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Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 3hrs 45mins
  • Start Time: Times vary. Please select a specific date to see availability.

Tour Highlights

  • Go where few tourists have gone before with this VIP tour, taking you to closed areas of the Colosseum so you can truly experience the magic of Ancient Rome.

  • Visit the Colosseum underground & walk on the arena floor.

  • Enjoy a full tour of the general access areas of the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill.

Explore the Colosseum underground Explore the Colosseum underground Special access to the arena floor Special access to the arena floor The Roman Colosseum The Arch of Constantine (from Colosseum) Overlooking Ancient Rome at the Colosseum The Colosseum: Rome's most iconic site The Arch of Constantine Small groups mean easy interaction Domitian's Stadium, Palatine Hill The Colosseum from Palatine Hill Walk the roads of Ancient Rome Discovering the history of Ancient Rome The Sacred Way: triumphal walk of Roman soldiers Hear stories & legends at the Roman Forum Arch of Titus, Roman Forum Arch of Titus, Roman Forum The Roman Forum The Roman Forum


Please note that due to demand, this tour sells out regularly during summer months. See our Colosseum tour comparison page to search all available Colosseum tours by date.

The Colosseum underground


Feel the fear and hear the roars of the crowd above you as you descend to the Colosseum underground, walking in the footsteps of gladiators who waited here to be hoisted onto the floor. As you tour the tunnels, your guide will tell you about the true life of a gladiator, far different to that which you see in films. You’ll be settled into their skin before our next stop then – the arena floor. Walk out onto the stage upon which the fighting took place and be blown away by the most impressive view of the Colosseum (seen by so few!).

Triumphal arch in the Roman Forum


Once you’ve had your fill of blood and gore (and learned how it took the Romans 325 years to get their fill!), experience the very heart of Ancient Rome: the Roman Forum. Here was where Rome ruled its empire of untold political and cultural influence—and of more than 2.5 million square miles and 65 million people.

Among the evocative ruins, discover the Arch of Constantine, built by Rome’s first Christian emperor; the Senate house, where toga-clad elites decided on behalf of all of those millions; and the Temple of the Vestal Virgins, where a special cult of women kept Rome’s sacred flame alive. Your guide will bring it all to life with tales of love, betrayal, and larger-than-life characters (Caesar, Cleopatra & Mark Antony to name a few), with great visual aids and reconstructions to show you how it all would have looked 2,000 years ago.

At the Palatine Hill you’ll discover the origins of Ancient Rome. Legend has it that this is the spot where Remus and Romulus were found by the shewolf and where they battled to decide which would have the privilege of building their own town. Hear how this legendary battle impacted the world you know today (your very own life even!) We owe the Ancient Romans more than you’d believe!

With small groups and expert guides


Traveling in such small groups means you’ll find it easier to get around busy sites, and to hear and engage with your guide. A good thing too, since they’re some of the best in the business. To help you get the most from the time you spend with us, we also have privileged access at the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. So you won’t have to wait in line. Because Colosseum underground tours are so limited, this tour often sells out months in advance. Book now to be sure that you secure your place!

A number of our Colosseum tours have special access too, including our VIP Caesar's Palace Tour, which has exclusive access to a 2,000 year-old palace on the Palatine Hill; our brand new Hard Hat Tour which visits the working archaeological site of Nero's enormous Golden Palace (Saturday & Sunday only); and our Gladiator's Gate Tour, which gets you onto the Colosseum arena floor (one of the special access areas visited on this tour) at a much lower cost.

Sites visited

  • Colosseum underground
  • Colosseum arena floor
  • General access areas of the Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill
  • Arch of Constantine


  • Special VIP access to the Colosseum
  • Privileged express entrance at the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
  • Expert Walks of Italy tour guide throughout
  • Headsets


