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Premium Colosseum Tour

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Start Time: Times vary.

Tour Highlights

  • Hear stories of lions, gladiators & emperors on this thorough exploration of Ancient Rome.

  • No waiting in line with express entry at the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill.

  • With small groups of 15 people or fewer, your tour will be intimate and fun.
The Colosseum Inside the Colosseum - Ground Level The Arch of Constantine Admiring Ancient Rome from the Colosseum The Arch of Constantine & Colossem The Arch of Constantine Palatine Hill (incl. on our Colosseum tours) View of the Colosseum from Palatine Hill Discovering ancient palaces The Roman Forum (incl. on our Colosseum tours) Church at The Roman Forum Arch of Titus, Roman Forum Take a walk through Ancient Rome



With privileged entrance you’ll skip long lines to gain immediate access to the Colosseum, where you’ll start your journey into Ancient Rome, led by our passionate and entertaining tour guides.

Follow your guide around the first and second levels of the Colosseum, as they tell you the stories that bring ancient ruins to life. You’ll marvel at the ingenuity of Ancient Roman engineers; hear tales of public executions and blood-thirsty crowds; and discover the secret history of this ancient amphitheater.

So much of what you see and hear of the Colosseum in films and books is untrue – distinguish fact from fiction with the help of your expert guide. They’ll teach you the real hand symbols used by emperors to condemn gladiators to death, shock you with the secret, behind-the-scenes shenanigans of gladiators and fascinate you with the other lesser-known uses of the Colosseum.


Your Colosseum tour will teach about more than just gladiators. You’ll learn about everyday life in Ancient Rome too: A lesson which extends to the next stop on our journey – the Roman Forum. Here you’ll encounter the stores of moneylenders; the final resting place of Julius Caesar; the incredible Arch of Constantine; and the Temple of the Vestal Virgins, whose namesake were charged with keeping the sacred flame alive, plus the grave responsibility of bestowing clemency on men condemned to death.

We’ll also visit the Palatine Hill; the birthplace of Ancient Rome and the location of some of its oldest and most impressive ruins. Learn the legend of twins Remus & Romulus, found and raised by a shewolf. They may seem like old and distant stories, but with the help of your guide you’ll gain a real understanding of how the Roman Empire has impacted the world you know today – and even your own day-to-day life!


We’re passionate about the Colosseum and Ancient Rome and about sharing that history with you, so we’ve worked hard to build a team of only the best, most engaging tour guides. With five-star ratings on TripAdvisor, we’re confident that they’re the perfect hosts to help you get the most from your Colosseum tour. With small groups of 15 people or fewer, you’ll find them easy to engage with while headsets make them easy to hear at all times and impossible to lose.

You could visit the Colosseum on your own but we guarantee that you’ll get so much more from your time if you take a walk with us; not just seeing Ancient Rome but really experiencing it.

Sites visited

  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill


  • Privileged, express entry tickets for the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill.
  • Expert Walks of Italy tour guide.
  • Headsets on groups over 6 people
  • Small groups of 15 people or fewer


