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Florence David & Duomo

Key Details

  • City: Florence
  • Duration: 3hrs
  • Start Time: Varies

Tour Highlights

  • Experience the best of Florence in just 3 hours including the Duomo & Michelangelo's David

  • Explore the beautiful streets, piazzas & bridges of the city (including the Ponte Vecchio) on a Florence walking tour.

  • With small groups of just 15 people your guide will be easy to hear and interact with, for a more personal experience.
Visiting the Ponte Vecchio The Ponte Vecchio Florence Duomo Florence Duomo interior Inside Florence cathedral Tour group inside Florence Duomo Candles inside Florence Duomo Florence Duomo fa Duomo baptistery door Outside Florence baptistery Florence walking tour Piazza della Signoria Fountain of Neptune at Piazza della Signoria Sculptures outside Palazzo Vecchio Palazzo Vecchio Enjoy a guided tour at Piazza della Signoria Group tour of Florence Goofing around on our Florence walking tour



From the Ponte Vecchio to the Duomo, Florence’s most famous sights are famous for good reason – don’t miss a single one! On this Florence walking tour you’ll discover all of the city’s top sights, travelling in small groups of only 15 people or fewer. With skip the line access at Michelangelo’s David we make the most of every second we have together, while our expert guides bring the city to life with stories and details from Florence’s long and dramatic past.


Feel like a VIP with pre-reserved access into the Accademia, Florence, shortening your wait time significantly and avoiding general access entrance lines that can last for hours.

Once inside, your expert Walks guide will reveal the fascinating history of Michelangelo’s David, whose beauty and size have to be seen to be believed. You’ll also see his unfinished Slaves. Emerging from crude blocks of marble, they give an incredible insight into how Michelangelo worked and how difficult it must have been to achieve that butter-like softness in his sculptures.


Another sure highlight will be Florence’s famous cathedral, the Duomo. As you admire the sparkling mosaics and exquisite frescoes, you’ll discover how the architect, Brunelleschi, had to re-learn knowledge lost for more than a millennium to build the cathedral’s world-famous dome. We’ll explore Florence Duomo inside and out, admiring the painted interior of the dome and the stunning marble work on the cathedral floor.

Before leaving the picturesque Piazza del Duomo, you’ll stop at the Baptistery. During a close look at the world-renowned golden Gates of Paradise, your guide will tell you stories of cutthroat competition that created the sparkling masterpiece. Don’t forget to ask any questions you have—that’s the beauty of a tour with only 15 people, maximum!


But your exploration isn’t over yet. At Piazza della Signoria, you’ll admire Florence’s other world-famous sight, the towering Palazzo Vecchio, visiting the original site for Michelangelo’s ‘David’, where an exact replica stands (but why is it so much less impressive?)

Hear the stories behind the statues at Orsanmichele Church, rub the Porcellino pig’s nose for good luck, and feel swept up by history at the Piazza della Repubblica, the ancient Roman forum that later became the city’s Jewish ghetto. Top it all off with a stroll on the Ponte Vecchio, the most picturesque bridge in all of Florence – perhaps all of Italy.

By the end of your time with us, you won’t just have “seen” Florence’s most famous sights. With the help of our expert, local tour guides you’ll have discovered their histories, stories, and what makes them so notable – most important of all though, you’ll have had fun doing it!

Sites visited

  • Michelangelo’s David and Slaves in the Accademia
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • Florence Duomo
  • Baptistery Doors and Gates of Paradise
  • Piazza della Signoria
  • Palazzo Vecchio (from outside)
  • Orsanmichele Church (from outside)
  • Piazza Repubblica


  • Guided Florence walking tour
  • Skip the line tickets to Florence Accademia (David)
  • Small groups of max 15
  • Expert Walks of Italy tour guide
  • Headsets