5-stars from over 3427 Customer Reviews

Cecilia was a very good guide and did the best to keep the group engaged. The group was a bit dead and she did her best to invigorate them and tell the story.
Our guide -- I think his name was Fernando -- was truly fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable, excellent in his explanations, and very nice as well.
Dave was great. He was very knowledgeable and showed us a lot. He definitely added to the experience.
Fantastic tour - from the description I had not expected to include the third and top tier - absolutely amazing. David was lovely and extremely knowledgeable - he knew everything and described things in such an easy and interesting manner he made the tour a joy. Great guide and a great tour!
Really enjoyed it. Thank you
Such a great, informative, and engaging tour. Loved it. Our guide Gigi was wonderful.
Absolutely brilliant- what the 2 guides didn’t know isn’t worth knowing! I would highly recommend the tour without a hesitation. Davide Thankyou so so much
Excellent informative tour both from David and the guide within the colosseum who was also superb. Got so much more out of it than if we had gone our own. It might have been nice to have a break for a coffee as four hours without s break is quite tiring!
Gigi was brilliant. 5 star tour. Well done
Tiberio was fantastic! His knowledge of history, ease in communication and friendliness contributed to the overall wonderful experience! He's a keeper! I would take any future tours with him.
Julietta was great, extremely knowledgeable and great sense of humor which made the tour even better.
Julietta was amazing! So knowledgeable and friendly. Absolutely loved the tour.
Excellent tour. Great guide, friendly and knowledgeable. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience
Claudia was very knowledgeable on the Colosseum and Roman history. She kept everyone at a nice pace - not too slow, not too fast. Went on the tour with my 13 year old son and he enjoyed the entire tour. It was a great time!
Marta was absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable! A great mix of humour with real information. We came away feeling like we personally knew the emporers and felt like we had travelled through time. Thank you!
The only critique is that we waited too long for a bathroom break..there are bathrooms at the Col..we should have had an opportunity to use them..
The guide was very knowledgeable and made the tour so enjoyable. We also did 3 more tours with your group and they were all excellent. We leave tomorrow with great memories of Rome.
very good service. Excellent guide... very professional and a knowledgeable guy. congratulations!!! Thanks for this opportunity. Luca
Everything was great including the instructions on how/where to meet.
Elisa did a wonderful job and was very knowledgeable. She and the tour will be remembered for years to come for the great job dnoe and wonderful sites seen.
I have reviewed on Trip Advisor. It was fantastic and Dario was just the best.
Guide was extremely knowledgable and informed us of many facts in a fun and informative way. Also recommended websites to find out more in depth.
Your tours were the best part of our visit to Italy. Top notch, professional and very knowledgeable.! Keep up the good work!
Jowita was AMAZING!!! So much FUN! My husband loves capers and she even went out of her way and showed us a caper plant in the Roman Forum. Very knowledgeable and friendly. She deserves a bottle of the best wine! Again, Walks of Italy never disappoints. We will tour again with you.
Well done!
Excellent tour!! Our tour guide, Claudia, was very knowledgeable!
Really great tour and guide with so much information provided!
Great tour. Great guide that answered all questions. Even those not about tour and about eats and neighborhoods in Rome. Greatly enjoyed and would recommend tour and tour guide.
Massimo was a great guide. He made the tour both informative and entertaining for the range of ages in our group.
Emma was an outstanding guide - her knowledge was overwhelming but she was also entertaining and kept us engaged and informed the whole tour. Would highly recommend Walks of Italy and this tour to anyone
What a fantastic tour and the information was wonderful! Our guide was so knowledgeable and really brought i tall to life! Thanks so much!
Our guide was incredible. Despite the fact that our tour was rescheduled to early in the morning, he made it enjoyable and fun. He explained not just the historical significance of these places but also their contemporary use and importance to Italy today. One of the best tours in Rome.
Elisa was AMAZING & so incredibly knowledgeable!! Tour was awesome!!!
Alessio was a fun, well informed and excellent host. She brought ancient ruins to life. The only improvement we can suggest is a scheduled pause for a rest and some morning tea. The kids were too hungry to concentrate at the end!!
Tongi provided a very interesting, engaging and informative tour. We appreciated his knowledge and passion for the area.
We loved this tour. Our tour guide Valentina was very good - she was very knowledgeable and had great stories to tell. Overall, this was a memorable experience for us.
Great guide and we really enjoyed the tour will definitely recommend to our friends coming to Rome. Big thank you to our guide you explained everything so well and were more that happy to answer any questions we had 😳😳
Giovanna was fantastic- entertaining and very knowledgeable. Can’t wait to do my next tours with you.
our travel guide was amazing!! did an great job!!!
Stefanie Artis is the best guide that we have experienced during our travels. She is very knowledgeable, brings history to life and is fun. We had her as a guide both at the Vatican and at the Colosseum. She is a STAR! Thanks Stefanie for great tours.
She was very knowledgeable and fun. A great personality
FANTASTIC tour!!!!! Well worth the money!! FANTASTIC guide!!! Small group. She was able to answer every question. VERY knowledgeable!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!
Our guide Gulianna was not only knowledgeable, but also engaging and witty. She made what would have been a rather dry subject come to live. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Our guide, Fredrico, was fabulous.
Great tour!! Eleonora is very knowledgeable and made it a wonderful experience!
The tour and our guide were excellent. Just the right balance between the sights shown and amount of information given. Worth every cent!
It was a wonderful tour and Julietta was a fantastic guide.
Great tour, lady was lovely and knew her stuff, English was superb. Thank you.
The tour was everything we hoped it would be! Sev did a great job and was very knowledgeable!
Very informative the guide made the tour very interesting. I did however drop my right glove. Made from sheep leather, I know not Italian! This did make me sad.. Still loved the tour.
Enjoyed the tour-guide was very knowledgeable and had great pictures to help us imagine how everything must have looked two thousand years ago.
Fantastic. Excellent knowledgeable guide. Brilliant tour
Our guide did a great job and stayed and answered any questions that we had and even added more information that the other guide with the coliseum was unable to answer.
Outstanding in all respects. Guides were terrific!
Siriana was very knowledgable and passionate about the history she taught us. She was also very friendly and kind. I felt at ease asking questions.
It was a wonderful time - the highlight of our trip! Thank you!
Francesca was not only very knowledgeable, but she was an absolute delight to spend time with. She is a credit to your organization. I could have easily spent more time with her. Thank you and Francesca !
This was a great tour and Syriana was an excellent guide. Things were well-organized and we learned a lot from our guide, she was incredibly knowledgeable, funny, and her English was perfect.
She was amazing. Knowledgeable and super nice. We really enjoy her enthusiasm and always kept us interested in wanting to know more. She was awesome.
Our Guide (I'm sorry I don't remember her name). Was fabulous. She is passionate about her city and its history. She offered expert commentary during the tour. Moreover she was very considerate to maintain a reasonable walking pace for all of "older" tourists.
Set was a great guide. Quite knowledgeable and a great presenter. He had a wealth of information and expressed his thoughts clearly. Give him a few stars above the max rating.
Our guide was an expert in her knowledge and made the tour a very fun experience. She also gave great recommendations on where to eat after the tour.
We enjoyed the tour very much! Thank you!
Elisa was fantastic! Very informed and engaging. Loved the experience!
Our guide was amazing. So sweet and knowledgeable, we never would have understood so much about the forum and the Hill without her.
A thoroughly enjoyable tour with a very knowledgeable guide. Thank you!
Wonderful, informative, and a joy to attend! Thank you, WOI!
Little expensive for group tour. We took private guide of Vatican for three and half hours and paid $170 euro for three of us total so 300€ for a large group tour is much too high.
Francesco was a phenomenal guide through The Colosseum and Palatine Hill. His passion for the sites, history and people of Ancient Rome were clear. He made this tour one to remember! Thanks Francesco
Alessa (not sure if I’m spelling it correctly) was wonderful!
Nev was the absolute greatest tour guide that exists! If I ever come back to Rome, I will only take tours with him!
Sev was our tour guide for the day, we thought he was absolutely fantastic and very knowledgeable. We actually missed our original tour date but thankfully we were able to reschedule at no extra cost which was very much appreciated. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
We loved our tour! Jowita (I probably haven't spelled that correctly, sorry) was lovely, very knowledgeable and always engaging. We preferred her to the Colosseum-allocated guide and we think she knew more than her! Would definitely recommend, thank you!
Our guide was outstanding !!!
Cecilia is awesome!!! I had a great time having her and a guide, she is really knowledgeable and an outstanding person! Always patient and nice with everybody!
We couldn't have asked for a better experience! Simply fantastic!
Excellent tour especially as we had limited time Rome
Fantastic tour. Laura was a brilliant guide, funny, personable, entertaining and very knowledgeable. We were so impressed that although we had booked a Pompeii tour with another company, we cancelled our booking and went with Walks of Italy instead. We were delighted with our decision.
Tour guide was fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Highly recommend.
Julietta was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and entertaining. We enjoyed the tour and learned a lot.
Great tour and very knowledgeable guide!
Mariella was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. We loved our experience! After this tour, we asked Mariella to book another Walks of Italy tour for us, which we also enjoyed!
Had a fantastic experience with a very knowledgeable guide.
The Guide was very well informed and did a marvelous job leading the group through Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill.
Would have appreciated more stories/tidbits of history that I don't know about.
Fabio was a really great guide, funny and charming. It helped the whole tour come to life and we were able to get much more out of it.
Guide was not my favorite. He however was very informative. We were excited that the fifth floor had just been opened in the coliseum. I would recommend this tour.
Excellent guide, very good tour (though I still would have preferred only 12 people, as the guide got too far ahead and loosing transmition as the 24 person group spread)
Great job, very knowledgeable and personable. Great time.
Excellent tour!
We had a fantastic time on our tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Palatine. Andrea was really knowledgeable and so friendly and the whole tour was really interesting. In particular, we loved seeing the underground of the Colosseum-would definitely recommend to a friend!
This tour was fantastic.. the guide was wonderful.. informative yet personal. Will recommend your company .. and will.use you again when we return. Thanks.
Angela made the experience a highlight. Passionate and engaging! Walks of Italy were all memorable experiences. Debbie
Guido is excellent and very affable. We will definitely recommend your tour to others and tell them to ask for Guido. We were disappointed to miss the 3rd level, but Guido’s humor made up for it.
A quality tour with small group and knowledgeable guide who obviously knew her subject and spoke good English. Much better than my tours with Viator.
Good tour and guide. Tour was re-scheduled etc.
Fabulous tour, having an archeologist and someone passionate as our guide was about history, preservation, as well as being so knowledgeable about plants was a splendid treat. We could have spent days with her.
Both guides (Walks of Italy and Colosseum) were outstanding and informative. Used Walks of Italy twice during out two week trip. Very satisfied!
the tour was amazing!! Marco was by far the best guide we had on any of the tours we took. Many thanks Marco.
knowledgeable guide
Slight delay since guide had to be switched. Otherwise we really enjoyed it.
Angela was an excellent guide Enthusiastic, entertaining and intelligent Top marks We would highly recommend her and the tour.
Our guide was amazing. She was passionate about the history if the Colosseum and Roman lfe.
A bit long before starting but once started it was fun! Guide very knowledgeable. Some people in the tour had difficulty to follow the pace. This is a great tour.
It was fabulous. The guide was brilliant and overall it was an unforgettable experience and I would highly recommend.
Fascinating tour.
Excellent tour. Gastone was a superb guide, he is extremely knowledgeable on Roman history and made our tour of the Colisseum and Forum come alive with stories and facts about the period all particularly relevant as my grandson was with me and he loves history as a subject.
Awesome tour. Awesome guide. Extremely happy with our decision to book this tour with you.! Thank you!!
Francesca did a wonderful job. She was knowledgeable and professional.
Wonderful tour and Mr "T" is a wealth of knowledge!!
It was very difficult to hear our guide for about 1/2 of the tour because of the interference in the ear piece. I have no understanding as to why. Could the guide's necklaces have caused the interference? Our guide was very nice and made an effort to please everyone.
Great tour, knowledgeable guide and access to wonderful areas of the Colosseum.
very informative. Elena was knowledgeable about History, Art and could answer any question that was posed to her.
It was a really good tour and the guide was phenomenal. You could tell Guido has a passion for history which made the tour more exciting. The only downside of the tour was how large the group was. It took much longer to get through things b/c two separate tour groups had to merge.
Guide was very knowledgeable and presented information in an enjoyable way
Excellent tour. Our guide Katia was very knowledgeable.
Great tour! Very lucky to get to new 5th tier platform! Knowledgeable and friendly guide!
Guilia was amazing! We loved our tour and couldn't have been happier. I will be promoting Walks of Italy in my blog. Great job!
Maria was excellent
Sev was informative, and enthusiastic, I loved the tour, thank you :)
Our guide was excellent! She was very accommodating and understanding of my husband who needs knee replacements and could not walk part of the tour.
Very well organized tour. The guide was very good & really knew the history of the area. Would definitely recommend the tour.
Loved the access to the Colosseum - especially the top floor and the bottom. The group seemed too large (we received an email alerting us to the change days before) and when the group stopped to use the restroom, it took 10-15 minutes. The event was excellent.
very good tour guide was clear and interesting
Emma was awesome!! She was so patient with our questions and multiple picture requests. She was extremely knowledgeable, one of the best tour guides I've ever had!
Guido was great!!! We loved the book he shared with all the pictures of what the Forum and Palatine Hill might have looked like. This was a nice touch.
This was great. Very informative and the guides knew their material well. I loved how enthusiastic they were! She was even accommodating with my physical needs and asked if I needed the elevators and made sure I knew how to operate it.
Everything was professional and informative and absolutely wonderful!
I got into the wrong group up at the restroom.....finally caught up with them,through the kindness of strangers.
Great tour guide!!
Both the tour and Alessia were awesome! Alessia delved into so much information and stories that I felt as if I were transported back through time. I've already recommended Walks to my friends!
