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Tuscany Day Trip from Rome

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: Approx. 13hrs
  • Start Time: 7.15 AM

Tour Highlights

  • An all-inclusive Tuscany day trip from Rome, exploring the best of Tuscany in small groups of just 15 or fewer in a private mini-bus.

  • Visit picturesque Pienza; eat lunch on an organic farm; drink wine at a Montalcino vineyard; and scale the walls of a castle.

  • We’ve taken care of all the details, from transport to lunch, so all you have to worry about is the souvenirs (cheese or wine?) and photos.
Explore a Montalcino vineyard (with tastings!) Enjoy lunch on an organic farm Enjoy lunch on an organic farm Sample Tuscan wines at lunch From farm to plate Olive oil, made onsite Bread, baked by the farmer's wife Meet the cast: a fully-functioning farm Meet the cast: a fully-functioning farm Cheese made onsite is all organic Cheese made onsite is all organic Cheese made onsite is all organic Pienza town Tuscan cheese shop, Pienza Tuscan cheese shop, Pienza Ceramics shop, Pienza Pienza town Street of Love, Pienza Climb the walls of Montalcino Castle Climb the walls of Montalcino Castle Climb the walls of Montalcino Castle Monticchiello town (population 100!) View from Monticchiello



The first stop of our Tuscany day trip from Rome is the picturesque town of Pienza which is chock full of artisan food, wine and craft stores. Here you'll taste the city’s world-famous pecorino cheese, honey, and jams. Your tour leader will also show you beautiful ceramics and local Tuscan delicacies like wild boar ragu. In your free time be sure to visit the town’s church and soak up some more views over the rolling hills of Val d’Orcia.


Don't eat too much in Pienza because the next stop on your Tuscany day trip from Rome is a local farm for a sumptuous lunch. When you arrive, you'll take a quick look around to see what is growing or being raised that season, then you'll tuck into a meal featuring seasonal delicacies and the best of what Tuscany has to offer. Because the menu changes according to what's in season we're never quite sure what you're going to be served, but rest assured that you are going to enjoy a proper Tuscan feast.


Tuscany is famous for its castles, and your next stop is one of the best. Perched high on top of a hill, Montalcino Castle offers perhaps the best views in Tuscany. With special, extended access you’ll climb the lookout towers and patrol the walls led by your Walks tour leader.


Oh the wine! Tuscany is world-famous for its wines and none more so than Brunello di Montalcino. You’ll sample some of the best when we visit an award-winning vineyard for a guided tour of the vines and wine cellar, plus a guided tasting flight. Go on – we dare you to leave without a bottle or two stashed in your bag.

With so much to see in this incredible region, stating that we’ve found the best of Tuscany is a bold claim – but one we’re sure you’ll agree with after a delicious day of castles, wine, cheese and perfect hill towns. Our Tuscany day trips from Rome offer a truly Italian experience that will leave you hankering for Tuscany long after you’ve returned home.

Sites visited

  • Pienza Town
  • Organic farm in Val d’Orcia (for lunch)
  • Montalcino Castle
  • Renowned vineyard in the Montalcino region


  • Round-trip transport from Rome
  • Lunch at a local farm
  • Cheese tasting
  • Wine tastings at a Montalcino vineyard
  • Special access ticket to climb Montalcino Castle walls
  • Expert, English-speaking tour leader throughout
  • Small groups of 15 people or fewer


5-stars from over 293 Customer Reviews

Very organized and well thought out. Perfect amount of time at each destination. Guide was friendly and informative.
Mattia was a great tour guide. Very informative about Italy and Tuscany. Enjoyed the lunch and wine tasting
We had a fantastic time and loved every second of it. Our guide was great and really made the experience to be a lot of fun. We will definitely book with you again next time we visit Italy.

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

As this tour includes lunch, please be sure to notify us at the time of booking of any food allergies or preferences that you have.

Please note that, due to space restrictions on our buses, we may not be able to accommodate strollers on your tour. If you are traveling with an infant and/or a stroller, please contact us in advance.