5-stars from over 1149 Customer Reviews

Such an entertaining animated and knowledgable guide who enthralled all in the group. An absolute pleasure to have been envolved with this exercise.
Very informative, the guide was knowledgeable but sometimes a little difficult to understand. We felt the time was very well spent and though we only were in Florence for a short while, this tour was definitely the highlight.
Our guide was excellent! She had so much positive energy and was very knowledgeable.
Excellent guide Ishmael. Very informative tour
Teresa was wonderful and passionate about her Florence history. Very informative
We used walls of Italy in Rome and really enjoyed our excursions so we thought we would try again in Florence - we weren't disappointed! Bernie was an excellent tour guide, a great storyteller and really engaged the group - he was so knowledgable!
Same as above
Ischmael was a wonderful & very engaging guide as we thoroughly enjoyed this tour & would highly recommend it.
The Statue of David took a long time to review, however all the information provided was amazing. The only change I would make as per the Vatican tour, we needed to have been pre informed that we needed to be dressed accordingly. The tour was brilliant
Charles was an excellent guide. He brought the history of the art, artists, and city to life.
It was a great experience discovering Florence with Elenora. She was full of energy and insights and we were able to appreciate the city more for it.
Very nice tour guide, easy to understand and ask questions too. Great insights into all places visited. We took the tour based on a friends recommendation and can see why they liked it. We will use again and will easily recommend!
Great tour guide!
Ismael was great! He was a wealth of knowledge and my wife and I both very much enjoyed his tour.
A good and thorough tour with a local expert in Julia
Elvira was great!!! She's very knowledgeable, approachable and kind!
Our guide was wonderfully informative. Her knowledge of the art was excellent
Such a great tour guide with a great sense of humor. She kept us entertained and we really enjoyed learning about Florence.
Our guide was great! Thank you
This was my favorite tour of the three I did during 10 days in Italy. Seeing David was even more phenomenal than the Sistine, imho. Our guide, Theresa, was also ideal.
Teresa was such a delight. She made every person in our group feel as if it were a private tour. Thank you!
Florinda was wonderful....also I took the Uffize tour Friday 6/23 and the guide and tour was wonderful... I am very happy with Walks of Italy...thank you.... Travis Peace
Emanuel was really knowledgeable, and friendly .we will recommend her to our family and friends
Excellent and knowledgeable tour guide. Enjoyed our tour of Florence. Highly recommend it!
Very knowelegble friendly guide.
Ismael was great. Incredibly knowledgeable and passionate. Excellent!
Our Guide was great - knowledgeable, passionate and funny.
Theresa was an excellent guide. More than that you could tell how excited she was while explaining her country. I loved that about her
Our tour guide, Teresa was excellent. She had so much information about every place we visited. She took her time with the tour so we didn't feel rushed. She made the tour great!
Our guide could not have been more informative, passionate, or interesting. She made the whole experience exciting and interesting!
Everything was only the radios seemed to disconnect at times. Our guide was very helpful!
The tour was informative and interesting. Brenda was a great guide who obviously loved her work and also knew her subject.
Guide was awesome
She even recognized US the next day, across town while she was starting a tour of the collusem, much to our surprise, as she sees 100s of people.
Charles was a fabulous guide. My family and I really enjoyed the tour! We would definitely recommend this to others and especially with Charles
Lovely tour. Hugely informative. Mat was very knowledgeable
Wait time to get into the Duomo was long. I now understand that this venue does not have a priority entry facility, but the web site leads one to believe that is so through Walks of Italy
I thought every aspect of our tour was excellent. Our guide was very informative and entertaining. I loved it! Actually, all the guides Walks of Italy provided were very, very good.
A great tour for great value. The guide was excellent at sharing the history in an engaging in interesting way. My niece, who is not so interested in history, liked the tour and the guides' stories.
Glad to have Angelo again in this tour! Very insightful tour.
charles was knowledgable and enthusiastic, I recommended this tour with Charles
Constanza was fantastic. Highly recommend her! Her knowledge and English are excellent. Could have used just a bit more time in museum with David. Had only 15 min to roam around and your finished early. Prob allow min 25 min there.
Charles was very informative and made the tour very enjoyable. Highly recommend this tour.
Constanza was a wonderful guide. She was really knowledgeable and passionate about the subject which made the whole experience really great.
Excellent tour, Angelo was very knowledgeable and gave passionate and personal tour of Florence. We really enjoyed him as a guide and would highly recommend to others.
Ismael was very knowledgeable, very pleasantand very helpful. We very much enjoyed our afternoon. The group size was appropriate and Ismael's guidance was very insightful.
It was a great experience and gave us such a great overview of the city!
Loved the tour guide: friendly, so knowledgeable and presented the information by telling stories and drawing us into the art!!
Bernardo was fabulous, knowledgeable and his enthusiasm was infectious. He really knows his subject and gave everyone time at the end of the tour to ask questions. We would definitely use Walks of Italy again. 👍
Great tour once it got started. The assignment of tour guides seemed to be hectic. Many if us were just standing around. The description if the tour was prefect and our guide was very knowledgable.
Angelo was fantastic! He combined extensive knowledge and made the tour most enjoyable!
Angelo was a wonderful tour guide. His personal insights into David and the town of Florence were amazing. His passion for Florence and its art will be one of the things we will remember most long after our trip!
Angelo was a great guide! He was very funny and easy to understand! The group size was a nice size. Florence is a beautiful place and I'm happy we did this tour to see David and the duomo!
Charles is an amazing guide!!
Charles was excellent and very knowledgeable. Also had a sense of humor. Would, and have, recommended this company for tours! Some people had trouble with their microphone receivers, however.
Giulia was most informative, well trained, professional and personal with our group.
Giulia was most informative, well trained, professional and personal with our group.
Giulia was most informative, well trained, professional and personal with our group.
Chairs was fantastic--super-knowledgeable and very witty. She made our tour extremely rewarding.
Angelo was not friendly but enthusiastic about the tour. He was knowledgeable and well-read. This was my fist trip to Europe alone and the first time I took a tour. I could not ask for a better experience..
Nice tour. Angelo was an excellent guide. He exhibited a thorough knowledge of subject, and had a passionate delivery of those details to the group.
Very informative and a good length. The guide was excellent.
Our guide, Gulia was wonderful! She made the tour interesting and fun! Excellant!!
Angelo was very passionate and elevated the tour experience, especially of David.
Matt was fabulous. We were impressed with his knowledge and further more from the way he communicate it to us. The walk wouldn't be as informative and fun without him.
The guide was very informative and kept a great pace. Unfortunately we had to leave early (wife and child left before going into Duomo, I followed after seeing that attraction). However we enjoyed it while we were there
Great introduction to Florence easy walking Michelangelo was fabulous our guide Ionica was lovely and knowledgable
The tour-guide and the tour it self were great; learned many new things from Florence.
Bernardo was AMAZING. Best tour in Italy hands down. He was extremely knowledgeable and had the best sense of humor. I want to bring friends back just to go on another tour with him! Thanks!
Angelo was spirited in his delivery, and very organized and well-informed. We both enjoyed our tour with him very much.
Ishmael was a very good guide and his passion for art and history was evident in the way he conducted the tour. We will highly recommend this tour and Ishmael
We learned more in 3 hours than weeks of reading. Ismael was an excellent guide and his stories gave an eye-opening view into Florence's rich history
This was our second Walks of Italy tour on the same day and like the first, it did not disappoint. It was a different kind of tour as it involved quite a bit of walking to specific points within the city but our guide took time and he handled this well.
Giuliana was Avery knowledgeable guide, particularly regarding art history, and was both friendly and entertaining. The tour is a ideal way to hit the highlife Florence if you are only there for a day.
Angelo our tour guide was exceptional. We wil recommend this tour to others.