Angela was a fantastic guide, very knowledgeable and engaging. Would highly recommend this tour.
Giovanni was an excellent tour guide. Very easy to understand all that he was saying, moved us along at an appropriate pace. Tour was great, one of our favorites!
excellent tour. Marie Therese was informative, amusing and spoke clearly. Its quite a walk even before getting to the Colosseum and may be worth explaining that in the write up and adding the info that there is a lift in the Colesseum, particularly as we appeared to be a mainly 'mature' group
The guide was amazing informeting and took time explaining High recomendation to anyone traveling to Italy by us Hope we could come back one day and have more tours with your company
Fabio was an outstanding guide.
Wonderful tour with Katia! Not only was her knowledge deep, it was delivered with humor and spontaneity—no canned recitation, all genuine insight and personality.
We really enjoyed this information-packed tour with Giovanni! He knew so much in detail, and also provided some humour! Excellent tour and guide!!
This tour was by far the most interesting, it is a tour that you could do everytime just because of all the information in regards to the Forum and Palatine Hill. So Much information....we loved it
Very knowledgeable and professional tour guide. Great fun
Angela was fantastic! So knowledgeable and passionate about the history, she really brought the information to life.
Francesco is great.
Aleccia was amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed her witty and knowledgeable guide to Ancient Rome. Thank you!
Francisco was wonderful and very thorough in his knowledge. He gave us so much good information and even stay a little longer afterward to answer some of our questions. We were thoroughly satisfied with this tour.
We loved this tour! Was amazing to see the underground of the colosseum and the views from the third tier!!
Great Guides!
One of the best tours! Larissa was so knowledgable and made it so fun. Walks of italy tours have been the best we have done all over Italy.
Great tour! Loved the guide, very knowledgeable of the subject! Awesome tour. Thanks!
Our guide was very knowledgable and professional . Would recommend Walks of Italy to family and friends due to the quality of your guides
Guide was great! So personable. Keep her...she is a gem. Would recommend Walks of Italy in a heartbeat.
Our tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill was fantastic. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and we had a great experience. Would highly recommend the tour guide and tour company. Fantastic!
Sev was great! He was informative and had a great personality.
This was a great tour. Our guide was outstanding. I have already put a review on Trip Advisor and recommended the tour enthusiastically.
Valentina was a fantastic guide. She was friendly, enthusiastic and extremely knowlegable. We had an amazing day and the tour of the Colosseum was the highlight of our holiday to Rome!
Best your we had on our 2 week eurotrip!
Fantastic experience with a super knowledgeable guide!
Our guide Valentina was wonderful and very friendly (and very beautiful!) it was a lovely day
Very interesting tour and Claudia was an excellent guide. She talked the whole time, which was great!
Sev was a phenomenal tour guide! He was really able to paint a picture of what ancient Roman life was like while also giving factual information in an interesting way. The tour itself was my favorite one I took in Rome and I will definitely recommend it to others. Thanks for a great experience!
Really enjoyed the tour!
Our guide was exceptional and a joy to have her show us the colosseum, palatine hill & Roman forum.
Thoroughly enjoyed the tour, the guide was charming and extremely knowledgeable and we couldn't have asked for anything better.
The guide was wonderful. He was very knowledgable. He kept us out of the sun as much as possible which was much appreciated. Grazie.
We absolutely loved our tour. Sev was an amazing tour guide. I would highly recommend this tour. Thanks for a great experience!
Marta was a fantastic guide; the tour was quite long but she kept the group's energy up the entire time and was clearly very knowledgeable about the sites we were visiting
Your guides and your other staff are all extremely professional. Loved dough your tours. I will be recommending you to my friends.
Our guide was great and extremely informative. That was the most informative tour I have ever taken. She was full of knowledge. I love Roman History and have always wanted to see the Colosseum as a child and was very happy to have experienced it in the way I did. Thank you!
Mariella was very informative and gave a fantastic tour! Highly recommend!
We could not complete the tour as advertised because of weather/safety concerns but our guide did a GREAT job of providing alternate points of interest and we feel we had an excellent tour thanks to her. Our guide's name was Toni and she did an outstanding job on our tour!!
Guido was a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable and made the tour exciting and memorable. Wonderful tour I will pass this on to my friends. Thank you Walks of Italy this was my third tour and all were fantastic.
It was excellent. Guido was great at the bring the place to life!
Mariella was a great guide who was extremely passionate, knowledgeable, and entertaining. Our tour with her was the best of our trip
Fantastic tour and great tour guide.
Mariella was brilliant - very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject which was infectious.
Vanessa was a fantastic tour guide-- the best!
Marta gave us a wonderful experience. She works really hard to deliver a high quality service but makes it look easy!!!
Selenia did a fantastic job. The tour was perfect!
Outstanding guide ! Passionate and a real encyclopia, we were verry lucky to have him as a guide. This was our sixt tour with you guys and they were all very good, but this one was the best, in Florence we also had an outstanding guide ( a dutch guy)
The guide was great -- knowledgeable and personable. It was so hot that day but she handled it beautifully. I would have preferred to do the colosseum first and then the Forum but our tour was the other way around. It was a long time in the heat but it was very well done.
Really enjoyed the tour, disappointing we didn't get to do colosseum floor but totally understand. Going back to Rome next year , will book with walks of Italy again.😀
Our guide, Selenia, was wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and we felt very comfortable the entire time. We can't say enough good about Walks of Italy tours and your guides.
Our guide was the best we've ever had. So knowledgeable. He was excellent
I have done a number of tours while in Italy. None have been able to bring Italy and its culture to life like Sev. He is the best tour guide I've ever seen. He was knowledgeable and charismatic throughout the whole tour. I did not want it to end.
Wonderful tour!
Marielle was amazing! I would definitely recommend Walks again. Thank you.
Claudia our guide was absolutely lovely. So knowledgeable and you could really tell that Claudia enjoyed her work.
Our guide Selenia was outstanding! She is so incredibly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about her work! I would rate her much so much higher than 5 out of 5! We were exceptionally pleased with our tour! Thank you!
We enjoyed the tour very much !!!
Maria was an excellent guide. Her background in archeology made the tour that much more informative and enjoyable.
The tour was fantastic, would highly recommend!
The tour was exceptionally informative and we particularly enjoyed seeing the underground of the colosseum which we had never managed to do before. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and made the tour very interesting and far from boring.
Elisa was an amazing guide! Her English was impeccable, and she was incredibly knowledgeable.
Francesca was a fantastic guide very informative and took the time to explain history. Would recommend the tour!
Angela was an excellent tour guide for our VIP Colosseum Underground. Very informative and a great personality!!!!
The tour was amazing and our guide was very knowledgeable. Very highly recommend this tour and company!
I fully recommend this tour. ANGELA was so knowledgeable and so enthusiastic. The tour was the best part of our trip to Rome.
Burcu was great, kept us on pace and managed the crazy crowds very well. I had a troublesome 8 yr old and she was very patient. Appreciate all the thought and hard work that goes into your tours!
Angela was great, not only for the adults but she made sure she included and kept my 3 children interested. Thank you
Our guide was excellent and braved the intense heat for us. He had tons of interesting facts and he was very friendly. We enjoyed it.
Easy and efficient tour with excellent tour guides
Excellent tour, Maria Grazia was very knowledgeable and friendly
Our guides knowledge was amazing and made our tour very enjoyable.
What a great tour and thank you Angela for making it so special.
Emma was fantastico
Maria was an amazing guide. We had a great tour and learned so much.
We very much enjoyed our tour with Vincento and would highly recommend Made our visit to the colloseum very enjoyable. A very informative and friendly guide
Mauro was knowledgeable, kind and very personable. He took care of everyone making sure we had our questions answered and needs met. Always checking up to make sure none were lost. Excellent guide
Mauro was a wonderful guide. Very talkative, there wasn't even a stone about which he could give a complete explanation. We loved it. (Actually, we took the Vatican tour with you the previous day and that guide didn't get even close. Wish you had more Mauro's available!!)
Our Guide Maria was amazing. She was very friendly and knowledgeable
Valentina was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. We enjoyed our walk very much. Can't wait to return!
We had Angela - she was so vibrant and excited - I can't imagine having that energy every day to do this job. She made it feel like we were her only group for the week as she took us everywhere and she was so smart!
Luigi was fabulous - very informative and easy to listen too. He answered all the questions very well. It was a hot day and he stopped for breaks along the way.
Davide was excellent and it was great to see how well he and the other Guide on the day worked together, they made an excellent team. Both deserve equal credit for making the day an enjoyable one. They are both wonderful representatives for your business.
The guide was awesome! she was so knowledgeable!
From the moment I began the process of booking the tours until the actual tour ended, I could not have been more pleased with the agent who answered all of my quesions and concerns, the guides, Toni and Marco, and the sites we saw. We also booked a tour in Venice which was also wonderful.
Marco was an awesome guide. We have taken a lot of tours and he is one of the best. An excellent tour with spectacular sites and educational info (with humor and good spirit) from Marco.
Gigi was our guide and he was great - very knowledgeable, and very engaging. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Gigi was our guide and he was great - very knowledgeable, and very engaging. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Gianluigi was superb, knowledgable and passionate about his subject. Very good at addressing questions, following up later when a related point arose. We were extremely happy with Gianluigi and the tour.
Laura was an amazing tour guide. Very informative, relatable and very fluent. I cant thank her enough for her amazing guide. It was something we will remember for a long time.
Fantastic! well organized, with excellent information. I could tell the other tours going on around us where not up to the level of info that Walks of Italy was.
What a great time. June was hot out but our guild gave us time to get water and the walking was still OK. We should have gone for a tour earlier in the morning but those were taken for the day we needed. Our guide gave us great incites and was very knowledgeable.
Loved it.
Laura was marvelous. Very knowledgeable and added a great deal of context to what we were seeing. Much better than wandering around reading the signs!
Great guide. Very passionate about the history of Rome.
This was an amazing tour and highly recommend Walks of Italy!!!!
Francesco was an amazing guide. His knowledge was unquestionable and demonstrated a genuine love of his work. He also showed a genuine empathy with the tourists and was eager to answer all our questions. Thank you Francesco
Worth the money. Both tours with walks of Italy were great
Francesca made this one of the most special days of our lives. Will remember it forever. Could not have been any better.
The was guide was great. The heat was terrible, but not under your control
Our guide was attentive, knowledgeable, and passionate about the information she was sharing. The tour was informative, fun, and ran at a good pace. We appreciated time to stop and get water, use washrooms, etc.
Fernando was the perfect guide. As an extremely passionate person working in the archaeology field, this heightened our experience on the Colosseum and Roman Forum tour. He is extremely knowledgeable and informative and made the tour an enjoyable experience. Highly recommend this tour.
VANESSA was a FANTASTIC tour guide! We LOVED her!!!! Engaging, super friendly and knowledgeable! We didn't want the tour to end!!!
It was fantastic--worth it to go to below ground and up to 3rd level. And grouping with Palatine Hill and Roman Forum worked out very well. Guide suggested we go to see Michaelangelo's "Moses"---we did and really liked that too.
Good overall, no bad feedback. Unfortunately forgot the tour guide's name, but he was very insightful and informative. Thank you.
We loved the tour. The guides were very informative and professional.
Lucia a
My family and I had an outstanding experience and Luigi was awesome he did a great job explaining everything in detail and making sure that we had a great experience one minor thing we wish there was more time at the colosseum than the forum other than that it was great .
Very good tour. Really appreciated the small group! Made it easy to hear and to ask questions. Well-organized. Just the right amount of time.
I received a much more thorough tour than I ever expected. Thank you.
Wonderful women.
This tour was one of the top highlights of our trip! Tiberius our tour guide was incredibly knowledgable and really got us excited about Rome and its amazing history. We cannot say enough good things about this experience.
Francesca and Angela were wonderful. Great tour.
Such a fantastic guide. Great English and humor. Most importantly great knowledge of everything we saw!
Laura was lovely and knowledgeable and looked after us well in the heat
Guide was very pleasant and knowledgeable, but seemed a bit unsure of herself. As a result, presentation was just slightly less than completely smooth. Nonetheless, an interesting and enjoyable experience.
Laura was so interesting and knowledgeable. The tour was so much better than we even thought it would be and I would highly recommend to anyone
Loved it. Really enjoyed getting to go below the Coloseum and then up for the exclusive view from above. Great tour of the entire area, including the Forum and Palatine Hill.
Highlight was the Colosseum.
Maria Theresa was wonderful and very knowledgeable!
If you go see the Colosseum without using Walks of Italy you're blowing it! You learn so much PLUS you get all vip access to restricted areas! Not to mention NO lines to get in.
There was no problem at all, from booking, finding the meeting point, and the tour itself, everything went smooth. Mr. Tanguy did all the explanation well and not boring at all. We are very satisfied with this tour. Thank you very much.
Excellent tour, very comprehensive. Tour guide was friendly, knowledable and professional. Many thanks
A most informative tour. Would highly recommend this tour.
Our guide was fantastic! I have difficulty hearing (wear hearing aids) but Victor spoke slowly and enunciated so well I understood everything he said. Fabulous! His knowledge of the tour was five star. Could not have asked for a better guide. Very Impressed!!!
Guide was amazing. Brutally hot day and he worked hard to keep us in the shade with full water bottles while giving in depth history of all we were seeing. Exhausted by the end, but worth it!
We had a very good time and our guide was very good.
Loved the Colosseum tour and our guide, Gastone, was knowledgeable, entertaining and obliging. It probably was a bit too long, given the heat and the lack of shelter at the Forum and the Palentine Hill, but we loved it. Thanks very much.
Awesome tour, worth every penny. Tour guide Angela was personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend this tour.
