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Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 3.5 hrs
  • Start Time: Times vary.

Tour Highlights

  • Step off the trodden trail for a “new” experience of Ancient Rome! Security gates, previously opened only for archaeologists and historians, will swing open for you on this Ancient Rome tour; allowing you exclusive access to the 1st century BC home of Rome’s first emperor, Augustus Caesar (nephew of Julius Caesar) and his formidable wife, Empress Livia Drusilla.

  • For many years archaeologists and preservationists have been hard at work restoring these ancient treasures: Shoring up the walls and recapturing the colors and details of 2000 year old fresco painting. The result is an archaeological complex, ready to be seen like never before. Be amongst the first to experience it as our handpicked guides bring history to life. Then continue with tales of gladiators and beasts on a guided Colosseum & Ancient Rome tour.

  • At the imperial houses, in a small group of 15 people or fewer, you’ll learn why they are, in fact, the world’s first “palaces.” Your group will be the only ones inside and you will be able to imagine the days when the world was ruled from here. Your Ancient Rome tour also continues to the Roman Forum and Colosseum, by-passing the regular entrance lines with pre-reserved tickets for a truly rounded view of life during that period.
Inside Casa di Livia, as seen on Walks of Italy's VIP Caesar's Palace, Colosseum & Ancient Rome Tour Frescoes in a Casa di Livia Room on our Caesar's Palace Ancient Rome Tour | Walks of Italy Special access areas from outside on Walks of Italy's VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Casa di Augusto on Walks of Italy's VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Ruins at Casa di Augusto on Walks of Italy's VIP Caesar's Palace Tour The Colosseum, included on our VIP Ancient Rome Tour with Caesar's Palace Inside the Colosseum on our VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Inside the Colosseum on our VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Small groups mean easy interaction | Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour The Palatine Hill | Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Small groups on the Palatine Hill | Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour The garden of the Vestal Virgins, Roman Forum | Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Ruins on the Palatine Hill | Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Walks of Italy small group tour on the Palatine Hill - part of a special VIP Caesar's Palace Tour Exploring the Roman Forum on Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour The Roman Forum on Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour The Arch of Titus at the Roman Forum, as seen on Walks of Italy VIP Caesar's Palace Tour The Arch of Constantine, as seen on Walks of Italy VIP Ancient Rome Tour Beautiful paintings inside Casa di Livia, dating back to the 1st century BC! As seen on Walks of Italy's VIP Ancient Rome Tour


Casa di Augusto fresco on Walks of Italys VIP Ancient Rome Tour


Beyond the well-traveled trail of the Palatine Hill lies a narrow walkway leading to one of the most important discoveries in the Eternal City: the home of the Roman Empire’s very first emperor, Augustus (Octavian) Caesar. For decades archaeologists have labored over the complex of buildings within the Casa di Augusto and the Casa di Livia, the home he built for his beloved wife and partner in power, the Empress Livia. The result is astounding, room after room of ancient fresco paintings have survived, the original colors still intact. Decorative figures, tricks of perspective, ceiling moldings, and floor tiles are all still there 2,000 years after their creation.

On this special access, VIP Ancient Rome tour you’ll walk where few visitors have walked before, even fewer than those who’ve been to the Colosseum underground. With your handpicked Walks of Italy guide, in a small group of 15 or fewer, you’ll travel back 2,000 years to the birth of the Roman Empire. You’ll learn how, in the aftermath of Julius Caesar’s assassination, Octavian formed an alliance to successfully avenge his uncle’s death and ultimately defeat Marc Antony and Cleopatra to consolidate power in himself. Best of all, you’ll hear the story from where Augustus lived: No crowds, no guards, no fuss.

The Colosseum on Walks of Italys VIP Ancient Rome Tour


Of course, we’ll see the best of the rest too! With pre-reserved Colosseum tickets, you’ll skip the regular entrance line and explore the first and second tiers of this iconic structure with your expert, fully-licensed guide. You’ll learn what a day at the games was like, from animal hunts, to “halftime” execution, to gladiatorial combat and hear of the political and social function the building played in the Roman Empire.

Your walk continues to the Roman Forum, undoubtedly one of the most historically important areas in the Western World. It was here where Marc Antony spoke at Julius Caesar’s funeral and his body cremated, where the Vestal Virgins tended the sacred flame, where politicians debated publicly and the Senate met, where currency was exchanged, and where many of the most sacred temples once stood. Its stones and ruins are replete with history but may not seem like much to the casual observer. Your guide will speak their stories, help you mentally reconstruct their fragments, and connect their influence to the world today.

Small groups on Walks of Italys VIP Ancient Rome Tour


The sites of Ancient Rome shouldn’t be considered in isolation, but rather as individual stitches in the long and rich tapestry of Rome’s history. With an expert guide leading the charge, you’ll step into this story, following its twists and turns while being illuminated along its path.

With groups of only 15 people or fewer throughout your tour, you’ll have no trouble hearing, questioning or following your guide and with the special entry at Caesar’s Palace, you’ll have a full hour of peace and quiet in a cool, temperature-regulated room. Walk with us for an experience of Ancient Rome worthy of an Emperor!

Sites visited

  • Casa di Augusto (special access)
  • Casa di Livia (special access)
  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill
  • Arch of Titus


  • Special access entry to the Casa di Livia and Casa di Augusto (Casear’s Palace!)
  • Skip the line tickets & reservation fees for the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
  • Small groups of 15 people or fewer
  • Headsets
  • Handpicked Walks of Italy tour guide throughout