5-stars from over 2249 Customer Reviews

A bit more clarity on actual tour start times and delays would have been nice but overall a great experience and a great, knowlegeable and engaging guide
Our guide was very knowledgable and friendly.
Simone was terrific. Very knowledgeable (he does have a PHD in archeology). And very sensitive to the sun vs. shade ratio at that time of day. Very affable, great conversation, encouraged questions and feedback. Learned so much and had a great time. Full marks to Simone. Thank you
Very informative and interesting tour. Guido was fantastic
Emmy was amazing! A ball Of energy that really enhanced the tour. Loved her passion
Tanguy was an excellent tour director. We really enjoyed the Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill very much and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to get a fully guided of the three great treasures.
Tiberius is not a guide. He's a professor, a master! His passion, knowledge and showmanship were very engaging and much appreciated.
Great tour.
Francesca is a wonderful guide. We would highly recommend her!
Our tour guide was lovely. She was very knowledgeable and made the tour interesting with her humor. She was also understanding and kind with our little girl. Would book a tour with you guys again! :)
Everything we expected
Laura was cute and energetic. It was fun to see how much she wanted to share knowing she only had a limited amount of time to do it. I don't know how these ladies do their job every day in the tremendously hot weather.
The guide was lovely and able to answer all our questions
Marco was excellent and helpful even after the tour.
Our guide was great and very engaging. The tour length was spot on and allowed us to see everything without being in a rush.
The knowledge and information provide by the tour guide was exceptional. Would highly recommend her again.
Camilla was an excellent guide. She was very knowledgeable about the architecture and the history but also engaging and witty. She did a great job of helping us feel comfortable and creating an environment for good interaction.
Great guide. Very knowledgeable.
An interesting and informative tour. This was my second trip to the colosseum and it was more enjoyable than the first due to the excellent guide!
Angela is a very hospitable, intelligent about her work. Definitely Angela make the experience completely enjoyable 👍👍
excellent tour very knowledgable learnt so much would deffinatly recommend a tour to anyone visiting rome .friendly staff ,skipped all the lines brilliant, top marks top service will use again if i vist italy in the future
Luciana was an outstanding tour guide. She was personable, extremely knowledgeable, witty, and made our tour of the Colosseum and the Forum and Palatine Hill truly outstanding. Of all the tours we took in Italy on this vacation, this one was by far the best!
Great tour, Marco was brilliant, so informative and just made the day lots of fun!
Our guide was so excellent and interesting. One of the best guide I ever had. Everything was perfect. Thanks
Guido was fantastic!! We really enjoyed ourselves, and would recommend this tour to others.
Fantastic tour and Martina was a fantastic guide. Both me and my fiance were really happy with the information she provided (in perfect English) and the pace of the tour was spot on. Thank you!
Great guide--so enthusiastic!! It was a little chaotic at the kiosk meeting point with so many other guide groups.
Our guide Angi was terrific! Very enthuastic and knowledgeable
Laura was fantastic, it was a very enjoyable experience. Laura made it very interesting and the time went so fast! I would highly recommend. Ciara.
Great tour! Even in the heat Siriana was enthusiastic!
Donatta was a very knowledgeable guide. Extremely prepared by bringing pictures to show us.
Our guide (Stephanie) did an excellent job - she was very knowledgeable, thorough, and kept the tour interesting and fun. Awesome tour!
Excellent knowledgeable guide.
Marco was knowledgeable on the history of the colosseum. He was thoughtful with water breaks needed for the hot sun as we were walking. Overall, a fun experience.
I took Rick Steves' recommendation of your company for my Rome walking tours. I also booked the "early entrance Vatican tour" on June 27. I am very satisfied with both tours. Your guides are very knowledgeable and passion of what they do. Bravo!
We were running 10 minutes late to this tour. One of your personnel, John (spelling?), was extremely helpful in tracking down our guide so that we could join the group. Can not thank him enough for his efforts. Also, the tour guide was amazing for this tour!
Vanessa was an excellent guide and the trip was well worth while
The tour was excellent; the guide extremely knowledgeable. She answered every question asked. My personal preference would be to have a bit more info on the engineering technology of the times added in, but even without it I was completely satisfied.
Great tour--guide was very entertaining as well as well-informed; best tour guide we had on our trip to Italy.
Sev was amazing!!! Great tour thanks so much for the great info, humor, and easy but detailed explainations. The Maraia and Shearman Family
Maria Terezia was a very informative guide, and very friendly.
A bit of difficulty finding the group initially, but overall, it was an interesting tour.
Vanessa was excellent! Very informative. Tons of details and the individual headsets were fabulous. Wouldn't have wanted to visit without this tour.
See was our guide and did a wonderful job of educating while also entertaining. He was easy to understand and made sure everyone in the group could here and kept the group together.
Great! Tour guid was fun NYC energetic and very informative.
This was a wonderful tour, and I would recommend it to anybody. Guido our guide was truly a wonderful source of information who brought this historical site to life for us. The radio equipment was also much better than the equipment offered to us by other tour vendors.
Morisio was an awesome guide, he knew the history and was very enlightening.
Emma was a great tour guide!! Easy to understand, funny, and full of info. It was awesome to have her as our guide and we learned a lot.
Vicenzo was awesome! This was a great tour and we learned so much about all the sights!
Our guide was so wonderful. Anyone who gets her should count themselves lucky!
We really enjoyed our tour. The guide was excellent. The stories he told really made the sights come alive. I feel like I learned a lot and saw everything I wanted to see at these sights. The set up of the tour was also excellent.
