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  • Wandering the ancient streets of Pompeii, it’s easy to miss out on the real must-sees—and difficult to understand them when you do come across them. Get the best from your visit with an expert archaeologist as your guide.
  • You’ll visit all the top sights of the ruined city, including the plaster death casts, the Roman Forum, a theater, ancient fast food restaurants, the cemetery, the bakery, the main street and even the supermarket. Over the course of three hours, you’ll explore more of the ruins than on any other guided tour.
  • Step into the incredible House of the Vettii, a remarkably preserved example of home design and aesthetics in Ancient Rome.
  • With pre-reserved tickets, you won’t have to wait in line. Small groups of 15 people or fewer ensure that your exploration is intimate and engaging, and that you get the most from your time with our expert guides.

Tour description

Step back in time at Pompeii, exploring the significant sites and less-visited gems in the ancient city.

There’s no better place in Italy to experience life as an ancient Roman than at Pompeii. And the best way to experience Pompeii? With an expert archaeologist guide! That's not just because your guide brings the sights to life with spine-tingling tales from Pompeii's past. It's also because the site is huge, and signs on the ruins are old, hard to read, and usually with only dull, cursory information. We’ll help you make the most of your time in ancient Rome’s best-preserved city on this in-depth experience that brings the stones and streets of Pompeii to life—covering more ground than any other guided Pompeii tour.

Get the most from your visit and understand the sights before your eyes with context from a knowledgeable guide.

Experience Pompeii without the stress of following a map and trying to decipher ruins by yourself. With an expert archaeologist on hand, you'll be taken right to the coolest sights Pompeii has to offer and truly understand what they are.

You’ll see all the most popular sites throughout your Pompeii tour, including a Roman bakery and the Roman Forum. You’ll learn what Ancient Romans ate and drank, what they did for fun and the sad, misguided beliefs they held about the cause of those ground tremors they felt before the eruption, or the frequent clouds of ash from nearby Mount Vesuvius.

But while the spaces frequented by Pompeii’s public are undeniably fascinating, so are their private homes. We’ll show you around one of the city’s most famous: the stunningly preserved House of the Vettii. Owned by two wealthy brothers, this sprawling home is an excellent living testament to Roman design at the time of Pompeii’s destruction.

Of course, you’ll visit what is, for many visitors, the most unmissable aspect of their Pompeii tour: the world-famous plaster casts of those killed in the eruption. These are eerie and moving glimpses of what it must have been like to experience Armageddon.

Another highlight of our Pompeii tour is one of the city’s beautiful theaters, which is amazingly well preserved. You can easily imagine what it was like to watch a performance here in summer on a warm Italian evening.

Tour with a Pompeii archaeologist guide handpicked for their knowledge and friendliness.

Tour operators are required to use official Pompeii tour guides at the archaeological ruins. We’ve chosen only the best of the bunch to work with, hand-picking guides with passion and knowledge—not to mention the storytelling skills required to bring this incredible city to life for you. As on all our tours, we only work with the best five-star guides, because we understand that they’re the most important element of your tour.

If you take a guided tour on only one stop of your Italy vacation, make it Pompeii. With the power to enchant and delight, Pompeii is a hieroglyphic of a site, needing an expert touch to translate. But in the hands of the right archaeologist, it truly comes to life as a living, breathing city.

For details on how to reach Pompeii from Rome, Naples or Sorrento, see our Important Notes page (link below).

Sites visited

  • Plaster-cast remains of Pompeii’s doomed inhabitants
  • Theater
  • Porta Marina
  • The Roman Forum
  • Roman Baths
  • Roman Houses "Domus"
  • Pompeii's Main Street
  • Ancient "shops"
  • Brothel
  • Panoramic View of Pompeii
  • House of the Vettii


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Apr 14, 2024

We did the 3 hour tour of Pompeii. Illyria was our guide and she was excellent! As an archeologist, she brought in depth knowledge to the site with charm and humour. She brought us to her favourite spots, resulting in a fascinating tour we could never have had on our own. The group was small which is ideal for a place like Pompeii. Highly recommend this City Walks tour!


Apr 08, 2024

Ilaria brought Pompeii to life! I had been to Pompeii once before and thought it was impressive. However, seeing it again with an archeologist as my guide, I was able to learn so much more! Ilaria was able to go into much depth about the meanings and uses behind the art and locations. She described the life of the people in a way we could see clearly. She was personable, engaging and has a wonderful sense of humor. I am so glad I booked this experience!


Apr 02, 2024

Enzo was informative and kind. The site was explained in a pleasant fashion and was the right length. Great tour!


Mar 27, 2024

Francesca G was a great guide and we had a wonderful experience!


Jan 07, 2024

The your was super fascinating and our tour guide perfectly troke the balance between informative and humorous. I would recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in the history of Pompeii.

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