5-stars from over 864 Customer Reviews

We enjoyed the tour and Massimo did an excellent job. We did not get to see the Houses of Livia and Augustus - nor did we get to see the Domus Augustana which was mentioned in the apology email. I did get my refund though so thanks.
The VIP part of this was ABSOLUTELY worth it...wouldn't have wanted to do it any other way! Well worth the money!
Lovely guide and tour
We were a bit saddened by Caesars palace being closed but Massimo more than made up for it. The tour was fantastic! We couldn't have asked for a better, more entertaining guide. Learned so much. Thanks, Brent C, Vancouver BC #Massimo rocks, #he killed that tour, #will definitely recommend 😀
Wonderful tour. I've been on this one several times and felt this was best yet
She was an excellent guide.
Our guide was awesome, the best!
What an extensive tour! Luigi was great. Very considerate of water stops because of the heat.. He is extremely knowledgeable and very informative. Readily answered all questions.
Love it! And Laura was really knowledgeable. Mille grazie!
Our guide was wonderful, very knowledgeable.
It was a shame that we couldn't do the tour we had booked 7 months earlier, I was very disappointed in the cancellation especially since you had my money all that time. I did enjoy the tour but disappointed we couldn't do the underground part of the tour.
We took another tour with Walks of Italy booked through a wholesaler, "Rome as a local, Hidden Gems and Ancient Wonders, Jewish Ghetto", on August 20 conducted by your tour guide Melanie and she was excellent. Extremely knowledgeable. Learned everyone's name in the group. I give her a 5++.
Our guide was fantastic. Shall definitety take future tours with your company. A 4 of us will highly recommend your company. Thanks so much for a great guide.
Maria was brilliant tour guide we were so lucky to have someone explain everything so well to us. We were so impressed. Thanks Maria it was a great tour
Could we give six stars for Francesco? He was an amazing guide who worked incredibly hard to give us a color-filled and detailed tour. We would highly recommend Walks of Italy.
the guide was very knowledgable and pleasant. I would recommend this tour and your service any day.
The guide was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Entry into the palace was an excellent and interesting portion of the tour and well worth doing.
Tour was one of the best we went on. Julietta was a wonderful guide. We enjoyed her humor while still being VERY informative and interesting. Thank you!
Loved being guided by the knowledgeable Valentina. My family was so very interested in the Roman Forum and the discussion of the area's development through time. They also considered the visit to Augustus's and Livia's houses quite special and they considered the frescoes most impressive.
VIP Caesar's Palace was excellent!! Very thorough
Tour was amazing!! My husband and I were not disappointed! Our guide, Massimo, was VERY knowledgeable, charismatic and humorous keeping our tour fun. In I would definitely refer Walks of Italy to friends and family.
Sev was so amazing. His presentation was so interesting. We all enjoyed his tour immensely.
This is the second time I have been to the Colosseum and Forum, but my appreciate and understanding grew as a result of this tour. The guide was fabulous. He was knowledgeable on history and architecture which enhanced the excursion. I loved the tour so much that I want to take it again!
The tour was fabulous and the tour guide educated, articulate, passionate, considerate - just wonderful.
Great tour and our guide was excellent. Tour and guide exceeded our expectations !
Laura was an excellent guide, very knowledgeable and entertaining. We particularly enjoyed seeing Augustus and Livia's palace.
Excellent, amazing and wonderful tour. Selenia was passionate about all aspects of the tour and provided us with in-depth knowledge of these amazing sites.
Gus was a fantastic tour guide, we really enjoyed this VIP Caesar's Palace and learnt so much!
VIP Caesar's Palace was a very good tour well worth doing and Valentina was very well informed.
Very much appreciated the expertise of the our guide Sev - brilliant. Over and above this was his connection with the group and the pace he went at in 43 degrees heat. VIP Caesar's Palace was thoroughly enjoyable
I've been waiting for a long time to have the opportunity to see the frescoes, years and years and years! I am so pleased it is now available and to see if with an educated guide.
Thought the caesars palace and Augustus palace was the best part
Emanuela was very professional, enthusiastic, expert in knowledge... painted for us what it was like so many centuries, ago. We had to pass on the Coloseum portion... too hot!
Mr. PHD Professor of Rome University was an amazing tour guide. Clearly overqualified and very appreciative that he would take time to guide these tours. Best tour of my two week trip!
Our tour guide was personable and informative. She made the tour bearable despite the record breaking heat that we were walking in.
Massimo was the best! He is a fantastic, funny storyteller; he kept us all engaged even though the temperatures were 102/103 Fahrenheit. Would definitely recommend.
Mauricio was one of the most knowledgeable and personal guides ever His love of history and country were evident He also helped me on a personal level to negotiate stairs when it was a problem to me He is a gem!!!
Amazing tour! Loved every minute.
Alessia was fantastic! We enjoyed her fun personality as she beautifully explained all the sites we saw. A very enjoyable day! Grazie Alessia :-)
She was delightful and knowledgable.
Excellent guide. Very knowledgeable and engaging !
Our guide Luigi was fantastic! He spent over an hour of extra time with us walking around the forum for an extended tour. This was an amazing experience that I would recommend to everyone!
Great tour to start our vacation! Guide was awesome!
Fabulous tour! My favorite section was the Caesar's Palace. Our guide was so knowledgeable and his love of history and art was contagious. He was so nice and patient with our group and made our experience a treasure.
This was an amazing tour. Beata was quite knowledgeable and really made the tour enjoyable. She answered our questions and knew everything about the era. I highly recommend her.
Sergio was available to answer all of our questions, delightful tour and guide.
Excellent guide.
We were very pleased with our guide. She was quite knowledgeable, personable and full of stories.
Our guide was very informative. Would recommend her!
Guido was a fountain of knowledge, I learnt so much about Roman history from him. The tour itself was great as well, Augustus' and Livia's rooms were an eye-opener.
Our guide was very knowledgeable and pleasant.
Beata was a wonderfuk guide.
She was fabulous. I would recommend your company to my friends!
This was a very interesting tour and the guide was knowledgeable and entertaining. I would recommend to anyone. Since there were several tours starting from the same location, registration process could be improved.
Guide was exceptional
Mind blown! Our guide was so passionate and knowledgeable he made the afternoon (in the heat) a treat. Bravo
A wonderful and knowledgeable guide in oppressive weather conditions. Several stops were arranged by the guide for water replenishment.
Francesco was an excellent, most knowledgeable guide. We learned so much from him and the tour was excellent.
Francesco is an awesome guide. He truly delighted us with his expertise in art, in addition to the historical facts. He was very pleasant and invited questions from the group. Wonderful tour!
Laura was passionate about the topic, extremely knowledgeable, giving big picture framework as well as small details that would have been overlooked if we had not done the tour. Fabulous guide!
Massimo was informative and entertaining! He brought the stories to life.
We really enjoyed the tour! Mariella was enthusiastic and her background in archaeology enhanced the tour. The photos and reproduced images she shared were also helping in helping the tour come alive.
Vanessa was terrific. Informative and thorough and very knowledgeable.
Vincenzo was an unbelievable guide. He brought the Forum to life. His enthusiasm made a very hot day incredibly enjoyable. We wish we could have had him for our entire trip!
Our guide Francesca was excellent . She was very knowledgeable and was easy to understand. She was great with my 10 year old too!!
There were a few individuals in our tour group that kind of slowed us down so we didn't get to tour as much of the Forum as I would have liked. Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly, but just not at the level of Tiberius we had the previous day.
It was a very enjoyable tour as camilla was very friendly and full of information she made the whole tour really interesting from start to finish
Guide was fantastic! Very informative, easy to understand -- especially for our kids -- and paced the tour well. Really gave us all a great understanding of what we were looking at and why it was important.
Guide was awesome! Thank ou for memorable walk.
Vanessa was great. She was very informative and friendly. I would recommend her again
Fantastic tour - guide was very knowledgeable, helpful, interesting and considerate. Highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Rome. Thanks Walks of Italy.
Luciana was an excellent guide! We loved her warmth, her humor, and her knowledge. She spent time getting to know our names and our personalities, and my family felt very comfortable with her. She made our tour memorable and fun. Thank you so very much!!!
Great Tour. Excellent Guide!!!
Our tour guide was fantastic. His knowledge of history and architecture made the tour very informative.
The best tour leader. She was very interesting
The best tour I've had in Rome. Our tour guide was excellent! I will highly recommend your services to everybody who will travel to Rome!
Great tour, a real treat to see parts that aren't open to the general public
Vincenzo was excellent. He should be a historian he was that good, plus he made the history lesson enjoyable by relating history with antidotes. Love the group size. Wished we could have spent some more time in the colosseum. The Ceasar palace tour was very interesting.
The guide was excellent, able to add from her art history background and provided excellent visuals too. She was perfect!
An excellent tour. Francesca was a wonderful guide and provided great insights into the history of Ancient Rome.
Sev was great!
