Reviews: Pasta-Making Class: Cook, Dine & Drink Wine with a Local Chef


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Amy - Sep 10, 2019

We loved this class! Learned , schmoozed, ate & drank with lovely people on a beautiful rooftop. Stefano was not as engaging as Raffaelia. She was delightful!

Sue - Sep 09, 2019

Our chefs were Roberto and Federica and they were amazing! They were excellent instructors and kept the evening fun. They also offered great advice for not only pasta making but cooking in general. I will definitely be recommending this class to anyone I know coming to Italy!

Christina - Sep 07, 2019

What a night! My wife and I took our 16 and 13 year boys and everyone had a great time! We were concerned the boys would find it a bit boring (they don't seem to be into cooking), but we were wrong. There's nothing like getting your fingers into making pasta from scratch. The boys enjoyed it and there was plenty of wine to be enjoyed throughout the evening. The best part were the views from the roof top of Rome and enjoying the fruits of our labor at the end. It was probably the best meal we had while in Rome... and we made it! The chefs were entertaining, the other people we met were fun, and the evening on the rooftop was beautiful. We would do it again and hope to make it back to Rome soon in order to do so!

Richard - Sep 05, 2019

My wife and I enjoyed our pasta-making and dinner experience with Stepahno and Raphalla (sp?) very much. There was an excellent mix of levity and serious instruction that helped ensure that we learned something while still enjoying ourselves. We look forward to trying some of the recipes they gave us at home. The dinner afterwards on their rooftop terrace was excellent. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Rome.

Glenn - Sep 04, 2019

Fun, informative, delicious! A very enjoyable class!

Marina - Sep 03, 2019