Maria was a great guide. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and made sure that everyone enjoyed the tour.
Jovita was excellent. She was knowledgeable and funny. The audio gear was vey clear as well unlike the previous day on tour with city wonders
Despite the heat and sun everything went great. Thanks, paul
Loved the tour, was very informative and interesting!
Mariella was OUTSTANDING-EXCELLENT! You're lucky to have her and we were very lucky as well!
Really liked how there was someone waiting at the Meeting Point to direct us. Mauro was so informative and had a great sense of humor. We really enjoyed him as our guide!
Francesca was super and the tour made accessing the history so much quicker and easier. Wonderful.
Guido was and excellent guide who had the welfare of his clients in mind at all times. He made the tour enjoyable for everyone, even our 6 year old.
Gigi was the best guide, hands down. He shows a true passion for the history of Rome, the Colosseum and the Forum. Easily the best tour we took during our trip.
Very friendly, caring, and lots of good information.
Nice Tour wel organised learned some new things.
Had a very enjoyable time, the tour guide was entertaining and very knowledgeable.
Vincenzo was a wonderful guide. He was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot of interesting facts from him. He was witty and funny so the 3 hours flew by.
Stefanie was an excellent guide and everyone in our group loved the tour. Thanks Stefanie!
Easy to find the guide. The afternoon slot seemed to miss most of the crowds. Our Guide Eleanora was very knowledgeable and answered our questions concisely and precisely.
Thank you for the tour .Our guide was very informative
Davide was very nice, patient and professional.
Ettore was wonderful, very knowledgeable with a great sense of humor. He cleverly took us around the sites avoiding the large crowds and getting us to see everything. Really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.
Vincent was fantastic and very informative but fun at the same time!
Our guide was very informative and cheerful. She set our expectations high for Walks of Italy tours. Her shared insights made the most of our time and we felt like we gained more knowledge about Roman history and she sparked our curiousity, making us want to learn more.
The guide, Laura, was excellent incredibly knowledgeable and pragmatic with her information about the coliseum as well as Rome!
Our Guide was exceptional. It was just the right amount of information, interesting, he kept us in the shade where possible and was easy to understand.
We had a fantastic time on this tour, Vanessa, our guide was very friendly, informative and amusing, she really brought it all to life for us.
Very knowledgeable
Simona was a wonderful guide. She was very knowledgeable and made the tour extremely interesting. People in other groups wanted to move over with us because they heard some of the background information she was telling us.
Very friendly and informed tour guide.
We enjoyed our tour with Mario- his spirit and enthusiasm for history really enhanced our experience and inspires us to go on more historic tours and read more about the rich history of Italy. We felt the amount of time was adequate and the meeting point was easy to find.
Mario was an amazing guide and very passionate when explaining the history of the Forum and Colosseum. I would recommend this tour to family and friends!
We had to reschedule one of our 4 tours and were charged 144 Euros. You would think after booking four tours for 12 people you would be willing to work with us. We will not be referring your company any longer.
Angela was passionate, humorous and very knowledgeable. We loved our Premium Colosseum tour. Thank you!
Pleasant and knowledgeable tour guide
Igor was a terrific guide and provided a great deal of interesting facts and history during our tour.
Maria Teresa was AMAZING! Friendly, funny and super knowledgeable. She brought a lot of information to life. I will request her for another WALK next trip.
Fantastic tour! Loved every moment.
Extremely knowledgeable tour guide, Sev, gave numerous examples and facts of daily Roman life effected by the Colosseum and Forum. He kept it simplified and relatable to our present life, political aspects, and group entertainments. Would definitely take another tour with Sev and your company.
Vincenzo was awesome. He has a gift of telling the history of the places we saw. If you can include some drawings of what each place looked like when built that would help us to imagine it better
We missed our original tour due to a fire near the railroad tracks heading into Rome. They were so kind as to reschedule our tour for us! Our guide was Julia and she was FANTASTIC and incredibly knowledgeable!!! We are so pleased with this company!!!
Our guide was extremely competent and helpful. Sylvia was tremendous.
Sev was wonderful !
Enza was great. She knew so much about Rome and was able to answer all our questions. Would highly recommend.
We were originally going to explore this on our own and really glad we to the tour. Our guide Francesco was great!
Great tour!!! So informative and interesting!!!!!
Massimo Waza fantastic guide with great knowledge, he made the tour enjoyable.
We spent the afternoon with of family of 15 persons seeing the Colosseum and surrounding areas with Fransisco as our guide. He was a great leader and very professional with our group. We certainly learned a lot from him and our whole family loved this tour. Thank you.
Our guide was excellent - professional, personal and well versed in the relevant subject matter. She also adjusted nicely to my wife's difficulty in walking.
Vencinzo was great. He did a very good job of explaining the history and ceremony of the Colosseum. We especially liked his humorous comments.
Guido!!!!!! Magnífico!!!!!! Muchas gracias!!!!!!!
Vanessa is the best! She is knowledgeable and answers all sorts of questions from us.
We missed our scheduled time and were allowed to reschedule later that afternoon. Guide was excellent.
She was lovely, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Her English was excellent
The tour was excellent. Our guide was great, very informative and friendly. My family had a great time and we would recommend your company to anyone. Great stuff!
Guide was excellent! He was the best tour guide we had on our two week/three country vacation.
Very informative and interesting. Also sensitive to the group's needs on a very hot day.
Guido was excellent!! Very professional. Enjoyed our tour. I will recommend. Thank you.
Andreas is a scholar who has such a nice way of transferring some of that wisdom