It was a very hot day but Laura's knowledge of Rome and sweet disposition made the time go quickly and it was an excellent tour. I would highly recommend it!
We enjoyed our trip and really liked our guide. She was informative and answered all of our questions and kept the group together. Group size was good.
Ferdinando was awesome. Really knowledgeable. We like the fact that we started in the Forum before it was very crowded and the Palace tour was great. Glad we added that to the tour.
Ana was great! She had a ton of energy and was perfect for our outdoor tour. She was knowledgeable and really loves what she does!
Fantastic tour, our tour guide was amazing, very knowledgeable and entertaining.
Sev was extremely knowledgeable, responsive to questions, clear, cheerful, and showed a deep love of the material. A scholar but with a clear sense of what a tour group wants. I'm a professor myself and thought he was just excellent.
Our guide Luciana many insights...so much we didn't know. She made early Roman life come alive!
I thought your company and tours were amazing and being a travel agent for personal travel mgmt I am looking forward to booking your company for all of my clients coming to italy. Each tour so far has been excellent and all of us including my daughter have learnt so much. Thank you again.
Simone was a great tour guide. He taught us so much about the history of Rome. We really enjoyed spending our morning with him.
Mariella did a fantastic job guiding our small group. She explained everything so well and was very easy to understand. She was considerate about water and rest stops. She is a sweet and kind person.
Govanni was an excellent guide.
Mariella is excellent. Just the right level of detail, perfectly paced and delivered with a light touch that held our attention throughout. Although tired, we didn't want the tour to end.
Massimo was excellent, and very informative. He was well prepared. Thanks so much!! We truly enjoyed the tour, especially going to Augustus and Livia's house.
June, 2017. Very Hot. Lol. But, our guide was full of information and shared many many interesting stories. Made us forget about the heat for a while. She has a passion for doing what she does and it shows. I would recommend this tour to others. :-)
Terrific tour, got to see things not open to the public. Great history lesson. Amazing
Maria was wonderful.
The tour was great But too fast.
We have been on Walks of Italy tours in the past and are always very satisfied. That said, Mariella was remarkable in her breadth of knowledge, her personal warmth and her ability to breathe life into history. Please convey our gratitude for this exceptional experience.
Sev was great and made the tour a real time machine. We appreciate his knowledge and his time.
Mariella was perfect. I highly recommend her and the tour. The best!!!
Loved this in depth tour of the forum and Palatine, the tour guide was very knowledgeable and personable (apologies I cannot remember her name).
This tour was very enjoyable, with a extremely knowledgeable and friendly guide. It was worth every penny!
This was our second most favorite tour! Vincenzo obviously has a passion for the history of the area and his knowledge base made this tour quite enjoyable... we learned quite a bit in the process. I would also highly recommend this tour to anyone. Thanks, Jeff
Susana was very informative. Livias house was amazing.
Fantastic guide with great knowledge. He was also funny and had a great sense of humour. Knowing 4 different languages helped him communicate to some of the other members of the group and even tourists that weren't in the group. Incredible tour guide would definitely recommend him and the tour
Had an excellent tour guide, Daniele. He brought the best of ancient Rome's history in half a day. Definitely best in class. This is the highlight of my tours in Italy. Most recommended!
Emanuela was a wonderful guide. Full of energy and passion. We learned so much and had a wonderful time. Would definitely recommend this tour to others.
This was an awesome tour & top level guide. She was excellent in every way.
Our guide was great and the tour was wonderful. The heat did not stop us nor slow us up. And the Caesar's Palace was simply outstanding. Another outstanding outing with Wasks of Italy. This is a great operation!!!
Our guide was excellent!
Would have liked if the passes would have let us go back into the forum but no big deal. Our guide was fantastic!
Dario was fantastic! We very much enjoyed the tour.
Loved the tour. Having someone knowledgeable explain the history makes the experience so much more rewarding.
Our guide Francesco was so knowledgeable and very aware of the need for shade during our tour. 5 stars. Highly recommended thank you Caio
Vincent was outstanding. He brought Roman life to life for us. His knowledge was amazing. I recommend this tour to everyone otherwise you miss so much.
Informative and enjoyable. We loved our tour.
This tour was absolutely fantastic! The guide was excellent, very knowledgeable, friendly, and paced the tour perfectly. We will highly recommend the tour to our friends and colleagues in Rome.
Tour guide Ettero was excellent and very informative. Would reccommend this tour to everyone. Very enjoyable afternoon.
Vincenzo was fantastic. He really made it all come to life. We traveled with our 10 year old daughter and our special needs son and he was so helpful and so kind. I would highly recommend tours of Italy -- and Vincenzo -- to anyone we knew coming to Italy. Wonderful tour.
The guide was educated, with a great sense of humor, and was a great story teller. It was a pleasure.
Davide was a great tour guide. He was knowledgeable and answered many questions. We definitely enjoyed the extra small group, only 4 of us, which made this tour more personal. I expect that many other tourists benefit from his knowledge.
We enjoyed the tour and learned so much!! Our guide was very knowledgeable and organized. It is a fast paced tour, but she took into consideration one group member's mobility and located elevator when available, and also went out of her way to make history come alive for a youngster on the tour.
Our guide was excellent!!
My family and I really enjoyed the tour and the guide, who was very informative. we also appreciated that he kept us in the shade as much as possible and stopped for a water bottle refill.
Fantastic tour! My three kids ages 10, 8, and 5 were as engaged as the adults because our guide was so entertaining and able to speak to all age levels at the same time.
Interesting tour.
Vincent is a wonderful guide with an in-depth and thorough grasp of Roman history. He made the forum, palace and colosseum come alive with his narrative. Totally enjoyed his tour!
Laura was very informative and I enjoyed the tour immensely. The addition of Caesar's Palace was amazing and I will absolutely recommend this to my clients.
Very good
We traveled with Vincenzo who was fantastic. He not only showed us the sites but placed them in historical context. Was entertaining but not at the expense of accuracy. Would highly recommend this tour which will certainly be a highlight of our first trip to Rome.
Francesca was the perfect guide for this tour. She knew so much and was able to educate us on details that made the tour even more exciting and interesting.
Very interesting! Great tour!
Andrea was absolutely an amazing guide!
Francesca was most gracious in inviting questions. We were especially grateful for the opportunity to see Livia's home.
We loved the tour and our guide was great!
This tour was amazing! We loved our tour guide Simone. He was funny, thorough, knowledgeable and interesting. We have been on many tours and this one with Simone was one that we have rated the highest! Karen Miller
The guide was brilliant and very knowledgeable on everything I enjoyed this tour so much!
The guide was highly knowledgeable and entertaining
I was extremely pleased with the tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and interesting. I not only learned about the sites we visited, I also learned something about archaeology. I thought it well worth the money.
Brilliant guide I think his name was Giovanni. He was deeply passionate about his subject and seeing the villa Augustus and Livia with only 10 others was amazing. The Colleseum was heaving by the time we got there and we didn't have much time to see anything.
Loved it! Have already recommended it to friends and family!
Wonderful tour and guide
Excellent guide!!
Mariella was awesome! We enjoyed her quite a bit. Great tour.
Our guide was fantastic. Her knowledge and enthusiasm about the area were phenomenal. We booked our tour at the last minute, but we couldn't have been more satisfied with everything. We would definitely use this company again.
Elena was wonderful
Vanessa was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and personable.
So happy with our guide Camilla!!!! Her knowledge of the city and its history made the tour the most enjoyable experience.
There was a bit of delay getting into the tour line for security at the colosseum caused by guards saying a group must be at least 15 people. Could've taken the colosseum lower level tour in addition to this one, but wasn't sure if wo cover same info at the forum.
Mr T was amazing. The guy is a walking encyclopedia. We really enjoyed the history he shared
The tour was excellent. Our guide, Vanessa, had a great knowledge and appreciation of Roman history and archeological findings. She helped to bring the past alive.
Very satisfied with the tour of the Colosseum and Caesar's Palace.
Marta was great. Very informative and interesting. She was funny and told us anecdotes that added to the information. I would highly recommend Walks of Italy tours. We were met where and when we were told we would be. It was well organized and the group size was just right.
Tour guide was amazing!! So friendly and had so much knowledge! He was a ball of energy and had everyone excited! Loved him to pieces!!!!
Cecilia was great. This was my second visit to the Coliseum and the Forum...this was far and away the better of the two tours. Adding Augustus and Livia's apartments made it even better.
Silvia was awesome! Very informative and you could tell she really cared about the ruins and the history.
See deserves five stars. Very knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic. We felt very fortunate to have Sev as our guide.
Great Guide!!
This was simply magnificent. Tiberius was both funny and passionate. Will always remember this tour. 10 out of 10!!
guide was absolutely terrific, very enthusiastic with a touch of humor from time to time.
Luigi (the guide) was very informative, well paced tour, thoroughly enjoyed, learnt a lot of things