Very nice overview of Florence. I did feel like we wasted a bit of time in line and we sat listening about art before seeing it.
Giulia was fabulous! Very knowledgeable and fun. Great tour experience overall.
I really enjoyed by Best of Florence tour. I thought my guide Charles was very engaging. I liked the headsets and the small groups. I did feel that we spent a lot of time standing in the Academia and that might have been better suited for seeing something else.
Best tour I had in Italy. Angelo was colourful, smart and very intertaining. I will recommend this tour to my friends who travel to Florence.
Angelo was a marvelous guide! His enthusiasm, knowledge and antecdotal insights added to our enjoyment. It was a pleasant experience and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a tour of Florence.
It was very good! Enjoyed every minute of it.
Guide was amazing. Audio was also good. Highly recommend our guide.
We've done several tours and this is one of the best! Miguel was terrific. He gave th perfect tour and kept to the family run restaurants which was special. Great job!!!
The tour was great. Angelo was very passionate about many things which was fascinating and v interesting. I thought the talk in "David" was too long by 5 - 10 mins but apart from that it was fabulous. We liked Angelo very much.
Angelo was amazing. He was so knowledgeable and really gave the sights/attractions context, especially Michelangelo's David. He was very articulate and funny! I would definitely do a tour with him again.
The tour was fantastic and so was our guide. She was informative and so knowledgeable. Grateful that we took your tour and looking forward to Rome's tour tomorrow.
Angelo was amazing it did not feel like a tour but rather a close friend that was taking you on a private walk through florence He was smart insightful funny and genuine. He was the highlight of our stay in Florence. Ciao!
Fantastic tour. Tremendous insight into the history of Florence.
Angelo was amazing. Funny guy! Very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend!
Excellent tour-very enjoyable. We took 3 Walks of Italy tours in Italy and they were all excellent. Will use this company on future European vacations. Knowledgeable guides, entertaining yet serious about providing valuable information- a real learning experience.
The tour was very informative, the guide was very knowledgeable.
Charles was a great guide! We really enjoyed our time with him. He was very knowledgable and told us a lot of interesting history. We would take a tour with him again when we return to Italy!
The tour and the tour guide were both great and exceeded our high expectations. My only criticism was that there was a problem with one of our earphones, but it was resolved in mid-tour.
Bernardo was wonderful and you could tell how much he enjoyed teaching us about the David and other neat things about Florence! Thank you Bernardo! He was also helpful with recommendations!
Elvira was excellent, very happy with the tour.
My ten year old son and I enjoyed the tour. When I come back to Italy, with my wife and three kids we will be sure to book another tour with your company.
Grazie tanto, una esperienza memorabile. Molto sympaticha la nostra "guide" Ci rivediamo forse l anno prossimo El. Domninou
A wonderful tour with a knowledgeable and friendly guide. This is the best way to see the important sights because there is no waiting in line. I enjoyed the exercise too!
Berni was a fantastic guide! He is very passionate and knowledgeable. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with him.
Great tour- Sylvia was engaging.
Very knowledgable tour guide displaying a great passion for her guests. Well worth the value for money.
Our guide Charles was fantastic. We were entertained and educated.
Excellent experience with our guide, we learned so much about Medici, and of course David and Michaelangelo.
Angelo was very knowledgeable and quite entertaining. The walking tour was one of the highlights of our stay. Thank you for offering this service.
Great tour guide. Period.
Excellent, the tour went on even with rain, although it got really heavy. Such an experience !!
Loved the information we received and the insight of our tour guide!
Our guide, Antonio, was knowledge, funny and interesting. We loved the tour of Florence.
David was absolutely amazing. His knowledge and passion made our tour spectacular!
Our guide was very good esp since there was an unexpected queue for the Academia!
My guide was friendly, extremely knowledgeable, patient with a wide range of questions, and friendly and easy with the children on our tour. The tour itself was fascinating and I learned a great deal. It was a perfect way to spend some of the limited time I had in Florence.
Constanza was great...knew the ins and outs handling the crowds
Ishmael was our guide. Very knowlegable and friendly.
Paulo did a great job, again very knowledgeable and made an extra effort to find us when we got lost in the crowd.
Angelo was fun, informative and clever on our Walk from David to Duomo. He wove facts with current culture to keep the history fun and understandable. We loved his three hour story from start to finish! David and Cathy NJ, USA
Excellent tour. Guide gave us excellent local and historical information .Highly recommend
Annika was an excellent guide. Informative, funny and made the tour most enjoyable.
Tour was excellent. Comprehensive, informative and enjoyable. Charles did an outstanding job. Very knowledgeable and has a great communication style. Highly recommend him.
Excellent tour. Teresa was a great guide. Very informative and enjoyable. One of the best parts of our Italy vacation.
Giulia's enthusiasm for Florence made the walk and brought David to life. Well balanced tour with just the right size of group.
Guilia was excellent! So kind and knowledgeable. Most wonderful guide ever! We took 4 tours while vacationing in Italy and Guilia was my favorite.
Ishmael was great! The tour was very informative.
Paulo was an outstanding guide!
Very proud of her city and it shows. Wonderful tour -David floored us
Charles(?) really brought the whole think to life - really enjoyed it.
Angelo is fantastic. He was knowledgeable, personable, and approachable. He made medieval Florence come alive. The information he gave was relatable without being condescending.
Absolutely outstanding. Again a million great stories. Funny too!
Great tour, very knowledgeable guide!
Charles was absolutely fantastic. He was exceptionally knowledgeable and had a wonderful way of telling the story of Florence. We will definitely recommend for others and will consider for our own future visits.
Angelo was fantastic! I have taken this tour before and this was more in depth and I learned so much.
Excellent, energetic tour guide.
both tours were fabulous, primarily because of the guide, charles. i posted a review on tripadvisor
Charles was amazing. So extremely knowledgeable, so passionate. We learned a great deal and the sites were amazing. He explained every artist, every sculpture, every painting in great detail and really opened my eyes to art and to art appreciation. He was awesome and the tour was as well!
Our guide Teresa was Wonderful. She continued a day later with a tour of the Uffizi with us. Her tours and genuine interest and friendliness was a highlight of our time in Florence. Would we recommend her and your company to others? ABSOLUTELY!!!
Guide was fabulous; very engaging and knowledgeable.
Teresa was fantastic and knowledgeable. I loved spending so much time inspecting the David, one of Michelangelo's most famous works of art. It is truly a masterpiece and so was the tour.
Wonderful tour and tour guide (Ismael)! Would highly recommend :)
Teresa was excellent. Informative, interesting and found us great coffee!
This was our second tour with Walks of Italy... our first was in Venice (after hours at St Mark's Basilica)... it was fantastic. The guide was passionate and engaged... she breathed life into David and the Medici's - it was wonderful! Thank you!
Our guide was amazing and we had such a great time!
Ismael our guide was fantastic!
Christiana masterfully worked through a lifetime of art, history and religious symbols in the Vatican in a way that made it enjoyable and easy to digest.
Really appreciated the knowledge of our guide and enjoyed that the tour didn't only focus on historical elements but on giving us a flavor of Florence today.
Our guide was wonderful - provided a great introduction of Florence - great history, great drama, great all around. Plus, she helped us avoid tourist traps and instead provided a great tip about the School of Leather. It was a lovely experience!
Very knowledgeable and passionate about the tour.
Teresa was absolutely amazing. We did tours in several cities and she was the best we experienced. Knowledgable, funny and welcoming. 10/10. Highly recommended.
Ishmael was a wonderful guide. Very informative and interesting tour.
Angelo was great! His enthusiasm and knowledge of art history was phenomenal. I especially liked his laid-back personality and willingness to answer any questions. Well done! I would highly recommend this tour to anyone!
The guide was great and we had a great time.
My parents don't usually take tours. They were so impressed. They had fun, love the wireless headphones. Love the efficient bathroom breaks and invitation to get a coffee - all referring to the Florence Trip. EXCELLENT work!