Laura was excellent: knowledgeable, friendly and patient with the various needs of the group. I would definitely recommend this tour
Our family loved this tour. Valentina's expert knowledge kept us engaged throughout the walk. The small group of 12 was ideal and the headsets were a plus so you never missed out on any information. We learned so much and enjoyed our experience at the same time.
Jon was an absolutely fantastic guide. So informative, without overloading us with information. I've done 2 similar tours of the Colosseum in the past 12 months and this was by far the best and he was by far the best guide. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Would definitely recommend.
Fantastic tour. Marie Theresa was wonderful guide.
Did three tours with Walks of Italy. Tour guides are very knowledgeable. Originally had Two tours booked but liked them so much we added a third. Highly recommend your tours.
The guide makes the tour and Maria Teresa is an excellent guide! She is of professional quality!!!
Jon was excellent. Really great tour
Siriana was truly amazing. His archeology background was fascinating and his willingness to share stories, answer questions and really make the entire experience so interesting was fantastic. You are lucky to have him.
Sirianan was a superb guide. I learned so much on the tour!
Camilla was very knowledgeable and threw in some humor as well. It didn't feel like she was reciting the same narrative she had memorized. She also welcomed questions and could answer them all. I would recommend the tour!
Camilla was very knowledgeable and threw in some humor as well. It didn't feel like she was reciting the same narrative she had memorized. She also welcomed questions and could answer them all. I would recommend the tour!
please see my reviews on tripadviser (you are free to use my review if you want) username 777darryl (from Houston) really enjoyed all three tours and had great guides!
Sev was a fantastic tour guide! If he was part of my company, I would not want to lose him. He did an excellent job.
Andrea is very passionate and that shows in his story. Excellent!
As with my other tours, this one was excellent.
Great 3 hours with a knowledgeable and passionate guide. Our guide really brought ancient Rome to life for us. Thank you.
Marta did a wonderful job on our tour and went above and beyond to assist with the rest of our stay in Rome. Thanks so much for a great experience!
Jon was an excellent guide. Our walk was so interesting and informative. The best tour we have taken.
Awesome Guide --Awesome Tour would rec to my friends
Wonderful experience- truly a fantastic experience. I have told everyone they need to use Walks of Italy when seeing the Colosseum
Needed to move the tour along at a little faster pace and not dwell on some things for so long. Very nice tour event.
The amazing sights on the tour were brought to life with Angela's energetic and entertaining stories and facts. We would recommend this tour to anyone traveling to Rome.
amazing tour and guide. we were very happy and have left a great review on trip advisor
We had an excellent tour with Maria. She is very experienced and knowledgeable, and did a good job of controlling the group and tour.
Great tour and our tour guide was great. Very informative and fun to be around. Couldn't ask for a better tour.
Excellent tour & guide!
Was very informative and enjoyed the tour very much. Enjoyed GiGi's being our tour guide a lot.
We participated in more than one Walks of Italy Tours while in Italy and highly recommend them. For the Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill our Guide, Massimo was outstanding - he was very informative and very interesting.
In particular I thought Lucianna was really good - great sense of humor
Our guide David was amazing! He was very knowledgeable and funny! I would thoroughly recommend this tour with David!
The tour was great and tour guide very knowledgeable.
What a wonderful tour! Very well organised and our tour guide Sylvia was a very friendly, patient lady with a wealth of knowledge. Would highly recommend anyone coming to Rome to use Walks of Italy.
Gave us everything it had offered.My wife and I enjoyed it very much Highly recommend Our guide was very passionate about the area which made it all the more enjoyable
Your guides are fantastic! Thank you for providing a great tour to my family!
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Francesca. She was very professional, knowledgable, and informative. I highly recommend this tour!
We loved our guide! Please remind me of her name, so I can recommend her and Walk of Italy to my friends.
Our guide was fantastic. Super knowledgeable and passionate about the history and architecture of Rome. We were very pleased. Thank you!
Our tour guide was awesome! He did a great job.
Our tour guide was awesome and very informative and I have recommended this tour Tommy friends traveling to Italy in September.
All just worked - informative guide and a good experience
Really enjoyed the tour, learned a ton!
Really enjoyed Vanessa and all that she had to say - very knowledgeable and informative tour - liked it a lot! Shari and Phil Winter
Laura was a great guide and very personable. Highly recommend her.
We thought the tours were: well organized, had competent leaders who knew more than just a memorized script, kept to a small group size, had good technology, and were professional in tone without being canned. We were pleased with both tours and leaders and will recommend your company to others.
Elisa was terrific: funny, engaging, very upbeat. She managed a group tour with ease. Very knowledgeable about the subject.
Maria Teresa was knowledgeable and engaging. She took great care to ensure our comfort along the way. Would highly recommend Walks of Italy to anyone looking for the best tour experience.
Laura was amazing I really enjoyed the tour and would highly recommend your service .. keeping doing what your doing it's great and informative
We had an amazing time and our tour guide was great! Very informative and we learned a lot. Will definitely recommend and do another tour with Walks next time the opportunity arises!
Loved the history! Guide was excellent.
Marielle was fabulous. I would recommend her to everyone.
Our Guide was simply amazing!!!
The Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill tour was worthwhile doing, especially the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill as their history is not immediately obvious to viewers.
Utah was a wonderful guide and we loved the tour. Thank you!