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Very organized and well thought out. Perfect amount of time at each destination. Guide was friendly and informative.
Kylie was an excellent guide for our day in Tuscany. Just the right amount of information. We also enjoyed the places selected for stops. Pienza is a wonderful town and the farm lunch was excellent. We did find the bus ride to be unsettling as we wound our way into Pienza. My son and I were in the very back and it was tough. I know a bus cannot be too big to be able to navigate the roads but something with a smoother ride would be a welcome option. Overall, we had a great Tuscan experience.
Mattia was a great tour guide. Very informative about Italy and Tuscany. Enjoyed the lunch and wine tasting
We had a fantastic time and loved every second of it. Our guide was great and really made the experience to be a lot of fun. We will definitely book with you again next time we visit Italy.
(No comment)
Ciara was a fantastic guide. It was a magical relaxing day to help us rejuvenate from walking all over Rome. We loved the lunch at the vineyard, pecorino tasting in Pienza, and vineyard tour.
Our family -- 2 adults and 2 teens -- loved this tour! The Pienza, farm, castle and winetasting stops were all fabulous. The day had a great pace. Chuki was very knowledgeable and a delight to spend the day with. Would have loved a little more time in Pienza.
We had a wonderful day, we enjoyed the full day without crowds. We had the pleasure to enjoyed amazing views and had a wonderful meal with excellent hostess
This tour was excellent. It was time efficient without feeling rushed, the content and experience was amazingly planned and our guide Roberta was the ideal person to lead the tour. The overall feedback is that it was a truly worthwhile experience. The only reason I did not give Customer Service full marks is because one of the hosts at a particular location on the tour exhibited what seemed to be subtle racism. Being the only person of mixed race on the tour, I found it strange that he handed everyone available his business cards in their hands yet placed mine on the table and when we were leaving, he shook everyone's hands he was speaking to yet walked straight past me. I found that to be either highly coincidental or rather unfortunate depending on how it is viewed. However the tour and guide was phenomenal and I commend Walks of Italy for creating such an unforgettable opportunity.
(No comment)
Marta was excellent. Very knowledgeable about history, the region and wine and food. She made the trip
A must do! Excellent guide, one if the best tour we had . Awesome experience!
(No comment)
(No comment)
Our guide, Francesca was outstanding. The reason for the lower score on the event rating was because of the very uncomfortable seating on the bus. Four adults should not be in the back row for this trip. Everyone was an adult, and we were the last on the bus, leaving us no choice but to squeeze into the back row for hours of travel.
I thought I should tell you that unfortunately I missed out on the cheese tasting pRt of the tour. As we arrived in the township Pavel asked if anyone required the bathroom. I replied that I did. He said I would have to wait a few minutes and he would direct me. Unfortunately more than 30 minutes passed and I really needed to use a bathroom. Pavel has us gathered outside the church and he had just said we needed to be back there at 11:25. I presumed we were going our own way as he had not mentioned the cheese tasting. So I told another guest I was going to follow the sign to the public rest room. Paved made no effort to find me or to stop me from going. He did apologize, saying he could t leave the rest of the group to find me but I felt upset that I had paid a fair amount for the tour and missed out on an important part of it.
Wonderful Tour. Long day went by so fast. Great driver and our guide Pavel was fantastic. He explained everything so well and made every stop interesting and fun. Everything we did was fantastic and the lunch on the farm was so delicious! Bravo ! Thanks to Pavel for a memorable day.
Not happy with driver as he looked at the tour guide in passenger seat while driving and fiddled with his phone and appeared to even take a phone call while driving. In addition, he smelled of smoke every time he entered vehicle. As an asthmatic, it's not good to be surrounded by second hand smoke. Same experience on Pompeii trip with that driver. Glad the Gladiators gate had no transport involved.
My favorite tour of the four! Amazing and relaxing!
My guide Pavel was knowledgable and really enjoys his work. The tour itself was fantastic, from the visits to the small towns to the wonderful lunch at the farm. It was a long day, but it wasn't tiring. I would highly recommend this tour and walks of Italy.