Very good tour of the area. Would have liked to see what else the Academy had for exhibits besides David though. Seemed like a little waste of admission for one statue. Otherwise pacing was good and guide was entertaining.
Amazing tour, our guide really explained the history of Firenze down to every detail. It was such an amazing experience
Excellent tour and an excellent guide. Money and time well spent.
Our guide was very nice. The tour was very informative. We enjoyed all of it so much. Thank you very much for a wonderful tour!
Our guide, Case (?, or similar) was fantastic! He was brimming with enthusiasm, excitement, and information! He was easy to hear, completely understandable, and no problem to follow. I'd highly recommend this tour, this guide, and Walks of Italy.
Very nice!
She was WONDERFUL!!!!! Loved the tour!!!
Guide was awesome!!! One of the most informative ever.
We felt the love our guide had for David. She pointed out so many subtleties that helped us gain even greater appreciation for this wonderful masterpiece.
Always the best experience with Walks of Italy! Perfection!
Loved Angelo!
Loved the knowledge and expertise of our tour guide!
Angelo was fun and informative. I'm so glad we had a guide and tour for David and the Duomo!
Paolo was fantastic, so much knowledge and we felt we saw so much that your average tourist would have missed. so informative we really enjoyed our tour 10/10.
Ethusiastic and interesting guide-enjoyed the tour and would recommend. I was surprised to see so many tourists in mid-October but was pleased we had signed up for the early walking tour before it got SO crowded. Thank you! Suzan
Angelo is a gifted tour leader. Very entertaining and informative.
One of best walking tours we have done. Bernardo was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and entertaining.
Our guide was so knowledgeable, we assumed he must have a degree in history. Wonderful!
Bernie was just absolutely fantastic. His knowledge of where we were was outstanding. He spoke with such excitement that you couldn't help but be captivated. If all guides are like him I would absolutely continue to use you in other travels.
Guilia was great. Very informative and had great presence of where we needed to go for stellar observations. Very personable and we saw things we probably wouldn't have seen on own. Great tour. Thank you
Paolo was tremendous! Amazingly informative.
Charles is wonderful. two thumbs up. i am glad we dit it. Great inteoductio of Florence art and history
Charles was an excellent tour guide!! We did several tours while we were in Italy and he was definitely one of our favourites! Knowledgeable, down to earth, with a passion for history and the city of Florence! We would highly recommend him!!
Our guide Ishmael was so engaging and informative. We could not have been more pleased with the Walking Tour "Best of Florence". I will definitely recommend your walking tours to anyone interested in a tour with extremely knowledgeable guides, small group and fantastic experience.
Angelo was informative, knowledgeable, entertaining and outstanding. His details, stories and insights made the tour a real experience.
Great tour!
Excellent guide as with all four of the walks of Italy walks we did.
Elvira was fantastic. Great knowledge, friendly, professional and gave us a real sense for the city. We would recommend walks of Italy tours to all of our friends
Amazing tour. Of course it's not possible to see a whole city in 3,5 hours, but I have the feeling that I've seen the most important parts. The guide gave a lot of interesting background information and was really fun! I will definitely recommend this tour to others.
Our guide was fabulous!! Gave us plenty of time to enjoy David and explained all aspects of this amazing sculpture! So glad chose thus tour....Thankyou!
Great guide. Very good narrative for the duration of the 3,5 h walk. I love the fact that the guide was not hurried at all and set the pace of the walk so that just enough (and not too much) time was spent in each location.
Angelo was very funny and knowledgeable, he made learning enjoyable and worked around the rain very well! Recommend this tour!
Bernardo was fantastico! He was knowledgeable and friendly and patient and the best guide we could have asked for. He used motion and body language to explain what we might not know. He used American pop culture to explain ancient Florentine culture. He was amazing.
Our tour guide was exceptional. His backstory to the David and the other art made the art come alive. He was the best tour guide we had in all of Italy. We did 5 tours in all.
We did 5 walking tours; 3 in Rome and 2 in Florence. We enjoyed all of them immensely but this tour, particularly the guide Charles Adler, was exceptional!
Again, a most excellent tour! Bernardo was so much fun, and his love for David was infectious. Absolutely loved this tour and would highly recommend!
Wonderful tour! Loved being able to get some insider information into Florence in a relaxed and timely way. The guide was really great :) Thanks so much!
Excellent tour. We have done two Walks of Italy tours in Rome (3 years ago) which were excellent. This one in Florence did not disappoint. Great value for what you get.
Excellent, depth of knowledge superb.
Charles was the best. So knowledgable but not boring. Gave background not just dates and fact. Interesting little stories. My husband and I learned a lot and brought back much of what I had studied in art history many years ago. He was the best
Vanessa was a fantastic guide! Very informative, patient and fun!
Great tour. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.
Angelo was not only incredibly knowledgeable he was also able to evoke a special appreciation of the David. Truly a very special tour. I highly recommend him
We loved this tour and our guide! It was a small group, Ismael was very informative and helpful! We learned so much from our tour! We will definitely recommend it !
Got to see it all with just the perfect amount of info and time at each place.
It was an Excellent tour and Paolo was Great! He gave us a lot of information about Florence and his passion for this beautiful city really shows.
Paola was extremely knowledgeable in not only the history of Florence but early world history. His story telling was very interesting. This tour was 100% better than the Venice walking tour we took with your company.
Charles did an excellent job. He was very knowledgeable about the historical aspect and included interesting anecdotes. The tour had to be redesigned due to an assembly at the Academia and he managed to adjust the tour very satisfactorily
Our guide knew so much about this tour. very impressed. Can't imagine taking this tour without a guide so give you the history and the stories of the past.
My husband and I really enjoyed the tour, unfortunately we can't remember our guides name (I blame jetlag) but he was wonderful, very informative. We did 3 Walks of Italy tours on our trip and they were all fascinating and very good value
Very knowledgeable!
Tour guide was a ton of fun. He balanced humor with facts with inspiration with knowledge. He knew his stuff. He also made it very engaging and special. Would certainly do a tour with him again. Very individualistic style, but yet very professional. He did a great job.
It was wonderful. The guide. Was great. Could not. Ask for any thing more. I am sorry i can't remember his name but i know he was original from new York
Our guide was amazing. The tour was great and his knowledge was so valuable in helping us learn about Florence.
Elvira was a fantastic guide, with lots of energy and passion about all the sites on the tour. Elvira was thoughtful and full of great information. The group size was perfect and would highly recommend your tours to others, thank you
Teresa was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about showing off Florence. Definitely worth the money and time!
We loved our tour with Angelo. He was very knowledgable.
Not sure that it was the best place to compete the tour as it is packed, very busy and noisy. Great tour with lots of info
Loved Florence!
Excellent and knowledgable guide!
Our guide, David, was simply amazing. Really loved the tour and learning more about the city. I would definitely recommend while in Florence, and would look to take another with him in the future.
The tour was fantastic!!! Berni was a very interesting, captive and knowledgeable guide. Easy meeting point at the start of the trip and Berni even gave time to the group at the end to provide suggestions for restaurants and shopping. Would reccomend!
Charles was very informative and excellent! But his radio transmitter didn't work very well. Couldn't hear some things. Crackling sound
Charles did an amazing job of sharing his love of Florence and great knowledge of its art and history. The three hour tour flew by. Definitely worth every penny.
Our guide was very informative. I wish we could have spent a little more time on some of the other works of art in the museum.
Charles was excellent! His ability and personality in expressing his vast knowledge made the tour not only educational but entertaining. I highly suggest this tour to anyone who wants to get a good feel for Florence.
Guilia was a great guide. We really enjoyed the tour. Grazie mille.
Very informative awesome guide, wealth of information given. Enjoyed it very much
Great and informative walk around Florence. Headsets were great and our guide was friendly and had a sense of humour.