We could tell the guide didn't treat what he does just as a job, but loves it, and we love him and the tour very much. We have been and will be promoting your tours for free, and hope to go back to Italy and tour more destinations with your guides.
Our tour guide was a fountain of information Highly recommend her to all of my friends Best we have had to date
Wonderful guide with lots of passion. Worth every €
We really enjoyed this tour. Our guide was very interesting and informative.
Marta was great!
A great guide who really knew his stuff. The group size was great and the information he shared was fantastic. Highly recommended.
“Mama Jean” was amazing. She knew the history and brought it to life with lots of good insight. The tour was incredible. We took the early tour and highly recommend it. There were times on the Palatine Hill that our small group were the only people in sight.
Guilia was fabulous! She was very informative and kept the tour at a great pace for all those walking.
Couldn't have made any improvements, superb tour deftly delivered with history, wit and clarity. Thank you!
Sylvia was also fantastic, very knowledgeable and excellent people skill.
Our guide was great! If we ever return to Italy we would gladly take another tour with him
Eleanora was an excellent guide. Informative pleasant and professional. Would highly recommend her again.
The guide was superb! Informative on every topic relating to the Colloseum
Our guide made the tour so interesting. Such enthusiasm! Even my 11 yr old daughter enjoyed it. And I really did learn some history. Bonus!
I intend to praise your company on Trip Advisor and/or other sites
Davide, our guide, was excellent. We loved the tour and he was very knowledgeable. One of our best moments of our vacation in Italy.
Our guide was hilarious! Presented information in a clear yet humorous way. Thanks, 'badass'!
Marta was an excellent guide. She provided us with great information that we would never have known had we done a tour on our own.
Our guide was incredible
Susanna our guide was top notch Pleasant and informative
Better than awesome. We would highly recommend this tour and our guide.
We found the tour given by our guide Massimo to be absolutely fantastic. He was very knowledgeable and his humour and anecdotes made this tour one of our favourite parts of our visit to Rome. My only wish was that it was longer as there was so much more to see at the forum.
knowledgeable and informed tour guide. about the right duration.
It was a great tour. Headsets worked well. Very enjoyable.
Our guide was Venessa for the Colosseum-Palentine Hill - Roman Forum tour and she was absolutely fantastic and we would do it again and recommend this tour to anyone and may do Walks of Italy tours in other cities in Italy.
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour! Our guide Uta was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. Thank you!
Our Guide, Julia, was amazing !!
The guide was realy good. He seemed to know what he was talking about. I was very pleased with the tour.
Our guide was wonderful. Would highly recommend
The tour was most enjoyable. Bruno is an excellent guide. He was very interesting and informative. The organisation of Walks of Italy was faultless. We were efficiently divided into small groups and puntually started our tour. Would recommend to friends. Ursula UK
Excellent guide, knowedgeable, respectful, interested in the site and polite to the guests. This was a wonderful tour.
WE LOVED THIS TOUR AND OUR GUIDE! Our guide was so engaging with everyone and especially with our kids to keep them interested. 100% satisfied and well worth the cost.
A wonderful tour of these essential attractions. Our guide - passionate, articulate, informative. A very rewarding day - a highly recommended tour...
We had a wonderful time. Bruno our guide was Very informative and really captured our imaginations. We will definitely try another tour when we return to Rome
The young lady that was the guide was personable, knowledgeable, and top notch. Give her my appreciation for making a memorable tour
The tour was fantastic!! Bruno was an awesome guide & very nice. He was full of so much information & knowledge about all 3 sites & is an asset to City Walks. I will recommend your company to all that I know. Thank you!
She was a wonderful guide. It really helped seeing the pictures of what the places looked liked back in the Roman times. She was also very sensitive to the groups needs (bathroom breaks, walking speed, walking down steps).
Same comments as other rour thanks👍🏿
Our guide Francesca was wonderfil
Maria was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and the pace of tour was perfect. She even gave suggestions of places to eat or see at her end which was appreciated by all. Would highly recommend the tour.
Dario was a fantastic guide. He represented your company well.
Great experience and Maria was great guide! Wear comfortable shoes!
The guide is a walking encyclopedia-incredible. 5 stars
Excellent tour
Tour guide was incredible in explaining Roman history to us. I felt like I was there in ancient times!
Excellent tour and enthusiastic and informative guide. Loved it.
Guide was lovely and so knowlegable.
Amazing!!! Very informative. We had a really great guide.
Delightful and intelligent guide! Highly recommend
I would recommend getting new radios. On two of these tours I had radio issues, which were resolved.
Luciana was very knowledgeable on all aspects of this tour, she had a very friendly manner and I would highly recommend this tour and leader to anybody who wishes to tour the Colosseum and surrounding areas.
Hi Everything was great thank you very much. Also you very kindly responded to our Vatican tour comments. I value your email in response and must stress I didn't see it as an issue with your company or the guide, who was excellent.
AMAZING GUIDE !!!!! She was soo enthusiastic and we loved love to learn everything she taught us !!!!!!!WOULD RECOMMEND THIS THOUR GUIDE !!
Very interesting and guide lady was fabulous.
Again another great tour with no complains. The tour guide was interesting - told some interesting facts, took questions, was friendly - made a few jokes and allowed us time to stop and take pictures was a bonus. We didn't lose her at all and she kept her flag up so was easy to find, 10/10 :)
We really enjoyed the tour, all parts of it were very interesting. It was well organized. Giovanni was entertaining and informative. Our children range in age from 8 to 13 and he kept them all engaged. We loved the tour and would recommend. Thanks!
Francesca is a treasure! She is so funny and engaging and well informed. We loved every minute of this tour!
