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Colosseum Night Tour

Key Details

  • City: Rome
  • Duration: 2hrs 45mins
  • Start Time: Times vary.

Tour Highlights

  • Enter the Colosseum at night to access special areas usually closed to the public.

  • Visit the Colosseum underground, walk the arena floor & admire the silence of general access areas.

  • Explore the underground and arena floor with only your guide and a maximum of 23 other people.
See the Roman Forum on our Colosseum Night Tour Ancient Ruins at the Roman Forum at night The Campidoglio, visited on our Colosseum Night Tour King Victor Emmanuel II in Michelangelo's Campidoglio The Vittorio Emmanuele II Monument at night Palazzo Venezia, whose past tenants include Mussolini Climbing the steps to the Campidoglio at night



Enjoy a rare experience of the Colosseum, visiting at night to explore special access areas after the crowds have left. Some 5 million people visit the Colosseum every year but you’ll see it like no one else.

Enjoy that exclusivity as your guide regales you with hair-raising tales of the Colosseum’s bloody past. In the darkness of night, those stories feel even more spine-tingling than usual, and with the amphitheater almost empty, you'll find it easier to hear and interact with your guide. As well as being especially evocative, the Colosseum at night is cooler and much more comfortable.


Your guide will lead you on an exclusive visit down into the underground, where animals and gladiators awaited their turn to fight. The underground may only be visited on pre-booked tours with a limited number of participants, so this is a rare opportunity! Combined with our later entrance time, this makes our Colosseum Night Tour the most exclusive Colosseum visit available – as well as the most enjoyable.

Next you’ll experience your own ‘Gladiator’ moment on the arena floor. You’ll travel with an official Colosseum guard who will unlock a special gate, swinging it open to reveal that iconic walkway onto the floor. Walk in the footsteps of gladiators as you step out on to the arena floor and scream “Are you not entertained?” into the empty amphitheater (if you so please). This is the most incredible vantage point in the Colosseum so take your time to soak it up.


An added bonus of our Colosseum Night Tour is a visit to Piazza Venezia, seeing the building that represents new Rome and new Italy, by far one of the most beautiful buildings to be seen at night. From here you will walk up to the Capitoline Hill, with its magnificent square designed by Michelangelo (Piazza del Campidoglio). From a vantage point overlooking the Roman Forum, your guide will tell you tales from the empire, whose reach you won't believe.

Seeing the Colosseum may be an opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime - but seeing it this way definitely is! Perfect for families, for those who don't like the heat of day, and for visitors who want a different experience, our VIP Colosseum Night tour is one of our most atmospheric experiences. High demand and limited availability often mean this tour sells out months in advance though so book now to secure your place!

Sites visited

  • Colosseum in lights (exterior and interior)
  • Colosseum underground & arena floor
  • Roman Forum overlook
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Vittorio Emanuele II Monument
  • Mussolini's balcony and imperial thoroughfare
  • The Capitoline Hill (piazza del Campidoglio) and via Dei Fori Imperiali


  • Special access to visit the Colosseum Underground and Arena Floor at night
  • Expert Walks of Italy tour guide
  • Small groups of 24 people or fewer
  • Headsets