Klas was fabulous. He was so aanimted and knowledgable. He managed to relate a story to everyone in the group. We thoroughly enjoyed our walk with Klas.
Very interesting tour. Klaas brought Michelangelo, and David, to life with some memorable tales. So much more meaningful when a knowledgable person can explain and tell you about what you are looking at. Many thanks.
Amazing tour. Very knowledgable guide. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Charles was simply WONDERFUL! He is articulate, knowledgable and passionate about all thing Florentine (especially, art, architecture and history). Best tour EVER!!!
Elvira was so entertaining and informative
Guilia was a delight!!! We were so glad that we got her as our guide for our Florence walk! We will remember her, and wish her all the best in her career. We loved the Accedemia
Great tour guide. Very knowledgable and gave great details and history of the city.
Hello, We actually showed up one day earlier than Friday 19/8, and Luca allowed us to go on Thursday 18/8 instead which was great. Angelo our guide was fantastic, the best guide ever, patient, funny and most of all informative. Could not have gone better. Thanks, John
Charles was great! Full of information and stories that kept us interested. We learned so much and wanted more. Fabulous day. We are in love with Italy and so thankful for the tours. We would have missed so much without a guided tour. Looking forward to a return. Ciao!
Angelo was great
Angelo is the best tour guide we've ever had! He was passionate, knowledgeable, and funny.
We loved Angelo. He was so passionate and knowledgeable. He truly made the tour great. The tour was excellent and allowed us access without waiting on any lines. Wholeheartedly recommend it.
Angelo was great! Knowledgeable, lively and able to relate to his audience.
Our guide was so terrific...I taught world history, and learned SO MUCH from him on the tour. My granddaughter said she wished her college professors were as interesting--the 3 hours flew by!
Was amazing! Had a wonderful time. Guide was ver knowledgeable of the city and museums.
Emmanuela was such a passionate and knowledgeable guide. She did it with such interest and passion that it made us fall in love with the David and the city of Florence. This was one of our longer tours on a very warm day but we did not mind it at all. Highly recommend the tour and the guide.
Angelo was just excellent!!! His knowledge, method of delivery and tone added to one of my most favorite guided tours. We really understood Michaelangelo and got a good feel of Florence in the limited time. Very impressed and heartily recommend. Good job Angelo!
Ismael was a great guide and very informative. We all enjoyed the way he led the walk around Florence.
Charles was an excellent guide. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Klaas was amazing and we really enjoyed our tour!
Charles was a brilliant and very informative tour guide.
Great tour and our guide was very knowledgeable. Thanks for the wonderful tours!
Angelo is an AMAZING STORYTELLER!! Other tours we went on throughout Italy didn't come close! His ability to provide history and context was perfect. You can tell he has such a wealth and depth of knowledge.
All your tour guide were phenomenal. They all were so knowledgeable about the tour subject without being boring!
Angelo was great! He was funny and very informative. We had a wonderful time and learned so much. We would definitely chose Walks of Italy again for a tour.
We did a cooking class in rome where we met the daughters of the owners of walks of italy. We decided to do this tour. Our tour guide was very personable and very knowledgeable. I would do repeat business with walks of italy in the future.
We were very impressed with Ishmael as a guide. He spoke clearly and was extremely knowledgable of the history and facts. Even our teenage son enjoyed the tour!
Very informative and with a good sense of humor. Unfortunately we had to leave the tour after the Duomo and Baptistry part in order to meet up with friends for an event we were attending. Would not hesitate to book another tour with Angelo.
Our guide Angelo provided a great tour with David and visit to the Duomo. He was very knowledgeable and provided so much information and history of Florence. Great tour and we highly recommend it!
The tour was AMAZING!!! Our guide was over the top fantastic - she knew every detail and her passion truly kept us engaged and on edge to hear more! SHe was wonderful!
The tour length and content was good but Angelo made it an excellent experience. His knowledge and humour made the entire 3:30/4 hrs engaging and enjoyable.
The tour around the Gallery of the Academy was amazing, and the guide explained everything perfectly.
Very much enjoyed this tour as well! We learned so much including tips for best gelato and restaurants.
Angelo was extremely knowledgeable of Florence and its history! My husband and I were extremely grateful to have learned so much from him during our tour!! He truly helped to make our visit to Florence a memorable one! Grazie mille Angelo!
We had Angelo as our guide and he was excellent. We really enjoyed the depth and breadth of the content he covered on the tour. Would highly recommend this tour and Angelo as a guide
Ismail was and excellent guide. Very knowledgeable. I recommend this tour.
Charles was excellent and gave us a great perspective on the sites and the history. We were very impressed and felt fortunate to have had him as our guide.
We took three of your tours this trip and would highly recommend all of them. Wish you were in more countries.
Superb guide! A wonderful experience... The lining up to see David was difficult, but our guide's ability to entertain and teach us throughout was amazing!
Possibly a little more time in the Duomo church. Other than that was a great experience!
Wonderful tour! Thank you.
Charles was just plain terrific. His knowledge and story telling was incredible. We even strayed off the path for gelato. I'd tour with him anywhere.
Angelo was really great. the depth of his discussion and willingness to engage were exactly why we go with Walks of Italy. We've now done 4 tours with Walks and Angelo was one of the two best guide we had (John who toured us through the Vatican was the other one).
Angelo was a great guide. Very passionate and articulate. I would highly recommend him and the walking tour. Thanks.
This was our third tour with Walks of Italy and each one got progressively better!
Angelo's passion for Michaelangelo's David served to build an understanding of the work of art but also the politics of that period of history. We certainly gained a deeper appreciation for all that Florence represents! It was a wonderful tour!
Omar was wonderful n places we visited all welcoming and delicious. Would highly recommend!! Signed up for one in London in September n did one in Rome. All excellent. Thank you
This tour was just perfect for us! Our guide, Angelo, was lovely - informative, funny and very knowledgable. He brought the whole thing alive and I will always be grateful for the way he 'introduced' us to Michelangelo's David - inspiring, thought-provoking stuff! Well done!
Angelo made the Florence walking tour so much fun. He is knowledgeable and informative while adding some humor and flair. We would highly recommend the Best of Florence Tour and Walks of Italy.
Great tour, a little wait @ the David museum which can't bel helped. Theresa was fantastic, very knowledgable & a great guide. She also passed on the some great restaurant info for food once you cross the Pontevecchio. I had lunch @ 4Leoni & it was delicious. Thank you, it was a great tour.
Angelo was articulate, entertaining, and a perfect host! Astounding depth of knowledge shared in a fun and engaging way.
We loved the tour, and our guide was very good, but too detailed. For example, I was ready to leave the statue of David in the Academia after about 5 minutes---I didn't need to stand there for 30 minutes listing to so much detail. Overall good though.
Angelo was amazing. He is knowledgeable and very passionate and it comes thru in his tour. Would highly recommend.
Angelo was very knowledgable and engaging... The tour was so informative and Angelo's passion for Florence and David was enlightening. He pointed out the nuances of the sculpture which gave great insight to me who is only an art historian through hobby. Thank you!
Our guide was fantastic! He kept my 14 and 17 year olds interested! He was knowledgeable and presented the information with very clever delivery.
Charles was very knowledgeable and provided good information during the tour.
Constanza made the tour a wonderful experience. Her knowledge, passion and easy going nature ensured that the story of Florence was able to be conveyed.
Costanza was excellent -- she "knew her stuff" and shares it beautifully.
Angelo was the best guide for this tour. He was so knowledgeable and kept the subject matter interesting and engaging!!
Absolutely fantastic--truly beyond expectations! Charles kept our entire group engaged and entertained with great insights and info the entire time--my only regret is that we only booked a half-day tour. Truly a highlight of our trip to Italy--will definitely recommend!
The tour was very informative. My wife and I were satisfied. The tour guide (I believe it was Costanza) was very knowledgeable. She provided lots of detail and color commentary as well. I will certainly recommend her. Thanks for the experience.
