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Rome Catacombs Alone

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 2.5hrs
  • Start Time: 6PM

Tour Highlights

  • For the first time ever, we’re taking you inside Rome’s Catacombs at night, for an experience you’ll never forget.

  • Religion, art or obscenity? Make what you will of the Capuchin ‘Bone’ Crypt, decorated with the remains of 4,000 monks.

  • With transport between sites we take the hassle out of your Rome Catacombs night tour, returning you to the city center in time for dinner.
The Capuchin Crypt The Capuchin Crypt The Capuchin Crypt The Capuchin Crypt Descending into Rome Catacombs at night Descending into Rome Catacombs at night Rome Catacombs at night



The Catacombs of Rome make for an incredible visit. Hidden beneath the city, these maze-like graveyards were created by Rome’s first Christians during a time when their religion was heavily persecuted. They can plunge six stories down into the ground and once held the remains of saints, martyrs, and thousands of early converts.

Visiting today, however, the catacombs may not feel as secretive as they once did. Rome Catacomb tours are becoming increasingly popular. And as the foot traffic rises, so does the noise level.

That's why we're offering the first Rome Catacombs night tour. With only Walks of Italy groups inside the catacomb, your visit is guaranteed to be intimate and mysterious. Your guide will be easy to hear and interact with and the Catacombs themselves will be transformed. Step back in time 2,000 years with an unforgettable experience of Rome’s hidden history.


Your Rome Catacomb night tour starts at the Capuchin Crypt; an incredible series of rooms decorated with the bones of 4,000 monks. There are light fixtures made from spinal bones, a coat of (real) arms, and a few full skeletons still wearing their monk’s robes.

Included in your ticket is the Capuchin Museum, where your guide will point out a disputed Caravaggio and some strange mementos of monks. Then you’ll board a private vehicle for the journey across town to the highlight of our tour.


Our Rome Catacombs Night Tour visits the incredible Catacombs of Santa Priscilla. These are special for a few reasons. For one, they’re home to the oldest known drawing of the Virgin Mary (that’s how old they are). They were also once known as the ‘Pope’s Catacombs’ because they housed the remains of not one but seven early popes and a handful of martyrs.

Apart from their historical and religious significance, the Catacombs of Santa Priscilla make for the nicest visit – especially when you’re there alone! Headsets don’t work underground so you’ll be particularly grateful for the peace and quiet (and for your small group of only 15 people or fewer) as you follow your guide through the winding underground passages.

One thing is for sure: It will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Sites visited

  • Capuchin ‘Bone’ Crypt
  • Capuchin Museum
  • Santa Priscilla Catacombs


  • Special access to Rome Catacombs after closing
  • Tickets to the Capuchin Crypt & Museum
  • Round-trip transport between sites
  • Expert local tour guide, fluent in English


5-stars from over 491 Customer Reviews

Excellent tour. I was a little leery about the tours content initially but I was very glad that I went.
Brilliant tour delivered by a fantastic guide! The crypts and catacombs we visited were really impressive and steeped in so much history! Our guide, Anna, was full of information and ready to answer any and all questions. Really fun and enjoyable.
Andrew was fun, knowledgable and a superb guide! Molto bene

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

Sites on this itinerary include holy places, and attire must be appropriate for the visit. Both men and women are asked to wear clothing that covers at least the shoulders and knees. Walks of Italy cannot be held responsible for denied entry due to improper dress. It is sufficient to bring extra coverings with you and put them on before our entrance to the holy areas.

This tour visits underground passages and is therefore not appropriate for guests who suffer from claustrophobia.

Photography is not allowed in the sites visited on this tour, due to their religious nature.