5-stars from over 1189 Customer Reviews

Loved every minute of the tour.
Wonderful experience! Must do when in Rome! Thank you!
Both our guides extremely knowledgeable. Excellent service and tour. Highly recommended.
Our Colosseum at Night Tour was fantastic! I loved hearing all about the history of Rome, especially the bits you'd never read in a guide book! Fernando was brilliant, he made the tour both interesting and fun! I couldn't recommend this tour enough.
You could tell how passionate Ferdinando is about his city. He was great. I just wish he could have done the entire tour.
Tiberio was really amazing! He was so knowledgeable and entertaining - fabulous tour - I would recommend for everyone!
Tiberius was great. Very entertaining and knowledgeable
Elena was a fantastic tour guide. She was knowledgeable, engaging, and charming. We had great time touring the colosseum!
Elena was a great guide! She had all this extra information you don't learn in history books which was really cool. We got to see parts of the city we normally wouldn't have looked at during the day as well. The Colosseum at night is worth seeing. I highly recommend this tour!
My husband & I very much enjoyed our Night Time VIP Colosseum tour with Julietta in Rome. The small tour was fabulous, and she interacted with us all, combining facts with humor. Definitely recommend.
Guido was fantastic! He answered all our questions and was just a wonderfully pleasant tour guide. We'd definitely seek him out for more tours!
Loved this tour. The guide was east to understand, and a lot of fun. She was excited to share this piece of history with us, and was very knowledgeable.
Wonderful tour! Loved it
Would rather pay less for a shorter tour and have it only be the coloseum portion. The tour before was rather boring (albeit the guide was very nice and smart), just not what I really signed up for.
Loved both our tours with Walks of Italy. Tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly. Over all great experience!
Very informative tour. Our guides had a great passion and knowledge of ancient Rome. The night time tour of the Colloseum was amazing I would certainly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Rome.
Wonderful tour, wonderful guides! We learned so much and enjoyed every minute of our crowd-free time at the Coloseum. Highly recommended!
Best tour and guide was awesome!! My husband and I like it soo much that we book another 3 tours for other places we are visiting in our trip....
Both guides on this tour (outside and inside) were extremely knowledgeable. They gave great information and could answe all questions. Most enjoyable tour for sure!
The guide was fantastic, funny and engaging. We really enjoyed the evening tour, the group size was small and allowed us to fully enjoy the colosseum. Thank you
This was our second walk of the trip because we really enjoyed it. This walk was just as good. We loved the energy and entertainment that the guide provided. Thanks!
Great tour!!!
we loved ferdinando. brilliant, warm, engaging...we hope you are paying him well! everything was great, would recommend.
The guide we had was Sev (?), he was fantastic. We got more out of our tour than we expected, we will definitely be back to do that again.
This night tour was informative and scenic. Peaceful without daytime crowds which gave a better sense of history and ambience to the Coliseum.
It’s so refreshing to have someone love there job!! So much knowledge & being able to share it with a group, is a gift. Thank for this lovely night time tour. One I will never forget.
Our guide was filled with so much interesting knowledge and kept the entire group engaged. I highly recommend this tour and look forward to my next tour with this company.
Our guide was friendly and extremely knowledgeable. We enjoyed the tour tremendously. Thank you.
GReat tour - great guide!
The whole tour and the tour guide was absolutely amazing! I truly have never been more please with any tour, and my husband and I travel A LOT!
Very good guide with very informative tour
Really amazing tour, and our guide during the first half was incredible! His student on the second half was less so in that she spoke so quickly it was difficult to catch what she was saying.
Ferdinando was a fantastic guide, very knowledgeable and passionate about Rome & it’s history. We have told lots of people about how much we enjoyed the tour and how special it was to be able to visit the Colosseum at night & would thoroughly recommend Walks of Italy. Fantastico! Grazie mille
One of the best experiences of our trip!
Seeing the Colosseum at night gave me chills and getting to see the underground chambers was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's well-lit at night and sparsely populated.
Great Time
This was a fascinating tour and we really enjoyed it! We were referred by a friend who recently went on the tour, and have already told others planning to visit Rome. Grazie!
Our guide was very good and very funny. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would recommend it highly.
Tour guide was an archeologist and she really knew her stuff it was fabulous.
Beautiful location, tour guide was so pleasant, energetic and knowedgeable. My visit to Italy wouldn't have been complete without this tour! I would definitely use the Walks of Italy again!
A fantastic tour, a comfortable ear piece and brilliant tour guide. Will book again when in Italy. Regards Nick Cleaver
Our guide from walks of italy was fantastic! Great tour and guide!
Again an amazing tour and another extremely knowledgeable guide with a love of his history with a humorous twist. Would certainly recommend this tour to others.
The doctor was extremely knowledgeable and helped put the different parts of the ancient Centre in context. I wish we could have hired him for our whole stay!
Loved the tour and the tour guide. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
Great night tour
Great guide...being an archaeologist he was very informative. easy to understand and gave hints as to what to see later. The gal at the Colosseum was pretty good too. would definitely recommend this tour to everyone especially those who want to avoid crowds. ***** Five Star
Elisa was a very knowledgeable guide and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
I have never had a better guide in my life. Sev is absolutely AMAZING!!! You people should clone this guy!!! I can't say enough... I will certainly recommend Walks of Italy and especially SEV!!!
Great tour and great guide.
It would have been nice if Tanguy (our guide) had been allowed to do the tour once we went into the colosseum as well (I guess they have specific guides who have to do this?), otherwise we really enjoyed this experience.
Awesome tour, having the archeologists their for the tour was great.
Our guide Guido was AMAZING! Very knowledgeable and very nice. He was great at handling the group, providing great info, and setting a good pace. LOVED seeing the Coliseum at night and getting to explore the underground area. Very cool.
Great tour Elena was GREAT!!!!!!!!!
We are glad we took the tour. The guide was very knowledgeable. We even recommended it to someone else in our tour group and they took the tour the next night. Thanks for the experience!
Excellent tour. A more orderly discussion of topics as we went along would have been better. He sometimes jumped from one area to another and back again. A little confusing at times. Overall an excellent tour!
The guide was intelligent, friendly and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot and had fun on this tour and would easily recommend it to others.
Guide was wonderful. Obviously very passionate about his topic. A pleasure to listen to.
Fantastic tour!! will highly recommend it to anybody!!
Our guide was very knowledgable and offered a lot of interesting information along the tour. We learned a lot and enjoyed his guiding us through the ruins of Rome very much! Thank you !!
This was one of three tours we went on using Walks of Italy. The company does a great job employing knowledgeable staff and I like the small group size. The guide for this tour was awesome and we really enjoyed ourselves.
Sev was a great guide. Very informative and personable.
I found it amazing that the guide had a PhD in archeology.
Mr T was an amazing guide, very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. He made the talk interesting and funny. This tour was part of my 40th Birthday celebrations, to a place I have wanted to visit for about 20 years, it was great, everything I could have wished for
Great tour. Sev was excellent and made everything really interesting.
The guild was truly remarkable with all the facts and supported images via his i pad he provided - He had much enthusiasm and knowledge. He made you feel you were there !
Every thing was great. The guide was very knowledgeable and provided a really great experience.
It was a very entertaining, fun and informative tour and visiting the Colosseum at night was absolutely spectacular!!!
We absolutely loved this tour! The instructions for finding the place could have been more clear, but we found our guide. Guido was wonderful. He had great stories and really enriched the tour. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone traveling to Rome. Thank you!
must see! fernando's love for history is truly a delight!
The tour was great and involved a lot of information about the Colosseum and some of the surrounding historical areas. We loved that there were locals who have grown up in Rome giving the tour! It made the experience more informative on even current everyday life in Rome.
Sev was terrific. We all really enjoyed the tour. Entertaining and informative.
My wife and I really enjoyed the tour; Guido seems to love his job and relishes telling his guests about the history of Italy and archaeological finds. Regards George Olivier
Our guide was phenomenal! Very insightful, personable, and informative. The walk through the Forum area and to the Colosseum was as complete as any tour could be, even to people who have been there before. A rare opportunity to see the sights from another perspective.
Great historical information and enjoyed the tour guide's addition of pictures and information from his iPad.
Loved our tour, loved our guide. He loves the history and sharing that information. He was very informational and humorous. I really appreciate learning about sites along the way, which I didn't expect. Bravo!
Our tour guide was amazing and very informative and was the highlight of our time in rome. His knowledge and passion for the colosseum and surrounding sites was brilliant.
Awesome tour. Gratzie
This is something you must do. Rome has an amazing history with lots of stories to tell. Angela has a great personality and her knowledge of Rome and its history was incredible.
Guido was an awesome guide and the kind of person we would have enjoyed sharing a coffee with and picking his brain. Hey! Maybe that's a new tour! "Cappuccino with Guido."
This was a much better tour than the pristine Sistine tour. Very knowledgeable guide and not crowed so we could really see and "feel" the place.
Our Walks guide was excellent, the guide at the Roman Coliseum was kind of boring.
Sev was great! the Colosseum at night is fantastic, even if it did rain a little.
She was very nice, funny, very nowledgeble. She could speak English extremely well. Overall it was the best tour we have had on our trip!!! Highly recommend!!!
Even though it rained near the end (something you can't control) we were very pleased with the tour especially since we did the day tour and realized what we would have missed seeing. Tour guide was excellent and informative. Thank you. Would recommend you.
The tour was great and Mario was a fantastic guide. Rome at night is enchanting and being able to enter the floodlit Colosseum was wonderful. Mario had a wealth of knowledge and was very friendly and approachable. Great job! Claire and Dan (aka Max)
We thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Tanguy is an excellent guide - extremely knowledgeable, informative and friendly.
We loved our guide. He was funny, entertaining and knowledgeable. Made the tour extremely enjoyable.
We loved our tour. Sylvia was great! We would definitely recommend this to our friends and it was the highlight of our trip.
Mario was Fantastic! Could not have asked for a better tour guide nor have we ever had one as good as Mario ! Simply put Mario is the best keep it up. Thank you Mario for an amazing tour
Wow...fabulous tour guide...she was so very knowledgeable and really had so much information that only a local would know.
Giulia was awesome and the tour at night was one of the coolest experiences ever. Thanks so much!
Elisa was wonderful
We really enjoyed this tour. The guide in the Forum was especially knowledgable.
We had a great time on the walk. The best way to see the Colosseum in my view. The access we had was beyond expectation. Elisa was very informative and professional. I would certainly recommend this tour to others.
It was a very nice night and our guide was knowledgeable, personable, enthusiastic and obviously loved her job and interacting with the tourists. Would highly recommend.
Angela is by far the best tour guide in Italy, perhaps even the world
Sev (sp.?) was a very engaging, informative guide. We never felt any boredom. It was well paced and entertaining. Highly recommend this evening tour which covered far more than just the Colosseum!
our guide was fantastic!! thank you great tour
Elissa was wonderful. Visiting Colosseum at night was a great experience, no crowd, quiet and fascinating.
Most enjoyable tour . Our guide Sev was excellent very friendly knowledgeable and engaging . We would definitely do a tour with Sev again when we return and will recommend this tour ! Thanks so much !!
We loved our guide Sev and he was very knowledgeable and friendly. Great tour and our favorite thing we did in Rome this trip!
Very interesting tour the guides were excellent knowable and friendly could ask questions without feeling silly Go
A really well lead and informative tour. The guide Sev really knew his subject well and made it a real pleasure to listen to him. It was fantastic to look round the colosseum at night and without the crowds.
Tour Guide was excellent.