The guide was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job of providing stories and historical information. It was the highlight of our trip. Thank you so much.
The guide Fransesco was wonderful. Appreciated his suggestions for the rest of our stay in Rome.
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Angela was SO MUCH FUN ! She has a great way of making learning a laughing affair. She has a fantastic sense of humor, and she's not afraid to use it. We loved every minute we spent with her. We wouldn't have changed a thing !
The tour through the Colosseum was amazing!!!
Guiding the guide was incredible! Made for an incredibly memorable experience. Will be recommending to others!
Francesco was a great tour guide I learned a lot thank you
GIGI was awesome!! Enthusiastic . great story teller!!
We were lucky to have Maria again for our Colosseum and Roman Forum tour. Once again she was wonderful!
Massimo was our tour guide, and the tour he gave was amazing. He has such a great, funny personality. The tour was both very informative and very fun! We enjoyed this tour very much and highly recommend it.
We loved all of our Walks of Italy tours....the guides were all phenomenal! Just full of history and information which really made our tour experience even more enjoyable. We would highly encourage any Walks of Italy tours!
Our guide was knowledgeable and very helpful. My husband had to take stairs slowly and our guide was so helpful in making sure his experience was excellent. She is the best!
The guide was outstanding! I can't say enough good things about him. When (not if) I'm in Rome again as a tourist, I will ask for him specifically. He was delightful. And the tour itself was well worth the price. Loved it.
Mariella was great! I loved that she was an archealogist so she could give us better insight into what we were seeing! I would have loved to learn more about what it takes to dig out the ruins!
Laura was unbelievably nice and knowledgable but during the pre-Colleseum portion of our tour her commentary jumped around too much. It was interesting but chaotic - just feedback for improvement. We would take a tour with her again.
The guide was excellent. Each of our guides have done such a good job imparting information to the group. And all equipment (listening devices) worked well. Really appreciate the professionalism of your company.
Had a great tour with two amazing tour guides who were very friendly and informative.
Very good guides both inside and outside colosseum. Tour was a little long on such a hot day. Also the meeting place was very crowded a slightly quiter spot would have been easier.
Sorry forgot her name , she was fun and awesome in the tour not a dull moment
absolutely amazing!!!! guide was amazing, she was really enthusiastic about the Colosseum and the forum. Saw some amazing things really close up. Really enjoyed the tour
This was a great tour, very informative and delivered as promised.
Guide was excellent. Your company is very well organized. Hope to go back to Italy someday and will definitely book tours through you again.
Laura was an excellent guide! She was friendly, and made sure our needs came first. She was more than happy to answer any questions we had. Can't thank her enough for a great tour!
Juliette was a great guide. She was very engaging and informative with a great sense of humour. I think this tour is the best way to see these sites as it was all done with great ease and stress free. Would highly recommend to anybody.
Uta was awesome! We were floored by her knowledge and her presentation. She took us on a journey and we couldn't be happier with our decision with Walks of Italy.
Elena was fantastic!
Juliette was amazing
Our Guide was fabulous - one of the best we have ever had, very knowledgeable and personable.
Loved every minute of the tour, my only tip would be to make it easier to spot your reps in future
Our guide was fantastic! She knew the history of Rome very well and really did a wonderful job with our tour.
Julietta was outstanding!!! I wish all tour guides were as great as she was! 5 stars!! Thank you for a great tour and great experience!!
She was the best tour guide I have ever had. She loved the topic and was passionate about it. Very personable and interacted well with all of us.
Francesca was a very knowledgeable and friendly guide, would love to have her for another tour. The tour made our trip to the Colosseum extra enjoyable.
We LOVED Anna and all the information she gave us on this tour. Highly, highly recommend it but especially great to have Anna!
Vittorio was very easy to listen to and did not talk endlessly with too many dates and other useless information.
Our guide was knowledgable and interesting. He kept the group of 12 moving along and provided in depth information
Our guide Julia's educational background and Roman native heritage made her an excellent tour guide for our first trip to the Colosseum and Palatine Hill. I would highly recommend Walks of Italy and Julia in particular to any friends and family planning a visit to Rome.
(5 out of 5 rating) EXCELLENT guide! Mauritius went above and beyond the call of duty in every aspect - very knowledgeable.
Sev was our guide. Very knowledgeable, patient, fun and interesting. We had a wonderful time, thank you!!!
Susanna was excellent. The archaeologist seemed less customer oriented. The tour was great
Fabulous. Amazing tour and Susanna was great. Made everyone comfortable and shared knowledge well. Also definitely recommend!!
Our guide was fantastic and so was the tour.
Angela was wonderful. The tour was great. Learned a lot about the colosseum and palatine hill that I did not know before.
Maria Teresa did an excellent job made the whole tour worthwhile.
Our VIP colosseum tour would not have been as interesting and memorable if we didn't have Gigi as guide. We were lucky to have him as he was very engaging, knowledgeable and with a great sense of humor.
Sev was an outstanding guide and so knowledgeable about all things ancient Rome. Our fav tour during our stay in Rome.
Very informative, friendly,,, professional, guide was excellent, we loved the entire tour. Thankyou, highly recommend
Tiberius knows his stuff. Lots of interesting facts about the Colleseum, Rome and films that were shot in Rome, or films about Rome. Great tour
Amazing place. Definetly worth the money!
We very much enjoyed this tour and our guide was great (Francesco the archeologist). He was very knowledgable and passionate for the subject.
Francesco was a very knowledgeable and enjoyable guide. A small group which was awesome. He really did a great job and we enjoyed the tour immensely.
Maricela was such a pleasure!! Loved her tour!
It was a great tour and so informative. We found it a little expensive, but I guess that's part of it to gain access to all the areas as well as be given a history lessen which is very difficult to get without a guide. Overall it was a fantastic experience. Massimo was wonderful.
Maria was very enthusiastic and gave us a very enjoyable afternoon. She presented her knowledge in an interesting and readily understandable manner. Very good indeed.
Our guide Juwita was amazing! Such a great tour!
Great guide. She was very knowledgeable. A fabulous and informative tour.
Very thorough and informative. I thought the 3-1/2 hours which we booked was worth it but a long event. Our guide was great. Would recommend this tour.
Juliet was incredible!! What a hilarious person and great tour guide. Brilliant energy and superb at her job! 10/10!!
Our guide, Alessia, was fantastic! She was knowledge, personable, and managed the group very well! Her English was very strong. She brought Ancient Rome to life for us and we are grateful.
We enjoyed Mario and his passion for sharing his knowledge and history of Rome and the events of the coliseum and Palantine Hill times.
Guido was awesome. A wealth of interesting knowledge and a great personality!
Our VIP Colosseum tour with Jowita was fabulous!! She was an absolute delight and made the tour interesting and fun. She was very knowledgeable and we really enjoying our 3+ hours with her. Would absolutely recommend this tour to a friend and Jowita as a tour guide.
The VIP Colosseum Underground Tour including the Forum and Palatine was excellent. The guide was informative and interesting. Being able to visit the underground areas, the floor and the third tier was an amazing experience.
Great guide. Very knowledgeable
Silvia was very informative and knowledgeable. The tour was everything we hoped it would be! Getting to visit the underground and upper areas of the Colosseum was unforgettable. We would recommend this tour and guide to anyone!
Laura was a great guide! It was fascinating to explore the ruins and hear all of the interesting histories behind them. It was great to be able to visit the areas of the Colosseum that are normally off-limits to the public.
Guide was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The tour was well organized. We thoroughly enjoyed it.
The guide was very knowledgeable and friendly
Again, Eleonora was fantastic. We have learned so much from her and enjoyed spending two wonderful days with her as our guide.
Our tour was so informative. The sights were interesting and only made better because of our guide. Gigi is highly knowledgeable and has a perfect personality for this job. He knows the facts and adds humor to his talk. It was a great experience!
Julietta was wonderful and gave great information on the history of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.
Luciana was wonderful, vet informative and made an effort to memorize all of our names.
Sylvia was terrific!!! Even with a bad ankle she managed to keep her sense of humor We enjoyed our tour !!!
Fantastic Tour!! Luigi was so great and really made the tour interesting. Will definitely book again and we've already recommended to friends!
Tour was awesome, I wish I brought a hat.
Very professional, with an excellent guide. We enjoyed the tour and tha information given. The price was an issue, but we decided to splurge. While I'm glad we have those memories, I am not sure we would do a WOI again. Just very expensive for us. Thank you.
The guide was excellent.
Tiberius was very funny yet knowledgeable. Spoke very good English.
Incredible guide. Wish he could have done the underground portion as well. Would love to have him again on another tour!!!
This tour was amazing!! Everything about it was fantastic and our guide was awesome. Totally loved it.
Both tour guides were excellent. They answered all questions and provided fantastic insight into what we were seeing. True passion from both!
We got so much information about what we were seeing from Gianluigi. The VIP tour was well worth it. Thank you for a most enjoyable and educational day.
Great tour with a very informed guide!
Tyson was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. Excellent tour and well worth the money. I wish we had booked more tours with yourselves.
Francesca (?) was a fantastic guide full of energy, knowledge, passion and always made eye contact. She made the experience well worth it.
Fantastic tour! Laura was very knowledgeable and fun to be with. It was so interesting and exciting. Thank you!
Really enjoyed the tour both tour guides ere very knowledgeable on their subject matter.
Our guide was Laura and Fabrizio, well Fabrizio was actually the guide for another group that was happening at the same time. Both groups combined at certain portions, so it wasn't a small group the entire time, but this did not detract from the quality of the guides.
The only negative thing I can say is that the group meeting place was dis organized. No clear direction and other folks cutting in line. You need some more help or something to cut confusion. Guide was A1.
Tiberio was a very passionate guide. We appreciated seeing his enjoyment of teaching us what we were learning. Great tour!
She did a great job on tour! Sorry this review is so late. If Refer friends do you give discount to them? I have a few friends coming to Rome this year.
Dream come true to go into the bowels of the Colosseum. Our guide was awesome but the guied that took over at the Colosseum seemed like she was in training and very unsure of herself, boring. Will still recommend to friends.
We particularly enjoyed our time with Tiberius. He was passionate and knowledgeable, and made the tour very enjoyable. We will recommend to others.
Guido was outstanding, incredibly knowledgable and his love of the history of Rome made the tour extremely enjoyable as well as educational
Great tour - so much covered with great information. Certainly worth the money. Thank you.
Our tour guide was excellent.
It was wonderful thank you
I absolutely loved the tour, Tyson was extremely knowledgeable and approachable and was ready to answer any questions. I absolutely loved the Colosseum and was blown away by the magnitude of it and Tyson helped to bring the Colosseum alive for me - thank you Tyson!
The tour was simply amazing. I will highly recommend it to everyone I know. Our guide showed personality and she was able to answer all of my questions. I have already added a tour of the Vatican as a result of this exceptional experience.
The wealth of knowledge that our guide Giovanna possessed was staggering and was worth every penny. We couldn't have asked for a better day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Excellent tour. The Walks tour guide was personable, knowledgeable, and professional. The VIP tour guide for the Colosseum portion of the tour was also very good.
Giovanni was great! Great tour, we loved it and would recommend it to anyone asking. Thanks!
We really enjoyed the tour around the colosseum. Vanessa was a truly wonderful guide who was very informative and whose obvious passion both impressed and inspired us . We would highly recommend this tour .
Julietta was awesome. She was very knowledgeable and provided a great deal of information regarding the Colosseum and the history of Rome generally. This was our favorite tour while in Italy.
The tour really couldn't have gone any better. Our guide was amazing and we saw everything we could have asked for!
The guide was extremely knowledgable and tried very hard to pass on his knowledge so we might enjoy this experience. With hindsight I think the tour was too long for us and we should have perhaps split the Forum and Hill into another day.
I was very happy with our guide, she was fantastic!
Our guide was wonderful and so knowledgeable. He made the tour very special and educational. He was very personable made the tour worthwhile. We would highly recommend our guide and would seek him out for other tours.
We saw so much more than we could have seen on our own in the same amount of time. We wouldn't have known half of what we were looking at in the Forum without Uta's explanations. She gave tons of interesting information without being dry or boring.
Excellent.... perfect...
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour. Loved the knowledge of the guide as well as the behind the scenes look at the colosseum. Would highly recommend to my friends. Thank you.
An absolute highlight of our trip to Italy. Our guide was funny and informative. We did several tours throughout our trip to Italy and she was by far the best. I am so glad we opted for the tour that included the arena floor and underground, it was worth every penny.
Interesting tour! So much history to cover in a few hours only... quite challenging but our knowledgeable guide did an excellent job.
Great tour and already recommended it to others!
Outstanding guide, knowledgeable & passionate. Customer service was the best, they were able to accomodate us with a booking error on our part. Would definitely recommend to friends & relatives! Thank you!
This was one of the best sites I have ever visited. Your guide (black long hair, sorry cant remember her name) is so knowledgeable and also included some humour in the tour.
A great experience, the tour was amazing. My guide Vincenzo was brilliant - he was so knowledgeable and approachable, and just made the experience so enjoyable.
Guides were amazingly knowledgeable and attentive. Truly a fantastic experience!
Excellent tour Maurizio was an excellent guide.
Luigi was a good tour guide. At times it seemed a little unorganized because a separate guide was needed for the underground portion.
This girl really knew her stuff! I really enjoyed it and I will be back!
We avoided the crowds and loved it!
Fantastic, knowledgeable, and accommodating guide-- Giovanna.
Our tour guide, Kristina, was amazing. Full of energy, knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend this Tour and Tour guide.
Mariella was a wonderful guide. Her enthusiasm shone through and we learnt so much. The tour was money well spent and she made it that extra bit special. I would highly recommend Walks of Italy.
Our tour was great and the tour guide was excellent, knowledgeable and friendly. Answered all our questions.
Very informative . Learnt so much more from our guides knowledge and enthusiasm than had we done our own thing. Would highly recommend with the added bonus of very little queuing.