Excellent tour. I was a little leery about the tours content initially but I was very glad that I went.
Brilliant tour delivered by a fantastic guide! The crypts and catacombs we visited were really impressive and steeped in so much history! Our guide, Anna, was full of information and ready to answer any and all questions. Really fun and enjoyable.
Andrew was fun, knowledgable and a superb guide! Molto bene
Our trip started on time and very well managed by our tour guide, Valero. He was an amazing story teller for the entire tour while explaining the Crypts and Catacombs along the way. He was very smooth, engaging and well-spoken. The tour was fascinating and we would definitely recommend this tour, this tour guide and Walks of Italy!!
(No comment)
Andrea was great and funny, the tour was fantastic! My husband really loved this one!
We found out all Walks of Italy tours are very well organized. Everything went seamlessly. My adult daughter loved this tour! Marta was very educated, very informative, with great sense of humor. She was a very caring tour guide - accommodated my daughter special need, answered all of our questions, made sure everyone in the group had a great experience and was comfortable. One can tell she also is emotionally connected with the topic of the tour, which made for even better experience for us. Grazie!
This was a great evening and I must say mel was absolutely amazing guide very knowledgable and a pleasure to spend time with she made the tour funny and quirky with her great wit the kind that would make me follow her anywhere lol thanks for the great experience 👍
Julia was wonderful-really knowledgeable, entertaining & personable! She even generously offered to help with directions & restaurant suggestions. Terrific time!
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Andy was a great tour guide! Extremely knowledgeable, great storyteller and awesome sense of humor!
Loved our guide, we went on several guided tours and she was the best.
We enjoyed the tour and the guide was very knowledgeable.
Thoroughly enjoyed the event! Our guide Barbara was exceptional in all respects. She was knowledgeable, answered all questions completely and patiently, made sure that all 15 participants were able to hear and see everything. Excellent English, good sense of humor, full of enthusiasm. Thank you and Barbara and our drivers for a wonderful memory of Roma!
Guide was great. Super knowledgeable and full of information. The site was interesting and my partner and I enjoyed learning about it.
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Our guide and tour were great
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This tour was really interesting, and our guide, Leonardo, was clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about Rome. We really liked that the tour was conducted as a small group, with only one other small group in the catacombs with us.
Andrea was a great guide and very knowledgeable. Of all of our tours in Italy, this was our favorite! Thanks, Andrea!
She was a great guide
Andrea was great - very attentive to my children and took time to expalin things and answer questians - Well worth it.
Our guide was funny, entertaining, informative, helpful, and one of the best guides I've ever had. My wife and I do a lot of traveling and this was one of the best tours we've ever been on!!!
(No comment)
wonderful tour guide and a wonderful tour BRAVO!!
Valerie was very engaging and shared lots of interesting information!
The guide was very friendly, informative and had the tour involved. It wasn't just someone out the front flapping their gums. It always amazes me the different ways Religion exploited the human body.
Tour was fascinating. Valerio our guide was amazing a wealth of knowledge as well as being quite humorous.
(No comment)
Easy to find the meeting point. Bone Chapel Tour was a quick walking distance from meeting point and very interesting. Our guide was very informative and answered all questions easily. The catacombs we visited were probably a 15-minute van ride away. That was such an interesting tour, had no idea! And to find out and see how much has not been explored was amazing. Nice doing an after closing tour, we only ran into one other after closing group. Our group was by ourselves for 99 of the time. Gave us more time to explore, ask questions etc. Highly recommend.
Amazing!!!!!!!!! Our guide was so enthusiastic and spoke amazing English. I was a little nervous about the Bone Chapel but it is all presented really respectfully and the message is beautiful.
(No comment)
We did the Catacombs tour of Rome with Yanira, and had the best time! Yanira is really terrific, we had a chance to chat with her about what we saw on the tour, as well as some random Italy questions. She is extremely knowledgeable and bright, and very fun. The catacombs are a must see of Rome, it was one of the best sights we did. Miles upon miles of ancient underground tunnels, how can you miss that! Plus, we got to see some of the earliest Christian paintings known, and get face to face with them, truly stunning. We highly recommend this tour, and try to get Yanira if you can, you won't be disappointed!
Very impressive locations, experienced guide - we liked it very much!
(No comment)
A very well run and informative tour, we all thoroughly enjoyed it and will be recommending it to our friends.
(No comment)
Leonardo was very informative. He was very passionate about the subject matter and it made the walk ver interesting. I would book another walk with you guys again.
Kylie was a great guide, very informative and enthusiastic. A fascinating insight into Roman history.
Great tour! We were able to enjoy the catacombs after hours and were the only group in there. Our guide was very knowledgeable and clearly loved what she did. This tour was one of three we took with Walks of Italy and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I’d definitely recommend this tour and this tour company.
Shannon was our guide. She was fantastic and not only provided a great tour, but also gave us very useful and great tips for our time in Rome. We would highly recommend this tour.
This tour was excellent! Our guide was very knowledgeable and educated our group well on the history of the Catacombs and the Bone chapel. The group was nice and small which gave us time to really take in the significance.
This tour was so interesting! Anna was wonderful and very informative. The Bone Chapel was unlike anything I had ever seen before. The history and artwork of the catacombs was interesting and the 16 degrees were a nice change from the hot Roman summer!
Loved our tour yesterday. Anna, our guide, was excellent. She had a wonderful grasp on how the sites we saw fit into both the Roman culture of the time and Biblical history. The Bone Chapel was particularly fascinating. Highly recommend this tour. Plus it is great way to escape the heat of Rome in the summer.
Marta was very informative and delightful to listen to. Along with the facts, she asked questions to make us think more about the topic area. She was also great and including the kids in the discussion and in leading the group. I plan on looking for 'walks' tours when we travel next.
The tour was very cool and so nice to be able to go after hours and be the only people in the catacombs! But it was our tour guide Andria (not sure of the spelling) that made it even better. He was very knowledgeable and could answer any questions we had. You could also tell he had such a passion for the subject which made it that much more interesting!
Tour was great. To start I was a little concerned there would be no time left for the Colosseum but that not the case. The tour via the Roman forums an added bonus. Anna very knowledgeable and a fantastic guide. One of the best tours after 5 weeks in Europe!
We weren't sure this was worth it, but we learned a great deal and had a fantastic time. The guide was wonderful. Furthermore the catacombs were closed to individual visits for the month so only those on tours were able to enter. Well planned, well executed, Highly recommended.