We toured with Sev for this evening tour. He did a wonderful job explaining the significance of the sites we saw and he took time to answer the group's questions. I enjoyed this tour very much!
We had a realy good time and liked the guide. The walk was beautifull and we learned a lot!
Excellent tour.
Sev was an AMAZING guide!
This was a unique experience. Sev was an amazing guide through history. And Coumba at the Colosseo was equally outstanding in her knowledge and passion for the ancient structure. You are on my list for repeat visits every time I come to Roma. Grazie!
The tour was awsome and Vittorio was a 5-star guide. A genuine roman with a deep knowledge of the city history.
He was very knowledgeable, and passionate about Rome. Learned a lot!
He was very knowledgeable, and passionate about Rome. Learned a lot!
Sev was a FANTASTIC tour guide! He is extremely knowledgeable and provided so many interesting facts. I'll definitely recommend Walks of Italy to any friends traveling to Rome.
Bit more up to date way of displaying pictures / maps would be good . ... e.g. On a tablet . . Otherwise excellent
Great tour on a hot hot night. Good group experienced guide terrific venue. Thanks !
We found both our guides to be very knowledgeable and experienced as well as passionate about there subject matter. The tour was an amazing experience especially the tour of the Colosseum at night. We would highly recommend this tour.
Our guide was incredibly informative and gave an amazing perspective and insight. I highly recommend to anybody to take one of your tours.
Fantastic guide with a huge wealth of knowledge! We liked the beginning of the trip the most with all of the history our guide provided
Perfect length and content of the tour. The guide was very knowledgable, and great sense of humour, providing insights both into ancient history and modern lifestyle. Would highly recommend it.
Sev was great, a treasure trove of knowledge! The tour itself was also fantastic from the pre communication to the meetup and itinerary itself. I would recommend this tour, especially with Sev to anyone, anytime!
Best guide ever so good I booked walks of France as I am here now in Paris thnks mg
We all had great informative fun tour
Honestly one of the most interesting tours we did on our holiday in Italy. Our guide (unfortunately I can't remember his name) was so knowledgeable and engaging. We had the entire Colloseo to ourselves. Would highly recommend to others!
The tour guide Sid (teacher) was phenomenal- he must have done this tour hundreds of times but still he is in awe of the city - his excitement and respect for Rome make this tour amazing and well worth the time and money
Angela was extremely knowledgeable and made the walk fun, my son and I had already had a long day sight seeing but felt energised by her enthusiasm. I would happily recommend this tour to my friends coming to Rome from the UK.
Excellent tour! Very informative! I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Rome.:)
Great tour, both guides were well versed on the relevant information
Our guide was great and very informative. Highly recommended.
Brilliant tour, very knowledgeable and engaging guide. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Really enjoyed the tour. I have wanted to visit the Coliseum for many many years, and this tour allowed me to see if in a way that I could not imagine. Thank you very much!
Valentina was fantastic
Excellent tour. Company was professional and organized. Tour guide was knowledgeable and a strong leader. Felt like the best way to see the Colosseum. We met other people who went during the day and had to leave because it was so hot.
Great Guide, very passionate and informative - could have moved a bit faster and allow a bit more time for photographs etc
Great tour & very enjoyable. Knowledgeable guide that was passionate about his job.
Very insightful tour by a very enthusiastic and knowledgable guide - learnt a lot. Locations were romantic which made for perfect night for my partner and I's anniversary.
Our tour guide is as wonderful. Highly recommend. Tour feels intimate and unique.
First guide for tour of forum and areas up to colluseum was amazing, I really enjoyed her commentary and perspectives on culture of Rome in ancient times. Guide for colluseum was also excellent.
Valentina was great.
Our guide was very knowledgeable and did a great job
She was bright and informative. Engaged with the group
Nice tour to avoid crowds and heat
Our tour guide Guido was fantastic and very knowledgeable. Love it!
It was a nice tour.
Francesca was amazing! She knew so much. Our VIP Colosseum at Night Tour was a great choice because it felt as if we had the Colosseum to ourselves. I would definitely recommend this tour to a friend.
Our guide was wonderful. He was informative and funny. He brought Ancient Rome alive.
Very enjoyable tour, tour guide was well informed and kept the group engaged throughout the tour. Would definitely be interested in other tours next time I am in Italy.
Excellent tour and guide was very knowledgeable.
We thoroughly enjoyed this our VIP Colosseum at Night Tour and would recommend it to anyone! The information provided was fantastic and the guides involved were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable! LOVED IT!
VIP Colosseum at Night was a brilliant tour for my partners 30th, we both thoroughly enjoy this tour.
Great in depth look of the Colosseum without the crowds and the heat. My family enjoyed VIP Colosseum at Night with Sev immensely.
Our guide Sev was fantastic for our VIP Colosseum at Night Tour. Really created a narrative that led to feeling like we were living in the times he was discussing. An excellent story teller that kept the crowd engaged. A+
Laura was a very informative guide. Fantastic to do VIP Colosseum at Night later in the evening to escape the heat.
He was amazing! Very knowledgeable...and fun. He was an amazing story teller, made us feel the experience of being at a real gladiator event in the last...very cool
VIP Colosseum at Night was a fantastic tour and our guide Michele was most knowledgeable. Will highly recommend this service.
We thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Choosing a night tour added a magical feeling to the experience. Our guide was superb and shared his knowledge very enthusiastically. We have already recommended the tour to several friends.
Great tour, Bruno was very informative and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the tour. Helpful and always willing to answer questions. After tour offered suggestions of where to getvdinner, taxis, etc..
So knowledgeable and passionate . Came through in the tour. Wonderful!
Everything was perfect. Thank you!
Our tour guide Ivana was amazing! She made the history come to life!!
really enjoyed the tour
The guide was very knowledgeable and it was an extremely enjoyable tour
Julietta was an amazing guide for the tour. She explained very interesting details in a simple way. She adapted easily to everyone! And such a funny person!
Juliette was awesome!!! She was really informative and my children 6 and 8 yo loved her.
Excellent guide, unforgettable experience being in the colosseum in the evening. A great tour.
We really enjoyed this tour and our tour guide. She was very knowledgeable and had a good sense of humour.
Ivanna was very knowledgeable and we really enjoy our tour with her. Very passionate about her work and it shows.
Mr. T was fabulous.
Our guide, "Mr. T" was great! Funny and informative. Great energy and entertaining! Kids loved him. Wish he was the guide in the Colosseum as well. Very fun being in the Colosseum at night. Totally different feel... great tour!
Our guide was smart, knowledgeable, and spoke excellent English. Great tour!
Very knowledgeable guide. Excellent English and vocabulary. Highly recommended tour.
Very pleased with the tour and the guide was pleasant and knowledgeable. I was very pleased to have gone through part of the Forum which was something I was not anticipating. Experiencing the Colosseum in such peace and quiet was just amazing!
Excellent tour! Loved seeing the ruins in the evening--cooler and quieter!
Excellent. Guides were incredibly knowledgeable.
Memorable event
Fantastic! Great to see it at night!
It's was fantastic, one of the best tours I've takin.
Knowledgeable tour guide was great.
Great tour in every way
Well worth the money to do the evening tour..... Cooler time to visit. Hardly any people so great pictures and easier to soak up atmosphere and great to go below as well. Guide very passionate and knew her subject very well. A must if you are in Rome
We loved the tour and our guide was perfect!! Just enough anecdotal facts to make it interesting and fun.
Absolutely fantastic night tour and our guide was perfect. I have already recommended it to others, profoundly satisfied, thank you!
A very informative and interesting tour thanks to your guide
Our tour guide was exceptionally knowledgeable and spoke English very well. The tour was definitely one of the most favorite things we did while in Italy.
The guide was a Ph.d. Very knowledgeable and had a great work ethic who covered a vast amount of history during the tour. I highly recommend her and the company.
The VIP Colosseum at Night was a wonderful tour! Andrea was so detailed and made our visit memorable.
Guide was wonderful!!! Knowledgeable.
Laura was lovely and full of relevant information!
Thanks Luigi (and Maura) for the well informed and passionate way in which you delivered the stories, history and magic behind the Colosseum. It was a night to remember.
Our guide was very informative, we enjoyed the tour
We had the most amazing time! Simona was incredibly knowledgeable. The tour lasted longer than expected which meant we saw so much! My 11 and 14 year old, never once lost interest. So worth every penny!!!
Such a great tour, so nice to see the colosseum at night and with out 2000 other people fighting for photos. Our guide was fabulous and really knew her stuff! Would definitely recommend this tour!
This was my favorite tour that I did in Rome! Elissa was fantastic, she was smart, funny and clearly knew her stuff! I would definitely take this tour again, and recommend it to anyone!
Marco was the best. He is so knowledgeable and added tons to the tour to tell us. Highly Recommend!
Our tour guide was great. He gave facts, told stories and even did a few acting scenes to go with the tour. The colosseum at night is amazing.
Our guide for the Colosseum tour was fantastic - very knowledgeable, a professional architect. I have no doubt that she shared information with us that a normal tour guide would not have known due to her experiences. Would 100% recommend Walks of Italy.
I did several tours during my time in Italy and this was by far the best. Martina was AMAZING and the content was free flowing and effortless. I would 1000% recommend this tour, and her!
Our guide was fascinating , knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We had a wonderful evening and learnt about some amazing facts.
We absolutely loved this tour. The tour guide was great, he gave us a lot of information and told several jokes to keep us interested. We would recommend this tour to everyone. We can't wait to come back to Italy and book this tour again. It completely exceeded our expectations.
It was very informative and fun. We had a great time and would recommend it to others.
Great Tour and Martina was very informative and good sense of humour!
Evening was glorious - had the Colosseum virtually to ourselves! Angela (?) was lovely and informative.
Guido was a great guide, creative, insightful and entertaining.
wonderful tour
The night tour is amazing and our guide was great.
We loved Max Dileva, he's a fantastic guide!
The tour was great. I actually enjoyed the night tour, because we beat the heat and the crowds of the day.
Very knowledgle guide.. Really enjoyed his perspective and depth of history on the tour.
Our guide made it interesting by having us constantly visualize the scene that would have been unfolding around us during ancient times. She offered opportunities where we could ask questions. Julia was a wonderful guide and we especially loved touring the Colosseum at night!
Ferdinando did a great job! He had a great deal of knowledge and personal experience that he shared with our group. I would highly recommend him and this tour of the Coliseum.
Awesome tour. So glad to beat the crowds on this one!
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and very passionate for preserving the ruins.
Very Pleased! Great Tour & Guide was fun and very informative. Traveling across Italy & have recommended this tour to many people!
Enjoyed the exclusivity of this evening tour. I would recommend this tour to others.
This was wonderful! Highlight of my time in Rome! Martina did an absolutely wonderful job!
This has nothing to do with Walks of Italy but I could barely understand the tour guide's English at the Colosseum. Other than that the tour guide was amazing!
The tour guide was really great and very knowledgeable about the history of the Coliseum. I really enjoyed the experience and will recommend it to others!
The directions to meet were not that clear. We were lost for a bit and late to tour.
Martina is very knowledgeable, well-prepared,engaging with a wonderful sense of humor !. She made the tour informative and fun in the same time . She is the best tour guide ever
Both our guides were terrific. Vincenzo and Frederika were knowledgeable and personable and made the tour interesting to all including our 16 year old granddaughter. Thank you for a special tour and informative evening. The night tours are great. .
The company tour guide was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun, I really enjoyed her personality. The colosseum guide was good as well but your representative covered many of things prior to us entering.
Angela was very informative and knowledgable. Would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting the Colosseum.
Vincenzo was excellent We really enjoyed the tour and will recommend
We Found the tour very informative and went smoothly considering the number of people all around the forum area and coliseum.
This tour was wonderful. Our guide was knowledgeable and engaged the group.
Our guide was very informative and engaging!
Great tour
This was our favorite tour of our vacation.
