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Premium Colosseum Tour

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Start Time: Times vary.

Tour Highlights

  • Hear stories of lions, gladiators & emperors on this thorough exploration of Ancient Rome.

  • No waiting in line with express entry at the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill.

  • With small groups of 15 people or fewer, your tour will be intimate and fun.
The Colosseum Inside the Colosseum - Ground Level The Arch of Constantine Admiring Ancient Rome from the Colosseum The Arch of Constantine & Colossem The Arch of Constantine Palatine Hill (incl. on our Colosseum tours) View of the Colosseum from Palatine Hill Discovering ancient palaces The Roman Forum (incl. on our Colosseum tours) Church at The Roman Forum Arch of Titus, Roman Forum Take a walk through Ancient Rome



With privileged entrance you’ll skip long lines to gain immediate access to the Colosseum, where you’ll start your journey into Ancient Rome, led by our passionate and entertaining tour guides.

Follow your guide around the first and second levels of the Colosseum, as they tell you the stories that bring ancient ruins to life. You’ll marvel at the ingenuity of Ancient Roman engineers; hear tales of public executions and blood-thirsty crowds; and discover the secret history of this ancient amphitheater.

So much of what you see and hear of the Colosseum in films and books is untrue – distinguish fact from fiction with the help of your expert guide. They’ll teach you the real hand symbols used by emperors to condemn gladiators to death, shock you with the secret, behind-the-scenes shenanigans of gladiators and fascinate you with the other lesser-known uses of the Colosseum.


Your Colosseum tour will teach about more than just gladiators. You’ll learn about everyday life in Ancient Rome too: A lesson which extends to the next stop on our journey – the Roman Forum. Here you’ll encounter the stores of moneylenders; the final resting place of Julius Caesar; the incredible Arch of Constantine; and the Temple of the Vestal Virgins, whose namesake were charged with keeping the sacred flame alive, plus the grave responsibility of bestowing clemency on men condemned to death.

We’ll also visit the Palatine Hill; the birthplace of Ancient Rome and the location of some of its oldest and most impressive ruins. Learn the legend of twins Remus & Romulus, found and raised by a shewolf. They may seem like old and distant stories, but with the help of your guide you’ll gain a real understanding of how the Roman Empire has impacted the world you know today – and even your own day-to-day life!


We’re passionate about the Colosseum and Ancient Rome and about sharing that history with you, so we’ve worked hard to build a team of only the best, most engaging tour guides. With five-star ratings on TripAdvisor, we’re confident that they’re the perfect hosts to help you get the most from your Colosseum tour. With small groups of 15 people or fewer, you’ll find them easy to engage with while headsets make them easy to hear at all times and impossible to lose.

You could visit the Colosseum on your own but we guarantee that you’ll get so much more from your time if you take a walk with us; not just seeing Ancient Rome but really experiencing it.

Sites visited

  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill


  • Privileged, express entry tickets for the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill.
  • Expert Walks of Italy tour guide.
  • Headsets on groups over 6 people
  • Small groups of 15 people or fewer


5-stars from over 3071 Customer Reviews

Loved the tour . Thank you .
Loved the tour. Especially liked the fact that Guido was easy to understand. Sometimes a heavy accent can make things difficult. We learned a lot! Thanks!
Maria was very knowledgable and personable. We never would have gotten the same information out of just wandering with a tour book. She kept the pace reasonable and made sure to watch out for those who had physical limitations. We really enjoyed this tour!

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

NOTE: There is a new rule at the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill that only small backpacks and regular-size handbags are allowed inside. Guests with larger bags will not be allowed to enter (there are no storage facilities) and all guests must now pass through a security check before entering the Colosseum.

The Colosseum has changed its admission policy to ensure that only 3,000 people are allowed within the amphitheater at any given time, meaning much less crowding during busy periods. Although our tickets are pre-booked with Skip the Line access, this may mean a slight delay on entering if capacity has already been reached. We expect that the instances of this will be limited but ask for your patience if you travel on a busy day and are affected by this unavoidable circumstance. In all, it should make for a much nicer experience for all (and longer general access lines!).

The Colosseum is subject to occasional closures. The Colosseum administration is usually aware of this and informs us the day before or of a given closure. Please provide us with detailed contact information in the event that we need to reach you to reschedule your tour. The Colosseum and Roman Forum are ancient sites that are neither wheelchair nor stroller friendly. Please contact our Customer Care team for more details at info@walksofitaly.com.

