Reviews: Pasta-Making Class: Cook, Dine & Drink Wine with a Local Chef


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Federica was absolutely awesome. Spike

Damon - Nov 02, 2019

Our chefs were great

Deanna - Oct 31, 2019

Annie - Oct 30, 2019

We had a great time at the pasta making class. The chef's were so much fun! It was our last evening in Rome and a very memorable one!

Barbara - Oct 26, 2019

This class was wonderful! The chefs Fernanda and Cristina were both entertaining and informative. We learned just how easy it is to make pasta from scratch, and had the best time doing it, while watching the sunset. It was the perfect evening and we highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for a good meal and good company.

Elizabeth - Oct 26, 2019

Our chefs were amazing -- they made the class completely not intimidating and fun! But we also learned how to cook a great meal and they gave us a list of their favorite restaurants -- we went to several and they were amazing. These girls didn't just act like guides/teachers, but like friends you wanted to spend the evening with.

Erin - Oct 23, 2019