Walks of Italy


Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 3hrs 30mins
  • Start Time: Times vary.

Tour Highlights

  • A Rome food tour that makes Roman cuisine one of the tastiest in Italy.

  • Make your own pizza, visit traditional trattorias and go behind the scenes at a local butcher and cheese shop.

  • Learn why there's no such thing as 'Italian food' & where to eat when in Rome.
Artisan meat tasting Local salami for sale Cold cut tasting Chatting with vendors on our Rome Food Tour Italian cheese tasting Shopping for bread (used in tastings) charcuterie in a neighborhood butcher. Parmesan - when should you eat it? Pizza making at a local pizzeria Pizza making at a local pizzeria Pizza making at a local pizzeria Pizza making at a local pizzeria Pizza making at a local pizzeria Pizza making at a local pizzeria



This immersive Rome food tour starts in one of the city's finest foodie neighborhoods: the old Jewish Ghetto. As you stop into some of the neighborhood's favorite trattorias to taste typical Roman starters, your guide will tell you how Roman cuisine developed from the unique mix of people in the city and the ingredients that were seasonally available to them.

Leaving the ghetto, you'll head straight to an artisanal cheese shop for a tasting of Pecorino Romano and other Italian cheeses complemented with a glass of local white wine. Then it's on to one of the city’s most iconic delis to try the deep-fried rice balls called supplì with a glass of Italian craft beer. Didn't know the Italians were enthusiastic beer brewers? This is just one of the many revelations on this tour.

Less surprising will be the mouth-watering charcuterie that you will taste at your next stop, a neighborhood butcher who specializes in local favorites like salami spiked with fennel. You'll also get another glass of wine; this time a red produced in the region.


Most Rome food tours stop here, but we have a special surprise. After a quick olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting, it’s time to play chef at a local pizzeria. Because it takes so long for the dough to prove, it'll be waiting for you when you arrive. You’ll roll it, add your own toppings and slide it into the huge wood-burning oven. As you work you'll also learn interesting hints and tips for making pizza at home, as well as the very important difference between Roman and Neapolitan pizzas.

You'll finish off the evening in the Italian style; with a stroll through the city and a cup or cone of gelato, learning what differentiates this Italian treat from normal ice cream or sorbet.


With small groups of only 12 people or fewer, your Rome Food Tour will be more like a casual outing with friends than a traditional tour. You’ll be able to engage more with your guide as they teach you what you should eat in while in Rome and where to eat it, with restaurant recommendations specific to your tastes. They’ll teach you how to tell an authentic restaurant from a touristy one (not always that obvious), or which dishes on “Italian” menus back home won’t show up in Italy. Because your time in Rome should certainly be measured in meals!

Our local experts are hand-picked for their passion for Italian food. They’re obsessive about getting the best meals and the best bang for their buck, making them the perfect people to lead your culinary exploration of Rome. With small groups and friendly guides, you’ll truly experience one of Italy’s most pleasurable passions – food!

Guests with food allergies are asked to contact us upon booking so we may facilitate you. For more, please read our Important Notes section.

Sites visited

  • Old Jewish Ghetto
  • Trattorias
  • Deli
  • Local Butcher
  • Local Cheese Shop
  • Roman Pizzeria


  • Pizza-making at a central Rome pizzeria
  • Food tastings including small plates, olive oil, meats, cheeses, supplì & more
  • desert and coffee
  • Expert local foodie to give you insider tips & tricks
  • Small groups of 12 people or fewer


5-stars from over 632 Customer Reviews

Superb knowledge and a great insight
Loved it! Had so much fun and the food we had was incredible! Great tour guide!
We had so much fun! Enjoyed the food tour! Manuela was great!

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

Please notify us before booking if you have any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or other special requirements. Unfortunately, we are unable to cater to coeliacs on the pizza-making section of this tour as we use a working pizzeria kitchen. While we can provide an option for vegetarians, guests should be aware that tastings such as the cold meats on this tour cannot be replaced with a vegetarian alternative.

As this tour includes a meal's worth of tastings, we encourage you not to have a big breakfast before the tour begins.