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Loved the tour . Thank you .
Loved the tour. Especially liked the fact that Guido was easy to understand. Sometimes a heavy accent can make things difficult. We learned a lot! Thanks!
Maria was very knowledgable and personable. We never would have gotten the same information out of just wandering with a tour book. She kept the pace reasonable and made sure to watch out for those who had physical limitations. We really enjoyed this tour!
She was a wonderful tour guide and took her time to explain everything with such detail she is an excellent tour guide. She gets an A+ in my book.
(No comment)
Our guide was wonderful, very knowledgeable and highly recommended!
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Our tour was excellent and the tour good was very knowledgeable and engaging. Highly recommend this tour!
Martina was a fantastic tour guide, of the many tours we did while in Rome this was by far the best
Cecilia was very informative, presented in great style with good humor, and was gracious, helpful, and concerned with her (our) group. She knows her subject and her audience in the best possible way. I give her the highest recommendation!
We had a great time. Cecillia is a wonderful guide. She gave us a lot of information. Her english is excellent. We really enjoyed our tour.
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour. Manuela was a great guide with lots of information and insight. We had quite a few young children in our group and she was very accommodating (which did not impact the group/tour).
Emmanuella was a great guide with full of information. We enjoyed every second, and i will recommend you to all my friends.
(No comment)
We were a group of four and give Anna 5 stars. This tour was great. Anna was very knowledgeable of the Colosseum, forum and Palatine Hill, and gave us information. I would highly recommend Walks of Italy.
(No comment)
(No comment)
Maurizio was excellent. His knowledge of the history of both Colosseum and the Forum bordered on.schloraly. An absulute gem of a tour. Would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Rome.
Elisa was superb. A tour guide with the academic credentials of having earned her PhD working in archaeology in the Roman Forum. She was complete, relevant and clearly in command of the subject matter and the group. I am so glad I had her and this tour for our trip to Rome!!!
Our tour guide was fantastic and this tour was worth every penny! My young adult children and I loved every bit of it!
Our guide was informative, pleasant and fun! She packed tons of info and stories into our tour and made the Colosseum, Palatine hill and Forum come alive! Thank you - it was one of the highlights of our trip.
We had a wonderful time with our guide on this walking tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and the Palatine Hill. Camilla was a fantastic guide who was kind, extremely knowledgable and was willing to answer any questions we had! We also enjoyed the small groups because we felt like we could learn so much more and have a more personalized experience when going on this tour! Overall, we were very pleased and we would recommend Camilla and this company to anyone who wants to see the sites of Rome!
Guido was a good tour guide. Full of knowledge. He painted a very good picture of the colosseum but I felt like the Roman Forum and Palantine Hill could have been more engaging and possible set up better from a historical perspective .....but I enjoyed the whole thing!
(No comment)
Guide was excellent!
Was a fun tour, Giulia is a great guide, learned a lot & enjoyed her stories & how she made history come alive :). Plus points for offering to take photos & making things interesting inspite of the rain (in Palatine Hill).
Guila was a FANTASTIC tour guide. She spoke clearly and concisely and told us what to expect every step of the way. It was a 3 hour tour full of facts and knowledge. We loved it and will recommend to friends and family. Thank you to Guila for a very memorable experience for my entire family. Sincerely, Melissa, Bryan, Alison & Owen Kline
Guilia was great and very passionate while explaining the history behind the Colosseum and the palatine hill. Even with the rain, she didn't hurry through anything and it was like she brought to life the entire place and transported us to several hundred years ago. Highly recommend her!
Marta was excellent!
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour, and Guido was a great blend of knowledge and enthusiasm. We would recommend the tour to anybody we know going to Rome. The Colosseum is something I have wanted to see for many years, and the tour helped me appreciate and understand it as much as possible.
Guido is an excellent guide! He is very knowledgeable about ancient Rome.
Elisa (Elizabeth) was our guide and very much enjoyed her tour and info. Very well done and recommend the tour along with Elisa who was well versed with all of the history, historic sites and their significance. Only unfortunate situation was that it rained...
Great tour guide, very informative,personable, and passionate about Italian history.
Wonderful tour!
(No comment)
The experience/tour was great..lots of interesting information shared. Restroom breaks helpful for those who needed these. The meeting point could have been more clearly explained. That was the only weak point. Thanks Francesco!
Can you stop the rain for the duration of the tour in future? Great tour.
It was great!
Guido was one of the best guides we have ever had. He didn't try to go too fast, as some of us are not as speedy as we used to be. He was very knowledgeable about the Coliseum and the Forum, and as you all know, his command of English is very good indeed. It would have been nice if it didn't rain so hard, but.....nothing in this life guarantees the weather! Dealing with your company for these 2 walks was excellent -- we will recommend you to others who visit there.
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. He was very knowledgeable and even though it rained the entire time, we still enjoyed it!
Despite the rain, this was a great tour. Took us to a picturesque spot which could have been left out due to the elements. So glad I booked with you and will consider more tours with you when I make a necessary trip back to this amazing city!
Our tour guide was fantastic. As a European Manager of a concierge service, I was very impressed and would definitely recommend your tours to our guests. Do you do private tours also? It would be great to touch base with someone from a business perspective - I would love to hear more about what you offer and see if there is an opportunity for a partnership. Please do have someone reach out - imogen.pearce@onefinestay.com Many thanks!
Very enjoyable experience. Knowledgeable and friendly guide made our tour entertaining.
We both thoroughly enjoyed this tour. The guide was most informative and made the whole thing really enjoyable and we learnt a lot!
We had a great time even in the rain!