2.5 hours
5:45 PM


  • Step inside Rome’s Catacombs after they close to the public for an unforgettable VIP after-hours tour.
  • Religion, art or obscenity? Make what you will of the St. Mary of Eulogies and the Dead crypt, decorated with skulls and bones, with insights from your knowledgeable guide.
  • With private transport between sites, your Rome catacombs night tour will be hassle-free. You'll be back in the city center in time for dinner.

Tour description

Visit Rome’s Catacombs after closing time on this once-in-a-lifetime night tour.

The Catacombs of Rome make for a truly unique experience. Hidden beneath the city—as many as six stories below ground in some areas—these mazelike graveyards were created by Rome’s first Christians during a time when their religion was heavily persecuted. They once held the remains of saints, martyrs, and thousands of early converts.

Visiting today, however, the catacombs may not feel as secretive as they once did. Rome catacomb tours are becoming increasingly popular. And as the foot traffic rises, so too does the noise level.

That's why we created the original Rome Catacombs night tour. With only Walks of Italy groups inside the catacomb, your visit is guaranteed to be intimate and mysterious. Your guide will be easy to hear and interact with, and the catacombs themselves will be transformed. Step 2,000 years back in time with an unforgettable experience of Rome’s hidden history.

Step into a crypt decorated with skulls and bones.

Your Rome Catacombs night tour begins at a church in the city center to visit a 16th century bone crypt recently opened to the public after seven years of restoration. As you approach St. Mary of Eulogies and the Dead Church, you'll get a hint of what's to come as your guide points out the carved skulls and Latin inscription above the doorway: My turn today, yours tomorrow.

Once inside the church, a nun will escort your Walks of Italy tour group down a short flight of stairs into the bone crypt decorated with thousands of skulls and bones. Both fascinating and shocking, your guide will explain the reasoning behind the creation of this unusual burial ground and the early Christian's surprisingly optimistic approach to life and death.

Have Rome's most historically significant Catacombs all to yourself.

Then it’s off to the Roman Catacombs in a comfortable private bus with your Walks of Italy guide and small group of maximum 18 guests. On the way, your guide will share captivating stories behind this ancient burial site that prepare you for what you're about to see.

Our Rome Catacombs night tour has exclusive after-hours access to this incredible network of underground burial sites. Apart from their historical and religious significance, the Catacombs are also one of the most atmospheric sacred sites in Rome—especially when you’re there alone! You’ll be particularly grateful for the peace and quiet (and for your small group) as you follow your expert Catacombs guide through the winding underground passages.

This late entry visit allows for a more intimate tour through the curious spaces. From the exclusive VIP visit underground to the fascinating look into the lives and deaths of early Christians in Rome, one thing is for sure: this will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Sites visited

  • Catacombs of Rome
  • Orazione e Morte Crypt


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Oct 11, 2023

Fantastic tour, I wish you could pick your tour guide…if you could I would say you have to take this tour with Federico! He was AMAZING! Super engaging, knowledgeable, born and raised Roman, and loves his job. One of the most entertaining tours I’ve ever been on.


Sep 03, 2023

This was a great tour! Guide was excellent. Well worth it. I will say though that if you have issues with small spaces, don't do it.


Aug 12, 2023

Mauro was an excellent guide. This tour was definitely worth it.


Aug 12, 2023

I thought the guide did not add much to the tour. At each stop the guide relied solely on the person greeting us to provide info. She did not seem very knowledgeable. During our walk schedule talked about stuff that was not very relevant.


Aug 09, 2023

I was disappointed that the tour guide did not reserve a front seat on the bus for the man missing a leg. The man really got along well but should have not been forced to tough it out to pick out a remaining seat at the back of the bus. The other passenger just shot in to take seats at the front and obviously cannot be relied upon to do the right thing. Sure the tour had stairs and the man did very well on things but some things should go without saying. Even though he could move very well and handle the stairs he should have had a front seat reserved for him out of common courtesy. Otherwise the tour was great. It was hard for me to watch him finding a place for his crutches at the back of the bus while very carefully and politely trying to not inconvience anybody with his disability

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