Wonderful guides.
Although the guide was very good there was a little too much talking and not enough getting around to see everything at the beginning of the tour.
Lucia was terrific! An excellent tour with information relayed in a free flowing manner that kept our interest throughout. Thank you!
Marta was fantastic! She had a thorough knowledge base and answered all questions. She was friendly, professional and made every accommodation for the group. From booking to check-in onsite, everything was easy and well organized. I would highly recommend Marta and Walks of Italy!
Marta was great at communicating and had enthusiam for this venue. She kept great control over our group that were all ages and had varying physical anilities.
Guide was fabulous - very informed and entertaining. Logistics of meeting were well handled. My only suggestion is to add a brief 15 min break in the middle of the walk - 3 1/2 straight felt a little too intense with no downtime.
Excellent tour. Guide very knowledgeable. Enjoyed very much.
Luigi was awesome! He was informative, knowledgeable, and had a wonderful personality.
The Tour is marvellous, and having the chance to visit alone the Palaces of Augustus and Livia is a fantastic opportunity for the guests. I already had knowledge about Luigi, and his elegance as a Tour Guide/Leader has been incredible. A real gentleman.
Excellent tour with so much information. Wish we could have spent just a bit more time in the Roman Forum, but understand that there was a lot to cover in a short amount of time. Meeting location was fabulous and check-in was very easy.
Francesco was amazing! very personable , knowledgeable and super insightful ! made it a very enjoyable day
Excellent tour. I wish we could have had a little more time in the Roman Forum, as we rushed through that area. Loved Caesar's Palace and Colosseum. Guide was very knowledgeable about all the areas and the audio worked well.
It was a terrific tour. Our guide was knowledgeable, personable, and fun!
Our guide Claudia was amazing. Very knowledgeable and passionate about what she was showing us. She made it very interesting for us. The tour was definitely one of the highlights of our holiday in Italy. Thank you
Tiberius is an outstanding guide.
Our tour guide was excellent! We loved her.
Davide was a great guide! Amazing tour, sites and weather. Grazie mille!
We had a great time exploring the Colosseum and Forum with Susanna as our guide. She was very knowledgeable about the history and made it a very enjoyable tour. We covered a lot of ground, and the VIP access to the houses of Octavian and Livia was a unique and thrilling experience!
We absolutely loved the tour...our guide was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable which made the tour even more interesting and brought the past to life. I'd highly recommend anyone to book the tour with yourselves
We enjoyed a wonderful, informative and a very special experience. Thank you Davide
Luciana was wonderful - please shower her with praise - she did a great job!! Thank you,
Julietta is one of the best guides we've ever had. She's a natural teacher and provided insightful context to the history of what we were seeing. She's a gem.
From beginning to end, Luciana looked after us and provided us with excellent information. She was respectful towards all tour participants. We were so privileged to be granted access to Caesar's Palace. Excellent tour and wonderful guide!
Our guide GG was excellent- very knowledgeable and clearly he loves providing his guests with a great experience.
Superb it exceeded my expectations guide very knowledgeable
Our guide was very interesting and knowledgeable. We enjoyed it very much
The whole tour was a top notch experience. Laura (sp?) was a fantastic guide and did a great job bringing the past into the present. Really enjoyed seeing Caesar's Palace, a very unique experience.
Another excellent tour. We loved our guide and this was my kids favorite of the three we took while in Rome. Special access to the palace was really worth it. Thanks again.
Our guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about Rome and it's history. We highly recommend!
Fantastic tour with Francesca- she was engaging and knowledgeable. Casa d'Augusto and Livia was a particular highlight?
The tour was very well planned and interesting. Francesca is an outstanding tour leader in terms of knowledge, enthusiasm and making it the most interesting day of my trip to Rome.
Fantastic tour and guide. Very satisfied and we'll recommend you.
Excellent tour guide we would recommend this tour and guide to all of our friends and family
Elena was a wonderful guide. Very knowledgeable and articulate. We had a great experience.
Wonderful tour. Our guide was awesome.
Excellent tour. We loved it!
Elena was amazing!!!! She is so informative, patient and knowledgeable. She could answer all the questions, absolutely fantastic guide. Would be happy to do another tour with her. A great introduction to Italy. Thank you
Guido was outstanding. I felt that it was the best money we had spent during our 10 days in Italy. He was very professional and knowledgeable! Our daughter learned a lot listening to him as well. Very educational for her.
Guide was so knowledgeable and being able to see inside the palaces was amazing.
Dario was a very engaging and interesting guide. Highly recommend both him and this tour.
Felt so fortunate to get to see Livia's Palace! Our tour guide was a great source of information on the Forum and Colosseum too and the tour was an enjoyable way to spend Sunday morning in Rome!
A wonderful tour! It was helpful to have someone so educated and informative as our guide to explain the history of the area and help us imagine what it would have looked like in Roman times. To see Caesar's Palace was a very cool experience.
Great tour! The tour guide was so informative and engaging with the group! You could tell she was really passionate about the history! 10/10
Excellent Tour with entertaining and knowledgeable Guide-"The Restorer"
Vincenzo was very knowledgeable and engaging. His explanations were interesting and he brought the ancient Roman culture to life.
A rare chance to see the palace of august Caesar in a tiny group. Our guide was fantastic, a pool of knowledge, with visual aids and humour too!
The tour was amazing. Our guide was hilarious, inclusive and very informed! One to remember!
This is an amazing tour that we highly recommend. Our tour guide Ferdinando was so knowledgeable and engaging.
Sergio was a top-class guide and also a really nice person. Excellent value for money.
Excellent guide. Great tour.
The tour was great. So much information and history were provided to us by Julietta. She was the consummate tour guide who provided a wealth of information to the group. Very knowledgeable of the subject matter. Thank you so much. I would recommend Walks of Italy to everyone.
She is worth her weight in gold. treat her with the respect she has shown worthy. Can only hope future guides are half as knowledgeable and as enthusiastic on imparting it
It was just pefekt! Thank you Julietta😃
A lovely informative tour. Anna was a simply superb guide.
Ferdinando was a great guide!
The tour exceeded my expectations by light years!! I learned a tremendous amount from Ferdinando.....He made everything so clear and added context to every aspect of the tour. I consider myself very fortunate to have had him as my guide.
Valentina was a wonderful, intelligent and informed guide. We were fortunate to be the only two people touring with her. The Caesars Palace tour was excellent.
Our guide, Camilla, was outstanding! Very knowledgeable and very interesting to listen to. She kept the group interested, and moving at a solid pace. Would definitely recommend!
We took the tour that included Augusta and Olivia's homes and thoroughly enjoyed the small group we were with. Our guide Maria Theresa was very knowledgeable and had good English.
Camilla was so good!! Very informative and fun!! :)
What a great tour! Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable and the pace was perfect. My girlfriend's audio equipment stopped working partway into the tour but the guide was able to swap it for a working one without issue. Would recommend to friends and family!
We loved everything about the tour. The tour guide (Dario)was fantastic and made the tour alot of fun. We liked that it was a small group and thanks to Dario we all felt like friends by the end of the tour. Thank you for a wonderful start to our vacation!
A wonderful tour with a thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable guide, Simona.
Luigi was an amazing tour guide and so very knowledgeable!
Vincenzo was fantastic! We really enjoyed our experience with him. Top quality guide!
Awesome guide and tour! Wonderful experience!
The tour and guide were both informative and very enjoyable.
Fantastic tour. To see the remarkable conditions of the houses was amazing.
We really enjoyed that we got mr. T again. We were very comfortable with him. My kids loved asking him questions and he informed us everything that we needed to know. If we go back to Rome, I will ask for him again.
Wonderful informative tour. Thank you!
Valentina was exceptional. If i knew, she would be the guide I would repeat.
This was a wonderful tour and our guide was excellent. I have taken several tours in Rome and this was new to me.
Best guide we had on a 12 day trip. Juliette was so knowledgeable and engaging.
Marta was fantastic. A wealth of knowledge and well aware of how to best guide a group through the venues.
Maurizio was a great tour guide, very knowledgeable and personable. The tour size and length of tour was just right as well.
Sylvia was excellent!!!
We learned more about ancient Rome on this tour than we ever could have on our own. Cecilia was great, and made the past come to life with her knowledge and enthusiasm. We highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to experience the glory of the Roman empire.
Our guide was incredible! Funny, smart, and engaging. I learned so much and very much enjoyed!
Cecilia was a great guide, very knowledgeable and clearly enthusiastic about Rome and Roman history. Loved the private tour of Caesar's Palace - could have stayed there for the day!
Loved the whole tour! Cecelia was a perfect guide.
We loved the tour and our guide was excellent. We enjoyed the small group size, compared Viator, in years past.
Sylvia was excellent even though she was fighting a cold. Very knowledgeable and interesting.
Sylvia was really knowledgeable, patient and capable of handling a rather large group. Her commentary was most interesting.
