3 hrs 30 mins
Max 24


  • Step up into the 3rd, 4th and 5th tiers of the Colosseum for spectacular views

  • Enjoy a full general-access Colosseum tour with an expert guide

  • Immerse yourself in the daily life of ancient Romans in the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Tour description

A Colosseum tour with a difference

Step off the normal tourist path for a top level Colosseum tour that offers unparalleled views of the ancient ruin and the historic center of Rome. Your tour starts with skip-the-line Colosseum tickets and a full tour of the general-access areas as you learn the story of this iconic building.

After you've seen the general-access areas, you'll pass through gates normally closed to visitors and climb to the heights of the building for a top level Colosseum tour. Exploring 3rd, 4th, and 5th levels, you'll bask in jaw-dropping views and have plenty of time to take pictures as your guide transports you back to Ancient Rome with stories of the people who once used this magnificent building.

Enjoy a Roman Forum and Colosseum tour with an expert guide

After your top tier Colosseum tour, you'll skip the lines over at the Roman Forum and head inside for a full tour of Ancient Rome's bustling civic center and the Palatine Hill. As you literally walk in the footsteps of men like Julius Caesar (the roads contain their original paving stones) you'll get a fascinating crash course in the history of the empire that founded Western civilization. Along the way, you'll stop by old palaces, monuments, temples, and governmental buildings that your guide will help you interpret and understand. There is no better way to take in this incredible archeological site which can seem jumbled and confusing if you see it without someone who has spent years studying it.

An expert guide makes all the difference!

Our guides are certified experts who have dedicated their lives to studying ancient Rome. Their friendly expertise turns ordinary sightseeing into an immersive experience in Ancient Rome.

Sites visited

  • Colosseum general access areas
  • Top Tier Colosseum Tour
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill


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Nov 17, 2019

I apologize for this late response. Felix was a wonderful tour guide. It was a very hot afternoon and he had already done a hot morning tour. He was energetic, fun and had many interesting stories to tell that related to what we were seeing. We were all hot, uncomfortable and tired but he kept us motivated and interested. How he kept going was amazing. Thank you Felix.


Jul 07, 2019

Felix was our favorite tour guide of our entire vacation. Outstanding tour and he is incredibly knowledgeable. I posted a glowing review of your entire company on TripAdvisor.


Jul 01, 2019

Unfortunately this tour was not all that I thought it would be. I had read great reviews about this company but was left a bit dissatisfied. The colosseum part of the tour was very interesting and the group was able to learn a lot of the history, but to my knowledge we did not visit all of the tiers that were mentioned in this tour. Then the Roman forum tour was very short and I felt as if we hardly walked around at all- it felt very rushed. And when we walked up Palatine hill, the guide spent no time talking about it and I didn’t even realize that we were on the hill. It was a very hot day, so I felt as if the guide was rushing through everything. The group ended up being much bigger than it should have been- around 30 people and because of this we were given a free entrance into an old Roman house. When we got there though we were informed that we could not go in and waited outside of this house for about 30 min. In total the tour was only 2.5 hours, and 30 of those minutes were spent waiting outside of the house we could not go into. To sum it up, this tour felt very rushed and I was left unsatisfied unfortunately.


Jul 01, 2019

She was the best! I would highly recommend her.


Jun 30, 2019

The tour guide was extremely well prepared and we learned a lot that day. I really liked the fact she was prepared with the heat we Experienced to slow down, as needed. I loved this tour

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