both tours were excellent. Guides were knowledgeable, patient, and eager to help
Marta was an excellent tour guide. Her knowledge of history and architecture were very impressive and made the tour informative and very interesting. We couldn't have been more pleased.
Great experience, guides were knowledgable and friendly. I will book you the next time I am in Rome or other cities
Amy did a great job of showing us the area of the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon. We very much enjoyed it and she was a very professional and well-informed guide.
Great tours! Both David and Luigi were knowledgeable and passionate about their respective subjects! I would highly recommend using Walks of Italy!
great tour with Cecilia--there was quite a commotion at the Spanish steps but she led us around the problem. She knew her city and actually took an extra hour to show us and explain so much. She interacted well with youngsters on the tour.
We loved all of our guides on these tours. Each one had special information about what exactly we were seeing. They also were obviously excited about what they were talking about. Smaller group tours like Walks of Italy provides are much better than the bigger 20-25 person tours we saw everywhere.
The Welcome to Rome: Twilight Stroll was perfect. Exactly what we needed on our first day there as an introduction to what Rome offers. The gelato was the perfect treat to the warm evening. Highly recommend the tour. Our tour guide, Amy was a true delight and very knowledgeable.
Both tours were excellent. Guides were knowledgeable, patient, and eager to help.
A lovely way to orient yourself with the wonders of Rome. We did this on our first night, and it allowed us to see some of the major sites, such as the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps and pick up some inside knowledge about taxis, the metro and where to eat in Rome.
Great tours!
Joseph was an excellent tour guide - well informed, organized, articulate, and a great personality
Amy did a great job of showing us the area of the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon. We very much enjoyed it and she was a very professional and well-informed guide.
Nice orientation to Rome when you are jeg lagged and not ready to take on the map! Amy was very knowledgeable. Thanks for a quality experience
Both tours were great. The tour guides were knowledgeable and humorous! We learned so much from Silvia about Ancient Rome. The twilight tour with Jeannette helped us become acclimated to Rome
We visited Rome for short stay and this tour was a great way to see some of the highlights.
The only thing wrong with the twilight tour was that we booked it at the end of our short Rome visit. It was a relaxed& informative tour and would have saved miles of legwork
We are so glad we chose the night tour of the collosseum.The guide was both informative & interesting which gave the evening a sense of drama
All four tour guides were excellent, well grounded in history and the culture of the area. Really liked the Florence Food Tour...something different
Great introductory tour to Rome. Guide was very accommodating and had some very helpful tips for navigating and enjoying the city
We had a great twilight tour with Jeanette! Couldn't have asked for a better introduction to Rome!
David and Joseph were great
Amy is an excellent person to introduce you to Rome. Take this tour as soon as you arrive in the city!