She was great and loved the pace of the tour.... the details, etc.
Great tour. Excellent guide.
Cristina was very knowledgeable and an excellent guide. We really enjoyed this tour and it was the perfect pace and level of detail, we learned a lot.
Angelo was a FANTASTIC tour guide! We were recommended this tour by my aunt and would recommend your company to anyone who is traveling to Italy. Thank you!
Our Guide Teresa was fantastic full of knowledge and happy would recommend her to anybody, thanks again
Angelo showed us the city and made our walking tour unique. Right amount of history, architecture, humor, and culture. We learned a lot and for sure will do it again!
Really pleased with the tour & the guide, Angelo,was very knowledgeable & friendly.Would definitely use this company again
Absolutely outstanding. Angelo has just fabulous. His knowledge, humor, grace and professionalism were wonderful. We learned so much in such a short amount of time
Fantastic morning with Angelo who told us so much in 3 hours especially about how to look at and interpret a painting. Florence is truly magical and Angelo made it even more so. Thank you.
She has given a very interactive info regard Florance and interesting story about Michelangelo. I enjoy the tour.
Great tour! Our tour guide (giulia) was fantastic. She was funny, passionate, quirky, and very informative. We saw the main attractions but also a lot of hidden gems. Definitely worth it! Wonderful time
He was amazing!!! Very engaging and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
We will always book tours with your company. Love the small group. Your guides are energetic and educated. Price is right too.
What a wonderful way to get an introduction to Florence. Great tour with an extremely knowledgable guide. Will recommend Walks of Italy to all our friends.
Charles was an excellent guide! We enjoyed the tour with him very much.
The guide was very knowledgeable
Guide very knowledgable and pleasant
Teresa was wonderful and engaging - the most pleasant guide!
Awesome tour and great guide!
David was an excellent guide. We enjoyed his wit and knowledge.
This was an awesome way to learn about the city and see the sights! Highly recommend this!!!
Our guide was lovely. Absolutely no problems. We loved her!
I posted a review in trip advisor
Knowledgeable and helpful tour guide. Full of energy and enthusiasm.
Knowledgeable and helpful tour guide. Full of energy and enthusiasm.
Our Tour Guide was very informed and shared his substantial knowledge with us throughout the tour. The pace was great and we saw everything we intended to see. The value for money was great and we would recommend your service to others in Firenze and other cities where you operate.
Charles was great. Breadth and depth of knowledge of history was superb. His enthusiasm for Michaelangelo, the Renaissance and Florence was uplifting.
It was great- thanks so much
Teresa was fantastic. She had so much passion for what she was doing. She was able to take a person that knew nothing about the David ( me ) and make me a pro by the end. She had such a great attitude. Highly recommended !!!
Loved our tour and our guide was just fantastic - very witty and fun. Bad timing made it impossible for us to see much of the Duomo due to a service which was to be held. :(
Guilla was amazing, she was very knowledgable of the area. Great tour!
Angelo was great! Enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I'd try to get him again if we ever do another tour in Florence.
Angelo wonderful tour guide and person!!!so much info, thank you for that!!! Recommended a great restaurant at the end and we really enjoyed it
Best walking tour we did in Italy
Charles was an excellent guide. I learnt a lot from him in an enjoyable way. I would highly recommend a tour with him.
Ismael was a great tour guide, very passionate about Medici history which just added to the tour. This was our third tour with you company and will recommend to anyone going to Italy. Thanks so much. Ciao!
Our guide was incredible. Depth of knowledge was so impressive. Excellent tour!
Gaia with help from Omar were fabulous. The tour was 'off the beaten path' but absolutely delivered great tastes in food and culture. Grazie mille.
Ishmael was a fantastic guide. Very knowledgeable and a great presenter. Outstanding!
Excellent. The guide was very knowledgeable. An enjoyable morning.
Florinda was very informative on a number of topics.
This was the best tour we have ever had. The guide was totally amazing-knowledgeable prepared and efficient. Worth every Euro!!!
Perfect. charles was super. We will book again. Suggest using the ear pieces that hook over the ear and sit outside. The inside buds get painful adter an hoir.
Ishmael was an outstanding guide. It was like a course in Florentine and Renaissance history. The 3-1/2 hours of the tour flew by. I can't recommend this tour enough!
Angelo was AMAZING
Great tour, excellent tour guide. She was very well informed and we learned a lot about Florence. I would recommend this tour to anyone traveling to Florence.
Ismael was a fantastic guide who was extremely knowledgeable about the sights and locations in Florence.
Charles was a terrific and knowledgeable guide. We loved the experience.
Our guide Charles was outstanding. A wealth of information which he readily shared. Very enjoyable
Charles made the tour very enjoyable, with a good blend of facts and stories. Very understandable. Highly recommend.
Angelo simply makes this tour so very worthwhile. It was light-hearted, informative, respectful & enlightening. Highly recommended & great value for money. Our guide was Angelo, who managed to take a sometimes stuffy subject like history, and actually made it enjoyable. Brilliant! !!
Charles was our guide and he was so knowledgeable. We really appreciated his expert understanding- interweaving art, culture and philosophy of the times. Very impressive and we enjoyed every bit of this walking tour.
Passion!! Our guide, Angelo, was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable and had a passion of art that was contagious. The tour was first class with a very good audio connection with the guide. I am hearing impaired but I had no problem hearing Angelo during the tour. Walks of Italy Rocks!!
Angelo was an excellent guide, very knowledgeable. He made the tour very interesting and informative
David did avery good job. He knew his subject and was able to talk interestingly about it. He has an engaging style and was able to get his audience thinking about what they were seeing. He was agreeably and interestingly provocative. Prof. JOHN BELCHER
Charles was a wonderful tour guide. His knowledge of the subject matter was exceptional, and we would definitely recommend this tour, especially with Charles.
We really enjoyed this tour. Ismael was a very good guide. Thank you!
All of our tours & guides were excellent & we've already started sharing with friends! Very very pleased with everything! It was a perfect way to get a good flavor in each city we were in & a better understanding of history & present day life. I cannot express enough how much we enjoyed our tours!
Charles was excellent. He explained things fully and answered questions clearly. I highly recommend him as a tour guide
Klaus was an amazing tour guide! We have never experienced anyone who was more knowledgeable as well as passionate about their work. I have lifetime memories about so many aspects of his tour. He is a gem! And we love Walks of Italy!
This was a blast!!!!!!!!!! Angelo was so knowledgeable and made this so much fun!
Angelo was great. His insight and passion on the art and the city of Florence was amazing.
Theresa was a fantastic guide! Very knowledgeable, full of energy, great pace and generally a very nice person to spend time with. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour and we will be booking similar tours when we visit Rome and Venice in the summer. Regards Neil and Anna Docherty
Angelo was amazing. We had a great time!
Klaas was absolutely amazing... The way he told the story of each piece we saw made it so meaningful... We felt like we were "there"
Angelo was excellent in every way. The tour was very informative about Florence, the history, the people, and interesting stories. We loved it and would highly recommend it!
It just kept getting better when we arrived in Florence and met Angelo. His breadth of knowledge, gift of story telling & sense of humor were well appreciated on both this tour & the Uffizi.
Angelo made seeing David an experience I will never forget. It brought tears to my eyes and saw David in a way I would of never imagined. He was amazing!!!!
Teresa was amazing. So passionate about her city and so knowledgable and theatrical .
Angelo was a great guide. We can tell he is very passionate about Florence and its rich art history, and he took his time to explain everything in detail without making us feel rushed.
Our guide really edicatd us about the statue of David before we got close to it. His information helps us to understand the statue and have a greater appreciation of the statue.
Tour was wonderful!
Angelo was great! We thoroughly enjoyed the sites we visited and the history Angelo provided. He brought the history of Florence to life for us!
Teresa was an excellent guide, her passion for art history and for Florence was clearly evident.
The guide was excellent and clearly passionate. He was knowledgeable and engaging.
I loved your tour! And Charles was great!!
