Walks of Italy

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 3.5 hrs
  • Start Time: Times vary.

Tour Highlights

  • Step off the normal tourist trail for a full Caesar's Palace tour which lets you explore the ancient Roman villa of Caesar Augustus, featuring frescoes even more beautiful than those in Pompeii.

  • Skip long lines at the Colosseum to get straight inside. With a small group of 22 people or fewer and an archaeologist tour guide, you'll explore this incredible amphitheater for a full hour.

  • Enjoy an ancient Rome tour in the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill.
It's hard to believe these frescoes are over 2,000 years old. Originally, the frescoes would have covered the bricks and extended over the entire wall. A scene from Roman mythology is depicted in this fresco. After more than 2,000 years these Roman bricks appear freshly-laid. The houses also include a museum with the artifacts found inside them. Walks guides always have a visual aid or two helping bring the past to life. Some views of the Colosseum never get old. Inside the Colosseum on our VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Small groups mean easy interaction | Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour The Palatine Hill | Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Small groups on the Palatine Hill | Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour The garden of the Vestal Virgins, Roman Forum | Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Ruins on the Palatine Hill | Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Walks of Italy small group tour on the Palatine Hill - part of a special VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Exploring the Roman Forum on Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour The Roman Forum on Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour The Arch of Titus at the Roman Forum, as seen on Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour The Arch of Constantine, as seen on Walks of Italy VIP Ancient Rome Tour Beautiful paintings inside Casa di Livia, dating back to the 1st century BC! As seen on Walks of Italy's VIP Ancient Rome Tour



This ancient Rome tour unlocks the gates of the Caesar's Palace - the grand villa of Caesar Augustus - to give you a VIP experience of one of Rome's greatest ruins. Following an expert guide through closed doors, you'll see ancient living spaces and gape at 2,000 year-old frescoes as you'll learn the story of Augustus; from his rivalry with Mark Antony and Cleopatra to his ruthless pursuit of power, and even his tender relationship with his wife, Livia (who may or may not have poisoned him).

N.B.: The Casa di Augusto is closed on Saturdays. If you book a tour on a Saturday you will visit the Case Romane del Celio, the 3rd-century century villa of a wealthy patrician family who had the walls frescoed by some of the finest artists of the day. These lavish decorations have survived with astounding clarity and color, meaning you can still see the decorative figures, tricks of perspective, ceiling moldings and floor tiles. The Casa di Augusto is also subject to unforeseen ticket shortages. If we do not get tickets to the house on the day of your trip we will visit the Casa di Livia next door.


Use pre-reserved Colosseum tickets to skip the long entrance lines and explore the first and second tiers of this iconic structure with your guide. You’ll learn what a day at the games was like, from animal hunts and “halftime” executions to gladiatorial combat and even a bit of betting.

Next, enjoy a full Roman Forum and Palatine Hill tour where you'll learn about day-to-day life in ancient Rome as you walk on the very same paving stones that men like Julius Caesar and Mark Antony used when this very spot was the center of Western Civilization. Although the ruins can be hard to decipher, your guide on this ancient Rome tour will bring the old stones to life with stories and anecdotes.


The sights of an Ancient Rome tour shouldn’t be considered in isolation, but rather as individual stitches in the rich tapestry of Rome’s history. With groups of 22 people or fewe,r you'll have fantastic access to your guide As they immerse you in the wonders of the Eternal City.

Sites visited

  • Casa di Augusto (Caesar's Palace)
  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill
  • Arch of Titus


  • VIP entry to Caesar's Palace (or special access to the House of Livia or Case Romane if the Palace is closed)
  • Skip the line tickets & reservation fees for the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
  • Small groups of 22 people or fewer
  • Headsets
  • Handpicked Walks of Italy tour guide throughout


5-stars from over 1130 Customer Reviews

Great tour. Very knowledgeable guide and easy to understand.
Guide was fantastic Dont let her get away.

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

On some days it will not be possible to visit the House of Augustus due to closures or restricted availability. On such occasions, you will visit House of Livia instead, where you will see many of the same features.”

On Saturdays the House of Augustus and the House of Livia will be closed to the public. On such occasions, you will visit the Case Romane instead, where you will see many of the same features.”

There is a new rule at the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill that only small backpacks and regular-size handbags are allowed inside. Guests with larger bags will not be allowed to enter (there are no storage facilities) and all guests must now pass through a security check before entering the Colosseum.