Brilliant tour - Felix was a well spoken and interesting guide!! I will suggest this tour to my friends .
Really enjoyed the tour. Tour guide was funny and informative! Already recommended the tour to a friend who is going to be in Rome later this month.
Our tour was so great! Seeing the Colosseum at night brought about a whole other element, and it was great seeing it without thousands of other people's around. The tour was informative and interesting. We would book again in a heartbeat!
This tour was our best experience in Rome. Our guide was extremely informative and responsive to all of our questions !
Good comprehensive tour
The tour guide was super knowledgable and friendly. He made the tour interesting and fun. We truly enjoyed the tour.
Ferdinand was an exc emotional guide! He gave understandable, helpful and educational information and was so pleasant and professional!
Very well organized and our guide Guido was great and has answers on everything!
Very informative and energetic guide . Really enjoyed it . Thank you .
Our guide was lively and engaging. Sh imparted lots of knowledge without being boring. She clearly know and loves Rome. Well worth doing.
Absolutely fabulous tour, and Francesca was outstanding.
Amazing tour!! Worth every penny to avoid the crowds and heat of the day. Our tour guide was amazing (we only wish he could have continued with the tour inside the Colosseum instead of their guide.) I would highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in seeing the Colosseum!
We were really pleased with the Night tour of the colosseum. Our walks of Italy guide was very knowledgeable, and the guide that took over INSIDE the colosseum was really fantastic.
We had an amazing time on our tour! Mario was very engaging and informative- the teaching went way beyond what we had thought it would. The tour entailed more than we had expected, we thought it was really fun and both learned so much. Mario is the best!
Our guides were incredible! So knowledgeable and had great energy about the topic! They made it so fun and easy to follow. We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Rome!
We are so happy that we chose this nighttime tour...it was 93F that day! But seriously, it was a wonderful experience to see a unique view of this iconic landmark. Our guide was very knowledgeable.
Both guides were great but our guide inside the Colisseum was amazing. She was very knowledgeable!
Mario is great guide
Mario was insightful and passionate. He brought the tour to life.
Our guide was terrific - engaging and knowlegeable.
Great guides! Very enjoyable
The absolute best way to see this amazing place. A small group compared to being there with 30000 others . The start with our walk around parts of Rome and the stories that were told about the past were fantastic. Our guide was perfect thanks for a great night 😀
I enjoyed our guide and his educational background suited the tour
We loved our guide and found the tour fascinating enjoyed every minute thank you!
Best tour during our week in Rome. Woman guide at the colosseum was so knowledgeable and fun!
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour, both your tour guide Felix and the guide at the Colosseum were fantastic. They had excellent knowledge of the area and were very friendly hosts. I would happily recommend your agency to friends & family.
Great! Was the best tour on our trip. Thanks!!!
Vincenzo was excellent. Superior historical knowledge and very personable , energetic and engaging. The tour was the highlight of our trip to Italy!
This was amazing and so beautiful
Amazing tour. The guide went above and beyond to make sure everyone in the group had an excellent experience. Will keep this company in my contacts for future visits to the area.
Engaging, informative, and friendly tour guide!
Vincenzo is an excellent guide. He knows a lot of information, enthusiastic, funny and entertaining. He made the tour very interesting and I would recommend this tour to anyone considering a night time colosseum tour. Best tour my husband and I have taken during our holiday.
Our Guide outside of the Colosseum was great. The Guide inside talked too fast.
Bruno was a great guide and this tour was so interesting and unique. I will be recommending it to my parents when they plan to visit Italy soon.
Tour guides were awesome. The best experience in Rome!!
Felix was wonderful. In dealing with the massive crowds due to the Rome Pride parade, he expertly re-routed the tour while giving us the same information and a bonus view of Circus Maximus!
Tiberio was amazing and made the tour most enjoyable. Sara was very good.
Seeing the colosseum at night was the experience of a lifetime. We were nearly alone by the time we left. The guide was highly knowledgeable and made the history come alive.
Loved our tour guide!
Was fabulous, really informative guides. Loved the small groups. Seeing the coliseum at night was a great experience. My teenagers really impressed with the underground part of the tour. Thanks, would recommend.
Guide was superb, his knowledge was outstanding. No over crowding. Very enjoyable experience.
Best tour of the trip!
I have done several tours in the Colosseum. This night tour is probably the most interesting experiance of all!
Out night time tour of the Colosseum was fantastic, a lot more than we expected! Cecelia our tour guide was great!!! Her knowledge and passion made the tour the highlight of our stay in Rome.
It was a fantastic tour and our guide was excellent! Loved having the photo of where to meet for the tour in the confirmation email. Made it very easy to meet up.
Mario was amazing! One comment - would be much better if he was able to do the narration inside the Colosseum! He knowledge was superior!
Great tour! Vincenzo was very engaging, knowledgeable and had shared interesting facts. We got to tour the Colosseum without the crowds and seeing it at night was an unforgettable experience. Would definitely recommend this tour.
We loved our guide and thought it was a great tour!
Excellent ! Sirena was simply fantastic ... so much energy and information. The best way to see The Colesseum - a truly memorable experience. Thank you
Mario was a fantastic tour guide! We loved his enthusiasm and vast knowledge of the history. We would highly recommend this tour and Mario to anyone interested in Rome's most historical landmarks.
This tour was so great! We absolutely loved Marco, We felt like we learned so much more from Marco than we would've on our own. Not to mention, the after hours access was well worth it to avoid the crowds, Great tour!
Our guide, Mario, was fantastic -- extremely knowledgeable and very entertaining; he also referred us to a great restaurant for dinner afterward. Booking the tour was easy. Highly recommend, and try to get Mario as your guide!
great event in a small group of 25. Unique.
Excellent tour guide. We had a wonderful time learning about the layered city of Rome!
Martina was amazing. Her passion and her knowledge about Rome drew everyone in. Highly recommednded
Mario was super knowledgeable and fun! Made the tour enjoyable for all! Would highly recommend!
Great tour! Underground Colleseum was amazing! I think night tour is so much better - no people, no heat, you are able to really enjoy the view and the magnitude of the place.
Our guide and tour was excellent we would be happy to recommend you to others.
Great tour. Sev was very knowledgeable, detailed explanations and great rhytm. Appreciated the tour and would highly recommend.
Sev was a fantastic guide! Seeing the Colosseum at night was the high point of our trip to Rome.
An excellent informative tour by an extremely knowledgeable approachable guide. A nice touch was the meet and greet lad who was waiting for us at the assembly point.
Marco was amazing! His theater background made his delivery of history come alive! We really enjoyed this tour and highly recommend him.
Amazing guide and loved the whole experience
Our guide Tiberius had such passion about Rome and was very evident throughout the tour. We really enjoyed soaking up his incredible knowledge and passion. Fantastic experience
Our guide was very knowledgeable and personable. She rolled with the punches even when there was an electricity problem which affected our tour.
For us older people, the tour was about 1 hour too long.
Our tour guides Tiberius and Maria were excellent and completely entertaining and informative! It was so comfortable to see the colloseium when the temperature is cooler and there are less visitors! Would 110% recommend!
I really enjoyed this walk. The guide was very informative.
Sierranna (?) was great! lots of knowledge and history on the Forum, Rome areas and also the Colosseum! Great trip!
Our guide, Tiberius, was fantastic. I
Guido was wonderful! We felt his enthusiasm for the Colosseum and that made us enjoy it all the more. I would recommend this tour to anyone.
Our guide was amazing! Best tour guide we have ever had anywhere. She was fun, engaging, and knowledgeable.
Julietta was an excellent guide. She was extremely knowledgeable and clearly passionate about Rome. She also ensured that everyone knew how to get back to their hotels after the tour ended. A fabulous experience with an excellent guide.
This was a great tour! Being able to see all parts of the colosseum was amazing! Our guide was so friendly and knowledgeable! I would and have highly recommended this tour!
Excellent tour with a great guide!
It was a great experience. The guide was very knowledgeable & pleasant. The night was quiet and uncrowded the way to see the treasures of Rome!
The only complaint ( or comment) I would have, is the instructions for the meeting point need to be a little more clearly explained. We walked for miles before we found the right place, we gave ourselves ample time but still only just made it for the tour.
Guide was excellent, extremely informative with a bit of humour. This was a great walk helped by the lack of other tours around.
Had wonderful time on our tour. Our guide was lovely and we learned so much!
Bruno was superb. Friendly knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm. We could not have asked for any more
Superb tour, Vincenzo was very knowledgeable and keen to answer any question the group could think of, from Ancient Rome all the way through to modern day.
Excellent tour , very enjoyable
Guide was very informative. would recommend walks of Italy to everyone.
Our guide was wonderful. She was so knowledgeable and generous in telling us about Rome and the Colosseum. Our entire family very much enjoyed this tour. Highly recommend this tour!!!
Guido was a fantastic and enthusiastic guide. Very knowledgeable and passionate about the city's history. Great to get a small group visit to parts of the Colosseum that very few get to see. Would highly recommend!
Another great tour. The only way to see the Colosseum is at night with less people. Great guides!!!
Thoroughly enjoyed this tour and guide was both knowledgeable and entertaining - would definitely use this company again.
The tour was fabulous and it is obvious Angela is very knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. Loved it! The night tour was much more interesting and far less crowded.
Lived the tour. Guide was excellent and had a great personality. I forget her name, but she was great.
Sev was a great guide and did a great job.
Sev was fantastic. Best tour we have ever been on. His passion for the roman history and knowledge was second to none. I highly Recommend this tour, especially at nighttime, it was really special!
All four of us very much enjoyed Martina's tour. She brought it all to life with facts and humor and wonderful spirit. Thank you. We will gladly recommend this tour.
Informative. Amazing tour. Helpful guide. Clear meet up instructions. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Best tour we took in Italy!
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Guido was a most informative and knowledgeable guide. It was charming, funny and chocked full of history and details that we loved! Thanks Ron and Linda
Our guide was seriously awesome!
Our guide was fantastic! It was the highlight of our visit to Rome.
Amazing experience to see the Colosseum at night away from the crowds. Our guide (Hector) was amazing!! So much energy and great information and story telling!
Tiberio was a fabulous guide. The tour was just the right length and we loved the information and tour. Grazie! I will definitely recommend you to friends and give a good review on trip advisor as well.
Absolutely fantastic!!!! Hectore was wonderful. Full of information and a real delight.
I actually sent an email enquiring about this night tour and received an email stating it was not available in the nighttime. I left it for a couple of weeks and checked the tour page again and it was available so I booked it.
Excellent experience thank you
Well organised and easy to follow. Our guide Guido was very knowledgeable.
Superb experience and Giovanni gave excellent insights and information from an archeologists point of view. Highly recommended
Very informative, had an amazing night!! Thanks
Our guide (can't recall his name) was very friendly and enthusiastic. I wish he'd been able to conduct the Colosseum part.
This was a fantastic tour. In addition we were notified well in advance that there was a change in time. Our guide was enthusiastic and was very knowledgeable.
Was nice and interesting way to dive into history. Walk to the Colosseum and passing Fori of Rome and other buildings etc. Giovanni told stories about history that might not be found in "normal" history books. I liked a lot. Thank you very much! Hopefully will come back to Rome some day.
Guido was GREAT! His passion for the history of Rome is very evident throughout the tour. There was not a question posed that he could not provide a detailed answer too! Additionally, visiting the Colosseum at night with no one there was AMAZING, breath-taking, and well worth the tour! Thank You!
This was our favourite thing that we did in Rome - the guide was absolutely incredible - she was fabulous. We had an amazing time and seeing the sights at night made it even more amazing!
Our guide, Guido, was excellent! He obviously had a passion for his subject and was really able to bring to life what he was telling us about through his words and pictures. We fully enjoyed this amazing experience!