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This was such a great experience, probably right on par with the pasta making course we took as one of the more fun experiences of our trip (the other tours were great and interesting, this was just great in its different way). Loved the experience, and loved our guide. Would recomnend, along with all the walks of italy tours we took
Superb knowledge and a great insight
Marta was awesome! She was extremely personable and was able to share so much information about Rome and the foods we were tasting. The small group size was great and each restaurant/shop was exceptional! We all got to know each other and have fun together. The tour guide in training (I don’t remember her name) that was with Marta was wonderful too!
Loved it! Had so much fun and the food we had was incredible! Great tour guide!
(No comment)
We had so much fun! Enjoyed the food tour! Manuela was great!
My wife and I have taken tours in cities all around the world and this tour, led by Stefano, was one of the best ever. Knowledgeable, easy to talk with and a great experience. He took excellent care of his guests and I would recommend this tour to anyone who wanted a fun “food”experience in Rome!
Stefano is a lively person and took such good care of us. He was great at sharing interesting details about history and food. He also pointed out many restaurants and food stores to check out. Second, the quality of the appetizers, salumi, cheeses, etc. was top notch. The best burrata I’ve ever had and the best salumi. All in all, great value and a very enjoyable tour. Thank you
Enjoyed food tour - well organised and knowledgeable host
(No comment)
This was fantastic! Far exceeded our expectations! perfect amount of people (we had 8) and the perfect length for a tour like this. We had tons of food and learned a great deal. Marta was just fabulous, we enjoyed her company and also her attention to detail and knowledge of Italy and the culture related to food. We loved it and will return to the Walks tours wherever they are available. Thank you!
Marta was a wonderful guide. Perfect English and with a passionate relationship to food and wine. That combination made her an excellent guide. I will warmly recommend her services to anyone wishing to know more about food and wine in Rome. This walk was the highlight of our trip!
Very very good tour and Mattia our guide was superb. Very good value and finished the tour very full and satisfied not to mention educated in Roman cuisine. Highly recommend this tour.
Marta was knowledgeable and fun. We had a great time, met fun people and left stuffed with delicious food! Thank you!
Stefano was terrific. The four of us had a fantastic time. I would use Walks of Italy again.
(No comment)
It was really great!!
(No comment)
Stefano was excellent guide very informative and knowledgeable . Next time in Rome which is February will definatly be booking his Pasta making course !
He was incredibly knowledgeable about Rome cuisine, and a gracious guide.
My daughter and I really enjoyed this tour. Stefano was both extremely knowledgeable and extremely passionate about the food of Italy and Rome in particular. We learned a lot and had a great time with the other members of the tour. Would definitely recommend!
It was very informative and well planned. We enjoyed it.
It was great and nice to have a guide so passionate about her food! It really shows
(No comment)
(No comment)
Andrea was the best guide, we all enjoyed our tastings very much, highly recommend doing this tour early in your stay in Rome, some great places and tips to revisit. Thank you!!
(No comment)
Loved the Jewish ghetto and pizza making!!!
(No comment)
We loved Andrea and loved the tour!!! It was my favorite part of our visit in Rome. I would do it again in a heartbeat! You are very lucky to have guides like Andrea. He was fabulous! Rick Gibson and Jan Goss-Gibson Austin, Tx
(No comment)
Sabrina was brilliant and her knowledge of the area was superb. Couldn't have asked for a better guide. We loved her. Thank u.
Love it. Our guide Sabrina was fabulous. Loved her she made our experience absolutely wonderful! Thanks
Manuela was perfect with great charisma and very thoughtful to those in our group that had some special needs. She's a keeper!
(No comment)
Mattei provided a wonderful introduction to Roman food - explanation of origins, familiarisation with specific areas and the specialties of the different providers we visited. He catered to the group dynamic exceptionally well and we all had a great time! I would highly recommend this tour to others - perfect way to begin your Roman holiday!
Wow! This was one of the best food tours we have ever been on. Small Andrea gave us a lot of historical information as well as his Roman point of view. We could not believe the amount of food was were given during our many food stops. The food was all delicious. This was one of our favorite tours during our time in Rome!
The guide was awesome! I wish the pizza making was a little more intensive, but I understand time limitations. The guide was funny, informative, and really easy to listen to. Thank you!
This was a fantastic tour. Our guide was great. Very energetic, engaging and very knowledgeable. The shops we went into, we had passed by during our walks around the city. We would have never known the treasures we were passing up unless we had taken this tour. The food was amazing and the guide was even more so. I would recommend this tour to everyone who visits Roma.
(No comment)
Had a wonderful evening and the guide was as sweet as she could be. Loved it!
(No comment)
This was such a tasty and fun tour. Manuela did a great job. This was a great way to kick off our trip to Rome; we did it on the day we arrived from the US!
This tour was lots of fun and had a great time with all the members of the group.
So much fun! Guide and other guests were great! Food was amazing.
Loved it!
We had a great time on this tour. Andrea did a fantastic job and really knows his stuff
(No comment)