Augustus and Livia's villas was the highlight for us. More so because its new and we already knew what to expect from the Colosseum.
Our guide knew a lot and we were all very engaged with the tour. I liked that we had a small group.
Been 4 times before. Best ever. Silvia was super.
Highly informative and well prepared tour guide. Been on similar tour 2 years ago and she superior in every way.
Guilia, our guide, was superb. The best tour guide we've ever had. Knowledgable, enthusiastic and funny.
The guide was very knowledgable, friendly and with a great sense of humour. A famtastic job.
Francesca was amazing and knowledgeable
Guido is the best guide ever! He is so passionate and such a scholar of history that I love listening to him. If I lived in Rome I would want him as a friend.
Guide was very knowledge......great tour!!!! I called and rearranged the date since it was storming the morning of the tour no problem lady on the phone gladly arranged the same tour just two days later.......very considerate and most helpful...
Awesome tour! The guide was knowledgeable and patient. Would definitely recommend Walks of Italy.
Guido was a fantastic guide - very knowledgeable and willing to share what he knows. I have done numerous tours in my 3 trips to Italy and he was by far the best.
Our guide was excellant!! We were happy with everything! Only wish it had been longer. We enjoyed every minute!
Great tour and guide! Julietta was excellent!
Vittorio was the most excellent and well-informed tour guide. he was very thorough and it was almost like we did not have enough time with him.
Maria was excellent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Thankyou
Terrific guide
Very nice tour and Maria was great
Valentina was a very good guide. She has a friendly and patient way about her. She also knew well the facts and history around what she was showing us.
The guide was so enthusiastic about the information he shared with us. The size of the tour (only 4 of us) was wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Caesar's Palace, and the people who lived during those times. Fantastic!
Valentina was an excellent guide. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the professionalism of your company is to be commended.
We did a walk in Florence also and really enjoyed it. I cannot recommend your company more highly.
I have bee to Rome at least 15 times this was a great tour. Once again Walks of Italy provided us with a GREAT tour guide that had so much knowledge to share!
Our guide was great! Very personable and the tour was exactly as described but better!!
We have done this tour before and this time took 2 very elderly ladies aged 80.As usual first class service
She was wonderful
We learnt so much. Cecilia was a great guide, very knowledgable and her stories unfolded seamlessly. She was patient with us and enthusiastic about everything she showed us. We highly recommend her and Walks of Italy.
She was really outstanding with her historical knowledge. She was the best tour guide we had.
Wonderful tour and guide !! Thank you for a great day.
Maria was a great guide; she was fun and very knowledgable. Visiting the Colisium and Forum without a guide would not have been nears as interesting. We really enjoyed the tour.
Excellent tour and Guide.
Ourguide was wonderful and very knowledgeable
We enjoyed this tour very much and being able to get into the palaces and see them up close was an extra bonus. Gianluigi was a fantastic tour guide. He was very knowledgeable about the history of Rome and he also kept us entertained with his style. I would highly recommend this tour!
The tour was great and glad we chose this tour. Our tour guide , Tiberius, was such a character and so passionate about his job. He had great knowledge and knew how to keep the group interested. Would recommend Walks of Italy .
Gigi was very attentive, enthusiatic and knowledgeable about the history of the area! Excellent!
I was amazed to see everything and Lara was passionate about the history and her explanations about it all were very understandable. Your guides are all awesome.
Vittorio de Martino was a most wonderful tour guide. We thoroughly enjoyed this tour and his knowledge, expertise and personality. It was a buona giornata!
Great knowledge of Roman history. Very patient with slower members of group
We really enjoyed it and found our guide to be very passionate and knowledgeable.
Our tour guide was so knowledgeable. History and art are her passion so we got so much more out of the tour. I would highly recommend the tour.
Absolutely fantastic
Excellent tour. Great info and timed well. Would recommend
Maristella knows her facts about the Roman period, the Forum and the Colosseum! We highly recommend Walks of Italy and especially when you have a guide like Maristella. Thank you so much for a terrific first experience of Rome.
It was great. So much info!! And the chance to go into Augustus Caesar's h
The tour guide was very good and knowledgeable.
Great informative guide. Loved the tlur
Brilliant and knowledgeable guide. Really enjoyed the tour, would recommend the extra to see this unique tour!
This was a fantastic tour and Guido is an amazing interesting engaging and very knowledgable guide ! He is a walking talking historian ! Highly recommend
Yes, Bruno did an excellent job, he was very knowledgeable. We were very impressed with him. We were also very surprised to be the only ones on the tour, and you did not cancel or reschedule us. Many companies would have. We will recommend you to anyone we know coming your way.
Best guide ever
The tour was excellent. I would have preferred to spend more time in the Roman Forum and Coliseum and less time in the palace. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and so pleasant to be around! Enjoyed her immensely.
We enjoyed the tour thoroughly , Victor was a great guide and we learnt quite a bit and more about not only ancient Rome but also the items on the tour itinerary.
Tour was well paced and included great information. We especially liked the private Caesar's palace part of the tour.
The guide was passionate and knowledgable on Roman history and I will definitely book a tour with him again.
The VIP Caesar's Palace Tour was well designed and executed. The audio equipment worked very well. Most importantly, our guide Camilla was fantastic in knowledge and personality.
Super Awesome! Unfortunately, you basically need a tour to figure out the crowds alone, but the extra insight was very nice. Guide was excellent and quite passionate. A little pricey, but I'll still give it 5...
I thought Luigi was marvelous.
Tanguy was so knowledgeable and funny. He made the tour great! He really took you back in time and made it so interesting!
Elena was an amazing guide! She is very smart and communicates very well in English. Of all the tours my family did on our two week vacation, this was the favorite. The Caesar's Palace portion of the tour was our favorite part. Very special to go inside the palace.
Our tour guide Camilla was very knowledgeable and courteous. She was patient and very helpful. We've learned so much. We will definitely use your service again if all your guides are like her.
This was a great tour. We were amazed by the years of history at this location. This is a must tour if you get to Rome. Our group was small (6 people) so it felt like a private tour.
Excellent tour with an excellent guide. Camilla was well informed and gave us a very educative tour.
Guido was the perfect tour guide, very knowledgeable and professional in all aspects. The tour was perfectly paced and just the right size - it almost felt like a private tour. Congratulations to him and your company on an exceptional tour - We wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others.
Guide spoke excellent English and spoke it very clearly. He was extremely knowledgeable.
Tour was excellent,our guide Bruno was very knowledgeable and informative,would highly recommend a tour.
Fabulous and informative!
The tour exceeded my expectations. Luigi provided a great tour - he's very well informed and related his knowledge in a great fashion. It was a pleasure to spend time with him. It was excellent!
Awesome guide- very thorough, enthusiastic and knowledgeable!
An excellent, informative tour. We had a great time!
Ruins were very interesting, especially the Casa Augusto and Livia. It was very hot and our guide walked very fast. This meant that we were rushing to keep up. Perhaps shorten the tour so patrons can walk at a more leisurely pace.
Luigi was fun and knowledgeable. The tour was a little grueling, due to the heat, but Luigi did his best to accommodate those of us who were out of shape. Great experience overall. Would highly recommend to others
See above.
Excellent tour..Mariella was a great guide. Would definitely recommend
Excellent your. Vanessa was knowledgable, friendly and had a good sense of humour. Shared relevant, interesting details without overwhelming us. My children lived it too.
Tour guide was very knowledgeable and it was good to have someone who knew a lot of the history of all the area
Great guide... Thanks
Fantastic guide
We loved the tour. Of course we hoped for more time at Agustus' house but I think the security guard there was rushing us through. It was a very good and knowledgeable tour. We really enjoyed it. BTW this tour we took in the afternoon. Thank you
Our guide was great! She knew a lot about the history of the sites and kept the information she shared very interesting.
Our tour and our guide were excellent. Our guide's passion for the history of the places we visited was evident and her ability to make modern connections was superb. We very much enjoyed our tour.
Our tour guide was amazing !!! So knowledgeable and thorough . We appreciate the detail he was able to provide during the tour . It was very warm so I would not have wanted to do a tour longer than the one we went on .
Our guide was wonderful. So much knowledge and passion. We were a group of 4'and we all enjoyed her. I would highly recommend to my friends.
Great tour, Maria was very knowledgable and a lot of fun. And seeing Augustus' house (finally!) was worth the wait. Everything about this tour was great, especially Maria. I couldn't recommend her more!
Despite a brutally hot day, this tour was awesome. Be prepared for lots of walking - but our guide was energetic, insightful and taught us a lot in 4 hour.
Wonderfull amazing tour with so much inspirung information and perspectives from Angela. Really an unique experience I would recommend to anyone