And again - everything was basically perfect. And Guido is a wonderful guide.
Lovely tour and great to see the Colloseum at night without the usual crowds. I would absolutely recommend Walks of Italy, client satisfaction is truly important to them.
Fascinating insight into the forum and Colosseum even though this was our third tour, to see it at night was very special.
Absolutely wonderful! We loved our guides!
Guido was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining! Great tour!
The tour guides for the walk through the roman forum and the colosseum were very knowledgeable and engaging. They clearly enjoyed their roles and left us very satisfied.
Good tour! It was so cool seeing the Coliseum at night. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable like a walking encyclopedia. Great experience!
We really enjoyed the entire night Thank you
This tour was the highlight of our trip. Both guides were truly entertaining and knowledgeable. The night tour in our opinion is the only way to see the Colosseum - it creates more atmosphere and adds to the impact. Great tour!
Definitely the way to see the Colosseum! no crowds and get a real sense of how it really was. Seeing the closed access areas was very cool. Alana was very nice and knowledgeable too.
Marvelous to have the Colosseum to ourselves. Made your imagination run wild!
Guido was fantastic.
Ferdinando passion for the Colosseum wascontagious. We really loved the tour and really enjoyed him.
Amazing tour. Tour guide was amazing; incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.
Both tour guides were full of information and kept our interest through the tour
Guido was awesome. Full of energy and great information!
We loved Erika's firsthand knowledge of the city and her easy manner and informative talk. We took her recommendations on areas to eat and shop which turned out to be spot on.
Tour was great just a little cold! We had Guido take our tour inside the Colleseum and his passion for the history of this place is clear. Very interesting almost too much information to absorb in such a short time. Would recommend this tour.
Fernando was excellent and a true expert. We learned so much and had a great time!
Tour guide was Excellent; very informative, & the tour was a good value! We enjoyed it very much & would recommend it to others.
The tour was so beautiful at night. Seeing the Forum and the Colosseum for the first time at night was very exciting and breathtaking. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and very personable. She was quick with and answer and I felt she really enjoyed doing what she does.
We all thought this tour was fantastic! Our tour guide was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and humorous. I think our personal preference would be to spend more time in the Coliseum itself; but nonetheless we really loved this experience.
Despite the rain had a good tour experience.
Wonderful tour our guide was knowledgeable and had a great personality
Melanie was wonderful! Very informative and her energy kept everything lively. Great experience with a great tour guide!
Both our guides were excellent. Would have liked a little more time and see more of under ground, but I realize that's not your call. Otherwise, an excellent tour. I'll do I write-up on trip advisor when I'm home in Nov.
Everything was great! Very informative and fun. The guides were very prompt and organized.
Enjoyed the tour, happy to get off the beaten path a bit and see things that we would not have seen otherwise
We loved the information and the accessibility to the Colosseum.
A really good walk. So informative & in a small group. It was fantastic at night with no crowds. A must do trip.
Again, excellent on all fronts! Great information, well-organized tour. Ferdinando was exceptional.
This was a fabulous tour! This was the highlight of our trip to Rome.
Georgia was fantastic , very lively and full of knowledge . I think everybody was intriged whit her stories. Our son, 11 years old, loved it!
Melanie was one of the best guides we've had period - she had a great knowledge of the area, and combined it with a very enjoyable experience. Our only disappointment was that she couldn't guide us into the Colosseum during the night. Melanie thanks for an amazing trip! Anand & Viraj
She was amazing!!!
Elise was fantastic. Her knowledge and passion for archeology came through in the tour and it made the tour absolutely wonderful. Brilliant!
Very informative tour great guide I would certainly recommend to others
Elisa was a wonderful guide. Very informative and great knowledge of Rome and it's history. The coliseum was awesome and loved the night time tour. Enjoyed it immensely.
Our guide for this tour was Tiberio. He was fantastic! It was quite obvious the he loves his job and is very knowledgeable about Roman history. The evening tour of the Colosseum was incredible. My husband and I could not have been more pleased.
Giovani was great and proved very knowledgable
We loved Georgia. She is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It was so nice to be there without the crowds.
Kylie and Angela were incredibly knowledgeable. They provide a very interesting and comprehensive guide to ancient roman history.
The tour and our guide were both amazing. You could tell she genuinely enjoyed her job and had a love of Roman history. Definitely will recommend it to all my friends and family.
A very friendly and informative tour. It didn't feel rushed, yet was so interesting the time just flew by. All the sites looked absolutely amazing at night. I will definitely recommend this tour as a must do tour to everyone.
We enjoyed the tour completely; the bus was clean and comfortable with several breaks to let us stretch our legs. The guides were very friendly and knowledge and we very much enjoyed the experience.
Our guide Georgia was fantastic! Super enthusiastic and so much information. Best tour we've done. So good to be able to visit the colosseum without all the hectic crowds.
Great tour. Great guide. Have already recommended to others.
Our guide, Guido, did such a great job. His enthusiasum for history was very obvious! I espicially like that he used pictures on his ipad as a visual aid to enhance the information he was sharing.
Guido very knowledgable. Little too wordy for our tastes
Fabulous tour
Guide very informative
Guide was very knowledgeable!
Georgia was a fantastic guide - highly knowledgeable, entertaining and engaging. I really enjoyed her sophisticated sense of humor, her wit and intellect. Truly one of a kind - a rock star guide.
Unfortunately the weather was terrible the night of the tout but I am glad we still went ahead. It was a great tour - very informative guide. It is a shame we didn't climb up higher into the seating for a different view but that may have been due to the rain?
This tour was one of the highlights of our holiday in Italy. Thank you so much for a fantastic and informative experience.
The event was exactly what we have planned. All questions were answered and the Guide show us several interesting details. And this is not easy because it was our 4th trip to Rome. Congratulations.
The tour was fantastic! the forum etc at start was a bonus we didn't expect. To see the colloseum at night and go underground was stunning. The guide was totally awesome and fun and informative (forgot her name sadly)
This was the best tour we had on our recent trip! We booked several tours through Viatour too, and if I could go back in time, I would try to book all of our tours through Walks of Italy instead. Our guide, Cecillia, was so knowledgeable and really had a passion for the history of the area!
Our guide was fantastic' she had a great knowledge of the area! We loved it!!! It was one of he highlietes of our trip!
Our guide was very engaging and humourous, gave lots of local insights. We wondered if the Coliseum tour might just be a repeat of the previous day, but was so atmospheric, and gave a very different perspective. Would recommend Walks of Italy to anyone. Thank you
We has arrived in Rome earlier this day and hadn't had the chance to have too much of a look round before this tour. Our tour guide really gave us an detailed and interesting background of Rome and the area around the Colosseum. It was a fantastic tour, really informative and interesting.
Elisa was the greatest tour guide, very friendly, happy and full of information!
Fantastic... It made our holiday.. Very funny guy who entertained us from start to finish... Learned lots we wouldnt of known had we not taken the tour... Brilliant.
Enjoyed our time with Kylie and was very informative!
Ferdinando was a great guide, his knowledge was outstanding and he was very entertaining, would definitely recommend this tour!
We had two guides for this tour, a lovely woman (from Brazil/Argentina?) and a gentleman that actually took us into the Colosseum. Both were excellent and really made the evening entertaining and informative. Would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to take a tour in Rome!
Superb tour. Loved every minute of it. Guides were very informative.
This was simply a total pleasure from beginning to end. We absolutely loved it . The tour guides were a delight full of knowledge and enthusiasm and obviously happy to share the history of their beautiful city. Thank you very much
Dario was fantastic! Great personality & passion for the history of Rome. This is exactly who you want to show you around exposing you to not only what was but the possibilities of what could be uncovered in the future. Thank you!
The whole tour was carried on the shoulders of our tourguide Doran. He was amazing!
She was sophisticated guide and make us live emotional atmosphere of the places.
Fantastic experience, very friendly tour guide who was very informative
An amazing tour which was worth every penny....a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the colosseum at night during a lightening storm!
Our guides were amazing! Andrea kept everyone engaged and was very informative. He did an excellent job
Excellent and very entertaining . Would recommend this tour . So much better without the crowds . Thank you
Our tour guide made the experience amazing! She was very knowledgeable and very polite.
Very knowledgeable tour guide, we had fun listening to her stories. Fun energy and entertaining! Will do this again!
Daario, our guide, was absolutely fantastic! He did an excellent job keeping the tour group engaged, he was very informative and extremely knowledgeable. He was also very funny! I would definitely recommend Walks to all of my friends. Please hire more guides like Daario!
Great experience seeing the Colosseum at night away from the crowds. Guide made a real effort to bring it all to life and help us imagine what it would have been like all those years ago.
Wonderful tour and good time to take advantage of the perfect evening light for photo's
We took the night tour of the colusseun in August. It was The best tour we took, two excellent guides. It was such a different experience taking the night tour. Less crowds and cooler temperature. Very informative guides with a sense of humour. I would highly recommend.
Elisa was lovely. Very enthusiastic and informative! Exactly what we were hoping for in a guide. She is obviously very knowledgeable and passionate. It was really nice to see the Forum and Colosseum all lit up at night. A unique experience! We would definitely recommend.
Both guides were informative and made the infomation come to life.
Kylie did a great job- her enthusiasm and passion for history was evident. I learned a lot! Thank you!
Gio's knowledge was excellent, she was very entertaining and made the tour fun. I have already recommended Walks of Italy.
Dario was very personable and full of great facts about the Colosseum, old Rome, and our whole walk. Incredibly impressed by everything he had to share.
This tour was amazing and informative. I would recommend it to anyone who travels to Rome.
Andrea was incredibly informative and entertaining. Told a fantastic story about everything we saw. I believe we learned more in the 2 hours that night than in several history courses in college. Truly a great experience.
Kylie was fabulous!! Far exceeded our expectations The tour itself was much more informative than I had imagined also. We were late and even received a phone call to help us out !! Thank you
We enjoyed our tour very much, and Elena was very knowledgeable.
Our tour was wonderful and the amount of knowledge from our tour guide Guido was fantastic! I wish we had longer to listen to him tell us more! It was like listening to a college professor!!
Elena was a wonderful tour guide -- knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic. She brought the medieval times to life by telling us anecdotes and interesting facts about the Colosseum. We loved our tour!!!!
The tour at night is well worth the price. There is no crowd and we felt like we had the place to ourselves. It was also a beautiful moon that night and the photos were spectacular.
Both guides were awesome with a great amount of knowledge. Absolutely loved the tour.
The guides were very friendly and full of knowledge, taking the tour in the evening was the best decision we made as there were hardly any other visitors in the Coliseum. Highly recommended
Brilliant, very informative. I liked learning about Roman history as well.
It was lovely, the perfect night in Rome. Our guide was passionate and funny. She took us on the most incredible journey through history!! I would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to experience the beauty and history of Rome in one tour.
We loved the friendliness and thorough knowledge of your tour guide. So much information could have been heavy and hard to understand but your tour guide had exceptional communication skills. The use of the comms system also sets you apart. Thank you!
Both of our guides did a fantastic job. It was a very informative and fun tour!
The night tour is definitely the way to go, and Georgia's enthusiasm was infectious. She's clearly someone who's passionate about history and Rome. She reconnected a lot of long disconnected dots, and I even went out and picked up Mary Beard's SPQR.