Vincenzo was great!
We appreciated the knowledge of our guide and her ability to help us understand the history and diverse cultures that contributed to Rome.
Our guide was knowledgeable entertaining and made the tour memorable Absolutely first class
Alessia was very well informed and answered all our questions! A very enjoyable tour!
Great tour and having both an art historian and an archeologist in the Colosseum was amazing
Had the best time with Francesco! Despite the on and off rain, he was so knowledgeable and made our first trip to Rome something we'll never forget. From start to finish the best tour we've been on. Would definitely recommend! Thank you so much for a great experience
the tour was fantastic. our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and also funny. I highly recommend this to anyone visiting Rome
Maria Teresa was amazing!! She made the tour an experience and extremely memorable.
Best thing we did in Rome! Definitely will share with friends. Our guide really helped paint the picture for us and we wished we could have taken her with us to Ostia Antica the next day. Excellent tour.
Our guide was amazing!!!!!
She was a very engaging and nice guide, really enjoyed the tour!
Great tour!
Excellent tour. Well organized, informative and very enjoyable. A great way to see the Colosseum!!
Excellent tour , best part of our vacation
Our tour guide was incredible! Knowledgeable, friendly and amazing. This tour should be on every visitors itinerary.
Great tour!
We loved everything about the tour! Luigi was fantastic and we loved getting to see all of the underground and high tier parts of the colosseum.
Best guide of the bunch! She was wonderful!
Tour was excellent as well as the guide.
Maurizio was an amazing guide. So much knowledge. His style was perfect, giving us great information but also giving us moments of quiet to enjoy and absorb. My mum and I were so pleased with Maurizio as our guide.
The female guide was nothing short of excellent. She was easy to follow and had a very good and in-depth knowledge of the history. Would definitely recommend to someone visiting Rome.
Silvia was passionate about the history and we enjoyed the tour immensely. I will highly recommend you to any travelers I know! Thanks!
Louigi was fabulous. The tour was near the top of my guided tour experiences. The on-ear headphones was great. I have a hard time with earbuds and was glad to see this addition to the tour.
Wonderful tour and great tour guide
Our guide, Sev, was the absolute best! We were wishing he was our guide for all the tours. He had an amazing scope of knowledge, interesting stories and a great sense of humor. We so enjoyed this tour!
The tour was great. Laura was great.
Great tour and fun guide
Excellent tour guide. Very knowledgeable and extremely caring about the members of our group.
Could have spent more time in the forum, but overall it was fantastic
Absolutely brilliant ! My husband , 11 year old daughter and I enjoyed every minute. Vannesa was fabulous and told the story of Rome and its history so well. Can't wait to do any tour with Walks of Italy
Francesco was very informative and made it easy to follow with his enthusiasm
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour, and guide. The colosseum was fascinating, and our guide was very knowledgeable, but kept it interesting and added enough humor to keep things fun for such a serious subject.
Great Tour!!! Simona did an excellent job!
Still have to line up to pass security but that is to be expected. The headsets were very difficult to understand the guide with. It is possible it was not positioned on the guide well or we got a faulty set. Otherwise great service and a very knowledgeable tour guide
Fantastic tour, highly recommend. Giovanni was brilliant, very knowledgeable.
It could not have been better, absolutely fabulous !
Ettore is the best guide we have ever had for a tour. His content knowledge of the history and significance of the sites is superb, and his humor and casual touring style adds to the enjoyment of the tour. I highly recommend Tours of Italy and Ettore to others. A++!
The only issue was the mix up in numbers to go underground, meaning that the wonderful Laura had to miss out. Otherwise, a wonderful experience!
Great tour and outstanding information by the guide. However, I thought it was odd that our guide did not do the entire tour. It seemed liked we meet another group and our tour got larger and another guide actually took us though the Colosseum.
Guido and Gigi were both wonderful!
We absolutely loved Gigi and his energy and passion about the Colosseum! Great stories. Could have provided more details about Roman Forum.
The tour of the Colosseum and Palatine Hill was great. We saw the underground sections of the Colosseum. The guide was very informative, being an archaeology major. Very extensive and good tour, exactly as advertised.
A really good tour. Very interesting and informative.
Most informative tour given in a jovial manner. We had a wonderful time and were amazed by the knowledge of the tour guide, who had an amazing sense of humour and was more than happy to answer any questions. We really could not have enjoyed the tour more, thank you so much.
Tiberius (tour guide) was very informative, interesting and fun. We will always use Walks of Italy to book VIP tours, there is no hassle and you get to skip the ridiculous queues, although it seems expensive it is definitely worth doing. Thank you Tiberius and the Walks of Italy team.
The tour was absolutely fantastic. Our tour guide Jowita was extremely knowledgeable and really brought the Colosseum and Roman Forum alive - thank you for a great experience!
Our guide was outstanding!!
Our guide was great!!
Excellent tour and guide!
GIGI was FABULOUS. We do A LOT of world traveling and my husband made the comment that he was our best tour guide EVER! He is a gem, brought it all to life for us all, very engaging and passionate about the topics we covered. He could not have been better. Thanks
Had a wonderful day our guide Giovanni was very knowledgeable and Uta was so passionate about the colleseum this tour was very memorable.
Gigi was absolutely amazing! We loved him and learned so much
All good
Such a great tour! So exciting to see all levels of the Colosseum. Very informative! Will highly recommend.
Informative and paced perfectly.
The tour was very interesting and informative.
Our guide Vincenzo was fantastic. He gladly answered all our questions and was very knowledgeable. The guide Laura Christina at the Colosseum (the archeologist) was very knowledgeable too, but that part of the tour was combined with another group and we could not ask questions.
Most enjoyable tour. Felix was knowledgeable, well spoken and enthusiastic! We loved our tour of the forum and colosseum especially the underground...
I would take the same tour upon return.
Great info and pace.
again first class guide
Lovely man charming and very informative. Many thanks will recommend
Tour guide brought this walk to life. The experience was excellent
One of the highlights of our Italy trip. Maryellen was interesting, funny, thoughtful and attentive. It was 3 hours of total awe and enjoyment. Excellent! The headphone set up is very comfortable and useful. Our 13 & 18 year old sons were also thoroughly enthralled.
Our tour guide was really informative and we could hear him clearly with the ear piece..we had great day and would reccommend.
Really informative
Excellent day and tour
Tour guide was very knowledgeable and made the whole tour engaging by asking questions.
Dario was lovely! So fun and energetic and just full of knowledge! Both me and my husband loved him! Next time we are in Rome we will definitely choose your company for other tours!
Our tour guide Guido was fantastic. He was extremely knowledgeable and we learned a lot from him. We loved the small group size and the headsets which allowed us to always hear him even if we walked away to take pics. Will definitely recommend your tours to anyone back home going to Rome.
Our guide was fabulous. Very informative
Guide was very informed, easy to understand and pleasant
Brilliant tour!! Our guide was excellent, really knew her stuff and the extra VIP areas such as the underground were definitely worth it. Forum & palatine hill again was brilliant and the guide pointed out some close by restaurants and bars after which was very helpful.
Maurizio was an awesome guide. Very calm and composed. I highly recommend him!
Excellent guide. One of best I've seen.
A fantastic tour that I would recommend to anyone
Felix was an excellent tour guide- knowledgeable, friendly... took us at a great pace. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour!!
Our walk with Francesco was amazing. He made the tour so interesting and fun too! We went at a good pace and our guide brought the ancient history to life! I will definitely be recommending Walks of Italy to my friends. Thanks and see you again soon one day! Grazie mille :-)
Had an amazing time and great guide felix
Great tour,Felix the guide was very knowledgeable and interesting
Knowledgeable guide and able to interact well with customers.
Guide was wonderful. Very engaging! Would highly recommend this tour.
Excellent tour. Value for money. Guide very well informed. Would definitely recommend.
Excellent tours. Well worth it
My husband and I LOVED our guide and have been sharing our experience with everyone back home! She was so incredibly knowledgeable and her passion shined through during the tour. We learned so much and truly enjoyed every minute.
Great Guide
We had a good time. As seniors, we were starting to feel the steps, but we made it.
We liked the knowledgeable guide, small group, and headsets to listen to the guide.
Amazing guide
Our guide was amazing. Very informative tour. Well paced. Never felt hurried or rushed.
It was amazing. Her knowledge was fantastic & greatly informative.
Our tour guide consisted of 2 people. Eleonora and the orher lady since eleonora fell ill. Both ladies were great and very informative. We really enjoyed the tour provided by both and would very much recomend this tour and any other tour provided by walks of italy.
Valentina was a great guide - just enough information, and she was both personable and interesting. All four of us enjoyed the tour.
Amazing tour!
Tour guide was very knowledgeable and made the tour exciting. Having the opportunity to walk in the underground and on the floor of the colosseum was truly special!
What a WONDERFUL and informative tour! Our guide was so knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions we might have. Thank you for providing such a wonderful tour!
Our guides were great and the Colosseum is an amazing place to visit. We traveled in March and the lines were ridiculously long, skip the line is the way to go.
Same as Pompeii tour. The guide that showed us the restricted areas was nice and knowledgeable, but he didn't have that "extra thing" that your own "Walks of Italy" guides have: they make you feel special, and you feel like you are seeing things with them that the others don't see.
Absolutely amazing to get the ancient Rome experience with this tour. The Underground Colosseum experience made it just that more exciting and real. Great tour with a knowledgeable guide!
Our guide Emma was very knowledgeable and informative with a very pleasant manner - speaking personally with every member of the group
Our guide was extremely informative and a delight to walk and learn with. Thank you!
Cecilia was a great guide. She's very knowledgeable. took time to answer questions, and did a great job describing the history of the sites. We've already recommended this tour to our friends who will be visiting Rome this Spring.
Sylvia was wonderful!! It was an amazing tour, worth every single penny.
Blown away with this tour and the information provided. Your guides are so knowledgeable and their love of their job shines through.
Absolutely loved this tour and our guide. She was amazing. Would highly recommend this tour!
Brilliant - very educational. Tour guide was lovely too.
Our tour guide was excellent!!
a very informative tour
Very well organised, interesting and informative tour. Sergio was a very good tour guide.
The meet and greet lady was very helpful. The tour and guide were awesome.
Great tour and we loved our guide Antonietta.
Very interesting and fast paced!
Our tour guide Fernando was the best. His obvious passion and expertise for history was surpassed only by his ability to make the tour personal and friendly. We both agreed that we were very lucky to be included in his tour.
Our tour guide did a great job!
The tour was absolutely fantastic. Alessia was an amazing guide using her archaeology knowledge to bring everything to life for us.
Fantastic tour will recommend to others 👍
Our guide was brilliant. Very informative and very passionate and engaging.
Our guide Felix was amazing. Very informative. Didn't want the your to end! Would definitely book with Walks Of Italy again!
Our tour guide Juliett was incredible. She is so knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and have recommended it to friends. Thank you.
The guide in the Colosseum was a little fast when showing pictures, so it was hard to see what he was referring to.
Ferdinando was a fantastic guide. Engaging, incredibly well-informed and a pleasure to be around.
Rosa was very knowledgeable and gave a great tour. I was very satisfied with the tour.
The tour was amazing and the guide was spot on, took time to answer questions and was very clear and knowledgeable. I would recommend this tour to anyone in a heartbeat!
Really interesting and informative. Fantastic to see the parts of colosseum usually closed to public.
Lovely lady could not have been better, coming back next year we will try and get on the tour of the Vatican with your company thanks Simon.
Very good guide and tour!
I really enjoyed the tour. I was there with my 7 year old daughter; Anna was great with her, and allowed her to take the lead and she loved it. I'd definitely do it again.
Gigi was an amazing guide and very informative :)
Sergio was an amazing guide and a lovely man. He went out of way to include and inform our 10 year old daughter of all the wonderful stories. A credit to the company ... Thank you . The Buckley family.
We had an amazing time and learned so much! Our tour guide Gigi was so knowledge, fun, and entertaining. Thank you!
We were extremely pleased with the tour and guide - it was well-organized, nicely-paced, and our guide was cheerful and brimming with all kinds of insights and knowledge. A fantastic tour!
Giovanna was an excellent guide, most informative in an interesting and lively way and brought everything to life. It was a wonderful experience
"Elesa" (sp), our tour guide, was incredible. She was so very knowledgeable, passionate, and entertaining. She made this already fascinating tour, so much more enjoyable. Highly recommend the tour, and if your lucky enough......to enjoy it with Elesa (sp)
Fabulous. Clear and easy to hear. Lots of interest, couldn't have been better. Thanks
Anna was fabulous, she was very informative, kept the tour interesting and was great company throughout, the tour was great would recommend to anybody if you want to see Ancient Rome and experience atmosphere of the colleseum with the vip trip. Pete and Hilary
Dario was very well informed and was happy to answer all questions.
brilliant tour, loved it. guide was very knowledgeable and friendly.
The guide was fantastic! The tour itself was awesome, and very informative. I will definitely use "Walks" again.
Had a great time and guide very informative and enthusiastic. So glad we booked the tour.
Another fantastic tour! Well informed guide and we were especially glad that we were able to go to the lowest level at the Colosseum.
Jowita is intelligent, warm and friendly. This was the best of all the tours that I have taken with you.
Amazing! Enjoyed both immensely! The guides were all professional, pleasant, and knowledgeable. We will be back. We would also like to see more cooking classes with Sicilian cooking and other Italian meals.
Very enjoyable tour, with excellent and informative guide.
Great tour guide!!!!! Answered any question brilliantly. Me and my wife had an awesome time with Franchesca. I would tell anyone on this tour to ask for her.
Maria was excellent - So invested in her group and relaying the huge amount of history into easy to digest bits.
The tour was great. We were the first ones in and we had a very small group. It was the second time with our guide and she was great. The tour sure added to our Italy vacation.
Our guide, Vanessa was the most personable and knowledgeable guide we have ever experienced. Her understanding of the history of the Rome and The Colosseum was outstanding. We wanted to take Vanessa with us for the rest of our tour.
Great tour, highly recommended!
Vanessa was wonderful. A real highlight of our trip to Rome!
Guide was fantastic given the extreme cold weather.
Our tour guide Elisa was great and very knowledgeable. We had no issues.