The information we got about the Colosseum and the area arund were very good, i learned alot about how the roman empire's Capital worked.. and it gave me much Insight on how it was there.
Dario Penissi es un excelente guía, muy profesional, aprendimos muchísimo.
Just amazing, great tour, with an even better tour guide!
David was fantastic, so well informed and made sure we saw everything.... a great tour. My son is 12 and he was enthralled, so that says a lot!
The tour was fantastic and our Guide even more so. 5 stars to Tiberius!
We really enjoyed our tour with Francesca. She showed a great amount of enthusiasm and knowledge. We highly recommend the tour.
Really enjoyed this tour particularly our guide's discussion of the ruins. She added so much to this part of the tour and made it extremely interesting.
Good tour . Francesca was full of information about what we were seeing.
Perhaps spend slightly less time talking about the Colosseum and a little more time talking about the Forum and Palatine Hill. Zero complaints though, had a fantastic time.
Very interesting tour. Loved having all the information and insight from our tour guide
Davide was an awesome guide, knowledgeable, relatable, funny when need be. :) A well planned tour, long enough to explore everything, not so long as to get exhausted.
We were VERY happy! Our tour guide was the BEST!!!
Booked on line but never told where to meet guide
Guide was excellent. Great knowledge of material.
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and highly entertaining! We enjoyed the tour very much!
Our tour was great. Maria was very informative and such a nice person! She clearly has a passion for Rome's history and its landmarks and is able to transmit all of this in a very positive way. We loved having her as our guide.
Our guide was very knowledgeable, funny and kind. She made sure our tour was stroller friendly. And she was very sweet with our 18 month old daughter.
Fantastic tour and we had a problem with our flight out to Rome but Walks changed the day at my request without any hesitation. So glad we didn't just stumble around on our own and decided to use this company.
The guide was beyond excellent!
Lovely guide, nice easy pace recommend this tour
Great guide. Would highly recommended Giovanni!
For seniors like my wife and I, the walk up and down hills was tiring . However, it was worth the trek. Guide was so fantastic and the ruins were spectacular! The best!
Camilla was wonderful. We learned to much, and which we could have spent even more time with her. She was amazing to walk on the cobblestones with her tall shoes! Great experience. Thank you.
We had taken a similar tour a number of years ago and this tour exceeded our expectations and gave us information and guided us through areas I never knew existed. Ettore was a great guide that brought this wonderful part of Rome to life!
Luigi was awesome. I enjoyed every detail he could tell us with his background from archaeology.
Maurizio was amazing! We loved listening to him talk and his knowledge of history was astounding! He even had answers to our questions. Thoroughly enjoyed this tour and Maurizio!
nice guide a little serious but very knoledgable
The tour was perfect for me and my husband. The guide was very clear talking, and shared with us a lot of information. Thanks!
I really enjoyed the tour, the guide's explanation really transported us through Time (his name I believe was Sev) but I wish there had been more sightseeing to the places :) Overall it was a really nice tour
Our guide (I believe her name was Francesca) was amazing! Very knowledgeable and engaging through the whole tour. My mother walks with a cane and she helped make sure mother had access to the lift, even though it was very busy. Thank you!
Camilla was an excellent & knowledgeable guide; very personable.
Good Tour with a good guide. If the Palatine Hill would not close at 18:30, the guide would explain much more. I really enjoy this tour.
Brilliant, Maristellas knowledge and enthusiasm was amazing.
Davide was an amazing guide. He obviously loves what he does, and we learned so much from him. He was excellent!
Sev was great! Thanks!
Vittorio was a really good tour guide. He made the tour enjoyable and answered all the questions we had. We had a brilliant time and would recommend the tour to anyone visiting Rome.
We have had the most amazing, memorable, without a moment of waste tour of Rome owing to the knowledgable guide Marianna; highly recommended and would do it again for sure!!
It was pretty basic but the guide was lovely and the tour was very interesting. I would recommend it to my friends.
Same comments as above. I would definitely recommend Walks of Italy to friends!
Our guide was great and very knowledgeable. She was a fantastic historian.
Larissa was a great guide! I also felt like the check in and start were better than the other one.
This was the best part of our Italy trip. The tour guide Sev is outstanding!
I thk the name of my guide was. Paula(sp?). Wonderful. Informative. Great personality... Great visi to use A guide. If anyone tours the Sistine Chaple without a guide that would be a great mistakeThe explaination nd description of the Painings
The only way to see the colosseum, the guide was wonderful. The pace was nice giving us time to really look around and take photos.
Julietta was an awesome guide. The tour was well planned and hit all the right spots. I feel that the underground or the lower level of Colosseum could have been added to tour.
Great tour! We covered a lot of ground efficiently with a great commentary from the guide.
Absolutely fantastic
Ivana was fantastic!
Great tour. Very enjoyable and informative.
Amazing tour
Excellent guide! We really enjoyed the tour specially my 2 daughters aged 6 and 12. I would recommend Maristella and Walks of Italy to anyone. Everything is well organized and well explained. Thank you!
Very knowledgable and personable. And nice to our children. We would highly recommend.
Maristella was so knowledgable and personable. This was a wonderful tour and well worth every penny spent.
Excellent tour and guide
Dario was a fantastic guide. Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter!
Great value walks. We had a baby and everybody was so helpful. Great tips from guides on what to do afterwards.
Martina was terrific. Great sense of humor and very knowledgeable. The three hours flew by and was one of my best experiences during my visit to Rome. Great operation all around. Brava!
The tour was outstanding
We were impressed by the tour, the guide did a very good job and was knowledgeable.
Julietta was fun and full of facts! She provided many details the average attendee would not be aware of. Another great tour.. Thanks!