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The tour guides were wonderful and very informative, interesting and very friendlu
Bruno really knew what he was talking about - very informative & interesting. This tour is a good complement to the daytime forum & upper tier Coloseum tour which we took a few years ago.
Doriana was a fantastic guide, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the colleseum and Roman forum. We learned a lot!!!
Simone (your guide) was fantastic - friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, great English = the Bes. + your customer service is fantastic. We'll be back!
Highly recommend the tour. Even though "nighttime" tour, it didn't really get dark until the last stop which was the Colosseum. Can't imagine trying to see all these places without a guide. She was very informative.
The tour at night was ideal. It was a very hot day and it was good to be out later. It was less crowded and I found the underground part to be very interesting. I would highly recommend this one.
Guido was very passionate about his subjects. He was a little hard to understand at first but we got used to his accent. The tour however should be more focused on one subject matter. Cut out the first half and make it a night tour of the forum and coliseum.
Wonderful tour. Both tour guides were amazing. Very knowledgeable. Great value for money.
Georgia was absolutely fantastic! Knowledgeable, engaging, and she had such a dynamic personality. One of the best tours I've had.
Our guide was extremely knowledgable and very helpful. She also catered to the age group of our particular group which was lovely. Thank you
We could spend more time inside the Coliseum, but the visit was very interesting.
Awesome tour, thanks!
Our Italian-German (sorry I forgot his name) was a humorous, entertaining and informative guide. His knowledge was excellent and his interaction with the group was just right.
Andrea was brilliant. Knowledgeable and fun
Our guides were fantastic and to tour the Coloseum at night is definitely the way to go. No crowds and no heat. Extremely memorable and look forward to our next visit to Rome.
Elisa did a great job and was very informative and entertaining. Really enjoyed the tour.
Joseph was a great guide. Very informative without it sounding like a lecture. Would highly recommend this tour to others.
Giorgia was a pleasure to know. Her upbeat personality and passion for what she does exuded which made the tour interesting and light. She is an excellent tour guide. Guido who gave us the tour of the Colosseum is also a remarkable tour guide. Excellent experience for us.
Our guide, Guido, could not have been better. He was knowledgeable and thoroughly likeable.
Georgia was a great guide and very knowlegdable- would highly recommend to friends and family
We truly enjoyed the tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and made the sites come to life. We had children with us and she was able to keep them interested for the 2+ hours. Normally they would have been restless within 15 minutes.
Everything was great very informative. And the guides couldn't have been nicer. They were very knowledgeable and personable. My only suggestion is to include a picture of the meeting point with the instructions.
Guido was an amazing tour guide! He was so knowledgeable and passionate about all things related to the Colosseum, which made the tour one of the highlights of our trip. Would definitely recommend!
Excellent so knowledgeable, passion for what she does. Amazing
We were running a few minutes late of the meeting time, and Elisa waited for us and people who were running even later than us, but we all had a great experience and didn't have to rush any portion. Elisa made sure we got the best from our tour!
Guido was the best! He is so passionate about what he does. My fiancé and I learned so much! A must-do while in Rome!
Our tour guide was great. Funny. (? Guido) could tell he lived history. loved the after hours tour.
Georgia (our guide) was phenomenal! - Entertaining. energetic, and cleaver beyond words!
Elisa was just a delight to share the evening with and we were sad to have the tour come to an end. Two thumbs up and a thank you for an informative and entertaining time.
The tour was excellent. Unfortunately the tour guide you provided was not permitted to conduct the tour inside the colluseum. She was better than the guide provided by the colluseum. This was a truly unique experience.
Again, an excellent tour. This was our favourite tour!
Elena was amazing informative & welcoming tour started immediately at meeting point info on everything we passed added bonus colosseum amazing at night no queues or crowds quiet reflective mood not rushed. Small group Felt safe
This was an amazing night with an absolutely amazing guide. Doriana is the best.
This is a great tour! The walking tour portion was great and the time in the Colosseum was excellent.
I really enjoyed the tour. The time in the Colosseum was excellent. Doriana is a great guide
Great tour, highly recommend the night tour... no crowds, small group, Colosseum at night, spectacular!! Our guide was great, a gentleman (forgot his name, sorry) with so many interesting facts we loved it.
It was a shame we could not get access to the arena but understand that could not be helped. Guido our guide was wonderful and at the end of the tour even helped us catch taxis back to our hotel.
Loved the tour and Dario gave interesting information and we also enjoyed his sense of humor.
Our guides did a fantastic job explaining everything that we saw during the Colosseum tour. Andrea did the first part of the tour as we walked to the Colosseum. He was thorough and engaging. I would high recommend this tour to future visitors.
Elena was an excellent tour guide!
Guido the guide was outstanding! What a smart man-- what a wealth of knowledge. He really brought it alive for us.
Absolutely fantastic!!! Elena was very knowledgable and made the tour extremely interesting!!! Our kids are still talking about it. The highlight of our trip to Rome
Our guide, Andrea, was incredible. My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed his tour. Would highly recommend it to anyone!
Fascinating tour, loved seeing the Colosseum at night. Breathtaking!
We loved having Georgia as out guide. She is extremely knowledgeable and very personable! She is an excellent guide.
Elena did a fantastic job! I would recommend this tour to everybody!
Great tour! We all learned so much.
Tour and guide were great! She was very knowledgable, informative, and personable. We loved the tour overall and it was a highlight of our trip to Rome!
Great tour! Guides were good as well. A good insight of not just the colosseum but Rome as well! Highly recommended
Our guides julia and Guido were very knowledgeable and just as personable highly recommend taking this tour. Thanks Jim
This was a fantastic experience! Guido was a fantastic guide and extremely informative and entertaining. This tour was the highlight of my time in Rome.
It was a special night - great guides
Great tour. At the end after the colosseum tour. Geo was a little long.
Valentina provided a well informed and interesting tour, highly recommend.
The tour was great and so was Elena. She was extremely knowledgeable and led a fantastic tour both on our walk to the Colosseum as well as while we were there. Was awesome to be out on the arena floor at night, would recommend to anyone.
We did about 6 different tours while we traveled around Italy and Georgia was by far the best guide we had! She was knowledgeable and funny. I wish she could have continued to be our guide for the second part in the colosseum. We loved her!
Our guides were outstanding! Extremely knowledgeable, helpful, explained in great detail the area and the Colosseum! Their personable approach made a huge difference in the quality of this tour! Thank you for the GREAT experience!
Again a great tour guide and very informative!
The tour was fantastic! We sent 6 kids aged from 15-23 on it. Everyone came back raving about their guides and are still talking about what they learned!
Cecilia did a wonderful job. She was very knowledgeable, would highly recommend her!
Both guides that we had were wonderful. Very knowledgable. It was a once in a lifetime experience to be nearly the only ones inside the Coloseum and to also see the underground structures.
We did the daytime Colosseum tour last year and enjoyed that more. Not a reflection on the guide, we just thought the daytime tour covers more of the upper floors and you can see more in the daytime. Glad we did both to compare.
Our guide was knowledgable and fantastic.
Just loved the night tour without all the people
Simons was great. She was very engaging and knowledgable, and made sure we had a great walk. The Colosseum at night is wonderful. I would highly recommend taking this walking tour.
Very knowledgeable, great tour, mire than we expected!
Best way to experience the coliseum!
Loved the night tour. Sparse crowd and night photos were great. Our guide Guido was very knowledgeable.
Great tour. The best part was guide - Mr. Jos Joseph. You are wonderful guy.
We enjoyed the tour very much. Guido was a very entertaining and informative guide. Thank you.
Guido was a most entertaining guide
This was the best tour you can take. Seeing the Colosseum at night was the highlight. Our guide was great and the headphones used by us were the best of all tours we took in Europe.
Guido was fantastic!!
Very informative and interesting, would recommend to anyone.
This was our favorite tour of the entire trip. Amy was so smart and funny and the experience was fantastic!
Amy from Australia was fantastic!!!
Excellent tour. Elena was a wonderful guide, with great knowledge and ability to communicate well. Good sized group, and the tour moved at a good pace - not too fast or slow. Better than we expected. Probably the best tour on our Italy adventure! Grazie.
We had a woman for 1st part of the tour; we enjoyed her more, but 2nd person , a man was fine also - just harder to understand.
Guido was great . He made us feel very welcome and give us more information about Rome then any other tour I had take . Thanks to Guido it was the best guided tour on my trip and a thanks to WALKS OF ITALY for being the best organised tour company I in counted on my 21 days in the Mediterranean.
Lisa was personable, knowledgeable and witty!
Both guides did a great job. Very Informative.
The tour was amazing, entertaining and very informative. Highly recommend it! Guido was an incredible guide!
Guido was a great tour guide. He was very knowledgeable and informative on the forum and colosseum. I would definitely recommend this tour to family and friends as it was a very enjoyable experience.
This night tour was the highlight of our Rome experience. Small groups in each area, dimly, beautifully lit.
Very knowledgeable. Great tour.
Guido was passionate and an excellent guide, we were very impressed and cannot recommend Walks of Italy or their guides enough
Absolutely wonderful tour, this was without a doubt the highlight to our weekend in Rome. The guides were very knowledgeable but also humorous. Would definitely recommend! Ciao
Loves her history and knowledgeable even to the most minute details
Amazing tour! Andrea and Dario did an incredible job explaining the history and keeping it interesting!
We loved our guide - he was charming and informative - thanks so much for a memorable night.
Dario was wonderful! This was a highlight of our trip.
Pleased with the knowledge and professionalism from both guides, especially enjoyed that our night coluseum guide is a practicing archaeologist who excavated in the area! Your was the highlight of our trip (Rome, Florence)
Doriana was a fantastic tour guide. She had to deal with bad weather, missing guests and several obnoxious guests but she kept a smile on her face and shared her vast knowledge with us. Having the opportunity to tour the Coliseum at night and in areas not usually visited has simply priceless.
Great tour and guide! I needed to let the tour guide know I was running late and there was no problem communicating this. Definitely recommend!
Thoroughly enjoyed both guides. Great way to start tour up at the monument! Really helped put all in perspective Unfortunately, moved just a bit faster than I would have liked having arthritis. Still all in all terrific. Thanks again!
Amy was very knowledgeable and went out of her way to assist my mom with her walking difficulties. Very easy to understand with her Australian accent. Lots of walking of course but it was great seeing the Colosseum at night with few tourists.
Good tour and very informative!
Elisa was a wonderful guide and the tour was fascinating. We were very happy that we booked this tour.
Elisa was very informative and i was thrilled to learn that she is an archaeologist and has been excavating the colosseum for 7 years. I was taken back in time. Felt like i was there
Outstanding tour with two outstanding guides. You guys are the best.
The guide presented the history in a informative and easy to listen commentary.
Excellent tour with two very knowledgeable and friendly guides. Would definitely recommend this tour.
Great to see the Colosseum with very few people there. The guides were both fantastic and very knowledgeable. Really brought the place to life with stories and pictures.
Tour was outstanding and the guide very knowledgeable.
We were thrilled to go to the underground and see where the gladiators walked and where the animals were kept. Both guides were knowledgeable and entertaining.
Our guide was great, she really knew her history, I would for sure recommend my friends and family to book their tours with walks of ltaly.
Our guide is an archeologist. Enough said. She was awesome, so knowledgeable. We were able to envision what Rome was like back in ancient times. I'm definitely recommending and hope to come back to Italy for more tours with you. And I hope you expand to even more countries!
the guides were very knowledgeable and fun to be around
Love this awesome & unique experience! Being in the colosseum with hardly any other people was well worth the money spent.
Great tour of the Colosseum at night and surrounding areas. As I did the Colosseum by day as well I was thrilled to see how much more the night tour offers. Highly recommend.
Excellent tour, Guido really knows his stuff. I have been to Colosseum during day but night tour is a must.