Our children attended this tour, they raved about the tour guide and her wealth of knowledge. They said it was well worth the time an money.
Great tour! Out tour guide, Valentina, was awesome. She very knowledgeable and extremely passionate. We had 10 people on this tour and so it was awesome to get time to ask any questions we wanted. Highly recommend this tour!
I loved this tour! The guide,Angela, was wonderful! She was very well prepared and even had visual aids that brought the past back to life!
Excellent tour; our guide was very knowledgeable and helpful. She definitely made our experience with Walks of Italy very memorable and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Walks of Italy to others.
We thought the tour was informative and our guide very knowledgeable as well as very friendly. We loved getting access to areas that are not usually included with a general admission ticket.
Vincenzo was a superb guide: approachable, knowledgeable and a great personality. He made our experience one of the highlights of a three week long tour through many countries. Wish we had booked all our trips through your company, will definitely recommend to anyone!
Brilliant tour!! Informative & saw everything we expected!!
VIP Colosseum Underground was a wonderful tour and guide. It was a pleasure listening to him for our 3 hour tour. Would definitely recommend.
Camilla is VERY knowledgeable, friendly and funny. As this was our first time to Rome, I knew we needed a guide to understand all the history of the ruins and she met our every expectation.
As a teacher , I thought I knew a lot! However Dario knows much , much more indeed! The tour was very well organised and led, as well as thoroughly enjoyable👍👍
I am astounded at the expertise of our guide. He made the history come alive, in language that was accessible to all of us. He fielded questions like someone who had done a great deal of research. Bravo!
Our guide was amazing - she was so smart, captivating and highlighted all of the right things. Would highly recommend this tour, with her especially!
Vincenzo is extremely knowledgeable and gave a great tour. He had a great way of not just giving you facts but really making you think about what you were seeing in front of you. We had a great tour with him.
John was terrific. He had a nice blend of historic and architectural knowledge to really bring Ancient Rome to life.
Luciana was wonderful, she kept us informed and entertained for the whole time, she looked after us and made the whole experience a memorable one. I have four children ranging from 19 years old to ten. She made it special for all of us, I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Very knowledgeable and engaging
Cecelia was awesome. She knew her stuff and did a great job helping us visualize the Forum in all its glory. All in all one of the top tours we took in Rome.
Tanguy was fabulous: knowledgeable, fun, humorous, and passionate! We and our two 20 somethings especially enjoyed the underground tour. A highlight of Rome for sure. Thank you!
This was our first tour in Italy. It was awesome. Sylvia was amazing. What a great way to kick off our trip! We learned so much.
Very knowledgeable about the history. So enjoyed this tour and learning from Sylvia. Thank you!
Sabina did an amazing job explaining all parts of the early Roman history. She was very in-depth through out the tour. It was an excellent tour and highly recommend it.
Really interesting. There was a lot to absorb. It would have been nice to have done it over two days.
Our guide was so lovely and knowledgable - we absolutely loved her and our tour !
Terrific tour and guide!
We had a very nice and interesting morning tour with Giovanna. Grazie mille :)
The tour was very well pondered, a mixture of history and stories related to the biggest character of Roman history. The site itself was amazing. The guide was very well prepared and very happy to answer all my questions. I highly recommend it.
Rosa was a fabulous guide, teacher and ambassador for Rome and what a wonderful treat to see the Coliseum and the Forum thru her proud, Roman eyes. She managed to compress 2,500 years of history into 3 1/2 fun, fast-paced, engaging hours. I loved it and highly recommend it!!
Ms. Rosa was extremely knowledgeable about dates and history related to all land marks of the tour. She showed a lot of enthusiasm and dedication. The tour was very well timed. She was courteous and fridndly. Will definitely recommend the tour
We enjoyed the tour and found Bruno highly qualified.
Larissa's knowledge of the Colosseum was unmatched. Your guides are fantastic.
Excellent tour. I will and have already recommended your conpany to friends.
I thought the tour was great! I will recommend to others. Only suggestion is to recommend bringing a snack :)
Camilla was very knowledgeable and her command of English was excellent. The tour was informative and engaging. She was prepared and helpful. We enjoyed the tour very much!
Camilla was great! She was very kind and knowledgeable. She spoke English very clearly and showed passion in her guidance. Would go on any tour with her!
We had a great tour. Very informative and enjoyable!
Only drawback was not being able to make it below the stage but we will view it when we return. Thank you for the credit! Francesca was wonderful and we learned a lot about the history of the structure.
Very friendly guide, she made it very interesting and was happy to answer any questions she was asked, would recommen, very interesting and enjoyable tour thank you
Our guide was knowledgeable and through her descriptions/words she painted a beautiful image from the ruins at the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. She was quite passionate and as such it made the tour amazing! Thank you.
We loved this tour and absolutely adored our guide, Larissa! She was very informative and polite. It was busy and she made sure our group was always together and answered all of our questions!
Absoutely wonderful experience. Camila is perfect for the role: calm, knowledgeable, very easy style and wonderful sense of humour. After only one guide in the Colo i realized that we had hit the jackpot with Camila.
Camillia was excellent! Answered questions effortlessly about the tour as well as other places around Rome. Indepth knowledge, wonderful sense of humor and sensitive to varying physical abilities around the ruins. Wonderful experience!
Larissa was an excellent guide and was very pleasant. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed her description and we're amazed by the breadth of her knowledge of the subject matter. Without doubt this was money well spent.
We found Alisissia very knowledgable and enthusiastic. She was engaging and warm and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Camilla was absolutely fantastic! She made the tour very interesting and her sense of humour is brilliant- thank her again please.
Our guide was great
Everything was fantastic. My wife and Guido talked for about 10 min after the tour. He was very knowledgeable and friendly.
Fantastic tour guide and very informative and exciting.
This tour was great! Very informative and it was a nice length.
Very knowledgeable guide who had a great sense of humor and really catered well to the kids in the group. Her slant on etymology and the living conditions underneath the Colosseum were particularly memorable.
We absolutely loved our guide! So much knowledge and enthusiasm!! He made each of us feel special and spoke directly to us. It was a perfect morning. Thank you!!!
My husband visited Rome to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. We absolutely loved this tour. Anna did an amazing job. She was so passionate and she knew her stuff. There's lots of walking so bring comfortable shoes and water. Luckily, we had great weather and a small group.
Our tour guide was great! He knew so much about the history of Rome. We had a wonderful time!
The guide for Walks if Italy was WAY better than the other tour groups we used while in Italy. She was a Ph.D. In archaelogy who had particpated in digging on the ruins of ancient Rome for 5 years. HIGHLY recommend Walks of Italy.
Felix was a great guide
Excellent guide; very knowledgeable and personable. Would highly recommend your company and her to anyone visiting Roma.
Antoinette was extremely knowledgable, passionate and engaging and made the tour so much more enjoyable. There was enough time spent at each location which was excellent. I would highly recommend this company to other people visiting Rome.
Love the details provided by the guide.
Our Colosseum Underground Tour with Roman Forum & Palatine Hill walking tour was excellent. There were 11 in our group in total an the size was perfect. We had no issues of any kind arranging and paying for the tour, meeting the guide or hearing the guide.
Our guide was very friendly, patient, humorous and knowledgeable. We brought our 3yr old with us on the tour and were pleased that she was considerate of him. She was open to questions from everyone, provided sufficient time for picture taking and made sure to keep the group together.
We really enjoyed our tour with Walks of Italy. Our guide, Maurizio, was very knowledgable and friendly. The tour itself was comprehensive and worth the price!
Very much enjoyed
she was lovely, had a lot of knowledge. very intersting and we had a great time. thank you
Everything was fabulous.... Thank you to our lovely tour guide Francesca....she was so sweet, patient, & very knowledgeable....When we return to Italy, we will for sure use your wonderful company...
Mariela was absolutely wonderful!
The tour was very good and Davide added wonderful humor to the stories.
Alessia was fabulous. Very attentive and insightful with the tour.
Tour guide was fantastic, really brought the tour to life.
It was amazing! We really enjoyed it especially the underground of the colosseum.
Loved our tour and have already recommended the underground tour to several friends! Our guide was fabulous and professional.
She was a wonderful tour guide and very passionate about everything we saw. Great tour.
Our guide was so much fun and knowledgeable - would recommend her to anyone taking this tour !!! We had a great day !!! A must to see the underground....
Maria was great, knowledgeable, and fun to have as a tour guide. I really enjoyed it, and if I could recommend her specifically to anyone I would.
Maria was a fantastic guide: knowledgable, personable, and passionate. Just what we wanted! Grazie!
Wonderful tour. Wonderful guide. Great experience
Tour guide was so knowledgable, kept us engaged from start to finish! It did feel slightly rushed at times but didn't take away from an excellent tour.
The tour and guide were great! Definitely recommend!
We really thought this tour was FANTASTIC! Guides were great and the value for the money paid was phenomenal. Keep up the good work!!!
Alessia was a great guide .. loved the tour.
My mom and I went on this tour and had a great experience! The guide was knowledgeable and kept our interest the whole time.
Fantastic tour. Very worthwhile.
Our guide was fantastic - so knowledgeable about Rome's history- couldn't have asked for a better experience!!!
Wonderful tour. Would have preferred to know that we'd spend very little time in the Forum - I would have made time to go back if I had known that this tour was basically colosseum only (which was wonderful!)
Our guide was AWESOME! The tour was great. We were disappointed we couldn't get into the underground area due to flooding but it was still the best tour we had in Rome! Thanks!
Our guide was amazing - full of knowledge and expertise . While I was I initially weary of the high price , this was my favorite tour I took in all of Italy. Your tour was wonderful, loved how knowledgeable the guide was .
Best decision we made by booking with Walks of Life. Alessia was well knowledged and a great tour guide friendly, witty & funny
Alessa was so interesting and really passionate about her work. We throughly enjoy our trip! Thankyou so much!
Beatra was also a great guide. There was alot of walking on this tour. We did not have a problem with that but there was not any mention prior to the tour about the amount of walking involved.
Wonderful guided tour of the entire Colosseum. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and her enthusiasm showed. We had been there before and we came away with excellent views of the Colosseum, Forum, and the Palatine.
Guide was very knowledgeable and great personality. Enjoyed learning about the many things we saw.
A good tour, made incredibly enjoyable by the extensive genuine passion and knowledge exhibited by our kind and thoughtful guide.
Sergio did a great job with the tour. Very interesting and fun presentation despite the challenges of a very rainy day and a difficult family as part of the group. Nice job!
Angela is very knowledgeable. She explained the stories in great detail. I had enjoyed greatly in the trip.
Angela was great, very enthusiastic. The tour did a great job showing how time worked and where the great structures were located. The part inside the colosseum was awesome.
Bruno and the woman who led the underground tour were very knowledgeable.
Camilla is charming & very knowledgable
Great tour with a local guide - a fountain of knowledge! My partner and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Bruno was knowledgeable, passionate, and friendly
The guide was magnificent. Obviously the sites were too.
Beata was great-very knowledgeable, easy to understand, open to questions, etc. Liked going underground and up to the 3rd level of the Colosseum which many tours don't include.
Ferdinando was an excellent guide. the best we had in this trip of Europe
Tour was great. guide was great
Sergio was extremely interesting and took time to explain and answer questions . Never hurried us , even though he got soaking wet in the rain. Excellent
Best guide ever!!!!
The tour was great and my wife and I enjoyed every moment of it.
This was great, very detailed and complete. Outstanding tour guide.
Very knowledgeable guides; nice pace. Highly recommend.
The access to the Forum and the underground sections of the Colosseum as well as the top level was amazing. Our tour guide did a great job of telling stories throughout the tour!
Francesco was highly knowledgeable, informative and entertaining. Never. Even on a better guided tour anywhere.
We had a wonderful time and learned so much from our amazing tour guide!
We were extremely pleased with the tour, the time allotted and the presentation. Thank you!
The guide was outstanding! So well informed and friendly. A true pleasure to listen to.
Excellent tour - a real thrill to step out onto the floor of the Coliseum. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining and kept things bowling along - but not TOO quickly. Ancient Rome came alive, especially following the Roman road down to the Forum. Thank you for a great tour!
Camilla was an outstanding guide. 100% recommend this tour.
Was great, Sergio was very informative and enthusiastic which meant it was easy listening! We all loved the dungeon part of the colosseum. Definitely worth it!
Our guide was perfect, she was kind, informative, efficient and everything a guide should be. Thank you
Superb, very informative and worth every penny.
Fantastic tour, very well informed guide.
Camilla was excellent, so glad we did this tour. She knew everything and was very nice too. Thank you
It was wonderful to learn so much about the Colosseum and Forum. We will recommend your tour to anyone who may travel to Rome.
Maurizio was an excellent guide. He was very knowledgeable and pleasant. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and learned a lot as well. I would definitely recommend it to others.
Our guide was very knowledgeable and engaging. She taught us so many things we didn't know before visiting.
The guide was great and extremely knowledgable, this was a great tour, I would definitely recommend.
Our guide, Francesco, was wonderful--very knowledgeable, kind, and went above and beyond his time limit to answer questions. The tour was amazing!
Awesome visit to the Colosseum. I have been there a few times before, but the behind the scenes underground and floor tour were one of the highlights of our trip.
Claudia was an excellent guide and brought to life the history of the colosseum and palatine hill. Her enthusiasm was infectious and her in depth knowledge of the area was evident. I would highly recommend the tour. With thanks Julie and Michael x
Emma was an excellent, knowledgeable guide and the tour was fantastic.
When the tours combined for under the coliseum I was really glad we had Francesca and not luigi.
Absolutely amazing. Our guide was fantastic and the tour incredible. No complaints.
He was very enthusiastic and seemed to know a lot about the time period. We had to leave early after the Colosseum portion but thoroughly enjoyed our tour.
Francesca was great! She answered our questions and always made sure she was going at a good pace for the group.