Angela was a fantastic guide. She was incredibly enthusiastic, made sure everyone understood the points she was making and also made sure we were all ok on what was an extremely hot day.
Dario was an excellent guide who brought the subject to life. We especially loved the tour of the Palace complex and the beautiful frescos. Would recommend highly!
Excellent guide and very well organized! It was special to be able to enter the Houses of Augustus and Livia!
Was very interesting informative and we spent a lot of time at the important places.
Even a Roman rain shower could not dampen this wonderful tour. Rosa was gracious with her time and extensive knowledge. It was a privilege to be guided by such a passionate 9th generation Roman.
The guide was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She also provided in depth information and images that we wouldn't have seen or known without her.
Mariella was fantastic! She was so knowledgeable and made it fun!
Mariella was wonderful and made the tour really interesting but fun as well because of the knowledge she has.Tha pace was good and easy to keep up with. I would most certainly do another tour next time I'm in Rome.
Our tour guide was so informative. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and were very impressed with the professionalism of the tour guide and the information that was shared. We will definitely choose Walks of Italy again if we visit Italy again.
Gas was so knowledgeable about absolutely everything and told his stories in a usch a way that you felt you were there. Being able to have access threw the palace was amazing and i would do it again just to see the palace grounds one more time!
Cicilia was fantastic! One of the best tour guides I have ever had anywhere. Could not have been better.
We thought Silvia was great. She was knowledgeable, fun and passionate. She also had the ability to deliver the tour to a mixed group of people some with no knowledge of Ancient Rome and some with quite a lot. We had a great time and would use Walks again.
Loved learning about and exploring the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Caesar's Palace et all. Cecilia was a wonderful guide, both fun and informative. I took three guided tours in Italy, this was easily the best. Keep it up, Walks of Italy.
Felix was a fantastic guide. The only downside was how crowded the Colosseum was owing to it being Wednesday and many people visiting it before the weekly papal audience. It would have been great to have known when the quiet days were in advance.
wonderful tour with special access. the star of the tour was the guide. She made the trip so speacial with great knowledge, kindness and fun. she made everyone comfortable and shared great information. she also shared reccomendations about all of italy. Great knowledge and great person!!
The tour was great and our guide was too. She handled everything with poise and humor. Loved it!
It was great to get an insight into that era. Thanks. Very knowledgeable guide as well.
Excellent guide, very knowledgeable. Has a 6th sense about how to navigate the Vatican. Very gracious. Worth every cent. I plan to highly recommend this tour and guide
We all loved it - our nine year old declared it the best thing we did on our week's holiday. Thought the guide was great, really engaging and funny.
The tour was very good. Sometimes just a little hard to understand after we were in the Coliseum. I will highly recommend Walks of Italy to friends.
The highlight of the tour was the visit to the Houses of Augustus and Livia. Camilla was a great guide, and the tour was overall very informative and enjoyable.
The guide was brilliant, he was very caring for us and made the Colosseum tour very exciting you could tell that he knew a lot about the history. We really enjoyed our trip.
We loved the enthusiasm and amount of knowledge that Tiberio delivered to us during our walk!
Venessa was excellent guide, she has so much knowledge, She made the tour so interesting cause she has lot of interest. I would recommend her if any of my friends going to Italy . Thank you so much Venessa we have learnt a lot from you about roman history 👌👌👌
Fantastic tour!
Fantastic guide. Throughly enjoyed the tour. Excellent guide.
Camilla was a wonderful tour guide. The sights of the tour were awesome, but Camilla made it even better with her deep knowledge of the area and witty remarks.
Elisa was an amazing guide and we were so impressed with her knowledge and loved our tour!
Overall excellent tour. Would prefer less time getting an overview while sitting in one place within the colosseum . . . rather have comments provided within more locations within the colosseum. Just a minor suggestion.
Fantastic insight from Guido. Seeing the Private Rooms of Augustus was amazing!
Very knowledgable and friendly. She took great care of our group
Our guide (I forget his name) was incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around. I feel I saw some beautiful old things and learned so much.
High caliber tour guide. Wonderful tour
Giovani is FABULOUS!
Guide was very passionate and informative. Thanks for a great tour.
Thank you for having Vanessa as our tour guide. She brought the tour alive with her knowledge and passion for the history of Rome. Her specific interest in the Forum, Colusium and Emporers homes really revealed a depth of insight and drew out our imagination. Bravo, well done.
Superb tour. Really brought back to life the ancient times. Was very enthusiastic, clear and knowledgeable. Answered all our questions in detail.
We found the tour most enjoyable the guide was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his subject and was very entertaining and went to great lengths to be inclusive of the whole group. I would not think twice about booking other events with you.
Guide was excellent, passionate and knowledgeable a out the sites. She dealt well with part of group that was rather grumpy and out of sorts.
She was FABULOUS!!! Very knowledgeable and had great stories.
Elysia was great,she opened our minds eye and imagination to the facts and the truth.I'm definitely going to use your tour next year.Thx,for memories.
Our tour guide was super!
Excellent. Vincenzo is the best would have happily employed him for my whole trip to Rome. A real treat to be allowed in to the Palace - it surpassed expectations. Please ensure our excellent guide is made aware how much his excellent tour was appreciated. 10/10!!
Great tour. We rarely use a guided tour but thought that the most popular sights in Rome merited it. We were so glad we did! We covered so much during the tour. Our guide was informative and interesting. All in our group enjoyed the whole experience.
Thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Very satisfied... great tour. We enjoyed our tour guide and the job he did!
Giovanni was a great guide. Tour well laid out and presented at a nice pace. We were most pleased.
We didn't have Eleanor we had a male guide who was excellent
This was a most informative tour.The guide was very very good.I would certainly use WALKS again. Thanks Karl Wisden.
Very knowledgeable and fun!
Cecelia was a great guide. She was so knowledgeable and so nice. We were very pleased with both the content and quality of the tour. We were hoping to Have her as our guide on our "Pristine Sistine" tour as well!
We really enjoyed this tour. The time in the royal apartments was especially good. Our guide, Davide, was very informed and engaging. He was great with taking questions and had an obvious love of the subject matter. We will ask for him on our next visit to Rome. Thanks for a great experience!
Brilliant guide. Very informative and entertaining. Best tour we have been on in over ten years of visiting Rome. Worth the slightly extra cost without a doubt to go on such a professionally run tour.
My husband and I had a wonderful tour with Walks of Italy. We had been on a tour of the Colosseum few years ago but this tour was a great improvement. We are history enthusiasts and were very impressed by the knowledge of our tour guide. We would highly recommend Walks of Italy tours.
An excellent tour. We were very pleased with our guide. I would be happy recommend your company.
The tour was amazing. Alesia's knowledge was beyond my expectations and I haven't stopped recommending this tour to others.
Maria was great! Very knowledgeable. Wonderful tour!
Rosa was fantastic! Very knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour!
very knowledgable guide
Rosa has such passion for Rome and the sites we toured. Her knowledge of languages & history was appreciated. Toured here as Latin student 40 years ago so esp enjoyed this tour.
Giovanni was an excellent guide: very informative, interesting and amusing. The tour was wonderful and we enjoyed it immensely!
Our guide was wonderful. Very informative and friendly!
Lucy was fantastic and very knowledgeable and passionate about the history. She made it interesting and educational.
Fantastic tour! Our guide was very friendly and knowledgable...absolutely fascinating tour, would highly recommend!!
Fernando was an amazing guide with knowledge in abundance but he also knew just the right amount to give us. We cannot say enough of how much we enjoyed Fernando. Our small group of 8 people was also just right.
Excellent tour and fantastic tour guide.
We had a nine year old with us on the tour and she said Jukiette was her favorite guide.
Our Tour Guide was really informative, very friendly and answered all of our questions with a smile.
Alyssa was fantastic! Made the experience really enjoyable and we learnt so much from her. Thank you very much! Will recommend you to anyone who visits Rome Amy and Ben x
Loved the tour and guide was great.
Very nice and interesting tour. We were lucky to have a small tour which made the experience much better. Our guide claudia was great she knew a lot and gave us lots of information. This was an amazing tour!
Our guide was phenomenal!! Best tour we have ever been on, well worth the money. Getting a tour from an archeologist that worked at the Colosseum was the best surprise, we will definitely book with you guys again in the future!
Very knowledgable.
Silvia was wonderful, highly knowledgeable about her subject matter, and provided us with lots of inside information about the sites and the epochs of history we were seeing. Her English is excellent - her German, too. Thanks for an unforgettable tour, Silvia!
Luigi was amazing!
Everything just perfect, thank you so much!
I really enjoyed this tour. Juilietta is passionate and enthusiastic, knowledgeable and most important very clear. It was very special to see he frescoes in the house of Livia and to have the historical context so well explained.