Andrea was knowledgeable and engaging.
Both my wife and I enjoyed this tour very much and would thoroughly recommend both the tour and our very entertaining and knowledgable guide.This tour was a particular joy to participate in.
Very good tour especially at night , have already recommended itt
We thought the tour was excellent and our guide was fantastic.
Love to hear a guide so passionate about Rome. Thank you.
Guido was a very knowledgable guide who really enjoyed what he does. He made the experience a memorable one.
Elisa was wonderful. Her being an archeologist was wonderful in that she was very informative. She also was able to give more insight and knowledge than basic touristic information. She was amazing. Thank you so much Elisa.
The night tour was wonderful , every thing we had hoped it would be! Cecelia was a great guide.
Wonderful experience! We almost felt alone in the colosseum. I wouldn't want to see it any other way!
Both Andrea and Cecilia were excellent guides - knowledgeable, personable and well prepared. She had brought pictures that helped us get an idea of what it looked like in Ancient Rome. At this time of year, it was a little too dark at times but the lack of throngs of tourists was a definite plus.
Suggest mini flashlights as walk at forum was pretty dark. Everything else wad fantastic
Awesome experience!
Both tours were wonderful and highly recommended! Guido was wonderful and Valentina as well. Professional and enthusiastic! Friendly and knowledgeable. I have also written a review on trip advisor. It was a wonderful experience !
This was our favorite tour that you offer and the best tour of our trip. We took quite a few with you while in Italy. Awesome experience. Guide was outstanding and you could tell he loved his work
Guidi was very informative and forthcoming with local knowledge and eager to answer questions. Anna Marie (I think was her name) was a wealth of knowledge about the Collesum.
LOVED this tour! Our 1st guide from Australia was excellent.
What an informative and interesting tour. It felt like we were there.....2000 years ago.
Again the guide was knowledgable and fun! Truly a surreal experience by night!
Guido was great! And we really enjoyed getting the exclusive experience of seeing the Colosseum at night with fewer tourists. Great tour!
Very good!!
Our tour guide was fab! Sarah? (Australian lady) was very knowledgeable and filled the tour with humour and information. The guide at the colosseum was good too.
Tour guides were very knoweledgable in explaining all facets of the Colosseum.
This was informative and a lot of fun. In our group was a 12yo, 20yo,21yo and two 50 yo. Everyone left saying how glad we were we did it.
Great time to see Coliseum
Excellent tour! Andre and Guido were both very informative. Enjoyed the experience and will recommend.
Both guides we had were awesome!!!
Guido was amazing, the tour was so insightful. I will have to do it again.
Guido was the perfect guide! He was friendly, professional, knowledgable, and passionate about the subject matter. He was also quite funny. Thanks for an unforgettable evening!
Not sure who our guide was exactly. Started with Amy (who we were thrilled to see). She left after one hour, then another woman took over, then we finished with a man who said he was a historian at the Colosseum. They were all terrific.
Both guides (Andrea and Guido) were knowledgeable, funny, and clearly loved what they do! It was an excellent tour!
Guido is fabuous!
Guido the guide was entertaining, personable and knowledgeable. The pace of the tour was perfect as was the size of the tour.
Guido was great! Very knowledgable and the night tour of the Colosseum was the perfect way to visit the arena during the hot Roman summer!
Great tour!
Our guide, Guido, was amazing. His humour and insight really brought Ancient Rome to Life.
Great tour, knowledgeable and entertaining guide (Andrea)!
We thoroughly enjoyed our night tour at the colosseum!
This was one of the best tours I have taken! The evening is the perfect time to see the colosseum! The guides were very friendly and knowledgable. My husband very much enjoyed talking to Guido about aspects of Italian life.
Guido was wonderful, answering all kinds of questions after the tour even. Tour was great!
Amazing !! Loved the tour,the people. Had a great time !
Cecilia was a fantastic guide! She was full of knowledge and interesting stories. It was a beautiful moonlit evening and it was amazing to be at the Colosseum at that time. It was very memorable for us :)
Excellent and knowledgable guide
Andrea was an EXCEPTIONAL tour guide and so were the others that helped! We had my 80 yr. old mom who was slow walking, but the guides were so kind and considerate and helped us keep up! Thank you so much for everything.
Cecilia was a great guide. She provided a lot of information about Rome's history, the area surrounding the Colosseum, and the Colosseum itself. She was professional, courteous, and welcoming to questions, while maintaining excellent timing and pacing for the tour.
Great tour loved it being at night and everything was interesting!
Our tour guide was great and he was very knowledgeable. Great tour
The tour was amazing and our guide spoke clear english and was very knowledgable! I love Walks of Italy! Fantastic company!
Guido was a fantastic guide. He was charming, had wonderful stories, and really knew his stuff!
Excellent tour. Both guides were informative and well spoken. We will recommend this tour to our friends going to Rome. The Drake family.
The guide Andra (spelling) was outstanding. I would like to know correct name so I could pass the name along as a recommendation. The guide for the second half was good but not great.
Rosa was fantastic and it was great to see the Colosseum with so few people.
Our guide was very helpful after the tour in getting the group to taxis and restaurants. She cared very deeply about her group and it showed.
Guido was excellent!!! Very knowledgeable, interesting and we really enjoyed him as our tour guide. We will send our children next year!!!
Excellent tour, we will recommend this to anyone who asks. Your guides were fantastic, especially Tiberius, OUTSTANDING!
Our guide was amazing!
We had two guides for the tour. Both were excellent and highly educated on all the information. Extremely informative funny. We highly recommend this tour for anyone visiting Rome. I also highly recommend the tour guides !!
Guide was great he was knowledgeable, funny, very entertaining, and easy to understand!
We had a great experience and would recommend it highly to others.
Loved it!
This was a great walk and a perfect time of day to do it in when the days are so hot,
The tour was terrific and our guide , Cecilia, was outstanding. Well worth the money
Our guide GUIDO was fantastic!
The night Coliseum tour was remarkable. We will not soon forget it. Our guides were excellent: knowledgeable, professional, kind and personable. We are delighted with this tour, and look forward to any other tours by this provider. Many thanks.
Absolute brilliant tour - even the children loved it!!
Our guide was very entertaining and although we had to start earlier than scheduled, the tour was very good organized.
Lucille was amazing. She even stayed after the tour to answer our many questions and share her experiences as an archeologist. Most incredible tour I have done, and I feel honored!
Excellent tour! First time to Rome and Guido gave a great and memorable tour. You won't be disappointed.
We enjoyed the evening immensely! The art historian inside the colosseum was an added bonus. We only had Andrea for about an hour before we merged with Guido's group. However, we enjoyed Andrea during the time we were with him. Thank you!
Great tour! Fantastic way to see the Coloseum -- we really appreciated the cooler temperatures, small group size, and opportunity to tour the downstairs section. Our tour guides were informative and very interesting.
Guide was great, very knowledgeable. It was marketed as VIP and I felt it lived up to the name.
Andrea and Guido were fantastic. Very knowledgeable, prompt and courteous. We all learned so much about Rome and the Coloseum. Thank you!
Loved this walking tour, magical at that time of the night. Would highly recommend it.
Guido was great and we learned a lot from his knowledge. He was very engaging and we could tell he loves what he does! And we enjoyed his enthusiasm. We loved our visit to Rome. Please continue to keep up your excellent work! Ciao!
We absolutely loved this tour. Guido our guide was amazing and we all learned so much from him. It was a wonderful evening. Thank you Guido and thank you Walks for doing great tours!
Our tour guide was wonderful and has great pictures and information to share, the tour of the colloseum at night was really magical!
Was a great tour! I really appreciated the lack of crowds.
Excellent tour and wonderful guide.
Guido is very knowledgable . Happy with his part of the tour. The portion conducted by the young lady with the Colosseum went to long. She repeated herself over and over.
Again a fantastic tour and a really amazing, passionate and knowledgeable guide.
This tour was the best. One of the highlights of my Rome experience. I plan on doing it again during my next visit. I have referred this tour to my friends and family.
Cecilia was a great knowledgable guide who really made the tour more interesting. Despite having flu she did not let it out her down, she is s really nice girl. Would recommend to others.
This tour is amazing. I wish we could have walked out into the middle of the basement but what we saw was pretty cool. The only thing was I didn't know the shop would be closed so I was unable to purchase a souvenir :(
Best part of the holiday :)
I really loved it. Very good!
Incredible tour. Going underground was the highlight for me. Going in the evening without the masses is the way to do it.
Guido the guide, as he referred to himself, was excellent. His knowledge of the subject and area were spot on. It is because of Guido that we will look to Walks... first for future tours and recommend your company to our many traveling friends. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Tour guide was very knowledgeable and did a wonderful job1 Cheryl Lippi
Guido was awesome! Weather that night was a disaster and we couldn't see the underground, but we still had a fantastic time. He was very knowledgeable and friendly; we've already recommended this tour to some people we know who are visiting Rome next year. Thanks!
Wonderful to enjoy the Colosseum with no crowds in the evening
Guido was fantastic! We had a tour of the coliseum earlier in the day that was also very good (different company), but the night tour gave us access to different areas, and very little of the info was repeated. It was great!
This was our second visit to Rome and again, we took advantage of the amazing tours offered by Walking Tours of Italy. We are always thrilled by the quality of the tours and the incredibly well informed guides.
It was wonderful. Guido was very informative and entertaining
A lot of walking. Headsets were a big plus. The guide was very knowledgeable. The only con was it would have been great in the summer months when there was still some day light and cool evening breezes. October just to cool
Excellent tour! Andrea did a great job explaining the sites and history. LOVED being in the colosseum at night, spooky but amazing.
This was a great tour - so awesome to be at the Colosseum at night, and without the usual crowds.
We are so glad we chose the night tour of the collosseum.The guide was both informative & interesting which gave the evening a sense of drama.
I'm so glad we did this, there were no crowds and our guide was very informative.
The tour was excellent...specially because of Guido. He could make me feel at that time in History, gave us information with feelings and cultural aspects. Everything was in time and worked very well. Thanks for the nice experience.
A very informative tour - what i enjoyed the most is that i felt absorbed by the whole atmosphere of the place. Truly a wonderful and authentic experience! Thank you Guido for all the wonderful information that you shared!
Guido was such an informative and fun tour guide! We loved the VIP after afters tour of the Colosseum at night. It was quiet and free from crowds and your ability to feel the spirit of the many stories being told was impressive. Out of all the things we did in Rome this was by far my favorite!!
Luigi was so knowlegable and fun. The tour was awesome, we had a long intro walking from the Wedding Cake to the Colosseum. This was unexpected, and a nice addition. The tour inside the Colosseum at night was so neat. No crowds and such a different prosepctive than during the day.
This is an outstanding Tour. Guido is one of the best tour guides we have ever experienced. Look forward to our next opportunity to use your company.
We would book this again, take your camera to get some wonderful pictures
The Colosseum at Night was excellent. Very few groups allowed in & we were able to view everything at dusk. Very informative tour guides who fully explained the history, architecture and culture of that time.
Bruno was so knowledgeable about the history of the art works is was remarkable. Although the Vatican was a bit over-whelming, Bruno kept it real. I am amazed at all the information I learned....and remember! Bravo, Bruno!
Loved It! Colosseum was so cool to see at night!
Linnea was a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable and hospitable. She made our tour very memorable Ciao, Louie
Excellent! John was very informative and patiently answered all our questions. I highly recommend!
Guido was fabulous. So enthusiastic and passionate about Rome! It was very clear he loves his work. An amazing tour!
Great Tour and great tour guide Most enjoyable Well done.
The tour was great. Our guide, Guido was fantastic. He was incredibly knowledgeable. His explanations were clear. It was thoroughly enjoyable and informative. I highly recommend Guido as a guide.
A very informative tour - what i enjoyed the most is that i felt absorbed by the whole atmosphere of the place. Truly a wonderful and authentic experience! Thank you Guido for all the wonderful information that you shared!