Our guide was excellent. (Stephanie was her name, I believe, from Toronto Canada.). She was extremely well informed, delivered information at a good pace and with some humor.
The best possible experience!
Sylvia was wonderful, lots of passion for what she was showing us.
Francesca was a fantastic guide. We really enjoyed her love for the culture and history of the colosseum and palatine hill. We have and will continue to recommend walks of italy tours to others along our journey through Italy.
Awesome tour and info!
Great tour guide
Siriana was great, thank you!
Franseca was amazing we enjoyed her excellent knowledge and the way she took us back to history. Also the VIP part made the tour very special a recommendation for everybody who want to have a little bit more out of the visit.
Excellent guide. Very interesting informative trip
She was just great!
Our guide was very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. The tour is fabulous, especially accessing the colosseum underground and top tier! The Forum and Palatine hill is amazing, too!! Do not miss this tour!!
Camilla was an amazing guide. So knowledgable ! This was by far our best tour and tour guide during our Italian holiday. Thank you Camilla.
The tour ended about 15 minutes earlier than I expected (3 hrs 30 mins instead of 3 hrs 45 mins). Not a big deal, but since we were right in the middle of the Forum, it would have been nice to have had the extra time there with the guide.
Angela was awesome!!! She was very knowledgeable about all things Rome! She was energetic and fun and everyone on our tour thought she was great! Definitely would recommend this tour.
Guide made it great. Give her a raise!
She was GREAT and...she had the highest praise for Walks. The guide seemed to have a great deal of experience in the business so the praise is coupled with experience.
In such a professional tour it would have been appreciated to receive a hard copy of a plan of the 3 levels of the Colloseum that we visited. This would have helped to clarify architectural aspects of the monument for further reference. Thanks, A.R,
Claudia was outstanding and was knowledgeable on most subjects and got the group comfortable to ask questions.
Francesco was an amazing guide, both knowledge and friendly. Happy to answer questions and knew an abundance about the area / Colosseum. We truly enjoyed our tour and will be sure to recommend to friends traveling to Rome.
Excellent guides and comprehensive tour!
Really glad that we were able to go underground, as I know some earlier tours were unable due to rain. Guides were very knowledgeable and had quality personalities. Great way to spend part of my day.
Stephanie was smart and personable: exceeded expectations!
Maurizio was very professional and well informed! He answered all questions. It was a fabulous tour!
Tony is awesome! She's very informative and made the tour very enjoyable! :)
Camilla was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. This tour was a highlight of our trip!
Excellent guide, knowledgeable and very personable!
Our guide, Sylvia, was friendly and knowledgable. I wish the historical information would have been presented in a more organized fashion. I felt the information was jumping around a lot and it was a little hard to follow. However, I would not hesitate to use Walks of Italy again in the future.
Camilla was fantastic! We could have listened to her all day! We were so impressed with her knowledge of everything Rome and appreciate all she shared with us. A delightful morning.
Toni was an awesome guide, and I would recommend this tour to anyone! Especially with her!
Our guide was tremendous! We highly recommend her and this tour. One of the best tours we took in italy.
Excellent and energetic guide on a very crowded day.Good coverage.No rush.Meeting point easy to find.Very good experience overall.
Our guide was wonderful. Loved the tour
Francesca, our guide, was amazing. Her love for her field of archeology and for what it means in Rome especially, came through in every word and gesture. I swear we could see the Forum rise before us, and smell the sweat of the gladiators and hear the grunts of the animals at the Colosseum.
The tour was great and our guide fantastic. She was engaging, easy to understand and answered all that we asked. The pace was good and she remembered us the next day when we ran into her.
Marti is Full of information as well as hilarious. I think I speak for my husband as well as myself in saying we love her and would like to be her best friends. Such a good tour!!!!! Bridget Anderson (portland)
Thank you, we loved the tour.
Alessia was amazing! She knew so much information. I would def book another tour with her.
Simone was fabulous! No matter what questions we/I had for her she knew the answer and showed her extensive knowledge. Such a marvelous tour!!!
Took several different tours while in Rome and thought yours to be the most interesting and your guide most knowledgeable and professional. Would use Rick Steves again
Wonderful, knowledgeable, and personable guide!
Camilla provided an interesting commentary on each of the areas. She was very well informed and made it fun for everyone. I would definitely recommend your company to friends.
Doreanna was very knowledgeable about the tour content. She showed her passion for ancient Rome and was very pleased to be part of finding something during one of her digs in Rome. My husband and I went to see what she found in the Palazzo Massimo.
Great tour and well worth the money. Being able to see the underground level at the coliseum and go to the upper level made it all worth while. The tour guide was also just as amazing and was so knowledgeable. First class operation.
Incredible tour! Giovanni was wonderful!
Be prepared to walk ALOT!! The guide was extremely knowledgeable
Best tour we took! Both Gabrielli for the coliseum tour and Francesco were very knowledgeable and patient. The tour of the forum and Palatine Hill were really tough given the amount of walking and weather but he was so nice and did a great job showing us around!
Totally brilliant, Our tour guide Simone was very informative and always able to answer anything we asked. Superb trip, many thanks .
Giovanni is great!! His knowledge and enthusiasm made for a wonderful experience. The fact that he is also an archeologist seemed like an extra bonus.
EXCELLENT. Guide was fabulous and so knowledgeable. Very considerate of my disability. One of the best tour I've taken.
We had an amazing time on our tour! Our guide was so friendly and knowledgeable, and really helped us to learn about and understand the history she was discussing. I highly recommend this company and I can't wait to use them again on another vacation in the future!
The tour was informative and enjoyable. Our guide was wonderful and friendly and I would recommend to all. Thank you for a fantastic experience.
Well educated and we'll run tour. Thank you
Giovanni showed us a great tour with so much information! The tour and his knowledge were very enjoyable!! Absolutely no complaints! I have already recommended to others we jave met " Walks of Italy". All the tour guides were over and above with information and exuberance! Thank you!!
Laura was great and the tour was amazing. Being able to walk below the "public" area of the Colloseum was incredible and the tour guides from both groups were extremely knowledgeable! The Forum was wonderful as well!
The tour was great, our guide was awesome, very good god sense of humour and extremely knowledgeable.
Walks was very professional and well organized. Maurizio was an excellent guide. Both informative and charming, he enhanced the tour experience, and we would request him again if taking another Walks tour in Italy and would recommend others to as well.
Our guide was filled with knowledge but did not overwhelm us with it. He spoke English very well and was very entertaining. We would highly recommend his tour.
Enjoyed and well worth it. David our guide was great! Loved the Coliseum and tour.
Camilla was amazing. Very knowledgeable and gave us a fantastic experience! The tour was more than I expected!
Maurizio our guide was most informative and helpful. He was extremely knowledgable and a great guide for the monuments in question. Was also very patient.
She was very kind. She "knew her stuff" We were completely satisfied!
The group size was perfect. The guide's English was perfect. He seemed to have great passion for what he was showing us.
Guude was very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and ask questions, and passionate about ancient Rome! Great tour.
Loved the tour. Only issue was with the quality of the audio equipment for the Colosseum portion of the tour.
The guide and the tour was great. I did like the small size of our group tour.
Bruno was a great tour guide and explained a lot of interesting facts. I will highly recommend your company in the future.
Bruno was a great guide. extremely informative and he coped with my mobility issues. I wish he had been guide for VIP portion but Colosseum wanted their own guide. Exceeded expectations
Francesca was knowledgeable with the information and explained it clearly. She was able to answer any and all questions. Brava!
Loved everything about this tour. Our guide and I believe her name was Camilla was excellent and gave us so many interesting facts. Making history come alive for us, especially Palatine hill. Would recommend this tour to anyone.
Francesca was outstanding and extremely informative. I would come back to Rome and ask for her to be my guide for all tours!
Victor was great. We were so glad we selected this tour as we felt it was excellent value and a highlight of our Europe holiday.
Great your. Great day.
Dori was absolutely phenomenal! We can not imagined anyone more knowledgeable or more interesting to listen to!
Lovely tour, was the best I took on vacation
The tour was great, and the guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter. She also recommended a great pizza spot, which was delicious. She went above and beyond to make the tour enjoyable and educational.
The tour was very interesting and conducted at just the right pace; our guide was very knowledgeable and made it fun. So good we booked another tour for the next day!
Camille gave us a wonderful tour. She was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. We learned so much from her. We were very satisfied with the value of the VIP Colosseum tour.
We loved this tour. Our guide was exceptional since she had an archaeological background. It lasted about 4 hours and we saw every aspect of the Colisseum and Forum. I would highly recommend this tour.
Great tour! Loved our tour guide!
Maria was awesome! If we were financially able, we would have taken her with us on the remainder of our Italy trip! So much knowledge, passion, and energy!
Emma was great. Very knowledgable and easy to understand. She took the right amount of time to explain things and the sights we were seeing. It was a fabulous tour
This was a wonderful tour. Although it seemed to surprise our guide that we were needing to have the Colosseum's tour guide to do inside the basement and upper deck, she was very good and knowledgeable.
Great experience with a guide who is both knowledgeable and still passionate about communicating that knowledge.
This was a great tour. Alessia was very knowledgeable and she was very entertaining as a guide.
Awesome tour! The guides are very knowledgeable.. their enthusiasm about roman history is infectious. ! Very highly recommended.
Camilla was an excellent guide so knowledgeable.Glad I did this tour .How rome came about awe expiring
Very nice tour. The skip the line and restricted access features make this tour awesome.
Excellent !! Well organised and great story telling . Enjoyed the tour very many much , Grazie Millie
Maurizio was excellent too.
One person monopolized Laura which wasn't entirely Laura's fault. She does need to make certain that her group can keep up with her pace.
We had Francesca, she was fabulous. A great story teller.
The guide was first class
Mariella was awesome!
Being able to access the basement and the upper levels was really cool!
Excellent tour-guide was fabulous & answered many questions. The system used for us to hear the guide was excellent for this tour.
Our guide was very knowledgable and the tour was complete.
This was a fascinating tour and was led very well.
Knowledgeable , personable guide with actual experience as an archaeologist...couldn't have asked for anything more!
We were so excited to do this tour having been to the colosseum once before and done the usual skip the line tour, it was fantastic to see the below ground and above the crowds. We would recommend this tour to anyone going there
Laura did a very nice job. Very knowledgeable and has a nice way about her. We are pleased that we took the tour.
The tour was fantastic, and Ferdinando was a wonderful guide. I loved that he brought his own background and expertise into the tour; I think it gave us insights that many other tour-takers may not have gotten. Thank you! I can highly recommend both Walks of Italy and Ferdinando.
Natalia had excellent knowledge and went above and beyond because she was sick and was very professional and kept great energy and sense of humor. A bit hard to understand at times but English was good. Could have been her cold.
This tour is a must do! There is just so much to see and so much history to absorb.
Very knowledgeable and kept it fun.
Sylvania was knowledgeable, well spoken and and very fun! Loved the experience and will use this company again!
Same as with Vatican tour - fantastic guide and tour.
Our tour guide was excellent. We highly recommend him. He was very knowledgeable and his English was very good.
Awesome tour. Tons of information and very glad we booked it.
Elena proved to be an excellent guide and was very knowledgeable about the subject. More important, she made the tour very pleasant with her cheerful manner and good humour.
Fantastic tour and guides. Very thorough, with wonderful access.
Francesca is fabulous! Her knowledge is vast Her personality is sunny and cheerful. The underground was more interesting than I imagined. It is quite a bit of walking, and the stops for water were appreciated.
Francesca was our guide and she was amazing! She was very knowledgeable without making us feel like it was information overload.
Our guide was fantastic, funny and informative. 5 stars isn't enough.
Excellent quality of guides and small groups!
Very knowledgeable tour guide, the underground was worth the money.
Eleonora was a wonderful tour guide! We very much enjoyed ever second we spent walking around the Roman forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum, Thank you Elenora!
Laura was extremely knowledgeable, interesting, and understandable! 😀 We loved the tour!!7
Wonderful tour with lots of info.
Ivana was my guide. We were happy with te tour it was interesting and entertaining. The spots were we entered in the colosseum were very impressive we loved it
Thoroughly enjoyabe, Mauro was very knowledgeable and had a genuine enthusiasm for the subject. Will recommend to friends visiting Rome.
Brilliant tour, we had Laura who was very knowledgeable and was able to impart some really interesting facts and information
Wonderful. We enjoyed Mauro and the tour. Very good value. I would use this company again.
Maria was excellent. Exceptional quality of information and organization. Maria adapted quickly when it started raining so a standing ovation to her and the company for a fabulous experience. Gracie!
We found the trip absolutely amazing. Our tour guide Guido was fantastic and kept us captivated throughout the tour.
Favorite tour, Mauricio was wonderful.
Excellent tour and the guide was very well informed. I have already told others about the tour and that they should look for Walks of Italy as a tour guide.
Very good and interesting tour Gastone was a very engaging historian
Great tour
Guido was wonderfully thorough and informative Although our underground part of the tour was canceled due to rain, he made a very conscious effort to give us information about the part that we couldn't get to
Great tour. It was almost four hours and 90 degrees but it just flew by. I had Lorenzo (?) and he was energetic and very knowledgeable. With this tour we got to see the dungeons and the highest level in the colloseum, along with palatine hill and the forum. I would highly recommend it.
The tour was very thorough, though perhaps a little long for the August heat. Larissa was a dynamic guide!
My husband and I loved our tour and our guide. I don't recall our tour guide's name, but he was an archaeologist. He was very knowledgeable, easy to understand, and entertaining. We truly enjoyed it and would recommend it to others!
The tour was very long for such a hot day (although, of course that's not the fault of our guide!) there is much information to absorb and many sights to see, it would almost be good to break into two separate tours. I would not have wanted to miss any part of it though. Thank you!
Guide was very friendly and knowledgeable.
