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  • Visit an impressive Roman catacomb in a small group so you can hear and interact with your guide easily.

  • Explore an eerie bone crypt, a unique burial site covered in the skulls and bones.

  • Follow in the footsteps of Ancient Romans as far back as 300 B.C. with a drive along the ancient Appian Way.

  • Travel to and from sites via private air-conditioned transport—no need to worry about the logistics.

Tour description

See a darker—yet equally fascinating—side of Rome on a catacombs tour.

Rome's ancient streets are lined with thousands of years of history, both above and below ground level. On this expert-led Rome catacombs tour, you'll venture beneath the surface to explore the city's mysterious yet enchanting underworld.

Witness Rome's strangest sight: a crypt decorated with skulls and bones.

Begin your Roman catacombs tour at one of the eeriest places in the city—a cemetery literally built from bones! Underneath a church in the center of Rome, you'll find a crypt decorated with the remains of some thousands skeletons dating as far back as the 16th century. For kids, it’s a fascinating lesson in anatomy, and for adults, a moving reminder of what we’ll all become. As you'll learn from your guide, this unique site wasn't intended to be a morbid one. After they give you the lay of the land, you'll have time to explore this fascinating burial ground at your own pace.

Board a comfortable private minibus and make your way to Rome's fascinating catacombs.

Next, it's on to the Roman catacombs via private bus transport. Following in the footsteps of the ancient Romans, you'll then drive along the famous Appian Way (Via Appia Antica)—a road dating back all the way to circa 300 B.C. There are miles of ancient Christian catacombs under Rome, and we'll take you on an underground journey to discover the birthplace and deathplace of these early believers. For a more unique and comprehensive experience, we keep our groups small to ensure you can hear your expert Catacombs guide at all times.

Your Rome catacombs tour will transport you beneath the surface of the city—and thousands of years back in time.

With comfortable, air-conditioned transport throughout, you won’t have to worry about coordinating metros, buses, or other means of transportation from one site to the next. Our guides are handpicked not just for their knowledge, but also their enthusiasm and engagement, so they’ll be happy to answer any questions you can throw at them. Join us as we peel back the many layers of Rome, uncovering secret stories of Christian persecution, unconventional religious practices, and the multi-layered history of the city on this unforgettable Roman catacombs tour.

Sites visited

  • One of the most impressive Roman catacombs
  • An eerie bone crypt
  • Appian Way


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Apr 14, 2024

Our tour guide, Silvia, was very knowledgeable and gave a very broad history of ancient Rome along with a lot of early Christian history. The Crypts were a maze and the Ossuary was fascinating. An excellent tour overall.


Apr 08, 2024

Request Federico


Mar 20, 2024

The afternoon Crypts and Catacombs Tour organized by Walks have been amazing! It's definitely a great opportunity to visit a very charming and interesting part of Rome! Our tour leader Paris has been such a great added value, enriching the tour so much! She is very well prepared and told us so many different details of the roman history! Definitely recomended!!!


Feb 10, 2024

I thought Silvia was an excellent tour guide! While I did enjoy the Capuchin Crypt, I do wish we had done another catacomb instead. But overall great time!


Nov 12, 2023

It was a fantastic tour! We had a great time and the capuchin and catacombs were extremely interesting. I didn’t expect a van so that was welcome as well. Our guide, Hillary, was fantastic

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In addition to giving you a peek beneath the surface of Rome on our Crypts, Bones & Catacombs Tour, this itinerary will ensure you check some of the city’s top historical sites off your list. You’ll even have time to get hands-on with Italian cuisine in an expert-led cooking class.

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