The Colosseum has changed its admission policy to ensure that only 3,000 people are allowed within the amphitheater at any given time, meaning much less crowding during busy periods. Although our tickets are pre-booked with Skip the Line access, this may mean a slight delay on entering if capacity has already been reached. We expect that the instances of this will be limited but ask for your patience if you travel on a busy day and are affected by this unavoidable circumstance. In all, it should make for a much nicer experience for all (and longer general access lines!).

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Great tour. Very knowledgeable guide and easy to understand.
Guide was fantastic Dont let her get away.
Excellent tour, excellent guide
Camilla was WONDERFUL. We felt like a friend was leading us on a tour. Her passion for her job shows and she gave us a high-quality experience. I would definitely recommend a tour with Walks and with Camilla.
He was an excellent, enthusiastic, and enjoyable tour guide.
The guide was very knowledgeable. It was enjoyable.
Enjoyed the guide, I think his name is Luigi? He was wonderful.
Camilla was an excellent tour guide, very knowledgeable and thorough. Really enjoyed the tour!
(No comment)
this was a great tour. I think we could have spent a little more time at Colosseum but otherwise it was great.
(No comment)
(No comment)
Excellent tour!! Loved our tour guide, very informative and detailed. Maria is all I can remember but her name was much longer.
Marie Elle was a fantastic tour guide! Would definitely tour with her again
We really enjoyed this tour. Our guide was very good and the headsets for hearing her voice were fabulous. The tour of Caesar's Palace was good and I'm glad I saw it but the museum is sort of odd and parts of it took a lot more time than is really necessary. Like the light show where the tile covering on the floor pulses over and over again with light patterns with no apparent reason. But we loved the colloseum and Pallantine Hill and seeing a bit of the forum. Our guide was really good but I cannot remember her name. Arg. Please send it to me and I will post a review on TripAdvisor.
Excellent tour
(No comment)
Excellent in all respects
(No comment)
This tour was fantastic. Our guide was very knowledgeable and engaging, and did a wonderful job conducting a tour through such a busy tourist area. The only aspect we weren't so impressed with was the visit to the House of Livia. We found the 'show' (and even the house itself) very underwhelming, and thought the 30+ minutes would have been better spent elsewhere. Otherwise, we were very happy with the tour.
(No comment)
(No comment)
All of my tours were good. Well informed guides & great discussions.
Great guide, great tour
(No comment)
The tour was wonderful and the guide, Maria-Theresa, knowledgeable and great with the the group. Her delivery of information was really good and pitched perfectly for the audience and the time given for it. The tour was also a really great length; any longer and we would have been too tired, but any shorter and it wouldn’t have been able to deliver as much. Maria-Theresa was also great at drawing parallels between the ancient past and our contemporary experiences, at one time giving a breathtaking moment of oratory. Brava, Maria-Theresa! Grazie.
The tour was really interesting and the guide full of knowledge. I will highly recommend it. Thank you!
Michela was an amazing tour guide, I learned so much and every dollar was well worth it. She definitely made my trip to Rome unforgettable. Thanks Michela, she needs a raise :)
Michaela was a wonderful and personable guide. The delivery of her knowledge really made for a great experience despite the overcrowded and hot day. She made it worth it.
Thank you. Our guide was highly informative and delightful.
Elizabeth was super knowledgeable and is an archeologist who has worked at these sites. She was super thorough. Well worth the money
Great guide
Great tour guide very knowledgeable
Our tour guide was amazing. We feel very privileged to have had a tour of the colosseum with an archeologist. This was one of the highlights of our 10 day trip to Italy. I would highly recommended this tour to anyone going to Italy.
Another excellent walk with a friendly, enthusiastic and well informed local guide with very good English
He was amazing
The tour was absolutely fantastic from beginning to end. I will definitely use Walks of Italy again in the future. Give our thanks to Mariella. She was a great tour guide. Very knowledgeable, very detailed tour and just a very kind person. She definitely deserves a pay rise. A brilliant tour guide. 5 stars. Thank you from Safiyahs Mum & Dad. Faisal & Henna :)
(No comment)
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(No comment)
Enjoyed Livia's house tour too , great tour overall , loved it.
A great tour. Our guide Mauritzio was fabulous. I would definitely do Walk of Italy tours again.
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(No comment)
Mary shared her knowledge with each guest. Her attention to each person's questions was excellent. I would recommend this tour over and over again because of Mary's wonderful tour and attention to customer comfort and customer's questions.
Tour was excellent. Tour guide was excellent, very knowledgeable, personable and informative. He was very attuned to the needs of our group, and able to answer a wide range of questions.