Reviews: Boat-Hopping on the Amalfi Coast: Day Trip from Rome


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Chiara was amazing! I love how thorough she was in regard to the agricultural and regional information she spoke of. The day was perfect timing wise. Enough time to eat and shop. I just wish I had done some sunbathing ....I did have time to do this. Ciara also had her own personal recommends. The walk to the Lemon Grove and the sampling of lemon products along with the knowledge supplied by the farm was fantastic. The return train with the agricultural- Italy cheese, crackers, and wine was a nice touch. Also, it was great to return early enough for dinner. I would highly recommend this tour! Sincerely Denise Schultz/Amber Wong

Denise - Oct 28, 2018

The tour was absolutely amazing!! Andy did a great job showing us around.Would highly recommend to everyone

Kristen - Oct 28, 2018

Nancy - Oct 27, 2018

I really enjoyed the tour. It rained and we were unable to take the boat from Positano to Amalfi as planned, but we were still able to see the breathtaking coast from the road. I knew very little of the history of the area and was glad to get a lot of information from our guide. I felt it enhanced the experience. There was a perfect blend of free time and group time.

Nicola - Oct 25, 2018

The only negative was the rainy weather, which forced our guide Giulio to cancel the boat hopping portion of the tour. Nothing to be done about that, however. We had a great time and Giulio did everything possible to make it a memorable trip!

Andrew - Oct 25, 2018

Andy was a great tour guide and I really enjoyed our day!!

angela - Oct 25, 2018