The quide tour very professional and knowledgeable of history. Enjoy it very much one thing so we didn't go inside of the Duomo due to Easter, he said it was closed but it was open later we ask and it was open but other than that it was great. Enjoy it very much. Thank you very much
I had a great time on the tour! Charles was extremely knowledgeable and I learned so much in a short amount of time. He even gave some tips on other parts of Florence to explore
Our tour was most wonderful. Our guide Charles was knowledgable of all of the sites, and just overall great. Your company is lucky to have him.
Angelo was knowledgeable and lots of fun.
Charles was excellent and very knowledgeable.
We LOVED Angelo!!! He was very informative and conveyed his love for Florence and all of its history very well. We will definitely recommend him specifically to our traveling friends!
Angelo was an excellent guide. His enthusiasm is infectious. His knowledge and ability to explain the history and importantance of the works of art and historical sites was entertaining and informative. Three hours well spent!
Great guide, very informative and funny as well.
Charles was fabulous. We've been on several tours of this type and he was by far one of the most articulate and interesting. Thanks!
He was very interested in Florence and with super knowledge.luisa
Excellent tour, very nicely done!
I loved how much our guide loved her city. She had extra tidbits about Michaelangelo and was so passionate about everything! It was a really enjoyable tour.
Julia is an incredible guide. She is informative and engaging. She highlighted key historical features you would hope to see and shared great vignettes that added to the tour. My family of four would all agree to tour any other part of Italy with her again.
Elvira was very knowledgeable, friendly, learned a great deal we would not have known without her.
Elvira was very knowledgeable, friendly, learned a great deal we would not have known without her.
Angelo is very good. We enjoyed every minute of it.
Our guide was amazing!! She was friendly, informative and entertaining. We wish we could take her through out all of Italy with us. Excellent tour.
Bernie was great and made Florence come alive. His passion and enthusiasm made the experience all the better. Great job. Well done.
Very well done!! Would highly recommend to comfortably see and learn about the highlights in the area. Our guide was highly knowledgable and shared the info in a manner we all enjoyed.
Fantastic guide under challenging circumstances due to cold weather
Guide was good and so were the places.
Excellent tour, excellent guide!
Bernard was quite entertaining. He has a lot of great stories about Florence.
Elvira gave us so many extras in details and ideas on where to go during our stay. Her information was excellent and we can say that we would have missed some rare experiences without her assistance. Thank you so much Marge and Joe
Angelo did a wonderful job. It is obvious his knowledge is extensive and that he loves sharing that knowledge. He was very courteous and willing to answer any questions.
Tour was great and Elvira was even better. Her knowledge and ability to answer all the questions really added to the beauty that Florence has to offer.
Giulia was a wonderful guide. We loved her stories and she made the sites come alive!
Emma was very good and we really enjoyed our time with her - she did a great job and we enjoyed our time with her.
This tour was a substitute for a similar walking tour in Rome a few weeks ago that we were unable to make due to my husband being unwell. Thank you all for allowing us to take this very interesting Florence tour instead.
Our guide was fantastic! Energetic, full of stories from history that helped us remember things. He helped to try his best to keep us out of the rain and navigate around the other group tours and crowds.
Klaas was an excellent tour guide, we enjoyed the tour very much!
Angelo is the ideal tour guide and we enjoyed him immensely. He knew what we wanted to know and he made it interesting and fun.
I really enjoyed both tours. I feel so lucky to be able to go on these tours. I learn so much. What a priviledge. Thank you.
Angelo was superb!!
Charles was fabulous! Thank you!
Loved this tour. So nice to get through the lines quickly. Angelo was a terrific guide - courteous, knowledgeable and extremely interested in helping us appreciate the art, culture, and period.
Angelo was fantastic! His passion for art is clearly visible and he makes you just as passionate. He brought florence to live with his stories.
Excellent day all around. Guide was informative and helpful. Tour covered all the highlights we wanted to see in Florence and avoided waits at key attractions.Small group size an advantage.
Charles was the best with details...he had the answers with compliments for those who responded.
Charles was truly delightful and a wealth of information! His knowledge is outstanding and he was extremely pleasant and helpful. A wonderful experience all helped by Charles. Sharon, Richard and Jessie Norman
Best tour ever!! Charles was very knowledgable, very interesting, had lots of information. His passion for Florentine art is obvious!
What a great tour, the guide was so knowledgeable and really loved giving us insight that we would not have gotten otherwise.
we had Charles as our guide we found him very interested and informed mad the tour extremely interesting
Teresa was very engaging and informative. We took one of her suggestions regarding a restaurant and had one of our best meals in Florence!
This tour surpassed my expectations. Angelo gave us so much information that we thought he was a history professor. He was both informative and engaging and we appreciated his knowledge base.
Ishmael was an excellent guide. His knowledge of Michelangelo was outstanding. His explanation of the David brought the statute to life for the members of my group. I would highly recommend him.
Angelo was a wonderful guide both funny and very knowledgeable. We really enjoyed our time with him
Angelo was fantastic! we were amazed and fascinated by his wonderful commentary.
Nice, smart guide Would be nice if he made more eye contact
Klaus (sorry for the spelling) was very fun and informative. Great time with him
Great tour. Klaas was our favorite tour guide of the trip (we also did a day in Rome). He was a wealth of knowledge about the art and the city.
Charles was prompt, informative, kind and provided us with a lot of information we would have missed had we toured alone. We really enjoyed this walking tour!
Angelo is excellent
Another great day and guide.
Guide was great.
Angelo is an outstanding guide. Very knowledgeable and is very easy to understand.
Bernardo did a great job!
Angelo gave a great tour! The level of detail he gave about David and the other Michelangelo statues at the Accedemia gave great insight into the artist. You could tell that Angelo was passionate about the subject matter.
It was a very efficiently run tour. Charles is very knowledgeable, yet he spoke in a way I could understand. And I know nothing about art! Great tour.
It was a very efficiently run tour. Charles is very knowledgeable, yet he spoke in a way I could understand. And I know nothing about art! Great tour.
Angelo our guide was excellent. He really brought the history to life making it interesting, personal and funny. Would recommend the guide highly. From booking to order confirmation through to the actual walk everything was easy, very user friendly and was the highlight of our trip to Florence
Angelo, our guide, was excellent. He was extremely knowledgeable and great story teller who brought the history of Florence to life. I was very pleased that our group size was small (10) which made the tour more enjoyable.
Great tour.
Bernardo was a fantastic guide!
Teresa was a great guide! Very passionate about what she was teaching us. I loved her enthusiasm. I would highly recommend this tour.
Angelo was a great guide. He was very informative and interesting. We learned a lot on his tour.
Excellent tour!
Excellent tour!
Our walking tour in Florence was most enjoyable and we learned so much. Our guide was very personable and well- informed. Our group of 9 friends felt that the David and the Duomo was a great value.
Charles was so knowledgeable and passionate about everything we saw - amazing tour, fantastic guide
I had the same tour guide for this tour and the Uffizi tour. She was the best tour guide that I have ever had and you could tell that she really cared about the participants and enjoyed her job.
Teresa being a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide made this tour so interesting. Teresa's passion for Florence and it's art encouraged us to sign onto the tour of Uffizi she led later that day.
Excellent in all respects.
Great tour visiting the main sites around Florence and the tour guide was very informative and interesting, recommended!
Very enjoyable tour with a great guide. Highlight of our time in Florence.
Excellent, informed, fun guide
Both guides were very well qualified and did an excellent job!
This tour was excellent. Angelo's English was perfect and he was very knowledgable about Florence. We appreciated all of his explanations and we learned so much about Florence. The tour with Angelo went above and beyond what we were expecting. We would highly recommend others to take this tour.
Charles was an excellent guide, he certainly knew his stuff!