Giuletta has a wealth of knowledge and presented information in a way that was easy to follow. She is clearly passionate about Ancient Rome and does a great job in sharing fascinating anecdotes that bring history to life.
The tour was great and we thought Tiberio was a great guide. He was knowledgeable, very friendly and enthusiastic - he really helped "set the stage" for the history he was sharing.
Excellent, knowledgeable guide. Thoroughly interesting.
Great tour! Ferdinando was very knowledgeable. He shared a variety of information and then answered additional questions throughly. His deep archeological background was a big plus.
Excellent job
Ferdinando was also exemplary & we enjoyed his company & great knowledge. All three of the guides were so kind & easy to speak with that we felt at ease & enjoyed their company as well as the history that they imparted. Well done again!!
The guide was very informative & full of energy. She was wonderful !! ( Guide name = Rose )
The guide was very knowledgable. Enjoyed the history and the private access that the tour provided.
My husband and I took this tour with Rosa last week, what a great few hours we spent. Rosa was passionate about Rome and very knowledgable, which made this tour interesting and left me wanting to know more. I would highly recommend this tour.
Tour guide was wonderful!
Great tour! Small group with a wonderful guide. The audio system made it easy for us to hear our guide while still being able to look around and take in the sights. Loved the tour of Augustus' house on the Palatine which took us away from the crowds for an intimate glimpse into ancient Roman life.
Our guide was wonderful - she was so proud to be from Rome, and her knowledge was incredible. It was an amazing tour!
Luigi was wonderful. Very knowledgeable about the history of what we were looking at. The palace and Livia's house was unbelievably gorgeous. Had a fabulous time.
Dario was excellent.
An excellent tour, which was perfectly organised and a guide who was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He also got people to think and not just accept.
Ferdinando was great. Tour was wonderful - just the rugby length for a family. He shared lots of wonderful personal archeaological experiences. Highly recommend.
Ferdinando was great. Tour was wonderful - just the rugby length for a family. He shared lots of wonderful personal archeaological experiences. Highly recommend.
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Luigi as our guide. He brought the ancient Rome back to life for us. It really was an amazing experience. Everything was totally organized and went very smoothly. It was certainly worth every euro!! Thank You
The tour was fantastic! My only wish is that I paid more attention to what Lucille was telling me. She had a wealth of knowledge to share which made the tour even better.
Guide was fantastic, a wealth of knowledge!
Ferdinando is excellent. We were on two tours with him and were very impressed with his knowledge. He is also very personable. Highest rating on him and this tour.
Dario was awesome! I also couldn't believe we had access to the areas of the Doma Augusti that we saw! It was the part of Rome I've dreamt of seeing!
I found the tour to be excellent. Tiberio was simply fantastic. His depth of knowledge and true passion for his work makes him a great guide. This was the best tour I've ever been on!
Very good tour! I enjoyed it immensely!
Great tour with lots of information. We especially enjoyed Caesar Augustus' and Livia's homes - amazing frescoes! We will definitely recommend the tours to others!
The tour was wonderful and our guide Gaston made it so. Friendly, funny, helpful, informative, and responsive to questions.
Great guide - very knowledgeable and passionate! Awesome to be the only ones there!!
The guide was wonderful. He was very knowledgable but also kept the information interesting. Caesar's Palace was a highlight.
Excellent the rain notwithstanding-- guide was great, interesting, engaging and very credible. Excellent value.
Sent a reply to your earlier note concerning our mis-understanding and as I said was completely satisfied with the tour and your response . Would certainly recommend to others. A FULL tour with so much interesting detail. A MUST for everyone. Gary
The guide was very knowledgeable. The tour was very interesting. We enjoyed every moment.
Fascinating tour with an excellent and knowledgeable guide.
Very good tour and knowledgeable guide
Julietta gave one of the best tours we have ever had. She is a credit to your company. Very knowledgable and a very good communicator
Juliette was well informed and very interesting. She had a great sense of humor and engaged the entire group.
Great tour and great guide -the tour company was redeemed after the pristine Sistine chapel tour fiasco ...
Once again, a fabulous experience!!
Julietta was great. I went on 5 guided tours between Venice and Rome, and Julietta was my favorite guide (and she had the best "flag"). Lots of interesting information, good pacing, and very friendly.
Excellent guide, and really informative. I particularly enjoyed the pictures of 'before and after' in the forum and colosseum, which gave a great view of how things used to look. My only minor complaint: better directions on how to leave the Forum after the tour would have been appreciated.
The lady that took our tour gave 200 percent her knowledge was mind blowing her personality was brilliant i cannot speak highly enough for her and made a point of telling other tourist and our hotel
Guide Ferdinando was truly excellent!! A professional who gave us much important information -- but not mired in details. Very engaging personality. Very well prepared. We especially liked his use of images. Tour moved along very well. Can't imagine a better guide. Please thank him!!
Fantastic - Ferinando was so knowledgable, passionate about the subject and professional.
Julianna was a great guide. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I gave 5 stars on Tripadvisor
Frederico was amazing. He made the history come to life. We were especially impressed with his knowledge
Gastone is a gem. We enjoyed the Colosseo being put into an understandable context. It wasn't just blood and gore for blood and gore's sake!
Julieta was outstanding as a guide. When i asked a few construction questions about the Colosseum she had great additional information. I really enjoyed the tour and would not hesitate to recommend one to friends traveling to Italy.
Rosa was very knowledgeable and the pace was good. I especially liked the visual guides she used to enhance the tour. Learned a lot about the forum, amphitheater and Caesar's palace.
She was a very knowledgeable tour guide and we truly enjoyed this tour with her.
Luigi the guide was excellent
This was one of the best tours I have attended. Julietta is extremely well educated, articulate and interesting. She made the tour a wonderful learning experience.
Good tour. Loved the VIP part of the tour. Tiring but well worth doing.
This was an excellent tour! I've visited the Colosseum a few years before, but didn't learn much about it because I didn't book a tour. Having a tour guide made the experience so much more interesting and enjoyable. I was with my wife and two friends and we had a blast - would highly recommend!
Our guide Guilette was an excellent guide. She was very knowledgeable and made the tour entertaining and factual.
The tour was informative and the guide made the experience a fun & satisfying one. The access to the private areas of the 1st Empire was an amazing privellidge
Juliette was wonderful. Could not have asked for a better guide. Knowledgeable, friendly and entertaining. Enthusiastic about her subject and obviously enjoys her work! Great sense of humour. Would recommend this tour to others.
Very knowledgeable enthusiastic guide. Opportunity for private tour of Caesars palace particularly special
This is the first walking tour I've ever been on. I will definitely go on one again however I reckon we may have been treated to the best tour guide there is. (Eliza) Kate, Ireland
Elisa was amazing. She was the best guide we have ever had at the Colleseum in three visits. She was super informative fun and a great sense of humor. Give her a big raise. She deserves it.
Julietta was an amazing tour guide (the absolute best) and her tour was the best tour we took in Italy. She is amazing!!!!
Our guide Lucy, was absolutely wonderful! She told us about the sites and it felt like you were listening to a story being told! I've been through many tours and the guides got boring after a while but not with her. She also had extra umbrellas on hand when it started to pour!
The tour was great. Our tour guide was as excited with the tour as us!
Thank you! Had a great time - wonderful tour guide - she went above and beyond!
James was very informative and a joy to be around.
Tiberio was fantastic. Very knowledgeable and friendly.
Our guide was AMAZING. He loves the material and is passionate about it. It made the experience fantastic!
We really liked our guide. He was VERY nice, funny and informative. The tour was very enjoyable.
Touring the palaces of Augustus and Livia was an exceptional opportunity. Our guide, Lucy, did a great job of characterizing the culture and practices of Ancient Rome.
Absolutely brilliant tour, the best of all we did in our 4 weeks in Italy. Julieeta the guide was magnificent, so knowledgable, humorous and enthusiastic. Bonus for us was the tour was being videoed for website! Husband was interviewed at end
Luigi was an excellent guide with a wealth of knowledge and very professional and polite!!! We really enjoyed the tour !!
Brilliant tour, especially seeing the house of Augustus. Your guide was a walking encyclopedia.
Brilliant tour, especially seeing the house of Augustus. Your guide was a walking encyclopedia.
Very knowledgeable and entertaining guide. The equipment used during the tour worked very well and made it easy to hear and understand. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.
Guide was awesome - full of personality and knowledge. Would just advise guests to bring water given how hot the summer is.
excellent guide. enjoyed tour very much
Lucilla was extremely knowledgeable and very informative. It was a great tour and the opportunity to be one of a privileged few to see Augustus and Livia's quarters was a delight. Thanks so much.
Having a tour guide who is also an archaeologist was wonderful. If anything, I would have preferred a more intense archaeological based tour (maybe you should consider offering one)
Nice to have a local guide. Thanks

