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The foodies at Devour Tours are now operating all Walks food tours. For years their obsession has been in finding the best version of every dish and the biggest characters at the market. We think that singularity makes them the best at what they do.


  • Savor 9 food tastings, a coffee, and a beer throughout your Naples food tour—you’ll leave comfortably full and happy.
  • Feast on two types of pizza in the city it and learn all about the simple ingredients that make this humble dish so delicious.
  • Meet some of our best friends in Naples, from friendly market vendors to the father-son team serving up the best fried pizza in the city. Hear their stories firsthand and gain insight into the secrets that make their creations so special.
  • Decode Neapolitan food culture as your guide shows you some of our favorite local spots (and shares what makes them great). We’ll take the guesswork out of navigating the city’s countless eateries on your own.
  • Uncover the unspoken rules of drinking coffee in Naples—from when to add the sugar to how to hold the cup—so you’ll blend in with the locals at any typical bar!

Tour description

### Eat your way through the gastronomic heart of southern Italy on a carefully crafted Naples food tour.

Get a crash course in Neapolitan food as you taste all the city’s must-try classics in one morning. From a traditional local market to a modern pizzeria and every place in between, you’ll visit the decades-old establishments that are the backbone of the city center. As you comb the backstreets of Naples in the company of a local foodie, you’ll try two types of pizza, freshly fried seafoods, traditional pastries, and plenty more tastes that have won the hearts (and tastebuds!) of generations of napoletani.

Taste local specialties and explore the eclectic market in lively Pignasecca.

Start your Naples food tour in true Italian fashion with an espresso in hand. As you sip, your guide will fill you in on the intricate etiquette of coffee culture here in Naples. Follow it up with two different styles of light, flaky sfogliatella (Naples’ favorite typical pastry) from a blink-and-you'll-miss-it hidden bakery tucked away in the bustling backstreets.

From there, we’ll head into the heart of Naples’ food scene: the open-air Pignasecca market. As you make your way through the colorful stalls, with neighborhood residents doing their grocery shopping and chatting in Italian and Neapolitan with the vendors, you’ll be immersed in a true slice of daily life in southern Italy.

Our first stop at the market is an unassuming restaurant manned by the same team behind one of the most popular fresh fish stalls in the market, just steps away. Watch as the fishmongers fry up a traditional serving of cuoppo di pesce (incredible fried seafood)—and, of course, try it for yourself.

Dig into two types of pizza in the city that created it!

Our next order of business: fried pizza. A locally loved alternative to the popular Neapolitan pizza, this is the perfect snack to grab and eat on the go just like the napoletani. We’ll introduce you to our friends Antonio and Gennaro, the father-son team behind the most beloved pizza fritta in the Spanish Quarter. Sink your teeth into this warm, crispy staple of Naples street food and hear what makes theirs some of the best in the city.

From there, we’re off to a small, family-run produce store to meet Tina, the owner, and try the ripest and juiciest tomatoes followed by a tasting of mozzarella di bufala, fiordilatte, provola in a nearby deli. After trying these two staples in Italian cuisine, you'll understand the key to the best dishes is high-quality, simple ingredients.

At lunchtime, you'll feast on a Margherita pizza at modern pizzeria dedicated to footballer Maradona. You also meet Andrea, the owner, and peek behind the counter at the talented pizzaioli.

Your culinary journey through Naples ends with a little surprise. You'll head to a famous street kiosk for a refreshing and unique lemonade made with lemons from Sorrento. Locals describe this beverage as a mini-Vesuvius. Luckily, you have your expert foodie guide to show you how to drink it!

Eat and explore in the company of a local expert.

In one unforgettable morning, you’ll meet the friendly families and individuals whose high-quality products and dishes make Naples what it is, gaining a deeper understanding of Neapolitan history and heritage with every bite. With a local foodie guide to lead the way (and share plenty of tips and insights that will come in handy throughout the rest of your trip), there’s no better way to experience southern Italy’s most delicious city. From the lively open-air market to the hidden spots tucked away in Naples’ backstreets, you’ll discover the best bites in the city at the spots that do them best.

Please note that this description is an example and stops or tastes may vary depending on the season, day of the week, and group size. Regardless of where your tour goes, you always have a delicious experience.

Sites visited

  • 9 food stops
  • Pignasecca Market
  • Quartieri Spagnoli


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Nov 07, 2023

This was one of the best food tours we have ever booked! The guide shared so much history about the city of Naples and took us to places we never would have ventured on our own. So much food! And wine! Small group size was perfect! This is a must if you are in Naples!


Oct 15, 2023

This tour is excellent! We visited so many places and experienced the “real” Napoli!! A must do. So much food….don’t eat anything before!! Melissa is a great tour guide. Really liked her!


Jun 28, 2023

This tour was amazing. If you pick any tour in Naples I would recommend this one highly. The tour guide was exceptional and all of the food stops were amazing. Be prepared to be extremely full at the end!! All the places were very local and I got to try many dishes I would never have found or tied on my own!


May 23, 2023

They tour was great, be ready to eat for days!!!


May 23, 2023

This is an excellent tour with a great local guide Melissa. We were lucky to be the first group to take this tour as it was newly created in Naples. Word of advice(warning) do not eat anything before hand and maybe even have a light dinner the night before. There is so much delicious food provided on this tour, you will be leaving in a fantastic food coma. My favourite part about this and other devour tours is that they take you to family run establishments with exceptional quality foods. We had eaten a lot of the food on this tour already, however we consistently found what we ate on tour to be of superior quality and freshness to what we tried ourselves. Definitely worth doing this tour, especially if you only have one or two days in Naples

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