Excellent tour, the guide was very conscious of the schedule
very nice and knowledgable guide Silvia
Camilla was a terrific guide, very knowledgable and answered all questions expertly! She made the tour fantastic and even though it was quite chilly the day we took the tour she never complained and kept us interested and curious.
Uta was fantastic! Really enjoyed the book she had that showed pictures of Rome the. And now. She seemed to have a sixth sense of where the crowds wouldn't be and we would get to places where we had the whole area to ourselves. Of all the guides we had throughout the trip, she was most enjoyable.
Great! Would recommend to others
Loved our tour. Guide was outstanding. All well organized, fascinating, just a wonderful experience.
Our guide, David, was very knowledgeable and personable! He was attentive to answering questions and being mindful of the comfort of everyone in our group.
Amazing tour and guide.
Knowledgeable leader who provided lots of good information. Was attentive to the needs of the group and kept the tour moving along. Was very open to answering any questions
Thanks for helping us move our tour to a different day due to the March 25th EU event. It would have been a shame to miss this spectacular, educational tour!
Amazing tour guide!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful tour!!
Very knowledgeable and personable guide. Made the tour interesting.
Great tour and tour guide. His having a background in archeology really seemed appropriate and fun given the tour content. Really appreciated the depth of the stories and visual pics on his tablet as well as his taking the time to take group pictures for people in the tour at several locations.
We were lucky and ended up having a private tour. Francisco gave great detail and answered all our questions, even those about other sites in ancient Italy.
Fabrizio provided an outstanding tour. His knowledge of history and languages kept us fascinated throughout the tour. We were sorry it had to end. We highly recommend this tour.
Luigi really made ancient Rome come alive for myself and my family. We feel so lucky to have been on the tour with him. Thanks again!
Our guide was wonderful - her background in archaeology really shines through! We also liked the visual aides that helped bring the ruins to life!
Luigi is a very attentive guide who gives lots of valuable information. I'd book the tour again anytime.
Guide with a lot of knowledge and a passion for what he talked about.
Francesco was incredible. You can tell he has a genuine love of the history and the city. Highly recommend him.
Lovely tour guide who was very knowledgeable and informative. Really enjoyed the tour
The guide was excellent. He was an archeologist and was very enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge. Be prepared to climb many steep stairs, since this tour involves lots of elevation change. Again, an excellent tour and I highly recommend it.
Julietta has a great sense of humor and I learned a lot from her!
We were totally pleased with our tour and the guide. We could not have asked for more. We are also highly pleased with the flexibility of your company that allowed us to move our tours to accommodate changes in our schedule. Tremendous company!
Such a great experience, very informative and funny! I would recommend walks of Italy and use it again!!!
Andrea was a wonderful guide. He did an amazing job. Grazie.
Was the coldest day in Rome when we visited but guide was great. The earphones are a great idea
It was a fantastic tour
It was so interesting to learn the real history behind the Colosseum!
Antonietta was a very knowledgeable guide who really made the tour come alive. We would definitely book with Walks Of Italy again.
Very knowledgeable and authentic. Really enjoyed the tour.
We loved the tour - our guide was very knowledgable and the ruins were amazing.
Jon is amazing and brought history to life with his stories and knowledge.
I am a history professor now but did guide work while I was in graduate school. Giulietta was great. I was extremely happy with the way things worked out. Giulietta was an excellent guide, but I found that to be true of everyone I dealt with in your company. Thanks.
The tour was fantastic! Elisa was a brilliant tour guide and very knowledgable! Would highly recommend Elisa and this tour company :)
We loved our guide; she was fun, friendly and really knowledgable. The five of us learned a lot and we enjoyed our tour immensely. Thank you!
Elisa was very informative, and it was fantastic to be guided by someone so passionate about the history of Rome. Not only it was a great tour but also she recommended us restaurants and places to see in the city.
Luigi was amazing! Such a friendly and informative guide. I would recommend to anybody going to Rome to tour with him and your company! I give him 5 stars.
Tour Guide was great! Vincenzo the Restorer. He was very informative, kept the group moving, gave us the information we needed and was entertaining at the same time. I would highly recommend him and would take another tour with him. Also, the topics and locations visited were great.
Best tour guide. She made the tour so interesting and accommodating for our family.
Excellent tour of all three areas with very knowledgeable guide.
Very informative. She did a great job with some of the challenges of her the group (buggies/strollers). Her humor was greatly appreciated
Very knowledgeable and friendly guide. Went into a lot of historical facts and encouraged questions
Luigi has been just great. He was a wealth of information and we could feel his passion for history and sharing his views.
Excellent tour! It was a pleasure to have Beata as our guide. You can tell she has a passion about her work.
Excellent tour! It was a pleasure to have Beata as our guide. You can tell she has a passion about her work.
Guido is fantastic at what he does!!!! He is such an asset to your company. We loved all of his commentary.
Laura was very informative about the emperors and the places she showed us. We are very happy.
Good tour, interesting sights, very knowledgable guide.
Intelligent guide. I learned a lot and he kept my interest the entire time.
Felix was very informative and had a sense of humor making our tour relaxed and enjoyable. Would definitely recommend WOI!
Excellent guide
Absolutely fabulous tour. Our tour guide was amazing. We loved every second. Thank you.
Emma was a terrific guide! She was friendly, funny and clearly loves Rome and teaching us about her home city.
our guide was Bruno, not Luigi. Bruno was great.
Vincenso was an amazing and knowledgeable tour guide. 10/10 A+++