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

There is a new rule at the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill that only small backpacks and regular-size handbags are allowed inside. Guests with larger bags will not be allowed to enter (there are no storage facilities) and all guests must now pass through a security check before entering the Colosseum.

The Colosseum has changed its admission policy to ensure that only 3,000 people are allowed within the amphitheater at any given time, meaning much less crowding during busy periods. Although our tickets are pre-booked with Skip the Line access, this may mean a slight delay on entering if capacity has already been reached. We expect that the instances of this will be limited but ask for your patience if you travel on a busy day and are affected by this unavoidable circumstance. In all, it should make for a much nicer experience for all (and longer general access lines!).

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I think we had Emmaas our tour guide...she was fabulous! She was so knowledgeable and her history waa amazing... it really enhanced the tour. We unfortunately didn't get a chance to see the palace as it was closed but overall the tour was excellent! We are back this week to do the Vatican tour. .can't want
We enjoyed the tour and Massimo did an excellent job. We did not get to see the Houses of Livia and Augustus - nor did we get to see the Domus Augustana which was mentioned in the apology email. I did get my refund though so thanks.
I think this tour could have been a little bit better, but it wasn't the fault of the guide or of Walks of Italy. We just happened to be scheduled on the day after all of the rain in Rome, so the Forum, Caesar's Palace, and Palantine Hill were all closed. As a result, we spent too much time in the Colosseum. The addition of the Case Romane was very cool, so thanks for finding a good substitution for us since we couldn't visit most of the scheduled sites. Also, our tour guide was fantastic. She was very enthusiastic and her stories and explanations definitely added to the tour.
The VIP part of this was ABSOLUTELY worth it...wouldn't have wanted to do it any other way! Well worth the money!
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LAURA was our intelligent and energetic guide; she added fascinating details about 'life in the Colosseum' that corrected many of the previous ideas I had assumed. We had a lively group and she responded positively to various comments and exchanges. One of Laura's outstanding virtues~~and there were many~~was her patience in answering questions, almost as though the more she was asked, the more she could enlighten us. Another was the sense that she enjoyed what she was doing and that helped make our tour memorable. I cannot speak highly enough of this superior guide, and I felt fortunate that she had been assigned to us. The general organization of the tour was excellent and I have already recommended Walks of Italy to a friend~~and will continue to do so whenever I have the opportunity. The fact that you hire art historians as guides is impressive and adds veracity to your tours. I think the price was fair for what we received. Written by a highly satisfied customer from Greece
Lovely guide and tour
We were a bit saddened by Caesars palace being closed but Massimo more than made up for it. The tour was fantastic! We couldn't have asked for a better, more entertaining guide. Learned so much. Thanks, Brent C, Vancouver BC #Massimo rocks, #he killed that tour, #will definitely recommend 😀
Wonderful tour. I've been on this one several times and felt this was best yet
The tour was disappointing to start with as we where told of the closure of Caesars palace. I had booked the tour specifically to see this as I had been to colosseum and forum a number of times. I had looked a number of times before booking as only your company had dates in September - no other tour company offered any dates in September and when asked they said no dates where realesed so I was a little suspicious the tour may get cancelled at 11th hour - which of course it did. The saviour of the tour was Luigi the guide - one of the best guides we have encountered. He gave a fully detailed tour and made up for our disappointment by his knowledge and passion coupled with his very easy and welcoming style. We had two small children on our tour group and they behaved impeccably in the heat over 4.5 hours of walking. He kept them engaged and answered all of their questions. I think you should reward / praise Luigi for the way he made up for all of our disappointment - he was very professional and represented walks of Italy with high standards. Overall a very good tour with a superb guide made up for our dissaponinment but it is probably what I half feared would happen.
Just dissapointed caesar's palace was closed that daye otherwise excellent.
She was an excellent guide.
Laura was a wonderful tour guide. We were a family of seven - 3 grandparents, two adults and 2 younger children ages 10 and 7 and we all loved it. Laura made the Colosseum and Forum come to life for us, and it is truly a skill to be able to entertain and inform such a wide range of people and ages. This was also my fourth visit to the Forum area and I was able to learn new things from Laura. We hope to tour that area with her again in the future.
Tour changed the morning we arrived. I was pleased with the event that was substituted for Caesar's palace, and the guide did a good job.
Our guide was awesome, the best!
What an extensive tour! Luigi was great. Very considerate of water stops because of the heat.. He is extremely knowledgeable and very informative. Readily answered all questions.
Angela was INCREDIBLE. I seriously can't say it enough. She was incredibly knowlwdgeable throughout the entire 3.5 hour tour through the Coliseum, Roman Forum and Ceasers Palace. It's like she made everything come alive... packing 2000+ years of histrory into such a short time period is an incredible skill. Getting private access to Ceasers palace was breathtaking as well. I will recommend Walks of Italy (and Angela!!) to everyone who asks. Thanks for an amazing time!
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Love it! And Laura was really knowledgeable. Mille grazie!
Our guide was wonderful, very knowledgeable.
Larissa was our guide and she was fabulous! It was almost 100 degrees fahrenheit and she also made sure to start where it would be hottest and move around to keep us in the shade. We saw several different things that we had not seen previously and the frescos from Livia's and Augustus' houses were amazing to see.
It was a shame that we couldn't do the tour we had booked 7 months earlier, I was very disappointed in the cancellation especially since you had my money all that time. I did enjoy the tour but disappointed we couldn't do the underground part of the tour.
We took another tour with Walks of Italy booked through a wholesaler, "Rome as a local, Hidden Gems and Ancient Wonders, Jewish Ghetto", on August 20 conducted by your tour guide Melanie and she was excellent. Extremely knowledgeable. Learned everyone's name in the group. I give her a 5++.
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Our guide was fantastic. Shall definitety take future tours with your company. A 4 of us will highly recommend your company. Thanks so much for a great guide.
Maria was brilliant tour guide we were so lucky to have someone explain everything so well to us. We were so impressed. Thanks Maria it was a great tour
Selenia was simply amazing. She offered an insight into the remaining Roman ruins which brought them to life for myself and my children. We had read many of the guide books beforehand, but they were no match for Selenia ability to put things into perspective, to explain the logical sequence of evens and to put eveything into a clear historical context. Her analogy with lasagne layers was so simple and easy for my children to understand. She has a wonderful manner, a lovely sense of humour and a kindness towards her clients which is so rare to find. She also has a deep insight a clear understanding and an obvious passion for the subject matter. The tour was really enjoyable, but most of this was due to Selenia. She brought the place to life. She is a modern Roman treasure. Finally, please accept my apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We have only recently returned from our trip.
The tour took us to see not only the colosseum but ancient structures at Palatine Hill including subterranean housing from pre-Rome era, also were able to see home of Augustus Caesar which very few tours do. The guide was from the States, professor at university in Rome, very knowledgeable and truly passionate about the history of Rome. I found the tour very informative and enjoyable.
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The guide was outstanding!!!
Could we give six stars for Francesco? He was an amazing guide who worked incredibly hard to give us a color-filled and detailed tour. We would highly recommend Walks of Italy.
Larissa (Lara) was amazing! Entertaining, engaging and funny - she made the whole thing seem effortless. It was a hot day, but she kept us moving at a comfortable pace. Easily the most enjoyable tour we've done on our whole holidays. The Palace tour was a real privilege, and Lara's knowledge of the history and her story telling skills brought it to life. We would love to do another tour with her, and would recommend to anyone.
Amazing! We were in a group of 7 with a truely lovely guide who was friendly and so knowledgeable. The weather was very hot but she made sure we had enough shade and opportunities to fill our bottles with water. The private tour of Ceasers Palace was wonderful. This was a trip I had wanted to do for many many years and I certainly was not disappointed. Would thoroughly recommend your tour.
the guide was very knowledgable and pleasant. I would recommend this tour and your service any day.
The guide was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Entry into the palace was an excellent and interesting portion of the tour and well worth doing.
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Tour was one of the best we went on. Julietta was a wonderful guide. We enjoyed her humor while still being VERY informative and interesting. Thank you!
Loved being guided by the knowledgeable Valentina. My family was so very interested in the Roman Forum and the discussion of the area's development through time. They also considered the visit to Augustus's and Livia's houses quite special and they considered the frescoes most impressive.
Gigi was a terrific guide. We learned so much and were very entertained. He also was thoughtful enough to make sure we were in the shade whenever possible, which was much appreciated since it was a very hot and sunny day. Getting access to places not open to the general public also made this a one-of-a-kind experience.
Beata offered us an extremely informative VIP Caesar's Palace Tour, with a great sense of humor! We also appreciated that she has such great respect for the archaeological sites, even asking a group that was picnicking illegally to move off the ruins. She dealt well with a little boy whose parents should never have brought him out in such heat. In short, she is wonderful.
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VIP Caesar's Palace was excellent!! Very thorough
We enjoyed our tour with Laura very much. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable and really helped to bring the historical sights to life for us. My son had studied Latin, so he had a number of questions during the tour. Laura patiently and thoroughly answered all of his questions. Our small tour group had Caesar's Palace all to itself when we were there, which was a nice respite from the crowds that we found at all of the other sights in Rome. Having a guide definitely helped us to navigate the summer crowds and have the best possible experience!
Mr. T was an amazing guide. He provided so much information in a very entertaining way. My husband and I expressed an interest in seeing more of the roman forum and at the time he stated that due to the schedule for the day being set up the way it was he had little time in the floor of the forum. He then proceeded to take us down to the floor of the forum and walk us right where we had requested. I am not sure if I just misunderstood and he was already intending on taking us there or if he modified the plan for us. The end all result was that both my husband and I felt like we had a personalized tour. We will be recommending this tour along with Mr. T specifically to our friends that visit Rome.
Tour was amazing!! My husband and I were not disappointed! Our guide, Massimo, was VERY knowledgeable, charismatic and humorous keeping our tour fun. In I would definitely refer Walks of Italy to friends and family.
Sev was so amazing. His presentation was so interesting. We all enjoyed his tour immensely.