Important information

Before you travel, please read our important notes about possible disruptions & site entrance requirements

NOTE: There is a rule at the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill that only small backpacks and regular-size handbags are allowed inside. Guests with larger bags will not be allowed to enter (there are no storage facilities) and all guests must now pass through a security check before entering the Colosseum.

The Colosseum is subject to closure due to assembly meetings, strikes or other factors. While rare, these events happen at least 4 times a year. The Underground is subject to closure due to flooding after extreme rains. The Colosseum administration is usually aware of these factors and informs us the day before (though sometimes only the morning of) a given closure. Please provide us with detailed contact information in the event that we need to reach you to attempt to reschedule your tour.

Please be advised that, due to the nature of the site and technical problems with the elevator, those with walking difficulties cannot at this time access the underground and top tier of the Colosseum.

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Loved every minute of the tour.
Wonderful experience! Must do when in Rome! Thank you!
Both our guides extremely knowledgeable. Excellent service and tour. Highly recommended.
Our Colosseum at Night Tour was fantastic! I loved hearing all about the history of Rome, especially the bits you'd never read in a guide book! Fernando was brilliant, he made the tour both interesting and fun! I couldn't recommend this tour enough.
You could tell how passionate Ferdinando is about his city. He was great. I just wish he could have done the entire tour.
The tour was great and the guide was friendly and knowledgeable.
Tiberio was really amazing! He was so knowledgeable and entertaining - fabulous tour - I would recommend for everyone!
(No comment)
This was an amazing tour! I really appreciated how strategic yall were in which other tours didn't interact with each other. I was under the impression this would only be a Colosseum tour, but we got more than we bargained for. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and taught us a lot about the history in Roma.
(No comment)
Tiberius was great. Very entertaining and knowledgeable
Elena was a fantastic tour guide. She was knowledgeable, engaging, and charming. We had great time touring the colosseum!
Elena was a great guide! She had all this extra information you don't learn in history books which was really cool. We got to see parts of the city we normally wouldn't have looked at during the day as well. The Colosseum at night is worth seeing. I highly recommend this tour!
My husband & I very much enjoyed our Night Time VIP Colosseum tour with Julietta in Rome. The small tour was fabulous, and she interacted with us all, combining facts with humor. Definitely recommend.
Only issue would be the start of the tour starts to far from the Colossium
(No comment)
(No comment)
Guido was fantastic! He answered all our questions and was just a wonderfully pleasant tour guide. We'd definitely seek him out for more tours!
Juliette is AMAZING and so knowledgeable. She was fun to walk with, she didn't annoy when speaking with "um" or "yeah?" or anything. She was perfect and so nice. It was very entertaining and ended up being 4 hours. We weren't bored for a second! This is a fantastic tour and really should be considered. Well worth the money. Thank you!!!! (Extra cool because it was as night as well)
Loved this tour. The guide was east to understand, and a lot of fun. She was excited to share this piece of history with us, and was very knowledgeable.
(No comment)
(No comment)
Wonderful tour! Loved it
Would rather pay less for a shorter tour and have it only be the coloseum portion. The tour before was rather boring (albeit the guide was very nice and smart), just not what I really signed up for.
(No comment)
Loved both our tours with Walks of Italy. Tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly. Over all great experience!
(No comment)
(No comment)
The tour was super informative and our guide was funny but had an AMAZING wealth of knowledge. I do wish the tour was a bit smaller - I guess that's on me for it doing my research but it felt a tad impersonal with headpieces and needing a guide "umbrella".
(No comment)
(No comment)
Earpiece set seemed to be very poor quality, constant static when walking (aka most of the tour). Great tour but felt very rushed inside the colosseum, had to ask for a couple minutes to take photos, when it should be a given considering. I understand they seem to run on a relatively tight schedule of tours inside, but considering the price it would be very appreciated to have a couple minutes in the exclusive areas, the floor and the underground passages, to take photos.
(No comment)
Excellent, friendly and knowledgeable tour guides. I’m not usually a fan of tours because of the corny scripts and crowds so that is why I chose walks of a Italy and it was perfect for us. Love that the guides were qualified archeologists, the group was small and the access was exclusive and up crowded. I have already recommended to others. Bravo,
Very informative tour. Our guides had a great passion and knowledge of ancient Rome. The night time tour of the Colloseum was amazing I would certainly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Rome.
(No comment)
Wonderful tour, wonderful guides! We learned so much and enjoyed every minute of our crowd-free time at the Coloseum. Highly recommended!
(No comment)
(No comment)
I would like to commend Caroline in your US office for going above and beyond in helping me make out of the ordinary arrangements and following up on the day of departure up until the minute we met up with the guide. She was fantastic and I would use Walks in Italy again just because of her customer service. In addition, our guide, Elisa, was superb. I had a Group of 9 people with me and everyone of them are still talking about our memorable experience on the VIP Colosseum Night Tour with Underground and Arena Floor. I am going to book this tour again for clients next month as well and will offer it to all my clients going to Rome.
The tour was just wonderful. Our first tour guide (I am sorry I don’t remember his name) was unbelievably impressive and extremely knowledgeable. He was fantastic!! Our second tour guide in the colessium seemed new to the position and although very nice and helpful was not as well rounded. However our first tour guide was a tough act to follow. Overall great experience!
Best tour and guide was awesome!! My husband and I like it soo much that we book another 3 tours for other places we are visiting in our trip....
(No comment)
Everything was perfect EXCEPT for directions to the meeting place. We allowed ourselves 2 hours and almost didn’t find it. If you have never been to Rome and it is dark it is very difficult to find the area to meet. When you have a colosseum tour you assume you are meeting closer to the colosseum. I’m sure better directions would be appreciated by all. Many people were complaining besides my group.
(No comment)
(No comment)
We were both very impressed very pleased with the overall tour. Fortunately the evening was lovely, did not have to combat wind or rain. Both guides demonstrated thorough knowledge of the city history, the history of the Colosseum and the country. They used humor to make the subject even more interesting. The size of the group was also just right, questions were answered and we did not feel rushed.we would definitely recommend this tour. Linda and Bow