(No comment)
Absolutely LOVED our day trip to the Tuscan countryside. Andy was interesting and knowledgeable and fun. It was my favorite day out of my week in Italy.
Andy was amazing and the tour was the best part of our Rome trip!
Andy was clever, charming, kind, and patient with all of us. It was an unbelievably wonderful day!
(No comment)
(No comment)
(No comment)
We took several Walks of Italy tours and this was absolutely our favorite tour of all!
A lovely day that was well organised and delivered on all that it promised. The lunch at the farm was definitely a highlight of the day. If anything I would leave off the fort/castle and spend more time at the village or another similar to soak up some more atmosphere. Roberta was wonderful and ensured everyone was catered for and extremely helpful. She was great.
Our guide was Chiara and she was fabulous. Our driver was Michael and we arrived safely to all destinations with no incidents- I want to mention this because his good driving allowed Chiara to entertain us with history and information and stories. Chiara told us about the areas, and the history, and a little Italian as well. She smiles all the time and was so pleasant to be around. I will give this tour 5 stars for sure.
Manuele was an amazing tour guide! He was extremely knowledgeable and made the day an amazing experience!!
(No comment)
We went on the Amalfi Coast tour with Francesca 2 days prior and were so happy to have her for our Tuscany tour. The tour was outstanding! Francesca does a great job!
unfortunately, there was a very rude family in our group. Their children were vulgar as was the father. I felt our guide did his best and if I were your company I would block them from attending any further trips with your company. The were using profanity, which I can honestly say I have never had the misfortune to encounter such people in my entire life. You guide was great, but these people were horrible! We would have enjoyed out day much more had they not been along. They talked non-stop on both van rides. This family was from Florida.
I followed the tour as a guide in training and loved every minute of the beautiful quintessential Tuscan experience. Each propretario we visited and their staff were truly outstanding and added a wonderful energy to the day. The lunch was decadent and delicious and eating together did much to unify the happy group. Cheese tasting and the walk around Pienza was great and the views from the fortress were breathtaking. The wine tasting was also lovely. My only comment/suggestion would be that the room we did the tasting in felt a bit closed off from the beauty of the vineyard itself. If there were a way to be do the tasting outside, it would be even better. Andrea was fantastic! Perfect English, very informative, happy, upbeat, and relaxed. He set a wonderful tone for the whole day and because of him, everyone was happy and at ease all day.
We loved this tour! Andrea was amazing, and the food was delicious!
Maybe more information from the farm of how they live and produce would be interesting and also more choices of food. Apart from this the tour was great.
Wonderful tour. Lovely small group. Marta was so knowledgeable and friendly. Very generous with her time and education on Italy. I will definitely recommend your tour and look forward to going on another one.
I gave was a great guide. We very much enjoyed the tour.
We had an excellent time and the guide was amazing. thanks!
Mattia was engaging and informative. Wonderful tour and venue. Standard of food was delicious. Keep up the great standards and small groups Walks of Italy.
Andrea was fantastic. Very professional but also very caring about everyone to be sure we were all enjoyinh ourselves. The only thing that could be improved is the wine tasting experience. We would like to see more of the vineyard, fermentation, etc. Also the area for the tasting was very small and it was a bit rushed. On the other hand, Spedalone was fantastic and the owners extremely warm and welcoming. Again Andrea was A++!!
Great tour
Our best day in Italy with an amazing experience with a great guide.
Lunch sitting ourtside looking at the Tuscan hills will be one of the highlights of our time in Italy! Andrea was a super guide and made the day fun.
We did tours with other companies on our honeymoon in Rome but Walks was by far the beat! Best guide, smooth transitions, and Tuscany was an incredible and unforgettable experience! Thank you!!
Great tour! Would definitely look to book something similar in the future.
We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend this tour to others! Our tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly. Tuscany was beautiful and everything we hoped for! Thank you.