Our guide did a great job. The weather did not fully cooperate but she made it seems like a very full tour.
We really enjoyed having Angela as our tour guide. She was funny, energetic and full of information.
Fantastic and informative tour that really provided that extra layer of color that one wouldn't have gotten by just walking through the sites on your own.
Enthusiastic and knowledgable guide. Very interesting tour.
I had been to 75% of the locations that we toured but never with a guide.. I learned so much more with Maria Grazia and saw some new places. She was really excellent
Fabulous guide. Very thorough, articulate and knowledgeable. It was brilliant not having to line up.
Camilla and Stephanie were fantastic. Not only were they incredibly informative but they had a great wit and sense of humor. We had a wonderful experience and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Francesca was excellent - really good The colosseum guide was average & the speaker listening device were rubbish
Our guide was awesome! Wish I could remember her name, she was from Sicily. She was very knowledgeable about everything on the tour and was very cute and funny. Loved the experience!
Outstanding tour guides. Very personable, engaging and informative. Made you feel like you were transported in time. Would highly recommend.
This was a fantastic tour, Francesco was very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
We had simone as our guide and we both thoroughly enjoyed her knowledge and the way she explained everything would highly recommend your tour especially with Simone
I cannot remember what our guides name was but he was excellent. We were thoroughly engaged all 4 hours and learned a lot. We thought the guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about his job. We would highly recommend the tour.
Francesco was very pleasant and patient with our questions and we learned a lot on that walk.
Might be good to advise guests to wear a hat and good walking shoes. After tackling the cobble stone, this amazing tour will be remembered for how hard it was to climb stairs, dusty and hot it was. Putting tha aside, the tour was excellent. Thank you!
Eleanora was an excellent guide, very knowledgeable, her English was very good and the pace of the tour was just right. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour and would recommend Walks of Italy. Thanks
Eleanora was excellent and passionate about the colosseum and Rome. She gave a fascinating tour. Angela was also great when we joined her group for the underground portion. This tour exceeded our expectations!
We were shown around by Andrea, who was very knowledgable and made the tour really interesting and kept us out of the sun as much as he could! Fantastic experience and definitely worth the ticket price - thank you.
Our guide was simply fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
It was fabulous!! Anna was interesting and knowledgable. It was crazy hot out but still she kept my attention and I loved the afternoon!! Even my kids loved the tour. Thank you!!
Excellent tour, line bypass, informative and was able to access places in the Colosseum that others could not.
Camilla was wonderful; we enjoyed her sense of humour. The sound quality of the microphone setup was excellent. Recommended and will leave a + review on TA.
I adored this tour! Francesco was amazing. He was so knowledgable and helpful. We enjoyed the tour so much that we scheduled a tour for the Vatican City. I will always choose Walks of Italy!
What a wonderful experience. My only suggestion would be to add that many stairs involved in the climb to the top and those with physical limitations might not be able to enjoy.
Dario was truly a great tour guide. He provided informative and entertaining commentary throughout the tour.
John was an outstanding guide. A highlight of the trip.
Our guide was very knowledgeable and able to field questions asked.
Wonderful access and knowledgable guides. I would highly recommend this tour and our guide!!
Maria was informative, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable about her subject and highly engaging. She was very popular with the group and we felt privileged to have had her lead our group.
Luciana was great - I was impressed how she got to know the guests and remember everyone's names! She did a great job.
Very well done and the guide was fantastic.
Elisa was knowledgeable and passionate about the city's history and archeology!
Extremely knowledgable and informative. Great tour!
Vanessa was great. She is an awesome guide and made the tour so enjoyable. I definitely recommend all the walks of Italy tours!
Victor was very knowledgable and entertaining and the tour was seamless . We were glad we had opted for underground VIP tour which though more expensive gave us a real feeling of how the colleseum was at its height.
Our tour guide Vanessa was very friendly and knowledgable. She took the time to answer all of our questions and made sure that our tour enjoyable and a memorable one.
This tour delivered on every promise made. How wonderful to have a restorer and an archaeologist guide us through. I couldn't be happier!
Great tour, and a knowledgeable guide who was able to answer any questions.
Very impressive guide! Great voice, nice pace, deeply knowledgeable. He was like a great university professor!
This was an absolutely amazing tour and our guide was superb. It will be something we will remember for a lifetime.
She spoke great English and seemed genuinely excited as if doing the tour for the first time. I learnt a lot of things I didn't know. 10/10
The tour was very well organized. Maurizio was an excellent guide -- very knowledgeable, informative, and responsive to questions.
Claudia was an incredible guide. She made our tour so special - even our three teenagers commented on how great she was.
The best guide ever - she knew all about Rome, and it's history😀
Anna was enlightening, enthusiastic, and so well-educated. She delighted us all, in spite of the hot weather. Her effervescence compliments the extravaganza that is Roma. Thanks again, Anna from Charles and Maria in California
We loved the Forum, and the information provided by Eleonora. It was very hot and sunny, and she was very concientious about giving us water & bathroom breaks, and also finding shade to rest from time to time.
Emma was absolutely amazing - very passionate in her delivery which made us understand it way better - excellent tour overall and one I would recommend highly'
Vanessa was outstanding. My husband said she was excellent. He is not easy to please. Great job Vanessa!
Jon was passionate and extremely knowledgeable and explained things very carefully very enjoyable
Great tour and Camilla was friendly and informative. I would recommend this tour to friends and family!
Loved our tour guide, I believe her name was Juliette, very good with our son and answering all his questions.
Fantastic tour with very knowledgeable guides and access
We really enjoyed our tour through the Palatine and Coleeseum and would recommend the experience to anyone else who is visiting Rome.
Tiberio was an excellent guide. Very entertaining and caring!
The tour was very informative and the highlight of our stay in Rome. Julietta was an excellent guide and your could tell that she had a passion for history and her work through the way that she communicated with the group. Very pleased with the tour.
Vanessa was fantastic, very interesting and presented in an engaging manner, she looked after our welfare on a very hot afternoon.
OMG! Our guild was a teacher and a friend during our trip. Just do it!
Francesco was an excellent guide! We thoroughly enjoyed the history and interesting details he was able to provide us during the tour. How lucky to live amongst such breathtaking history!! Many thanks !
It was perfect! Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and provided us with all sort of interesting information!
The tour was amazing, and so much more informative than I thought it would be. The views from the third tier were incredible and I would recommend this tour. Thank you for allowing me to have this incredible experience. Thank you. Your guide was ace 😃😃👍👍👍
Tiberio was an excellent tour guide! He was informative, funny, and thorough. We truly enjoyed the time spent touring the Colesseum and would definitely recommend it to others! Thank you!
The only part of the tour which was not great was the initial organization. When we arrived at the meeting point it was disorganized and unclear. Once we were turned over from the "meeter" to our guide it was terrific. Camilla is a funny, smart, terrific guide.
Bruno had so much knowledge and was very easy to understand and listen to. He also had a really nice manner and showed great enthusiasm. I really enjoyed both the tour and Bruno.
I have taken this tour several time, showing family and friends the amazing Colesseim and Roman Forum - our guide Anna was the best one so far! Making history understandable and fun! She was great!
Guide was very knowledgeable
Loved it! I like going to coliseum last. Lots of steps and walking for a hot day but well worth it. Great Job!
A great informative tour, very friendly guide with real genuine passion and knowledge - well worth the higher price than some other tour operators. We feel that we had a fantastic insight into Roman life.
Absolutely fantastic. Gigi was superlative and he spoke with knowledge, passion and enthusiasm. He really made my trip to Rome and we are still talking about it 5 days later. I would recommend Gigi any day of the week. Long may he continue to be a guide
Doriana was an excellent guide with a wealth of knowledge. It was great to have a true expert of the field as our guide. The special locations we were able to see in the Colosseum were a highlight. We both really enjoyed the experience.
Ivana was wonderful. Her passion was infectious. She gave us a fabulous tour and we couldn't thank her enough. She really made the Forum and Coliseum come alive! She was the best guide we had on any of the tours we have taken during our vacation.
Very good guide and well conducted tour.
The tour was great and the guide was very knowledgable. The only problem was that there no where to sit down along the tour. When tours are this long in the heat, it sometimes makes it very challenging not being able to sit. The guide was good about keeping us in the shade when possible though.
Excellent enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Kept asking if we had any questions and it appeared we weren't interested but they were answered before we could ask. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour so please send our further thanks
Maria was outstanding! Full of enthusiasm, passion and is a great storyteller. You can tell she really loves her city.
Marisimo was awesome! He knew so much about the history and did such a great job of explaining everything. You are lucky to have him!
Stephanie did a great job on the tour! She was very knowledgeable and accommodating. It was very hot the day we went, she made sure to stop in the shade and take water breaks. It was very much appreciated. We spent ~2 weeks in Italy and this was our favorite tour by far!
Claudia brilliant guide - thoroughly enjoyed the tour very informative !
Maria was a ball to be with. Super nice and fun.
Wonderful tour with extremely knowledgable guide. Definitely recommend.
Susanna was extremely knowledgeable and considerate of the group's needs. She was passionate about sharing the history of the area. We would absolutely use this tour company again and we would recommend our guide to others.
Camilla did a fabulous job! She kept us engaged and enjoying the tour for the entire time in very hot temperatures.
This was our 3rd Walks of Italy tour and it did not disappoint. Elena was very engaging.
Wonderful tour with Susanna. Very knowledgable and the tour moved at a good pace. Definitely a highlight of our trip to Rome.
The only thing I would have liked was a bit of time to look in the collosseum shop. But the tour was fantastic and the guide very informative.
We really enjoyed the tour. Thank you.
Our guide was so knowledgeable-very impressive.
Camilla was amazing! Loved her enthusiasm and knowledge!
Camilla was amazing! Loved her enthusiasm and knowledge!
Camilla was amazing! Loved her enthusiasm and knowledge!
Giavani was a fabulous tour guide. Great information and very knowledgable. The Palitine Hill and Forum part of the tour was fascinating and wonderful. We also loved the colosseum part of the tour! We highly recommend this tour!
Francesca was a wonderful guide. She was informative and patient with our many questions - despite the extreme heat.
Camilla was our tour guide for the tour. I have been on 2 other tours of the Colosseum and the one with Camilla was outstanding. Seeing the Underground and going to the top level was so interesting.
Very detailed
Elena was a wonderful guide! She was informative, kind, patient, and had a good sense of humor. We really enjoyed the tour. Walks of Italy was recommended by The Beehive and we are glad that we chose your tour agency.
Claudia was an outstanding guide. We really enjoyed the tour. All of the family valued the experience.
Great tour - would only recommend trying to add a little lighter commentary and examples to be more engaging for younger guests eg. When referencing the shops in the Roman forum it would be good to talk about what they would have sold vs what we see now to help bring it to life.
Giovanni was fun, interesting and very knowledgeable. My father is 84 and he wanted to do this tour. Although it was a very hot day we all were fascinated by all the stories and information up to the end.What a great tour, well done! 10 out of 10 for Giovanni
Excellent tour and Claudia the guide was so informative she excelled our expectations. The day was very hot which caused some people to struggle. Claudia was very understanding and moving to shade and water refills at regular intervals. I will highly recommend this tour to friends and family.
Thank you to Felix for a fantastic tour, he really brought the history to life and allowed us to truly visualise ancient Rome in all its glory!
Great touring with Max. Such enthusiasm and historical knowledge. Truly enjoyed the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palantine Hill. Max made the tour very special. Nice having the smaller group.
My father (84) and I thoroughly enjoyed the depth of knowledge and understanding we gained from Giovanni's tour. It was fantastic . I have already reviewed on Trip Advisor and posted on my Queensland History Teachers Facebook page in Australia
Camilla was outstanding. She had a great pace and her personality was so nice. We commented how she made an exciting event so interesting. Her knowledge and passion was outstanding. Thank you for a truly great experience The McElroys
The tour was amazing. Would of like to have been able to spend some time in the forum. Francesca was a great guide.
Our tour guide was authentic, open, friendly and very informative! We really enjoyed the tour and highly recommend it to all!
Vanessa was absolutely amazing! This experience wouldn't have been half as good without her guidance and knowledge! The tour was excellent and we feel that we truly got our money's worth! Vanessa, again you rock!
Fantastic tour. Camilla was awesome! Will be recommending this one.
Extremely knowledgable tour guide!
We enjoyed the tour very much. Our guide was Ivana. She was outstanding. We were so pleased to be taken around by her. Please pass on our thanks again to her. Her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm was top class. It made the tour come alive in the way she told stories etc...
It was wonderful and guide was excellent
We did this tour on our last day and it was the highlight of our trip! The underground tour of the Colosseum and access to the uppermost ring were fantastic!
Very good tour, Alessia was excellent and very nice. It was joy to have her as a guide.
Camilla the tour guide was great
Very informative and very personable. He was a great tour leader!
Rosa was a wonderful tour guide. We loved her authentic Roman perspective! She was very knowledgable and conveyed the information in an interesting way. She was also a very kind and sincere person. We would highly recommend!!!
We really enjoyed the tour and our tour guide Stephanie. She was fun and had a great sense of humor. My son said that he really liked how she explained everything in such a modern easy type of way.
Sergio was very passionate about history and conveyed his knowledge well. Good use of visual aides.
My expectations were high & they were exceeded. Fantastic tour & guide.
Very knowledgeable and pleasant answered questions was thoughtful of heat would highly recommend
Claudia was very knowledgable and personable. While we had to wait a bit to enter the Colosseum, she had plenty to share about the areas we were in. She did a great job keeping us away from larger crowds too so it felt like a more private tour.
Laura is a great tour guide. Lots of knowledge...
Very informative and friendly.