Vincenzo is a motivated and professional tour guide, one who has first-hand knowledge of these historic archeological treasures and who gets people involved, This was a memorable tour for our three young grand-daughters. Grazie di nuovo Vincenzo !
Juliette was delightful and we really enjoyed this tour.
Dario was fabulous! Very knowledgable, engaging, didn't rush us, and funny too! I'm going to write a review on Tripadvisor as well. Thank you for such a wonderful experience
Elisa was so knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.
Francesca was very knowledgable and made the tour very interesting.
Ellenora's knowledge and passion for the area was certainly evident. It was excellent.
Tour guide was very knowledgeable!
Very entertainig, good english, funny. an excellent guide. was really nice to listen to her.
We thought Fabrizio was extremely knowledgable and did a great job! Lovely.
The tour was amazing and our guide was terrific. She kept everything moving and answered all questions. She was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. I didn't want the tour to end!
Our guide was exceptional!! She was the best!!
Excellent tour guide with a great history knowledge and with very good attitude to the group.
Fernando was a wonderful guide, professional, personable and very knowledgeable about the subject matter. He is an archeologist with first hand knowledge of the digs that were done at the Forum and Colosseum. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone interested in Ancient Rome.
I did a similar tour in 2008 when I was in Rome and I felt this definitely surpassed that one! The tour guide was well informed and went at a good pace for all of us. I would definitely recommend this tour!
Luciana was fabulous, so incredible knowledgeable and interesting. I would recommend this tour 100% and hope to take it again next time in Rome. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Again, great tour and great guide! Alessia was very knowledgable and gave us lots of history/perspective on the stories of old Rome.
Very informative and enjoyable tour!
Luciana covered the sights with knowledge and efficiency. Our group was small, but Luciana took the time to learn each of our names.
Francesca was absolutely spectacular and made the tour a spectacular experience. She was incredibly knowledgeable and really brought the history of Rome to life. I will definitely ask for her tour next time we are in Rome!!!! This was the highlight of our trip! Todd from Seattle.
Very informative, knowledgeable- and small group was a must!!
Although there were probably bless with her mic for the first part they met her and replaced it after we left the colosseum. It was fine thereafter. She was knowledgeable and humorous. Money well spent.
Excellent tour and beyond excellent guide. She really made the Roman world come alive. We are so glad that we took all 3 tours. Thank you Walks of Italy.
Took two tours with you guys. I wish there was a way to work in time for the gift shops.
Luigi was an excellent tour guide.
Loved it.
The tour with our guide was excellent - she was very knowledgeable and made the tour a joy. I will definitely recommend your service to friends who travel to Rome.
She was amazing! Very knowledgeable, very accommodating and so passionate. We loved her tour very much❣
Guido was a superb guide for our visit. His extensive knowledge, humor, and accessibility to having people ask questions while keeping the tour moving along was wonderful. One of the highlight of our trip, Would definitely recommend.
Bruno was our guide and was fantastic. EXTRMELY knowledgeable and made the tour the highlight of my trip to Rome. I really thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a ton. Incredible job.
Wonderful tour! Tour guide was excellent!
Our guide was great -- she was very knowledgeable and had lot's of interesting things to point out and keep things fun. I would definitely recommend it.
Our guide and walking tour was wonderful. Guide even provided, as we asked, for a couple resturant suggestions. We tried both and both were terrific. We would do it again in a minute. Thank you! Jim
Fascinating story telling
Our guide was Lenora and and she did an excellent job explaining every detail of this tour. Extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer any question our group asked. Loved her sense of humor and appreciate how she is so proud of Rome and all its beauty. Five stars!
All went very well. Our guide was extremely informative and communicated very well. Would recommend your tours to,any friend
Our guide was very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour. We enjoyed our time together very much and learned a lot. Thank you!
Anna was a delightful guide, friendly and personable, she conveyed an enthusiasm for her subject and was extremely knowledgeable.
Excellent tour. Anna was great. I would definitely recommend this tour to others.
Incredible team.
Bruno was excellent.
Fantastic tour with Guido! He provided a great deal of historical information and had visual aids to show renderings of what structures may have looked like. A very pleasant tour!
Our guide was awesome. We were very grateful for her tour.
Sylvia did an amazing job- we throroughly enjoyed our tour! She was so knowledgeable - would highly recommend!
Tour guide was excellent. So informative thay some of us were on information overload. But that was us, not our guide. It is definitely the way not to just see, but to understand what one is seeing and understand to some degree the history. Would definitely do it again.
I was blown away by everything. |Our tour guide was obviously well studied in history. She made the tour very interesting. Was well worth the money for sure.
The tour was fantastic! Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about the sites we saw and all things Rome in general. When we plan another trip to Rome or anywhere in Italy that Walks of Italy provides tours, we will be sure to book another great tour! Thanks for showing us the sites!
We thought the tour was fantastic. Bruno did an excellent job. Even when a downpour stalled our tour of the Forum for a while, he still kept us interested and entertained with stories and historical information til the weather calmed.
Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. If anything, she imparted TOO MUCH information, and made it hard to grasp the high points. When traveling in Rome and taking all of it in, sometimes less is more. She gave us more +.
We like the tour and will refer your tour to our friend who visit Rome in the future, thanks to your tour guide team from United State of America tourist.
Great tour. Fun and very interesting!