He was excellent! Very impressed. Shared history from a fair point of view. The best thing was that he put it together in a story so that you could understand the big picture of what was going on.
Same as above...
Outstanding Guide. Charming and informative. I especially loved all the time Teresa allowed us at the David.
Angelo was awesome! He completely engaged us with his knowledge of the art and city of Florence. We really enjoyed this tour and attribute that to Angelo's ability to convey his vast knowledge in such an interesting storytelling manner.
Our guide was great, so knowledgable and passionate about explaining everything. We had a great time.
Great tour!
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Aniko. Her delivery was not only informative but entertaining. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone.
Informative and interesting.
We thoroughly enjoyed this tour with Charles as our tour guide. Charles was passionate about the subject matter and incredibly knowledgeable. We learned so much from him.
Great tour -glad I did it
We loved our guide! His explanation was very clear! He had great story telling skills and he used lots of examples and told us good jokes to explain the history. We really learned a lot and had a great time.
Charles was an excellent guide, very knowledgeable and entertaining
Our guide was very knowledgeable and engaging. We both very much enjoyed the tour.
Our guide Angelo was a lot of fun. He kept on task and was comfortable to be around. His personal story was interesting to hear and he was also knowledgable and his candor was appreciated.
Angelo was excellent and interesting.
One of the best guides we've ever had. Easy to understand. Very knowledgeable about art and Florence. Tour was perfectly organized.
This was our first tour with walks of Italy and it was wonderful. Seeing David at the accademia was the highlight of Florence and it was definitely enhanced by klaus our tour guide.
Teresa was terrific!! So knowledgeable and interesting in her approach to history. A wonderful experience for us! Thank you
Teresa was terrific!! So knowledgeable and interesting in her approach to history. A wonderful experience for us! Thank you
We completely enjoyed our tour with Charles David on our recent trip to Florence, it was informative, entertaining and interesting. Charles has the ability to bring the stories to life, and provided a rich narrative on many fascinating topics. Thank you for enhancing our time in Florence.
Charles was excellent. Very thorough, very knowledgeable, and kept the group moving at a perfect pace!
Our guide was amazing! Not only did he explain what we were seeing, but shared stories that made us feel like we were back in time. He really set the bar high for all tours to follow.
We fell in love with Florence! Angelo was a superb tour guide! He exceeded our expectations. Loved his passion for art and history.
Angelo was an awesome guide. Very knowledgable and kept things interesting.
We had Elvira for the David & Duomo tour, and she was absolutely wonderul, very knowledgeable, and did a superb job of handling the different personalities in our group.
Angelo was amazing. So knowledgable. Sense of humor yet kept us on track. Ended up loving Florence as the day we arrived were Overwhelmed with crowds . Thanks
Great guide - enthusiastic and knowledgable. Lots of fun and learnt a lot about Florence.
Therese was an excellent guide with great stories to tell us about Florence. She had so much knowledge and was very funny.
Teresa can be described in one word...FANTASTIC! She was engaging and knowledgable and really just a delight.
Elvira did an excellent job describing and explaining the sights. Very good English. We enjoyed the tour.
Elvira was very knowledgable and had an engaging personality during the tour. I would definitely recommend her to others.
Elvira was very knowledgable and had an engaging personality during the tour. I would definitely recommend her to others.
Excellent guide! Such a great way to see the David! I highly recommend this tour.
Angelo was outstanding for the morning tour! Very informative. I really enjoyed his knowledge of the Medici family and the history of banking in Florence and how it influenced the banking industry throughout the world.
Amazing guide. Very passionate and great communicator. Stayed engaged faith the group the whole time. He even walked us to a great lunch spot.
This tour was excellent and Charles was the best guide I have ever had on a tour. I will recommend to everyone as a must do in Florence.
Teresa was excellent in delving into Michelangelo's history - we didn't just see David, we learned everything from before and after David. The walking tour was excellent, too - it was so nice to see a lot of Florence in a shorter amount of time.
This was a really great tour. Charles, our guide, has a real passion for his subject, and was extremely helpful throughout and afterwards, even recommending some great restaurants and Gelaterie!
Charles was fantastic. His knowledge and love of art and Florence was really evident. He went above and beyond in assisting the members of my tour group and giving everyone tips about the city. Overall, a great tour given by a great guide.
Excellent guide, a terrific experience!
Theresa was fantastic. Our tour here was very well done. She is very enthusiastic. Wish we could have gone to the top of Il Duomo - or at least had the option to do so. I realize it is a long climb and may not be for everyone.
Super knowledgeable guide, really helped bring the city to life.
Pleased to be in a small group that gives you all the important information. Loved it!
Angelo was excellent!
Excellent tour! I really enjoyed being introduced to Florence in a most wonderful way. Helen was a great guide.
Giulia was professional, engaging, passionate about the subject matter of the tour, and very pleasant. We had a terrific time.
Great tour! Angelo made the tour very interesting and clearly is well educated about the history of Florence and it's art and architecture.
Helen was an excellent guide - incredibly knowledgeable & passionate about art & history & Florence. She was very engaging & friendly & this made for a very interesting, informative & enjoyable tour. We would heartily endorse Heken & this tour.
Costanza was an amazing tour guide who is so passionate about Florence. She made us fall in love with her city because she brought it's rich history to life!
The tour and guide was wonderful. Very informative and knowledgable. I appreciated all her insight and stories which brought the city to life. She was also very upbeat and excited and I appreciated her enthusiasm.
Wonderful tour and tour guide.
This guide was great! Made me wish I would have booked the afternoon Uffizi tour as well.
The walk was great, and our tour guide (Ishmael I think?) was amazing!
We wanted to say that our guide Teresa was just wonderful. She was very informative and entertaining and kept the entire tour on track and very interesting. Our highest compliments to her.
Angelo was absolutely fantastic. Amazing knowledge very funny and kept the group entertained for the entire tour. I was so impressed. Well done him!!!
Excellent commentary by Angelo. Our group, both adults and teens, thoroughly enjoyed our tour.
Loved Helen! She was so knowledgeable and really helped my family appreciate the beauty of David. Her love for art was evident and we loved having her as our guide!
Bernardo was the best tour guide I have ever had! That is all I can say.
Teresa was amazing...the highlight of our trip!
Angelo was a fantastic guide. He had so much detailed information that both my (college age) daughter and I really enjoyed. We learned a lot! We also liked the photos he brought a long to enhance the tour. Great job!
Angelo was awesome. Informative, professional and friendly guide. Would definitely recommend him to of friends and family.
Guide was AWESOME!! That basically tells all.
Simply fantastic. I wish I had the passion of our guide. She was very knowledgable and very professional. We did not know if we give a tip or not. She did a wonderful job. Very organized. Florence is amazing.
My daughter and I had a lovely tour with Giulia. She was very knowledgable and friendly to everyone in the group. We would definitely recommend her to others.
The guide was great ! Know so much more about Italy from her .
We really enjoyed the tour and can't stop mentioning it. Elvira is an outstanding tour guide and delivered an excellent tour with clarity and patience and made us feel very comfortable. Her knowledge of the art and Florence was superb and we would recommend the tour highly to anyone.
Charles was hands down the best tour guide I have ever had, anywhere in the World. I've already recommended friends to contact you to make sure that he's the guide before booking their tours with you.
Lovely and informative guide who was great at including adults and the children too. We all loved it.
Julie was a joy. Knowledgeable about Florence history.
Angelo was a fantastic guide. Engaging, interesting and passionate - his tales of Florentine history were enthralling. A superb tour.
Paolo was Extremely informative, funny, charming and personable! 5 stars! Walks of Italy came highly recommended by Erin - theworldwanderer.net Will use walk of Italy again - thanks
Charles was wonderful in his explanations and so knowledgeable.
Angelo by far best guide we had in Italy. Would have preferred him for all sites visited if he had the knowledge